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Previously Sold Instruments

All instruments listed on this page have been sold, and are no longer available for purchase. All instruments currently available are listed in our Instruments section here or in our Coming Soon area. To be notified of examples of similar instruments as they arrive, please contact [email protected],. Please be specific on which model(s) you're looking for, and we'll be happy to contact you as soon as they come in.

Note: All images and text are Copyright 2017, All rights reserved. Reuse of images and text by permission only.


2002 Gibson ES-175D, rare custom version with all gold hardware, twin '57 Classic PAFs, intensely flamed, great shape, the classic SOLD

c. late 30's Gibson HG-00 Conversion, resonant 12 fret body, generous 1 7/8" nut, Adirondack top, ultra light, top pro restoration SOLD

1955 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, ultra-rare blonde cutaway, all carved, all acoustic, intensely flamed, cloud inlays, one of 19, museum condition! SOLD

2006 Campellone Standard, all carved, full depth 16" body, built-in '57 Classic PAF, super comfy player from a favorite builder SOLD

2002 Shelley Park Encore, Selmer style gypsy jazzer, as played by Django, long scale 14 fret neck, solid rosewood body, Bigtone pickup, superb SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-345TD-SV, Pat. # pickups, factory stereo wired, Varitone tone selector, sleek neck; handsome, versatile player SOLD

1958 Gibson Super 400CES, all carved Venetian cutaway body, Pat. # pickups, elegant 1 11/16" neck, one of 15, best buy in a '50s classic SOLD

2015 Shelley Park Elan 12, 12 fret Maccaferri style body, spectacular bookmatched bearclaw spruce top, solid rosewood body, deep rich voice, spotless! SOLD

1979 Gibson ES-175CC, rare model with prewar style 'Charlie Christian' pickup, vintage tone with modern playability, swings! SOLD

2015 Gibson L-5 Doublecut, innovative slim depth double cutaway body, intensely quilted back, rare model out of production, best buy! SOLD

1935 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt, very rare early 14" body, as played by David Rawlings, one-owner guitar in splendid condition, hard to find SOLD

1932 Epiphone Triumph Masterbilt, rare debut version with 15" solid figured black walnut body, 3 banner headstock, astounding condition, barks! SOLD

2010 Sadowsky Ultra-Vintage S-Style, lightweight chambered body, DeMarzio pickups, versatile onboard preamp, super buy! SOLD

1988 Guild X-500, full depth 17" flame maple body, gold Guild HB-1 humbuckers, master volume, easy neck, best buy! SOLD

1946 Epiphone Broadway, bearclaw top, all carved 17" body, fine high frets, easy neck, lightweight, big bold voice SOLD

1999 PRS Hollowbody I, ultra-light thinline body, solid carved spruce soundboard, blend pot; versatile, comfy player, best buy! SOLD

2003 Triggs San Salvador, hand carved, intensely flamed, tap tuned 17" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, outstanding performer, best buy SOLD

2014 Gibson CS-356 Flame Top, AAA maple top; compact, lightweight 14" body; '57 PAFs, ES-355 styling, mint with tags and COA SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, Ivory Blonde, very rare wartime version with ivory finish top, blonde body and neck, big open voice, spectacular! SOLD

2010 Collings Model 290, TV yellow, lightweight mahogany Les Paul Special tribute, Lollar P-90 pickups, classic C neck, immaculate SOLD

1945 Epiphone Deluxe, rare blonde finish, highly figured 17 3/8" body, cloud inlays, original tortoise guard, brilliant voice, a real looker SOLD

2015 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, '57 Classic PAFs, figured mahogany body, sweet neck, pristine! SOLD

2014 Gibson ES-175 '59 VOS, meticulous reissue of the bop classic, nice full neck, Gibson MHS pickups, showroom condition SOLD

1976 Gibson Super 400C, one of 15, all carved acoustic super jumbo body, floating Armstrong PAF, elegant neck, rare and gorgeous SOLD

2006 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, highly flamed, all carved 17" body, built-in '57 Classic PAF, high demand guitar, sweet SOLD

c.1935 Orpheum Imperator Model 'C', ultra-rare, ornate prewar 16" model, all carved, highly flamed, exceptionally fine voice, a marvel SOLD

1933 Epiphone Triumph Masterbilt, engraved banner headstock, rare early 16 " body, 1 3/4" nut, big voice, very rare transitional model HOLD

2002 Unger American Dream 7 String, gorgeous 17" flame maple body, feedback-resisitant design, comfy neck profile, best buy HOLD

1962 Guild Tenor Special, ultra-rare 16" thinline body, DeArmond single coil pickups, showroom condition, amazing find SOLD

1952 Gibson L-Series Custom, L-12 styling with factory L-5 fingerboard, bound f-holes, gold hardware, Armstrong floater, great sounder, amazing! SOLD

2010 Holst 17 Custom, all carved highly flamed 17" body, Vintage Vibe humbucker, K&K piezo, super gig guitar from top Oregon builder SOLD

c.1948 Gibson ES-300, rare premium postwar model, 17" long scale L-5 size body, all original, P-90 pickup, big warm voice, striped tweed case! SOLD

2015 Gibson Byrdland Florentine, highly flamed, rare 60's style deep cutaway, extended fretboard range, twin '57 PAFs, minty! SOLD

2004 D'Angelico NYL-2, highly figured 17" body, solid spruce top, Armstrong floating P-90, ebony board, out of production, best buy! SOLD

1969 Gibson Super 400C, one of 33, all acoustic, all carved, dramatically flamed 18" body, orange label, fast neck, big voice SOLD

1993 National Style O, 12 fret single cone, rolled f-holes, Hawaiian scene over bright nickel finish, big brilliant voice, best buy! SOLD

1944 Levin Model 22, solid black walnut body, extraordinarily lightweight, Euro spruce top, rare model, exceptionally brilliant voice, amazing SOLD

1932 Gibson L-10, all carved 16" body, early dot inlay ebony fingerboard, rare and striking model, L-5 quality at a player's price SOLD

1949 Epiphone Triumph Regent, very early Epi cutaway, rare original Epi floating pickguard pickup, all carved 17" body, super condition SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, extravagant tiger flame, all carved 18 1/2" body, solid Adirondack top, full size floating humbucker, spectacular! SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7CN, first year! one of 33, spectacular maple body, all original, feather light, sparkling voice, museum condition SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-330TD, wide neck, all original, featherlight, twin P-90 pickups, warm open voice, super clean SOLD

1997 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly figured 16" body, gold hardware, desirable version with built-in pickup, babied example, best buy! SOLD

1940 Gibson Super 400, 100% original, spectacular bubble back, rare amber Catalyn tuners, marbled guard, massive voice, the big one SOLD

2001 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly flamed ES-175 style body, all gold hardware, '57 Classic PAF, great shape, best buy! SOLD

2009 Rumley Strumberg, hand built Stromberg Master 400 tribute, massive 19" noncut body, ornate scribed inlay, biggest production archtop ever SOLD

1950 Epiphone Triumph Regent, ultra-rare Epi McCarty style double pickup pickguard, all carved 17" body, versatile and gorgeous SOLD

1947 Epiphone Broadway, tiger flame back, all carved 17" body, big open voice, fine original condition, ready to roll SOLD

1995 Gibson ES-175, rare ebony finish, customized with all gold hardware, most elegant version of Gibson's classic jazzer, grab your tux! SOLD

1939 Gibson L-50, comfy 16" body like 20's L-5, solid spruce top and carved tiger maple back, Gibson's most popular archtop, best buy! SOLD

1971-2 Gibson ES-150DCN, rare blonde, full depth, fully hollow double cutaway archtop, fast neck, master volume, sparkling condition SOLD

1934 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, rare final 16" version, first tree-of-life peghead, long scale, birdseye back, ivoroid guard, 'rope' binding, thunders! SOLD

2003 Borys B-420, rare 17" all carved model, Armstrong built-in PAF, generous 1 13/16" nut, the pros choice, sweet player SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-330TD, all original, twin P-90 pickups, full 1 11/16" nut, the best neck, lightweight and resonant, showroom condition SOLD

1995 Gibson LeGrand, all carved, highly figured X-braced 17" body, successor to Johnny Smith model, original BJB pickup, rare find SOLD

2013 Solomon Doubletop 16, ultralight spruce/graphite top, 16" black walnut body, 1 7/8" nut, Armstrong floating PAF; clear, strong voice SOLD

2010 Benedetto Americana, sumptuous 17" quilted maple body, 1 3/4" nut, built-in A-6 humbucker, best buy in a true all-carved Benedetto SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-175, last of the original P-90 models, feather light, sweet neck, superb condition, the classic bop box SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-140, rare full depth 3/4 size body, warm P-90 pickup, a pint-sized 175, the ultimate jazz traveler, cuuute! SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue 'Black Beauty', all original, twin '57 Classic PAFs, versatile player, elegant looks, best buy HOLD

2008 Heritage Super Kenny Burrell Signature, rare model, all carved 18" body, extended Florentine cutaway, out of production, best buy SOLD

c.1970-4 Gibson ES-175D, all original, lightweight no-volute mahogany neck, twin Pat. Sticker pickups, superb condition, best buy! SOLD

1940 Wilkanowski 17, extremely rare cello bodied archtop from fabled NY builder, intensely flamed one piece back, superb restoration SOLD

2015 Collings I-35LC Deluxe, highly flamed tiger maple, Lollar Low-Wind Imperial Humbuckers, lightweight, ivoroid binding, mint condition SOLD

1999 McKerrihan Keenan, comfy fully hollow 16" slimmed depth body, built-in Armstrong humbucker, feedback resistant no-soundhole design SOLD

1939 D'Angelico Style A-1, all carved 17" body, Adirondack top, DeArmond floating pickup, big bold voice, original hardware and case, sweet SOLD

2015 Rendentore Santissimo, extravagantly figured, featherlight 17" body, Bartolini floater, immaculate build, from Nashville celebrity luthier Mark Piper SOLD

1949 Epiphone Emperor Cutaway 'Prototype', earliest known cutaway Emperor, unique reverse inlay pattern, thundering voice, historic! SOLD

2004 Hopkins Marquis, breathtaking presentation grade instrument, AAAA quilt, ultra-light 17" body, floating PAF, gorgeous voice SOLD

1995 Lacey Premier Custom, feather light 17" body, spectacular flame, floating Benedetto pu, big open voice, former Bruce Forman guitar, amazing! SOLD

2010 Gibson ES-175D, special Custom Shop model with all gold hardware, highly flamed maple body, COA, the classic SOLD

1969 Gibson Byrdland, one owner for 3 decades, gorgeous original condition, Pat. Sticker pickups, Kluson Sealfasts, elegant neck SOLD

1950 Crafton Model 75, ultra rare, Stromberg size top-line Swedish archtop, unique F-type scroll cutaway, huge voice, one of 19, amazing SOLD

1955 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, one of 19, ultra-rare example with Dogwood headstock, DeArmond 1100, from Tsumura collection, magnificent SOLD

1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, 16" figured maple body, built-in pickup, all gold hardware, player's choice, best buy! SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, powerful acoustic voice, smooth neck, last year for prewar snowflake inlay, outstanding player, best buy SOLD

1989 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, highly figured mahogany body, '57 Classic PAFs, all original, super player, best buy SOLD

2002 Comins Renaissance, rare model from top builder, comfy 16" X-braced body, versatile Lindy Fralin coil-tapped floater, 1 3/4" nut, super player SOLD

1939 Epiphone Broadway, last of the walnut bodies, rare transitional version with center-dip headstock, Epsilon tuners and truss rod, brilliant voice SOLD

2010 Gibson Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul VOS, #16 of 200, tiger flame, push-pull pots, phase buttons, custom PAFs, aged parts, fanatical reissue SOLD

1942 Levin Deluxe, very rare, top-line black walnut model, massive 18 5/8" body, ornate inlay, brilliant voice, as played by Django, magnificent SOLD

2003 Bourgeois A-350, all carved, all acoustic, 16 3/4" body, immaculate fit and finish, superb tone, rare model from top builder SOLD

1998 Napolitano Jazz Box, highly figured handbuilt 17" all maple body, floating Armstrong pickup, great working axe, best buy! SOLD

