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1912 Martin 0-17

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Serial #: 11465, stamped on neck block

Body width at lower bout: 13 1/2" Nut Width: 1 13/16" Scale length: 24 3/4"

Materials: Solid bookmatched Adirondack spruce top; solid bookmatched figured mahogany back and sides; solid cedar neck; Brazilian rosewood headplate and binding; solid ebony fingerboard; solid ebony nut; ebony pyramid bridge with compensated bone saddle; solid maple bridgeplate; original inlaid ebony bridgepins, original bar frets. Vintage three-on-a-plate tuners.

Notes: One family. One hundred years. One sweet little guitar.

The Style 17 is one of C.F. Martin's oldest models, dating to at least the 1850's, and was the company's best selling guitar during the last half of the 19th century. The single-ought (0) body size, with spruce soundboard and mahogany body, was introduced in 1906, and was the first Martin guitar with a one-piece neck, which was made of cedar until 1916. Since 1922, the 17 series has been built with a mahogany soundboard as well, and remains in production to this day.

With its closely grained Adirondack spruce top, this lovely guitar from 1912 is closest in size and specifications to the contemporary 0-18 model. Pleasing as a Shaker table, this graceful instrument is appointed with classic period touches, including the ebony pyramid bridge, ebony nut and endpin, and three pearl position markers in its solid ebony fingerboard, which includes its original bar frets. Simple but elegant, the 0-17 is graced with solid Brazilian rosewood in the binding and decorative headplate, and its solid mahogany body has exceptionally tight, even grain.

Kept by a single family in West Seattle since new, this gleaming instrument has been maintained in virtually showroom condition. Without cracks, buckle, thumb or fingerboard wear, the body shows only some light incidental lacquer dents in its all-original finish. The solid cedar neck, common on classical guitars, is a clue to this instrument's extraordinarily light weight. Tipping the scales at an unbelievable 2lb. 9oz., this little hummingbird is unquestionably the lightest guitar we've ever had the pleasure to represent. And thanks to CF Martin's peerless design and craftsmanship, the guitar has remained in perfect structural condition for a full century now, with a neck that plays effortlessly as well.

With its original small maple bridgeplate reinforced for silk and steel strings, this featherlight marvel is exceptionally open, clear and warmly resonant, responding instantly to the fingers with a sweet, appealing voice. With its generous 1 13/16" nut, and a traditional light vee profile, the neck feels remarkably contemporary, with smooth action over a solid ebony fingerboard with freshly dressed original bar frets.

One of a mere 26 examples of the 0-17 model from this year, this remarkable guitar has survived an entire century in exceptional style. Spruce top 17's are rare indeed, and and it's hard to imagine a finer specimen of this scarce model in existence. She's ready to sing for another hundred years: call now.

Case: Deluxe black arched hardshell case with plush lining.


















































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