2002 Gibson 1959 ES-335 Historic Dot Reissue, Nashville built, faithful specs, '57 Classic PAFs, nice full neck, all tags and COA SOLD

2007 Eastman John Pisano AR-880, deluxe maple body version, all carved, Armstrong PAF, ebony board, lightweight, best buy! SOLD

1948 Gibson L-12, all carved 17" body, all gold hardware, floating Armstrong humbucker, owned by Texas R&B legend Lester Williams SOLD

2000 Campellone Deluxe, all carved, highly figured 17" body, floating Armstrong humbucker, classic styling, great player from a favorite builder SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, comfy, feedback-resistant 16" body, built-in humbucker, ebony fingerboard, all gold hardware, best buy! SOLD

c.1969 Gibson Byrdland, rare '60s Venetian cutaway version, all carved slimline body, Pat. Sticker pickups, fast scale, sleek elegant neck, great shape SOLD

1936 Epiphone Triumph, rare early model, pre-Frequensator tailpiece, firestripe guard, big bright voice, easy neck, fine pro restoration SOLD

2004 Martin CF-1, blonde, Dale Unger built, 17" full depth body, floating Armstrong humbucker, feedback resistant laminate design, best buy! SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, highly flamed 17" body, '57 Classic PAFs, all gold hardware, versatile, showroom condition SOLD

1954 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, 17" body, deep cutaway, built-in NY single coil pickup, headstock truss rod, showroom condition, best buy! SOLD

1990s Plazuelo Blanca, featherweight flamenco guitar from renowned Grenada builder, cypress body, Alpine spruce top, powerful and handsome, best buy SOLD

1939 Epiphone Emperor, rare first year blonde, Masterbilt label, asymmetric headstock, split-block inlays, huge flame, a monster SOLD

1989 Gibson L-5CES, all carved, tiger flame maple body, '57 Classic PAFs, all original, Master Model label, simply gorgeous SOLD

1982 Guild Artist Award, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, gold DeArmond adjustable floating pickup, pristine condition, best buy SOLD

1992 Gibson L-5CES, from Steve Miller collection, highly flamed 17" body, '57 Classic PAFs, signed by the artist, with papers SOLD

1995 Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul, first year, highly flamed, push-pull pots, coil tapped custom Burstbuckers, whole lotta love! SOLD

1956 D'Angelico Excel, rare blonde cutaway, intensely figured 17" body, Lollar Gold Foil pickup, best neck ever, this is it! SOLD

1940 D'Angelico Style A-1, tap tuned Adirondack top, 17" body, stairstep guard, banner headstock, Grover DeLuxe tailpiece, super player SOLD

1937 Gibson L-5, expert cutaway conversion, astounding figured maple body, floating Bartolini pickup, prewar tone with modern playability SOLD

1961 Gibson ES-345TDSV, rare first fret inlay, PAFs, stop tail, 1 11/16" nut, Varitone, one owner since the '60's, amazing SOLD

1969 Gibson Crest Gold, ultra-rare fully hollow thinline with Brazilian Rosewood body, twin floating JS pickups, one of 56, spectacular SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, Adirondack bearclaw top, snowflake peghead, all carved 17" body, gorgeous amber blonde finish, big bold voice SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, 60's vintage CES conversion, twin Pat. Sticker humbuckers, soild carved top, bubble maple body, warm rich tone, best buy! SOLD

1967 Gibson L-5CES, rare extended Florentine cutaway version, solid carved top, Pat. sticker pickups, orange label, easy neck, great shape SOLD

1978 Benedetto 'Sugar Ray' 17, rare early guitar, hand built by Bob in his original Florida workshop, all carved, highly flamed body, magnificent SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-175D, very clean example, Seth Lover PAFs and bumblebee caps, original Lifton case, nice full neck, best buy! SOLD

2003 Gibson L-5 Lee Ritenour, first year, compact 15 1/2" slim depth body, all carved, Johnny Smith pickup, rare model, super comfy player SOLD

2005 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Model, Sienna burst, highly figured 15" thinline body, built-in DeMarzio humbucker; best buy! SOLD

1956 Gibson Super 300C, from Ry Cooder collection, exceptionally rare cutaway model, extravagantly quilted, amazing! SOLD

1973 Gibson L-5S, first year, highly flamed all maple solid body L-5, rare low-impedance pickups, feedback buster, gig ready SOLD

1940 Gibson Super 400N, one of 14, intensely figured 18" body, rare Catalin tuners, huge voice, ambered older finish, spectacular SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, impossibly flamed 18 1/2" body, all original, huge voice, showroom condition; they don't get any better HOLD

1940's Epiphone Deluxe, all carved, cloud inlays, Armstrong floating PAF pickup, big voice, gleaming restoration, best buy! SOLD

1981 Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Award, #10 of 50, first faithful reissue of '59 Standard, Tim Shaw pickups, all original, gorgeous SOLD

2011 Sumi L-5, meticulous 16" Loar-era design, handcarved by famed Japanese luthier, red spruce top, hand shaded finish, ultra-rare, stunning SOLD

1957 Gibson Super 400CESN, stunning flamed blonde, one of 15, rare Alnico V pickups, all carved 18" body, magnificent SOLD

2011 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Model, Artist Owned, Jimmy's own guitar, caramel burst, compact fully hollow body, TruTone bridge, with papers SOLD

1946 Gibson L-5, museum quality, jaw-dropping tiger flame body, massive voice, original hang tag, nicest one ever SOLD

1979 Gibson Super V CES, rare model, all carved L-5 body with Super 400 headstock, Pat. # humbuckers, finger tailpiece, gleaming condition SOLD

2007 Eastman John Pisano AR-880, deluxe maple body version, all carved, Armstrong PAF, ebony board, lightweight, best buy! SOLD

1943 Epiphone Triumph, rare wartime example, extravagantly flamed, Adirondack top, all original, eye-popping condition SOLD

1951 Epiphone Emperor Regent, exceptionally rare acoustic cutaway, highly flamed 18 1/2" body, massive voice, a showpiece SOLD

2013 Gibson L-5CT, rare slim depth L-5CES, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, '57 Classic PAFs, comfy and feedback resistant, COA, immaculate SOLD

2003 Gibson Pat Martino Custom, caramel brown, highly figured maple top, slimline body, '57 Classic PAFs, rare model, out of production SOLD

1978 Ibanez L-5C, rare lawsuit model, solid spruce soundboard, ebony fingerboard, best buy, leave your Gibson at home SOLD

1935 Epiphone Triumph, very rare 16" transitional model, ultra-light, firestripe guard, snowflake head, wide open voice, bandstand veteran SOLD

mid-'50s Artur Lang Standard, very rare model from legendary German builder, carved Alpine spruce top, 1 3/4" nut, feather light, sparkling voice SOLD

2001 D'Angelico NYL-2 Lefty, ultra-rare left handed model, solid top, highly flamed 17" body, floating JS pickup, Macassar tailpiece SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare cutaway model, all carved 17" body, deep Venetian cutaway, big bright voice, gleaming condition SOLD

1995 Ibanez GB-10 George Benson Signature, rare blonde, comfy, slim 14" body, floating humbuckers, feedback resistant, best buy! SOLD

1976 Gibson Super 400CESN, rare blonde, all carved, comfy tiger flame neck, 1 11/16" nut, deep warm voice, one of 21, sparkling condition SOLD

1958 Gibson ES-225TN, Gibson's first thinline model, original P-90 pickup, gorgeous amber blonde finish, featherweight wonder SOLD

2013 Gibson ES-175 1959 VOS Reissue, aged nickel hardware, light weight, comfy full neck, Gibson MHS pickup, best reissue ever SOLD

2004 Andersen Streamline, rare 17" version, all carved, tiger flame body, Armstrong floating PAF, clean elegant design, best buy! SOLD

1969 Gibson Super 400CES, brilliant museum-quality example, all original, all carved, full 1 11/16" nut, the big one, magnificent SOLD

c.1970 Gibson L-5CES, 17" all carved Venetian cutaway body, all original, 1 11/16" no-volute neck, great player, the classic, best buy! SOLD

2006 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, very popular model, extra pickup and bridge, great player SOLD

1958 Gibson ES-175N, original PAF pickup, one of 66, feather light, fine 50's neck, immaculate pro finish, classic bop tone SOLD

2000 Comins Classic, all carved, highly figured 17" body, bearclaw spruce top, floating Armstrong PAF, a gem from top builder SOLD

2014 Gibson Byrdland Florentine, all carved, highly flamed reissue of classic 60's model, '57 Classic PAFs, full 1 11/16" nut, fast short scale neck, pristine SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-5N Switchmaster, first year PAFs, one of 30, unique example with solid carved back, breathtaking flame, showroom condition SOLD

1962 Gibson ES-125TDC, brilliant unfaded finish, generous 1 11/16" nut, feather light, one owner since '63, pristine condition SOLD

1964 Gibson L-7C, 17" all carved, flamed body like L-5C, Armstrong floating humbucker, elegant neck, big voice, best buy! SOLD

1964 Gibson L-7C, exceptionally lightweight example, all original, highly resonant, gleaming condition, the working player's L-5 SOLD

c.1970 Gibson L-5CES, intensely flamed, all carved tiger maple body, full width 1 11/16" nut, elegant non-volute neck, warm rich voice SOLD

2006 Shelley Park Montmartre, intensely flamed maple, large 14 fret Favino style body, 640mm scale, gorgeous Koa binding, Bigtone pickup, a stunner SOLD

1992 Gibson Super V CES, outrageously flamed, all carved 17" body, '57 Classic PAFs, rare model, Triggs signed, showroom condition SOLD

1952 Gibson ES-5N, museum quality, 100% original, highly flamed, original hang tag and instruction sheet, time capsule guitar SOLD

1937 Epiphone Deluxe, rare 17" prewar model, Masterbilt headstock, DeArmond pickup, adjustable truss rod, vintage tone with modern playability SOLD

1939 Gibson Super 400, last of the X-braced Super Jumbos, prewar script logo, engraved Varitone tailpiece, deep voice, gleaming condition SOLD

1955 D'Angelico New Yorker Cutaway, one owner for half a century, intensely flamed, magnificent open voice, DA 1100 pickup, this is it SOLD

2001 Victor Baker Model 16 Seven String, all carved 16" tiger flame body, 2 1/16" ebony board, floating Benedetto pickup, comfy player, best buy SOLD

1952-3 Gibson Les Paul, immaculate stop tail conversion, original pickups and hardware, light weight, sweet neck, vintage tone, spectacular! SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, our most popular Epi, all carved 17" full depth body, K&K soundboard pickup, huge voice, best buy! SOLD

1970-2 Gibson Byrdland, rare blonde finish, all carved body, Pat. sticker pickups, full 1 11/16" nut, fast neck, stunning condition, original tag SOLD

1988 Gibson ES-175D, highly figured ribbon mahogany body, all original, sparkling condition, sweet neck, best buy! SOLD

1999 Benedetto Seven String, hand built by Bob, intensely figured, feather light, all carved, Armstrong humbucker, rare and breathtaking SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-330TD, first year long neck, all original showroom condition, lightweight, rare Gibson logo guard, fast neck, closet wonder! SOLD

1949 Epiphone Broadway, rare birdseye maple body, superb 100% original condition, vine peghead, big voice, fine as they come SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-175D, under-the-bed find, twin Pat. sticker pickups, true vintage tone, sleek fast neck, sparkling condition, best buy! SOLD

1968 Gibson Byrdland Florentine, rare version with sharp cutaway, original Pat. sticker pickups, all original gold hardware, gorgeous SOLD

2002 Moll Working Man's Hero, featherweight 17" full depth body, Calton style case, rare model from top builder, best buy! SOLD

1996 Mark Lacey Imperial, all carved, highly flamed 18" body, feather light, deeply resonant, flagship model from famed builder, magnificent SOLD

1992 Collings AT-17 Custom all carved 17" acoustic, custom 23 5/8" Byrdland scale, rips the solos and stretch chords, rare and stunning SOLD

1939 Epiphone Deluxe, our earliest blonde ever, intensely flamed, segmented clouds, Masterbilt label, Armstrong floater, adjustable rod, a showstopper SOLD

1934 Epiphone Hollywood Tenor, ultra-rare 15 3/8" tenor version of Triumph, brilliant black walnut body, bright tone, remarkable find SOLD

1952 Gibson ES-150, ultra-light 17" curly maple body, long 25 1/2" scale, original P-90 pickup, great acoustic voice, gleaming condition SOLD

1951 Epiphone Deluxe Regent, exceptionally rare blonde cutaway, all carved birdseye body, cloud inlays, floating Armstrong pickup, magnificent! SOLD

1955 Gibson L-4C, solid carved top, comfy 16" body, feather light, clear open voice, Armstrong floating humbucker, beautifully restored, best buy! SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-295, rare model, all gold, 16" body, twin cream P-90 pickups, original floral guard; spectacular! SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, rare 17" model with solid black walnut body, prewar asymmetrical headstock, gleaming condition, a cannon SOLD

1980 Gibson Super 400C, ultra rare acoustic model, floating BJB pickup, Kluson Sealfasts, big warm voice, gleaming condition SOLD

1941 Gibson L-50, museum condition, rare version with solid back and full sunburst finish, 16" body like 20s L-5, all original, best buy! SOLD

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, 17" thinline body, 25 1/2" scale, 1 3/4" nut, long handle Bigsby, rare model, best buy! SOLD

1936 Gibson L-4, featherweight all carved 16" body, 1 3/4" nut, suspended fingerboard, same specs as 20's L-5 at a fraction of the price SOLD

2009 Schaefer 15 Special, sunburst, comfy slimline 15" body, all carved, switchable Duncan P-Rail pickups, super versatile SOLD

2008 Trenier Broadway Commemorative, Adirondack top, comfy 16 "+ body, floating JS pickup, spectacular presentation quality instrument SOLD

2001 Comins Chester Avenue, top-line, all carved, 17" Adirondack top, exceptionally figured, floating Armstrong PAF, a showpiece SOLD

1955 Epiphone Emperor, from Epi's final batch, extravagant 13-ply binding, massive voice, stellar condition, The Last Emperor! SOLD

2011 Daniel Slaman 'Magnificent Molly', innovative cutaway version of rare ES-250, CC blade pickup, prewar style tailpiece, a fresh retro classic SOLD

2006 Benedetto Benny, rare blonde finish, solid spruce soundboard, lightweight chambered body, 1 3/4" ebony board, feedback buster, a gigmeister SOLD

1963 Gibson Super 400 Venetian, unique 60's model with Venetian cutaway and solid carved back,, intensely flamed, Pat. Sticker pickups, amazing SOLD

1992 Guild Artist Award, all carved 17" highly flamed body, Bartolini floating humbucker, rich voice, sweet neck, super value SOLD

2001 Dale Unger American Dream Seven String, 17" figured maple body, floating Armstrong PAF, 2" ebony fingerboard, incredibly lightweight, superb! SOLD

2003 Bourgeois A-350, all carved, highly figured, 16 3/4" body, all acoustic, rare model from top builder, exquisitely crafted, exceptional voice SOLD

2004 Ibanez George Benson GB-200, scarce premium version, 16" Venetian cutaway body, 24 3/4" scale, twin built-in humbuckers, ornate inlay, rare bird SOLD

2000 Michael Dunn Belleville, Selmer Django style, solid rosewood body, 670mm scale, nice wide fingerboard, legendary builder, best buy! SOLD

1952 Gibson L-7C, feather light, all carved, flame maple body, DeArmond 1100 pickup, same specs as L-5C, brilliant condition SOLD

2012 Campellone EP, comfy, feather light 15" body, solid carved top, slim 2 1/4" depth, splendid gig guitar SOLD

1948 Gibson L-5N, rare blonde, spectacular bubble maple back, big bold voice, one of 38, splendid condition, fine as they come, now just SOLD

2000 D'Angelico NYL-2, solid spruce top, rare blonde version, floating JS pickup, original Vestax model, signed label, gleams! SOLD

1939 Epiphone Broadway, handsome all original 17" guitar, amazingly figured maple back, rare firestripe guard, big open voice SOLD

1963 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom, deluxe version, spruce top, long heel, 1 11/16" nut, Pat. # pickups, elegant neck, all original, too cool SOLD

1948 Gibson L-12, very rare model, all carved, highly figured, 17" full depth body, all gold hardware, one of 57, amazing original condition SOLD

1949 Gibson ES-350, Gibson's first twin pickup cutaway, flame maple body, L-5C size and scale, blend pot, unlimited tone colors, one of 76, superb SOLD

1941 Gibson L-7N, very early blonde, extravagantly figured 17" full depth body, splendid condition, an eye-popper SOLD

2011 Moll Custom Thinline, comfy lightweight design, 1 3/4" nut, Armstrong humbuckers, ornate abalone trim, buttery voice, spectacular SOLD

1948 Martin 000-18, feather light, deeply resonant, great balance, sweet old Island girl, a hui ho! SOLD

1934 Sorrentino Artist, impossibly rare Epi-built model, solid black walnut body like prewar Broadway, exceptionally brilliant tone, amazing find SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-175P, highly flamed 50's version with Alnico V Staple pickup at neck, P90 in bridge, super vintage tone and feel, rare model SOLD

1959 Gibson Super 400C, all carved super jumbo body, dual McCarty floating pickup, one of 16, big bold voice, simply gorgeous SOLD

1992 Heritage Super Eagle, all carved, highly flamed 18" body, like Super 400CES, returns to consigner asap, grab it now SOLD

1947 Epipiphone Blackstone, last year, solid Adirondack top, 16" body, original Epi-logo case, huge voice in a comfy size, best buy SOLD

1995 Guild X-700, solid spruce top, like L-5CES, gold hardware, twin humbuckers, rare Westerly model in sparkling condition, best buy! SOLD

2010 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, comfy 16" body, '57 Classic PAFs, all gold hardware, ebony board, smooth action, spanky clean SOLD

2007 Trenier 17 Custom, all carved, highly flamed, X-braced 17" body, floating Armstrong Single Coil, gorgeous guitar from in-demand builder, grab it SOLD

1955 Gibson LG-3, top-line small Gibson flat top, X-braced body, small teardrop guard, feather light, big voice, rare model, great shape SOLD

2007 Holst Custom 15, all carved tapered depth body, all Swiss tonewoods, oval side soundport, floating humbucker, comfy and vibrant SOLD

1954 Gibson L-7C, lightweight, highly flamed body; vintage PAF style humbucker, L-5 Wes performance at a fraction of the price, best buy! SOLD

1935 Gibson L-5, very late 16" model, rare transitional body with larger f-holes, Adirondack top; clear, vibrant voice; unique model, best buy! SOLD

1948-9 Gibson ES-150, 17" full depth body, strong early P-90 pickup, long L-5 scale, all original, gleaming showroom condition SOLD

2000 Comins Concert, spectacular all carved 17" quilted Big Leaf maple body, floating Armstrong PAF, nimble 24/3/4" scale, simply stunning SOLD

1933 Epiphone Olympic, original 13" body, tortoise peghead, rare original hardshell case, gleaming condition, as played by David Rawlings SOLD

1950 Gibson L-4C, comfy, feather light 16" body, solid carved top, floating DeArmond 1100 pickup, nice full neck, wide open voice, a classic SOLD

2007 Dale Unger American Legend 7 String, all solid tonewoods, comfy, stunningly flamed 16" slimmed depth body, built-in Armstrong PAF, brilliant SOLD

2013 Comins Classic, 17" full depth all carved body, X-braced, ebony board, floating Armstrong PAF, superb SOLD

2000 Heritage Eagle Classic, all solid, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, floating humbucker, true US quality at an import price, best buy! SOLD

2008 Benedetto Bambino, comfy, slimline, feedback resistant 14" body; coil-tapped A-6 humbuckers, Bendetto quality at a player's price SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, rare 1 3/4" nut, 17" black walnut body, asymmetrical Masterbilt headstock, gleaming condition, loud as a trumpet SOLD

2009 Gibson L-4CES, Single Pickup, very rare model; all solid, carved tonewoods; lightweight and comfy; nicely figured body, showroom condition SOLD

1942 Epiphone Ritz, ultra-rare wartime model, 15" flamed maple body, tortoise binding, solid carved top, bright punchy voice, a honey SOLD

2011 Campellone Deluxe Thinline, top-line, all carved, thinline 17" spectacularly flamed body, floating Armstrong humbucker, stunning SOLD

Mid-1950's Artur Lang Super Deluxe, ultra rare, all carved, highly ornate German archtop, segmented soundholes precede D'Aquisto, a showpiece SOLD

2008 Ryan Thorell Legato, extravagantly figured rare curly walnut body, carved Pt. Orford cedar top, sound port, Bartolini floater, feather light, amazing SOLD

2011 Eastman AR-910, top-line model, 17" X-braced body, all solid, intensely flamed maple, big classic voice, best buy! SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7, exceptionally fine all original 17" full depth guitar, all carved, lightweight, resonant, outstanding value for the working player SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, all original, highly flamed 17" body, twin NY pickups, split-block abalone inlays, simply gorgeous SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-175DN, most desirable version, gorgeous amber finish, creamy tone, one of 129; one PAF, one Pat.# pickup; a knockout SOLD

2008 Campellone Standard, sunburst, all carved, tap tuned, highly figured 16" body, floating Armstrong pickup, gorgeous SOLD

1947 Epipiphone Blackstone, last year, solid Adirondack top, 16" body, original Epi-logo case, huge voice in a comfy size, best buy HOLD

1935 Epiphone Broadway, our earliest 17" Broadway, solid black walnut body, asymmetrical head, Masterbilt label, clear brilliant voice, amazing SOLD

2005 Benedetto Bravo, highly figured 16" slimmed depth, ebony board, extra Duncan Lover pickup included, Benedetto quality at a player's price SOLD

2014 Gretsch Chet Atkins 1959 Country Gentleman, 17" highly figured slimline body, TV Jones pickups, versatile feedback resistant design, hot pickin'! HOLD

2014 Andrew Nezil AA1, all carved, intensely flamed 17" body, floating Benedetto pickup, French polish finish, lightweight, great value, new w/warranty SOLD

2006 Hofner Verithin John Stowell Model, ultra-slim 16" tiger maple body, German spruce top, floating humbucker, lightweight, feedback resistant, rare model SOLD

2009 Foster Basin St. Seven String, all carved 15" thinline body, Armstrong built-in PAF, 1 15/16" nut, hard to find, super player SOLD

1931 Gibson L-10, very rare, pre-catalog example, dot ebony fingerboard, "The Gibson" logo, same specs as 20's L-5, deep open voice SOLD

2001 D'Angelico NYL-2, highly flamed deco styled 17" body, solid spruce top, floating humbucker, ebony board, out of production, gorgeous SOLD

1993 Andersen Metropolitan, highly flamed all carved 17" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, an art-deco masterpiece, breathtaking SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-330, last year for full-width neck, ultra-light build, all original, twin P-90 pickups, best version ever, brilliant shape SOLD

2005 Gibson 1934 L-5 Reissue, rare, faithful Custom Shop reissue of the classic prewar 16" guitar, out of production, with Certificate, gorgeous SOLD

1997 Santa Cruz FJ2-17, exceptionally rare model, all carved, intensely flamed 17" body, floating Armstrong PAF, fan inlay, an acoustic marvel SOLD

1943 Gibson L-7, very rare wartime 17" model with fleur-de-lis peghead, 20's banjo inlays, very lightweight and resonant, gleaming condition SOLD

1953 Epiphone Emperor, highly figured 18 1/2" body, exceptionally resonant voice, amazing 13-ply binding, elegant neck, the big one, majestic! SOLD

1999 Comins Chester Avenue, top-line model, Adirondack top, 17" X-braced body, floating Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" nut, elegant inlay, immaculate SOLD

1940 Epiphone Olympic, high demand prewar model, carved Adirondack top, long scale, fire-stripe pickguard, magnificent shape, barks! SOLD

2011 Collings I-35 Deluxe, handbuilt with all solid woods, Lollar Imperial humbuckers, grained ivoroid trim, full C neck, the critic's choice! SOLD

1997 Monteleone Electric Flyer, first of only three built, intensely flamed maple from D'Aquisto estate, hand signed, the ultimate gig guitar SOLD

2004 Shelley Park Encore, Brazilian rosewood body, Adirondack top, 670mm scale, Bigtone pickup, toned lacquer, powerful voice, immaculate condition SOLD

2001 McKerrihan Monk, all carved highly figured 17" body, 1 3/4" nut, built-in humbucker like L-5 Wes, great player, best buy! SOLD

1998 Buscarino Monarch, all carved, extravagantly flamed 17" body, all ebony hardware, elegant neck, superlative tone, a modern masterpiece SOLD

2003 Michael Dunn Pattenotte, dramatic Zebrawood body, 'bean' soundhole, rare model, in the style of famed Mirecourt luthier, thunders! SOLD

2004 Collings OM-2GSS, German spruce top, rosewood body, rare short scale (24 3/4") version of Collins renowned OM SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-135, rare short-lived upgrade of ES-125, trapezoid inlays, 5-ply guard, P-90 pickup, sparkling condition, very scarce model SOLD

2010 Moll New Yorker 16 Custom, intensely quilted, all carved, 16" D'Angelico NY body, art-deco styling, staggeringly figured tonewood, a masterpiece SOLD

1941 Epiphone Broadway, rare early blonde, all original, Adirondack top, vine peghead, floating Armstrong PAF, big voice, splendid condition SOLD

2013 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, full depth 16" body, '57 PAFs, all gold hardware, comfy and versatile, sparkling condition SOLD

2015 Webb Astoria, intensely quilted maple, all carved 17" featherlight body, floating Armstrong JS pickup, bright clear voice, new w/warranty, best buy SOLD

1935 C.F. Martin F-7 Archtop, first year, solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, carved Adirondack top, ultra-rare, one of 91, gleaming original condition SOLD

2007 Gibson ES-175 SP, hard-to-find single pickup reissue of classic late 50's jazz box, lightweight, immaculate condition, the real deal SOLD

1951 Gibson/Benedetto L-7C Seven String, original Gibson body with custom neck and hardware hand carved by Bob Benedetto, unique and amazing SOLD

1968 Gibson Byrdland Florentine, rare sharp cutaway model, solid carved spruce top, Pat. # pickups, sleek neck, true 60's tone, gorgeous SOLD

2014 Alain Mazaud Vieux Paris, antique finish and hardware, Brazilian body, arched Busato back, punchy 670mm scale, feather light, stunning SOLD

2005 Collings OM-2HA, solid Adirondack top, rosewood body, herringbone trim, 1 3/4" ebony fingerboard, 25 1/2" scale, big versatile voice SOLD

2005 Martin/Unger CF-1, highly flamed, full depth, feedback resistant 17" body, 1 3/4" ebony board, Armstrong floating humbucker, best buy! SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, exceptionally clean 100% original guitar; big, clear voice; DeArmond floating pickup; astounding condition SOLD

2015 Webb Seaside, stunning curly maple, all carved 17" lightweight body, floating Armstrong JS pickup, big rich voice, new offering from fine NW builder SOLD

2006 Triggs San Salvador, 17" all carved body like L-5CES, solid spruce top, big flame maple, built in PAFs, by former Gibson Custom shop head, best buy! SOLD

1945 Epiphone Broadway, carved Adirondack top, vine inlay, all gold hardware, big voice, one owner since '50s, true horn killer SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare all carved 17" cutaway, floating DeArmond pickup, all original, gleaming condition: big, bright voice, amazing SOLD

1998 Gibson Tal Farlow: Artist Owned, Tal's own last guitar, with original factory invoice and shipping carton, highly flamed, a stunning piece of history SOLD

1935 Gibson L-12, 16" body like 20's L-5, rare Kauffman vibrola tailpiece, ornate inlay, 1 3/4" nut, very scarce model, last year, stellar condition SOLD

1945 Epiphone Spartan, solid black walnut body, Adirondack top, rare wartime version, Epi's top-line 16" guitar, brilliant voice SOLD

2003 PRS McCarty Hollowbody II '10 Top', highly flamed maple top, mid-depth body, Baggs piezo bridge, wide fat neck, versatile and gorgeous SOLD

1995 Heritage H-555, ornate, highly figured, top-line model, all gold hardware, inlaid ebony fingerboard, great player, best buy! SOLD

1980 Ibanez JP-20 Joe Pass Model, first year, comfy 16" slimmed depth body, ebony fingerboard, scarce model, legendary player SOLD

2006 Shelley Park Encore, feather-light solid rosewood body, 670mm scale, oval side port, Bigtone pickup, formerly owned by Pearl Django founder Neil Andersson SOLD

1953 Epiphone Broadway, carved Adirondack top, rare Dogwood inlay peghhead, Armstrong floating humbucker, big voice, a winner SOLD

1996 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, highly flamed 17" body, triple '57 Classic PAFs, 5 way switch, all gold hardware, handsome and versatile SOLD

2010 Sadowsky Semi-Hollow, spectacular tiger flame, comfy 15" thinline body, elegant neck, lightweight, impeccable condition, the gigmeister SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-446S, ultra-light, compact, fully hollow 14" body with solid carved spruce top, '57 Classic PAFs, very rare Custom Shop model, comfy and versatile SOLD

2006 Eastman AR-805CE, all carved, spectacularly flamed 16" maple body, floating Armstrong pickup, very rare blonde example, best buy! SOLD

2005 Weber Yellowstone, all carved, highly figured, compact 15" extra deep body, Adirondack top, w/vintage DeArmond Rhythm Chief pickup, a marvel SOLD

c.1890 Washburn Style 101 Parlor Guitar, extravagantly figured Brazilian body, solid Adirondack top, sweet voice, impossibly light, super condition SOLD

2013 Gibson Byrdland, extravagantly flamed AAA maple body, solid carved top, '57 Classic Pat. # pickups, 1 11/16" ebony fingerboard, pristine and gorgeous SOLD

Mid-30's S.S. Stewart Presentation Archtop, exceptionally rare 16" premium model by Vega of Boston, highly ornate, ultra-light body, great player, amazing find SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-175D, sweet original 60's guitar with twin Pat. # pickups, full width 1 11/16" nut, nickel hardware, Lifton case, superb condition SOLD

2012 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, 16" Florentine cutaway body, all gold hardware, '57 Classic PAFs, L-5 style tailpiece, gorgeous SOLD

1962 Gibson ES-345 TDC, twin PAFs, all original gold hardware, Varitone, factory Bigsby, 1 11/16" nut, perfect neck, the works! SOLD

2011 Schaefer Model Fifteen, ultra-light, compact, all carved, highly flamed 15" body, floating Armstrong PAF, just 4 1/2 lb, a marvel SOLD

2003 Erich Solomon Imperial, innovative acoustic archtop with solid Brazilian Rosewood body, Euro spruce top, sound port, floating humbucker, amazing SOLD

2011 PRS JA-15 Paul Jackson Jr. Model, solid carved spruce top, solid maple body; comfy, feedback resistant 15" thinline body; super gig guitar SOLD

2010 Slaman DS-155, all carved 16" prewar Charlie Christian style model, with cutaway body and twin Lollar CC pickups, historic tone with modern playability SOLD

2008 Campellone Standard, all carved, tiger flame full depth 16" body, 1 3/4" nut, 24 3/4" ebony fingerboard, great player from a favorite builder SOLD

2005 Victor Baker Model 17, all carved, highly figured 17" body, Lindy Fralin humbuckers, curly maple binding, L-5CES specs with handbuilt quality SOLD

2000 Michael Dunn Belleville, long 670mm scale like Django's Selmer, all solid, rosewood body, big voice, builder now retired, grab it SOLD

2002 Goodall Grand Concert, AAA maple body, Alaska cedar top, OM profile/dreadnought depth, 1 3/4" ebony board, versatile and gorgeous SOLD

1956 Gibson L-7C, scarce cutaway model, big voice, very lightweight, floating DeArmond pickup, L-5 specs at a bargain price; great shape, best buy SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, highly flamed, deep cutaway, twin NY pickups, cloud inlays, vine peghead, top of the line, drop dead gorgeous SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-295, 16" full depth body, floral guard, twin cream P-90s, combo tailpiece/bridge, Scotty Moore special, the gold standard SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Standard, rare blonde example, full depth 16" body, twin Schaller D'Aquisto humbuckers, gleaming condition, best buy! SOLD

1939 Gibson L-5N, first year cataloged, one of 48, engraved hinged tailpiece, original Grover Imperials, tweed case, stunning condition, the works! SOLD

1964 Epiphone Emperor E-112TN, largest, most expensive thinline ever; one of 13 made, last year, museum condition, rare and gorgeous SOLD

2000 Knight Model 445 Deluxe, rare model from renowned UK luthier, 17" all carved, highly flamed body, Armstrong floating single coil pickup, elegant SOLD

1980 Guild X-500, 17" highly flamed body, rare blonde, gold hardware, ebony board, twin humbuckers, Rhode Island built, gorgeous, best buy SOLD

1996 Comins Classic 16, intensely quilted 16" body, built-in Benedetto humbucker, 1 3/4" ebony board, comfy and versatile SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-150 Reissue, only reissue of prewar 'Charlie Christian' model, notched bar pickup, tiny batch, ultra-rare, gleaming condition SOLD

2011 Gibson ES-175 Custom, rare burgundy finish, Custom Shop model with all gold hardware, tiger flame maple body, spectacular SOLD

1937 Cromwell EG-5, ultra-rare Gibson-made version of the 'Charlie Christian' ES-150, bar pickup, solid carved top, amazing find SOLD

1998 Andersen Metropolitan Special, deeply flamed X-braced 17" body, floating Armstrong PAF, elegant design, resonant voice, great value SOLD

2007 Collings 000-1A, true Adirondack top, long 12 fret mahogany body, 1 3/4" nut, feather light, a fingerstyle dream SOLD

1947-8 Gibson ES-300N, very rare blonde example, 17" flamed maple body, long scale, unique Kluson 'f-hole' tailpiece, bound guard, a honey SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, rare blonde, maple neck, big voice, smooth player, with coveted DeArmond 1100 adjustable floating pickup SOLD

2007 Benedetto Bambino Elite, premium version with all-carved tonewoods, compact, highly figured 14" body, built-in B-6 pickup, pristine SOLD

2014 Heritage Golden Eagle Concert, all carved 17" Florentine cutaway body like 60's L-5CES, highly flamed, premium HRW pickup, 1 11/16" ebony board, like new SOLD

2007 Bourgeois A-350, all Euro tonewoods, highly flamed, tortoise binding, all acoustic, rare model by top builder, simply gorgeous SOLD

1950 Epiphone Broadway Regent, very rare, all carved, 17" figured maple body, floral peghead inlay, Armstrong floating PAF, amazing find SOLD

2001 Gibson L-4CES, blonde! rare maple body now discontinued, extravagantly flamed, '57 PAFs, Certificate, case cover, spectacular SOLD

2002 Gretsch White Falcon Junior, very rare ultra-compact 14" model, gold binding; smallest, lightest Falcon ever; sparkling condition SOLD

2007 Gibson L-7C, all carved 17" tiger flame body, X-braced top, light and resonant, 1 3/4" nut, now out of production, best buy SOLD

1998 Heritage Super Eagle, all carved, highly flamed 18" body, all gold hardware, great neck the working player's Super 400, gorgeous SOLD

2006 Thorell Corrina, rare curly cedar body, tapered OM size, 1 3/4' nut, K&K Pure Mini pickup, lightest full size flat top ever, amazing SOLD

1938 Gibson L-7, 17" X-braced body, ornate inlays, rare engraved tailpiece, original tweed case, wonderful one owner guitar, wide open voice SOLD

1957 Gibson Byrdland, one of 78, superb condition, fast neck, flamed body, Pat. # pickups, true 50's quality for less than reissues SOLD

1997 Guild Artist Award, highly flamed 17" body, all original, floating humbucker, Rhode Island made, outstanding value, gorgeous SOLD

2009 Sadowsky Semi-Hollow, highly flamed thinline body, elegant neck, comfy and versatile, high-demand pro gig guitar SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, premium version with arched spruce top and gold hardware, rare first year issue, top gig guitar, superb SOLD

1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, original version, with built-in humbucker like 50's 175, all gold hardware, gig champion, best buy! SOLD

1996 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly flamed, built-in pickup version no longer available, gold hardware, '57 Classic PAF, best buy! SOLD

2009 Weber Big Sky, extra depth 15" body, highly flamed tiger maple, big voice, unique design, super acoustic player, best buy! SOLD

2008 Comins Concert, all carved, X-braced 17" body, full-sized floating humbucker, ebony hardware, highly figured, elegant design, just splendid SOLD

2006 Palen Performer, tiger flame 17" body, built-in Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" ebony board, feedback resistant, great sustain, immaculate SOLD

1973-5 Gibson ES-335TDC, the classic semi-hollow, twin Pat. sticker pickups, light weight, elegant neck, super condition SOLD

2010 Benedetto 16-B Custom, 16" birdseye maple body, custom X-braced top and floating pickup, like Manhattan model, unique and magnificent SOLD

1998 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved top, sought-after maple version now out of production, highly flamed, L-5 style hardware, gorgeous SOLD

1946 Gibson L-5N, intensely flamed tiger maple body, Varitone tailpiece, ebony board, nice full neck, big open voice, sparkling condition SOLD

2011 Gibson ES-175 P-90 Reissue, rare blonde, intensely flamed body, stunning reissue of Gibson's original 1949 version, a showstopper SOLD

1994 Heritage Super Eagle, all solid, all carved, 18" super jumbo body, elegant neck, buttery tone, the working player's Super 400, best buy! SOLD

c.1998 Guild X-170 Manhattan, rare model, 17" slimline body, fast neck, Rhode Island built, great player, best buy! SOLD

2001 Heritage H-550, full depth 17" highly flamed maple body, twin built-in humbuckers, compare to Tal Farlow, sweet neck, gorgeous SOLD

2014 Andrew Nezil AA1, 17" X-braced body, curly maple bindng, 1 3/4" ebony board, hand-rubbed French polish finish, all acoustic, best buy SOLD

2013 Slaman ES-150 Extra, most faithful recreation of prewar Charlie Christian, all solid woods, CC pickup, jack-well tailpiece, new w/warranty, fly it home! SOLD

2013 Gibson L-5CES, highly flamed, all carved, full depth 17" body, '57 Classic PAFs, all gold hardware, the classic jazz box! SOLD

2013 Thorell Red Sky Deluxe, deeply flamed 16" body, tone bar braced, hand wound floating pickup, vibrant tone, brilliant craftsmanship SOLD

2005 D'Aquisto Solo, faithful reissue of Jimmy's most innovative model, solid spruce top, floating Armstrong humbucker, out of production, rare SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, 17" black walnut body, Masterbuilt headstock, early Frequensator and truss rod, like a trumpet, barks! SOLD

2003 Gibson L-4CES, rare ebony finish, solid carved top, 16" maple body, ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, deco tailpiece, elegance itself SOLD

2005 Martin CF-1, arched Alpine spruce top, Dale Unger built, 1 3/4" nut, floating Armstrong humbucker, feedback buster, now out of production, best buy! SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, highly figured, full depth 18 1/2" body; stunning condition, huge voice; big, beautiful blonde! SOLD

1998 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, intensely flamed 17" body, triple '57 Classic PAFs , 5 way selector, all gold hardware, rare reissue, spectacular SOLD

c.2005 Guild Benedetto Stuart X-700, all solid, all carved 17" body, long scale, Benedetto pickups, very rare, now out of production, superb SOLD

1950 Fender 5A3 Deluxe Amp, all-original tweed and 12" Jensen, TV front, nice clean small town amp, most popular Fender ever SOLD

1957 Albanus 17 'Johnny Gray', custom built for studio legend Johnny Gray, with original label, DeArmond 1100 pickup, extremely rare SOLD

c.1960s Albanus 17 'Stromberg Braced', single transverse brace, DeArmond 1100 pickup, hand machined tuners, simply astounding SOLD

1997 Holst Signature 18, intensely flamed 18" body, hand graduated, lightweight and deeply resonant, floating Armstrong PAF, rare model, best buy SOLD

c.2002 Guild Savoy X-150, very rare twin humbucker model, intensely flamed body, last of the Rhode Island guitars, stunning SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7CN, highly flamed, all acoustic, lightweight and resonant, one of just 27, same specs as L-5 at a fraction of the price SOLD

1987 Gibson ES-347, rare ebony finish, all gold hardware, ebony fingerboard, deluxe thinline with factory coil tapped humbuckers, versatile and elegant SOLD

2009 Victor Baker Custom, compact, intensely figured, all carved 14" body, 1 3/4" nut, built-in Fralin humbucker, featherweight, perfect traveler SOLD

1940 Epiphone Olympic, rare firestripe pickguard, highly prized model, very handsome example, bright clear voice SOLD

2005 Landscape AR-1, all solid, hand carved 17" cello-style body, 24 3/4" scale, Armstrong JS pickup, from top Japanese luthier, best buy! SOLD

1969 Gibson Super 400CES, last of the pre-Norlin guitars, Pat. sticker pickups, 1 11/16" ebony board, engraved tailpiece, great player SOLD

1967 Epiphone Broadway E-252 Cherry, rarest finish color, available this year only; fast neck, gleaming condition, only 24 made, amazing find SOLD

1999 Gibson L-5 Studio, rare model, solid carved top, full depth 17" body, aged nickel hardware, twin '57 PAFs, pro features, best L-5 buy ever! SOLD

2005 Eastman John Pisano Model, rare blonde version, all carved 16" body, 1 3/4" nut, built-in Armstrong PAF, super player, best buy SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-350T, rare first year example with solid maple back, highly flamed 17" thinline body, Byrdland scale, last full year for P-90 pickups, amazing SOLD

1928 Gibson L-3, late model with adjustable truss rod, 13 fret body, 1 13/16" nut, all original hardware and finish; handsome, versatile performer SOLD

2010 Gibson Custom Historic 1954 Les Paul Reissue, tiger maple top, twin cream P-90s, full 50's neck, all tags and COA, gorgeous SOLD

1963 Gibson L-5C, museum condition, one of 41, highly flamed, nice slim neck, Armstrong floating humbucker, w/original case cover SOLD

1947 Epiphone Deluxe, all original, highly flamed tiger maple body, feather light, huge voice, showroom condition, astounding SOLD

1973 Gibson L-5S, first year, only year for low-impedance pickups, feedback-busting flamed maple body, engraved L-5 tailpiece, rare and amazing SOLD

1957 Fender Precision Bass, all original hardware and electronics, non-split single-coil pickup, small head, impeccable '60s factory sunburst, the classic SOLD

2009 Trenier Broadway, full depth 16" flamed black walnut body, rare cutaway model, elegant neck, lightweight and brilliant, a treasure SOLD

1936 Gretsch Artist Model 150, ultra-rare, Gretsch's first top-end archtop, all carved, extremely ornate, one of 7 known, on consignment SOLD

2013 Guild X-500 Stuart, full depth 17" body, Duncan Seth Lover pickups, inlaid ebony guard, from new Hartford workshop, rare burgundy finish SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-125, all original, gleaming full depth 16" body, P-90 pickup, gold barrel knobs, most popular Gibson archtop, in time capsule condition SOLD

2006 Gibson Pat Martino Custom, highly flamed semi-hollow tiger maple body, deep cutaway, contour body, '57 Classic PAFs, w/COA, last year, gorgeous SOLD

1952 Epiphone Devon, rarest 17" Epi, carved soundboard, long scale, 1 11/16" nut, scarce natural finish example, best buy! SOLD

1960 Guild X-150B, rare blonde version, all original, 17" full depth body, cream single coil pickup, great player, best buy! SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, 17" full depth all carved body, deep cutaway, rare model, brilliant voice, showroom condition SOLD

1944 Epiphone Olympic, rare wartime version, legendary model, solid Adirondack top, brilliant acoustic tone, astounding condition SOLD

1981 Gibson Johnny Smith Double, highly quilted X-braced body, rare double pickup model, 1 3/4" ebony fingerboard, Kluson crank tuners, amazing SOLD

1962 Gibson ES-175D, all original, twin PAF's, wide 1 11/16" nut, slim elegant neck profile, showroom condition, all tags and brochures, unreal! SOLD

1960 Guild Stratford X-350B, rare blonde version, highly figured 17" maple body, push button selector, Guild's top-line electric, a rocketship SOLD

1945 Epiphone Broadway, highly flamed 17" body, Adirondack top, leopard shell guard, huge voice, same specs as Deluxe, at a fraction of the price SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-5N, world's first 3 pickup guitar, highly flamed L-5 size tiger maple body, one of 53, plays like butter, rare and gorgeous SOLD

1988 Gibson ES-347, rare model with factory coil-tapped Series 7 humbuckers, stop tail, ebony board, handsome and versatile, immaculate SOLD

1961 Gibson ES-175DN, twin PAFs, deep amber blonde, elegant neck, gorgeous condition, this is it SOLD

1935 Epiphone Melody Tenor, extremely rare prewar model, Masterbilt label, fine shape, sparkling tone, ultra-scarce, barks! SOLD

2008 Kiso Ribbecke KR-1, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, 1 3/4" ebony fingerboard, floating Armstrong PAF, Ribbecke quality for the working player SOLD

1936 Gibson L-4, early 16" f-hole model, ornate inlay,1 3/4" nut, gleaming condition, same specs as 20's L-5 at a fraction of the price, outstanding SOLD

1934 Epiphone Blackstone Masterbilt, rare early version with exclamation point peghead! 3 piece f-holes, original bakelite pickguard, phenomenal condition SOLD

1977 Gibson ES-175D, solid maple neck, birdseye back, twin Pat # humbuckers, easy action, classic tone, super condition, best buy! SOLD

2008 Martin Ditson Model 111, faithful reissue of world's first dreadnought, featherweight 12 fret Adirondack/mahogany body, period details, huge voice SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-150 Charlie Christian, only factory reissue of the prewar classic, true bar pickup, flame back, one of 10?, exceptionally rare SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-335TD, Cremona sunburst, Pat. sticker humbuckers, orange label, fast neck, beautifully kept, great looker and player SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-335TDC, all original, twin Pat. Sticker humbuckers, very early trapeze model, fast neck, great shape SOLD

2010 Palen Performer, intensely flamed, 17" full depth body, built-in Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" ebony fingerboard, brilliant instrument from top builder SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, exceptionally fine example, rare wartime model, tiger flame back, firestripe guard, astounding voice and condition, nice as they come SOLD

2001 Martin 000-28 Cutaway, rare custom cutaway with herringbone trim, vintage lacquer, Fishman Prefix pickup system, versatile and gorgeous SOLD

1999 Campellone Deluxe, full depth highly flamed 17" X-braced body, floating Armstrong humbucker, elegant neck, exceptional voice SOLD

2001 Martin 000-28 Cutaway, rare custom cutaway with herringbone trim, vintage lacquer, Fishman Prefix pickup system, versatile and gorgeous SOLD

2011 Ribbecke Testadura, ultra-premium all-carved handbuilt thinline; Sitka top, Bigleaf back, Brazilian board and sides, Koa bound: a masterpiece SOLD

1962 Gibson L-7C, tiger flame 17" full depth body, all carved, easy neck, one of 66, same specs as L-5C at a fraction of the cost SOLD

1917 Gibson L-1, compact, all carved 13" arched body, 13 fret neck, generous 1 13/16" ebony fingerboard, lightweight, historic model SOLD

2010 Benedetto Bambino, rare full-body sunburst, original coil-tapped pickups no longer available; slim, comfy, feedback resistant body, a favorite SOLD

2011 Moll Classic 7 String, 16" all-carved body, 2 1/16" ebony fingerboard, Armstrong humbucker, feather light and resonant, out of production, stunning SOLD

2004 Gagnon DeVant, highly flamed 16" full depth tap-tuned body, all carved, built-in Armstrong PAF, lightweight, 1 3/4" nut, best buy SOLD

2013 Gibson Byrdland Florentine, deep 60's cutaway, all carved, slimline body, 1 11/16" nut, '57 PAFs, fast scale, rare model, immaculate SOLD

1939 Gibson L-4, Fan Inlay, very rare ornate fingerboard pattern, 16" all-carved body like 20's L-5, full 1 3/4" nut, big voice, gleaming condition SOLD

c.1949 Gibson L-7C 'Charlie Christian', prewar style bar pickup, all carved body, striped tweed case, great old player with Barney Kessel tone SOLD

1940 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, highly flamed 17" full depth body, 60's Gibson neck, huge voice, spectacular SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, full depth 17" body, all carved, big voice, same specs as L-5, very handsome example, best buy! SOLD

1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom, wonderful one-owner guitar, Pat. Sticker humbuckers, one-piece body and neck, gleaming condition, plays itself SOLD

2011 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, full depth 16" body like ES-175, highly flamed, floating humbucker, all gold hardware, outstanding value SOLD

1995 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, deeply flamed, classic model with single built-in '57 Classic PAF, super popular, gleaming condition SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330, all original, twin P-90s, feather light and resonant, fast neck, gleaming condition, gorgeous SOLD

1939 Gibson A-1 Mandolin, large teardrop body, all carved, long F-model scale, wide neck, firestripe guard, amazing condition SOLD

2008 Acoustic Image Clarus 2R Series III/Raezer's Edge 10ER Combo, 400W twin channel, all-in-one cabinet, notch filter, digital FX, ultimate jazz amp SOLD

1982 Ibanez George Benson GB-10, original Japanese model, compact thinline fully hollow body, artist signed label; flight case, best buy! SOLD

1970-2 Gibson ES-175D, one-owner, twin Pat. stamp humbuckers, sweet neck, the hardest working guitar in show biz, best buy! SOLD

1966 Gibson Johnny Smith Custom, one-of-a-kind original with slim factory neck, twin floating humbuckers, opulent flame body, amazing find SOLD

1956 Gibson J-50, lightweight and resonant, narrow braces, prewar style bridge, great old boomer, pretty and powerful SOLD

2006 Sadowsky S-Style, spectacular quilted maple body, switchable onboard preamp, brilliant evolution of the classic Strat, immaculate SOLD

2006 Goodall Traditional 000 Brazilian, 12 fret solid Brazilian rosewood body, red spruce top, 1 3/4" nut, herringbone trim, exquisite tone SOLD

1982 Ibanez George Benson GB-20, rare model with 17" full depth body, floating JS style pickup, 24 3/4" scale, artist signed label, last year, great find SOLD

2013 Comins Classic, 17" all carved, highly flamed full depth body, Armstrong floating PAF, 1 11/16" ebony fingerboard, light and resonant, magnificent SOLD

2009 Gibson ES-355, Gibson's top thinline: stoptail, mono, ebony board, gold hardware,Varitone free, w/Certificate of Authenticity, Lucille! SOLD

2011 Campellone Deluxe Thinline, AAA flamed 17" all carved body, comfy 2 1/2" depth, Armstrong humbucker, nice full neck, super gig guitar SOLD

2009 Eastman AR-905CE, intensely flamed, top-line model, all carved, full depth 16" body, Lindy Fralin floating humbucker, 1/34" ebony fingerboard, best buy SOLD

2008 Heritage H-550, highly flamed all maple 17" full depth body, Lollar Imperial and Duncan '59 pickups, long scale, best buy SOLD

2012 Schaefer 15, all carved 15" thinline Venetian cutaway, Adirondack top, tiger maple back, Armstrong floating PAF, feather light, amazing acoustic voice SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, 17" full depth body, original 'New York' pickup, fine neck, gleaming condition, true '50's tone and feel, best buy SOLD

2006 Goodall Crossover Nylon Cutaway, intense curly Koa body, Englemann top, 14 fret body, radiused fingerboard, versatile and stunning! SOLD

1952 Martin 00-28G, solid Brazilian rosewood nylon strung body, 12 fret neck, rare top-line model, outstanding condition HOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, full depth 17" all carved body, fleur-de-lis headstock, comfy neck, huge voice, best buy, great player SOLD

1941 Gibson L-4, 16" full depth body, solid carved soundboard, suspended fingerboard, ornate inlay, like 20's L-5 at a fraction of the cost SOLD

1959 Epiphone Triumph A-410, first year, Gibson made, carved top, 17 3/8" body, deep cutaway, fast neck, one of 29, rare transitional model, pristine! SOLD

2012 Gibson Custom Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul VOS, one of 250, hand aged hardware, highly flamed top, Alnico III pickups, COA, stunning SOLD

c.1991 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, comfy 16" flame maple body, arched spruce top, ebony board, feedback buster, best buy SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-295, all gold finish, twin cream P-90s, gold floral pickguard, long trapeze, all original, lightweight, great shape SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-175D, all original, twin Pat. Sticker pickups, last year for all nickel hardware and 1 11/16" nut, beautifully maintained SOLD

1971-2 Gibson ES-150D, rare model with full depth double Venetian cutaway body, twin humbuckers, fast neck, showroom condition SOLD

1967 Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, all original, twin Filter-Trons, Bigsby, string mute; versatile, innovative design, gleaming condition SOLD

1994 Gibson ES-355 Custom Shop, tiger flame top and back, stoptail, mono wired, ebony board, gold hardware, Varitone free, with tags, stunning SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-125, full depth 16" body, original P-90 pickup, great neck, sweet voice, Gibson's most popular archtop, complete with original tags! SOLD

1953 Gibson L-7C, full depth 17" all carved body, original McCarty floating pickup/pickguard assembly, big voice, immaculate SOLD

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, cherry finish, twin gold humbuckers, factory Bigsby, scarce model, very clean, thumbs up! SOLD

1964 Gibson Barney Kessel Regular, last year for spruce top and 1 11/16" neck, 17 fret neck joint, Pat. sticker pickups, gorgeous faded blonde top SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-350, 17" full depth flamed maple body, long scale, twin P-90s, classic 3 knob wiring, one of 70, superb condition SOLD

2010 Gibson CS-356 Curly Koa, rare deluxe model with highly figured top, lightweight compact 14" body, ebony fingerboard, out of production SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175N, rare original blonde finish, exceptionally light weight, simply gorgeous SOLD

1934 Gibson L-12, early 16" model with very rare Gibson vibrola tailpiece, 1 3/4" nut, ornate inlay, same body as 20's L-5, one owner, amazing find SOLD

1969 Gibson Byrdland, rare blonde, solid spruce soundboard, highly figured body, full 1 11/16" nut, one of 60, last of the pre-Norlin Byrds, gorgeous SOLD

1952 Gibson ES-175, all original, gleaming condition, superb example of the essential jazz guitar SOLD

1994 Santa Cruz Model 'H' Koa, extravagant highly figured Koa throughout; compact extra deep 14 fret body; active pickup system, spectacular SOLD

1952 Martin 00-18, exceptionally lightweight mahogany body, warmly aged spruce soundboard, compact size, huge open voice, just a delight SOLD

2008 Benedetto Andy Elite, ultra-compact full depth 12" body, solid carved Euro tonewoods, the ultimate traveling jazzer HOLD

1993 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue, birdseye maple body, '57 Classic PAFs, early 60's neck, 1 11/16" nut, vintage nickel hardware, a sweetheart SOLD

1952-3 Gibson Les Paul Model, light weight, lovely gold top, all original pickups and electronics, nice full neck, Cal Girl case, just a honey SOLD

1975 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom, full depth 16" body, oval soundhole, rare full size floating humbucker, abalone vine peghead, superb and versatile SOLD

1980 Maccaferri MAC-10, rosewood body, 640mm scale, first Selmer reissue, hand signed by Mario Maccaferri, classic gypsy tone SOLD

1953 Gibson L-7N, highly flamed full depth 17" body, solid carved top, deeply ambered finish, exceptionally light and resonant, one of 14, gorgeous SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, snowflake inlay, Adirondack top, deep golden blonde finish, wide open voice, player's favorite, just gorgeous SOLD

2013 Heritage H-550 Custom, intensely flamed all maple 17" body, long scale, custom built with single built-in pickup and gold hardware, minty! SOLD

1938 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, fan inlay, asymmetrical headstock, segmented tailpiece, first year truss rod, outstanding tone, incomparable looks SOLD

1968 Gibson Super 400CES, last year for Florentine cutaway, all original, highly figured, fast neck, one of 52, Elvis' favorite! SOLD

2011 Andrew Nezil AA1, full depth 17" body, hand rubbed French polish finish, floating Benedetto humbucker, highly flamed, light and resonant, best buy SOLD

1991 Heritage H-575, 16" full-depth solid carved flame maple body, twin humbuckers, easy neck, best buy, direct from old Gibson factory SOLD

2012 Holst 16", thinline quilted hardwood laminate body, built-in Buscarino humbucker, feedback buster, best buy! SOLD

1958 Gibson ES-175D, most popular jazz box ever, nice full neck with 1 11/16" nut, one original PAF, terrific player in great shape SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, one of 63, all original, last year for P-90s, flamed body, 4 way selector switch, immaculate, with tags! SOLD

2004 Moll Express Custom, 18" highly flamed DA Solo style body, floating humbucker with soundboard piezo, big warm voice, magnificent SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, one owner guitar, rare wartime example, full depth 17" all carved body, tiger flame back, snowflake inlay, magnificent voice SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-335TD, all original, twin Pat. sticker humbuckers, gold reflector cap knobs, fast neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, just gorgeous SOLD

c. 1969 Gibson Byrdland, orange label, solid carved top and back, highly flamed, twin Pat. sticker pickups, fast neck, true 60's tone and feel SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, rare 17" full depth model, long scale, big voice, great looker, super value SOLD

1960 Fender Bassman 5F6-A, original covering and components; four input, four 10" combo; last of the legendary tweeds, roars! SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-140, rare full depth 3/4 size archtop, 13" body, P-90 pickup, all original, great traveler, showroom condition SOLD

1947 Epiphone Blackstone, 16" full depth acoustic archop, carved Adirondack top, long scale, Armstrong floating humbucker, best buy SOLD

1994 Santa Cruz F, Curly Koa, very rare version, extravagantly figured body, abalone trim, versatile model, drop-dead gorgeous SOLD

1969 Gibson Crest Gold, ultra-rare highly figured Brazilian Rosewood body, fully hollow, twin Johnny Smith pickups, lightweight, nice full neck, spectacular! SOLD

1984 Guild Artist Award, all original, fiddleback flame, immaculate condition, factory gold DeArmond 1100 floating pickup! SOLD

2009 Trenier Broadway, full depth 16" highly flamed body, all European tonewoods, 1 3/4" ebony fingerboard, clear open voice, a modern classic SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-175P, rare 50's reissue with twin P-90 single coil pickups, highly flamed body, true vintage tone with modern playability SOLD

1959 Gibson L-4C, solid carved top, full depth 16" body, original brown Lifton case, one of 66, bright voice, gleaming condition SOLD

2009 Gibson CS-336, highly flamed, compact semi-hollow, stop tail, pounds less than ES-335, great design, rare model, versatile player SOLD

1992 Breedlove MJ/K 12 String, intensely figured solid Koa body, Red Cedar soundboard, w/Highlander and Baggs pickups, spectacular SOLD

1997 Martin D-28, the original dreadnought guitar, rosewood body, superb condition; often imitated, never equalled SOLD

1977 Ibanez Howard Roberts Model, rare lawsuit model, full depth 16" flame maple body, full size floating humbucker, great player, best buy! SOLD

1977 Gibson L-5C, all carved full depth body, floating BJB humbucker, one of 39, rare acoustic model in breathtaking condition SOLD

2010 Schaefer Freddy, compact 14" slimline body, all carved, floating PAF, light and comfy, great acoustic voice, a dream for the traveling player SOLD

1940's Epiphone Deluxe, carved Adirondack top, floating Armstrong PAF, flame maple body, big voice, superb restoration, great value SOLD

c.1999 Guild Manhattan X-170, comfy slimmed depth 16 1/2" flamed maple body, built-in gold humbuckers, versatile, feedback resistant design SOLD

2013 Andrew Nezil Model AA1, 17" X-braced tap-tuned body, premium hand rubbed French polish finish, ultra light construction, clear open voice SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-330, rare first year issue, original P-90 pickup, feather light, showroom condition, simply a delight SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, rare wartime model with fleur-de-lis peghead, 17" full depth body, all carved, full neck, huge voice, gleaming condition SOLD

1949 Gibson ES-150, full depth 17" body, long scale, ultra clean 100% original guitar, great acoustic voice, outstanding SOLD

2008 Comins Concert, all carved, highly figured, X braced 17" body, 1 3/4" nut, Fralin floating pickup, grab it now! SOLD

1998 Larrivee D10-B 'Flying Eagle' Brazilian, dramatically figured body, one of 11, best buy in a Brazilian dreadnought, a cannon SOLD

2008 D'Aquisto New Yorker DQ-NYE, 17" highly flamed X-braced body, solid spruce top, floating pickup, out of production, immaculate, with certificate SOLD

1953 Gibson L-50, showroom condition, full depth 16" body, solid carved spruce soundboard, Gibson's most popular acoustic archtop, best buy! SOLD

1935 Epiphone Broadway, our earliest 17" Broadway, solid black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, pretty and rare, voice like a trumpet SOLD

1996 Heritage Golden Eagle 'Wes', highly flamed full depth 17" all carved body, custom Wes Montgomery specs, outstanding value, stunning SOLD

1969 Gibson Johnny Smith, rare twin floating pickup version, X-braced flame maple body, 1 3/4" nut, versatile player, true 60's quality SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, magnificent 18 3/8" full depth quilted maple body, all carved, massive voice, elegant neck. It's good to be The King. SOLD

c.1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, all original, one-owner guitar complete with manual and key, great neck, versatile tone, amazing find SOLD

1995 Gibson ES-165, flamed maple body, '57 Classic PAF, all gold hardware, like late '50's ES-175, now out of production, outstanding value SOLD

1997 Gibson Tal Farlow, full depth 17" Venetian cutaway body, 25 1/2" scale, twin '57 Classic humbuckers, staggering flame maple body SOLD

Benedetto Bambino, new w/warranty, 15" thinline hollow body, twin coil-tapped humbuckers, lightweight versatile gig guitar SOLD

2009 Rumley Strumberg, faithful reissue of legendary Stromberg Master 400, largest production archtop, massive 19" birdseye maple body, ornate inlay SOLD

1955 Gibson L-7C 'Hank Rodgers', rare version with twin floating McCarty pickups, highly flamed, owned by western swing guitar ace, superb SOLD

2002 Moll Working Man's Hero, 17" full depth feedback resistant body, built-in Armstrong humbucker, model out of production, best buy! SOLD

1952 Gibson ES-150, full depth 17" body, original P-90 single coil pickup, long scale, with original brown Lifton case, museum quality condition SOLD

1967 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom, full depth 17" body, twin gold Pat. Sticker pickups, eighth-note headstock, all original, fast neck, clean SOLD

2011 Ribbecke Electric Halfling, innovative chambered guitar, gorgeous lacewood body, feedback resistant, rare and verstile SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-125C, rare full depth cutaway body, original single P-90, feather light, rare first year issue, fast neck, new old stock condition SOLD

1989 Borys B-329 Custom Left Handed, 15 1/2" thinline hollow body, birdseye maple, Armstrong PAFs, very rare, southpaws call now SOLD

1940 Gibson Super 400, spectacular bubble maple body, powerful parallel braced top, amber Catalin Kluson keys, throbbing voice, all original, gorgeous SOLD

1939 Gibson Super 400, rare original prewar X-braced blonde, formerly owned by David Grisman, spectacular flame, deeply resonant, magnificent SOLD

1939 Epiphone Triumph, rare prewar example with wide 1 3/4" nut, snowflake inlay, flame body, Masterbilt label, fine player, great sounder SOLD

1981 Gibson ES-175CC, scarce version with prewar 'Charlie Christian' style bar pickup, last year made, collector's favorite, very clean SOLD

1994 Heritage Super Eagle, highly flamed full depth 18" body, all carved, compare to S-400CES, top-line model, best buy! SOLD

2005 Goodall Grand Concert Cutaway, Honduran Rosewood body, curly Koa binding, K&K Mini-Western pickup system; versatile, best buy! SOLD

1999 Gibson Tal Farlow, highly flamed 17" full depth Venetian cutaway body, twin '57 Classic PAFs, very fine example, now out of production SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-175DN, flame maple body, last full year for P-90 pickups, original brown Lifton case, stunning showroom condition SOLD

1931 National Style 1 Tenor, gleaming bell brass body, powerful single cone resonator, all original, great shape, phenomenal projection SOLD

2006 Dell'Arte Jimmy Rosenberg Model, large Favino style body, long scale, flame maple neck, veteran builder's hommage to famed gypsy player, best buy! SOLD

1932 Martin C-2 Archtop, very rare round hole model with solid Brazilian rosewood body, all original, superb original condition, versatile player SOLD

2006 Martin OM-42K, spectacular flamed Koa body, ornate abalone inlay, low profile neck, 45 style inlays, very limited edition, now out of production SOLD

2003 Buscarino Grand Cabaret, nylon strung, cedar top, rosewood body, arched back, onboard pickup, ultimate fingerstyle jazzer, bossa king! SOLD

2005 PRS McCarty, intensely figured solid maple '10 top', rare model with solid rosewood neck, gold hardware, all tags, superb, best buy! SOLD

2001 Gibson Le Grand, intense chevron maple, X-braced, long scale, floating BJB pickup, scarce model, now out of production, immaculate SOLD

2005 Gibson Pat Martino, highly figured maple top, slimline chambered mahogany body, twin '57 Classic PAFs, rare model, now out of production, gleaming SOLD

c.1998 Guild Savoy X-150, full depth 16" tiger flame body, Seth Lover PAF humbucker, true Rhode Island Guild, great player, best buy SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, very rare model with original Epi C-2 floating pickup/pickguard assembly, big voice, versatile, amazing SOLD

2000 Gibson J-45 Historic Collection, nice and light, big open tone, classic neck, under-saddle pickup, from Gibson's master Montana builders SOLD

1973 Gibson Super 400CES, stunning museum-quality condition, twin Pat. sticker pickups, full 1 11/16" nut, original Gibson case cover, amazing find SOLD

2008 Holst K-200, handsome 16" slimmed depth flame maple laminate body, built-in Di Marzio humbucker plus K&K Archtop pickups, best buy! SOLD

2009 National Style 1 Tricone, round neck, German silver body, meticulously faithful hand-built guitar, gleaming condition, bell-like voice SOLD

1980 D'Aquisto New Yorker Special, 100% original, intensely flamed 17" body. Includes original D'Aquisto hand tools, papers, a masterpiece SOLD

1981 Ibanez GB-10, signed label, ever-popular compact jazzer, twin floating pickups, handsome and versatile, a true gigmeister SOLD

1928 Gibson L-5, dot neck, highly flamed, short guard, huge voice, sweet neck, all original hardware, everyone's favorite year SOLD

1980 Gibson ES-347, rare, innovative model; all original, factory coil-tapped humbuckers and phase switch, stop tail w/fine tuners, versatile player SOLD

1996 Gibson ES-175VS, vintage sunburst, twin '57 Classsic PAF humbuckers, nickel hardware, sweet voice, fine neck, the classic jazz box SOLD

1994 Nickerson FC3, intensely flamed tiger maple jumbo cutaway, clear open voice, elegant neck, exceptional value SOLD

2011 Benedetto 16-B, feather light 16" all-carved body, comfy 2 1/2" depth, 1 3/4" nut, built-in B-6 humbucker, gleaming condition, hard to find SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, rare postwar blonde, big voice, sweet neck; same specs as Deluxe or Broadway, at a player's price SOLD

2002 Comins Concert 18, spectacular super jumbo guitar, all Euro tonewoods, gold De Armond floating pickup, deeply flamed, light and resonant SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare 17" full depth acoustic cutaway, all carved, big voice, deep cutaway, stunning under-the-bed condition SOLD

2002 Campellone Standard, gorgeous full-depth 17" tiger flame body, all carved, tap-tuned, deco design, floating Armstrong pickup, super value SOLD

1937 Gibson L-7, 17" X-braced Advanced body, picture frame inlays, deco trapeze tailpiece, comfy neck; warm, woody voice SOLD

1933 Epiphone Broadway Masterbilt, solid black walnut body, only year for wide block inlay, loud as a trumpet, bright as a dime, very rare SOLD

2003 Santa Cruz 00, featherlight 12 fret all-mahogany body, 1 3/4" nut, ebony fingerboard, V neck, true 30's tone and feel, a delight SOLD

1996 Heritage Golden Eagle, 17" full depth body, all carved, floating Armstrong Handwound PAF, best buy in a true US made jazz box SOLD

1951 Gibson LG-1, ultra-light, bearclaw top, fire-stripe guard, Gibson's most popular flat top, great player, great value SOLD

2008 Trenier Broadway, 16" full depth X-braced body, solid flame maple back and sides, special commemorative 50th guitar, stunning SOLD

1934 D'Angelico, tremendous, open voice; rare earliest model, 16" L-5 styling, fine original condition: a Stradivarius among guitars SOLD

2001 D'Angelico NYL-2, another one! 17" full depth body, solid spruce soundboard, highly flamed body , floating Armstrong humbucker, hard to find SOLD

1975 Ibanez L-5CES, rare lawsuit guitar, only year for true Gibson peghead, highly flamed body, great player, scarce model SOLD

1953 Gibson J-50, rare blonde jumbo, in stunning new-old-stock condition, feather light, just roars, a true time jumper SOLD

2001 Campellone Standard, comfy slim depth 17" body, all carved, Armstrong floating humbucker, smooth tone, elegant design SOLD

2012 Gibson Memphis ES-175 1959 VOS, antique hardware and finish, '57 Classic PAF, feather light, nice full neck, best reissue ever SOLD

2006 Gibson L-7C, all solid, all carved, full depth flamed 17" body, Montana built, best Gibson acoustic archtop in half a century SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-350, one-off custom order full depth reissue, mid-50's specs, long scale, full width nut, highly flamed; immaculate, and rare as they come SOLD

1945 Martin D-28, herringbone trim, Brazilian Rosewood body, new Adirondack top, impeccable restoration, true 40's tone, great player SOLD

2009 Ribbecke Halfling, 17" highly flamed body; innovative design optimizes bass and sustain, floating Armstrong pickup; popular, versatile model SOLD

2005 Roger Borys B-120 Deluxe, 16" flamed maple body, built-in Armstrong PAF; versatile, feedback resistant design from renowned builder SOLD

1996 Comins Concert, deeply quilted 16" body, built-in Benedetto pickup, all carved masterpiece from top builder SOLD

1999 Gibson Tal Farlow intensely flamed 17" full depth body, twin '57 Classic PAFs, long scale, sweet neck, a stunner SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph, exceptionally fine, under-the-bed guitar, clean, loud and pretty, our most popular Epi always SOLD

2011 Moll Classic Seven String, 16" lightweight full depth body, all carved, floating Armstrong pickup, top builder, model now out of production SOLD

2012 Gibson ES-335 1959 VOS, vintage style lacquer, antique nickel hardware, '57 Classic humbuckers, full neck, most faithful dot reissue ever SOLD

1934 Gibson L-5, last year 16" body, snake head, highly flamed body, clear open voice, 1 3/4" nut, exceptionally fine original condition SOLD

1984 Gibson Citation, Gibson's ultimate guitar, intensely quilted presentation instrument, ornate abalone inlay, one of 12, exquisite SOLD

2001 Gibson Super 400CES Custom, rare 60's Florentine cutaway, two-tone finish, single coil and PAF pickups, fit for The King SOLD

2012 Gibson ES-175D 1959 VOS, antique nickel hardware and finish, '57 Classic humbuckers, light weight, most faithful reissue ever SOLD

c. 2000 DeVoe Florentine, staggeringly figured 17" quilted flame body, X-braced soundboard, elegant neck, Armstrong floating PAF, best buy! SOLD

1995 Santa Cruz OM-42, extravagantly figured Brazilian Rosewood body, ornate abalone inlay, magnificent voice and looks, very rare model SOLD

2011 Eastman AR-880 John Pisano Signature Model, 16" flame maple body, upgrade Armstrong Handwound PAF; all-carved quality, at a laminate price SOLD

2003 McPherson MG 5.0XP Bearclaw innovative design; big, deep voice, dramatic bearclaw spruce top, curly Koa binding, Baggs pickup, super clean SOLD

1946 Epiphone Spartan, rare 16" Primavera (white mahogany) body, Adirondack top, scarce model, spectacular flame, brilliant voice SOLD

2005 Andersen Electric Archie, compact all-carved thinline 14" body, built-in Armstrong pickup, wide nut, best jazz traveler ever SOLD

2010 Redentore Gondolier, elegant 17" full depth Venetian cutaway body, all hand carved, Bartolini floating humbucker, dramatic ebony finish SOLD

1966-9 Gibson ES-175D, twin original Pat. Sticker humbuckers, fast neck, great shape, orange label; clean, classic tone and feel SOLD

2006 Sadowsky Semi-Hollow, slimline version of popular Jimmy Bruno model, lightweight 15" body, great sustain and feedback resistance, a gigmeister SOLD

1971-4 ES-150DC, full depth 16" double cutaway body, twin Pat # pickups, rare model, fast neck, great shape SOLD

2004 Dale Unger American Dream, 16" full depth flame maple body, built-in Armstrong humbucker, exceptional gig guitar SOLD

c. 2005 Guild Benedetto X-700, rare model, all carved 17" full depth body; twin built-in humbuckers, long scale, L-5CES features with Benedetto quality SOLD

1990 Guild Manhattan X-170 , highly flamed 16 1/2" slim depth Venetian cutaway body, twin H-1 humbuckers, all original, one owner, best buy! SOLD

1981 Maccaferri/CSL MAC-10, only authorized reissue of original Maccaferri intrument, signed by Mario, #81, historic player in great shape SOLD

1998 Heritage Super Eagle, 18" full depth, all carved body, intensely flamed, twin Duncan P-90 and original humbuckers included, go big! SOLD

1944 Epiphone Olympic, gleaming condition, bright, snappy tone, sweet neck, rare model, a marvel SOLD

2003 D'Aquisto Jazz Line, intensely flamed 17" slimline maple body, 24 3/4" scale, compare to Sadowsky Jim Hall, best buy! SOLD

c.1998 Guild Artist Award, highly flamed, all carved 17" full depth body, floating humbucker, true Rhode Island guitar, exquisite SOLD

1969 Gibson Super 400C, rare all acoustic version, intensely flamed, sleek fast neck, huge resonant voice, one of 33, spectacular SOLD

1937 Epiphone Triumph, very handsome 17" Masterbilt label guitar, snowflake peghead, smooth neck, masterfully restored, a boomer SOLD

2011 Gibson ES-175 Steve Howe, classic 1964 specs, twin '57 Classic Humbuckers, now out of production, immaculate SOLD

1956 Gibson 350T, very early example with '55 Factory Order #, fast Byrdland neck, 17" thinline body, Chuck Berry style, rare and gorgeous! SOLD

1941 Epiphone Broadway, rare first year blonde, intensely figured body, e-logo tuners, green label, huge voice, outstanding player SOLD

2011 Schaefer 16, highly flamed, all carved 16" body, 1 3/4" nut, floating PAF, immaculate, easy player, outstanding value SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, lightweight, full depth, long scale 17" body, our most popular pro-size Gibson acoustic archtop, big voice, smooth player SOLD

1951 Gibson Southern Jumbo, exceptionally fine, one owner guitar, feather light, powerhouse voice, just like Hank's, the real deal SOLD

2003 Gibson L-7C, 17" highly flamed X-braced body, floating Armstrong humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, Ren Ferguson signed, light and resonant SOLD

1967 Gibson ES-175/Byrdland Custom, factory-built one-off with Byrdland neck, L-5 inlay and hardware; impossibly rare, fun to play SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, fine example, great shape, sweet voice SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-335 Custom Shop Dot Reissue, rare 'Black Beauty' finish, true '50's specs, original tags, elegance itself SOLD

1956 Martin 00-18, feather light, brilliant open voice, under-saddle pickup, Martin best-seller, now custom order only, fine shape, great value SOLD

1978 Ibanez FA-800 'Lawsuit' L-5C, very rare top-line model with all solid construction, pristine condition, Tamura label, exceptional value SOLD

1964 Martin D-28, gorgeous Brazilian rosewood body, tortoise guard, superb condition, big voice, the definitive dreadnought SOLD

1932 Epiphone Royal Masterbilt, earliest known example, extremely rare short-lived model, deeply figured mahogany body, museum quality condition SOLD

1940 Gibson A-50 Mandolin, intensely quilted maple body, large body, long scale, Nick Lucas inlays, exceptionally fine example SOLD

2006 Benedetto Fratello, highly flamed 17" full depth Venetian cutaway body, all carved, floating S-6 humbucker; sweet voice, save big SOLD

2006 Dale Unger American Legend Seven String, rare oval soundhole, all solid tonewoods, comfy 16" body, warmly resonant, go low! SOLD

c.1938-9 Kay K-62 'Television' Model, extremely rare top-of-the line model, solid spruce top, extravagant inlay, an Art Deco masterpiece SOLD

2001 Gibson Tal Farlow, 17" full depth highly figured body, twin '57 Classic PAFs, long scale, classic model now out of production SOLD

1950s Vega E-201, rare model, 16" full depth body, solid spruce top, floating Armstrong single coil pickup, fast neck, outstanding value SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-335TD, last year stop tail, wide neck, nickel hardware, Pat.# pickups, same year as Clapton 'Crossroads' guitar, gorgeous SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-335TD, original Pat. Sticker humbuckers, stop tail, sleek neck, true 60's quality at a player's price SOLD

1957 Gibson L-4C, solid carved spruce top, 16" full depth body, floating Armstrong humbucker, fast neck, one of 73, lightweight, great shape SOLD

1943 Martin 000-21, rare model, Brazilian body, Adirondack top, herringbone trim, scalloped braces, feather light, fine restoration, sweet voice, one of 96 SOLD

2001 Mark Lacey Artist 12, exceptionally fine custom 12 string semi-hollow, extravagant flame, very rare, big voice, immaculate SOLD

2006 John Walker Petty Creek, deep bodied, L-00 size flat top, Adirondack top, lightweight mahogany body, big voice from a small box SOLD

1959 Martin 00-18, all original, feather light, clear open voice, smooth action, classic versatile player for pick or fingerstyle SOLD

2010 Moll Express Hero, 16" full depth body, Armstrong floating humbucker, super gig guitar, now out of production, grab it now SOLD

1969 Gibson Byrdland, original gold Pat. Sticker humbuckers, solid carved spruce top, flame maple body, sleek neck, fast scale, great pre-Norlin guitar SOLD

1945 Epiphone Deluxe, rare blonde finish, extravagant flame, cloud inlays, floating Bartolini pickup, big forward voice, high demand guitar SOLD

1936 Gibson Super 400, one of 91, intense bubble maple body, ornately engraved, X-braced, 25 1/2" scale; exceptionaly fine voice SOLD

1947 Epiphone Blackstone, gleaming, exceptionally powerful 16" New York Epi, tiger flame body, closet queen, best buy! SOLD

2005 Fender Custom Shop Classic Player Strat, birdseye neck, aged parts, Noiseless pickups, US built, certificate and accessories, immaculate SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-355TDSV, rare sunburst version of Gibson's ultimate thinline guitar, stereo or mono operation, versatile and gorgeous, go Lucille! SOLD

1954 Gretsch 6193 Country Club, rare first year highly flamed top-line model, full depth 17" body, DeArmond pickups, classic 50's styling SOLD

2008 Gibson L-7C, X-braced, all carved Montana guitar, with vintage Gibson McCarty pickguard pickup, modern reliability, vintage tone SOLD

1946 Epiphone Broadway, single owner, intensely figured bubble maple body, astounding condition; rare, gorgeous and powerful SOLD

1994 Thompson TD Custom, stunning curly maple dreadnought by outstanding BC builder, Adirondack top, pretty as a picture, loud as a Howitzer HOLD

1912 Martin 0-17, family owned since new, Adirondack top, featherweight mahogany body, wide comfy neck, sweet open voice, museum condition SOLD

2007 Gibson ES-175, gorgeous flame body, smooth player SOLD

2005 D'Aquisto Teardrop, all acoustic 17" teardrop body, Solo style design, flame maple binding, rare issue, immaculate SOLD

1958 Gibson Byrdland, one of 23, original PAF's, tiger maple body, deep amber finish, lightning neck, rare and gorgeous, plays like heaven SOLD

2004 D'Aquisto Avant Garde, innovative 17" full depth body, solid spruce soundboard, art deco masterpiece, includes extra guard with Benedetto pickup SOLD

2007 Fender Custom Shop Classic Telecaster, violin burst, figured ash body, 50's specs, US built, certificate and accessories, pristine SOLD

1936 Gibson Super 400, big old Arizona country guitar, earliest body version, factory restored, long scale, deep voice, the Big One SOLD

2005 D'Aquisto Jazz Line Junior, opulently flamed, comfy 15" thinline hollow body, feedback resistant built in humbuckers, a true gigmeister SOLD

1994 Gretsch 6120W Nashville Model, longhorn and cactus inlays, Filter'Tron pickups, roller bridge, gold Bigsby, fully hollow body, yee-haw! SOLD

1954 Gibson ES-140 Lefty, full depth 3/4 size left handed archtop, one owner, all original with brown Lifton case, only one ever? SOLD

2011 Schaefer Freddy Custom, intensely quilted, all carved 14" cutaway, floating PAF, super road guitar, great voice, now under half price, steal it! SOLD

2011 Eastman AR-810CE Seven String, rare model, all carved, upgrade Armstrong USA pickup, try the big sound at an unbeatable price SOLD

1942 Gibson L-4, very rare wartime blonde, highly figured 16" body, suspended fingerboard, rare transitional features, gorgeous SOLD

1980 Ibanez JP-20 Joe Pass Model, first year, 16" full depth Venetian cutaway body, long scale, slim wide 22 fret neck, hand signed by the artist, immaculate SOLD

1996 Triggs 16 Custom, intensely quilted, all carved 16" body, 25 1/2" scale, twin Armstrong P-90s, from former Gibson Custom Shop chief SOLD

1997 Campellone Special, exquisite 17" full depth X-braced guitar, floating Armstrong pickup, exceptionally fine voice, simply magnificent SOLD

1998 Gibson L-4CES, 16" highly flamed body, solid carved spruce soundboard, twin gold '57 Classic PAFs, gorgeous SOLD

2000 Zimnicki Solo, D'Aquisto style hand carved acoustic cutaway, highly flamed 18" body, lightweight and resonant, best buy SOLD

1959 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, extremely rare Gibson made 17" acoustic, cloud and vine inlays, one of three, gorgeous old blonde SOLD

2004 Heritage H-550, full depth 17" body, long scale, flamed maple top and back, twin HRW humbuckers, compare to Gibson Tal Farlow, best buy SOLD

2010 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Reissue, tiger flame top, twin Gibson zebra Burstbucker PAF's, w/COA, exceptionally faithful '59 specs, gorgeous SOLD

2005 Benedetto Benny, lightweight chambered body, solid spruce top, switchable humbucking/single coil pickups, one only, grab it! SOLD

1935 Gibson L-4, 16" body, ornate inlay, 1 3/4" nut, feather light, big open voice, 20's L-5 performance at a fraction of the price SOLD

1989 Gibson L-5CES, twin gold '57 Classic PAFs, chevron flame, Hutchins signed label, all original, very handsome SOLD

1988 PRS Custom 24, one owner, highly flamed, set neck, bird inlays, tremelo tail, gorgeous rare pre-factory guitar SOLD

2008 D'Aquisto Jazz Line, highly figured slim profile 16" body, single built-in humbucker, same builder as Sadowsky, best buy! SOLD

1993 Gibson Tal Farlow, highly flamed, twin Classic '57 PAFs, now out of production, rare and gorgeous SOLD

2000 Schroeder Concordia Excel, 17" X-braced tiger flame body, Lace floating pickup custom balanced for bronze strings, exceptional value SOLD

2009 Trenier Broadway, intensely curly black walnut body, Adirondack top, builder's personal guitar, a showstopper, with warranty SOLD

1938 Recording King M-5, Gibson made, top-of-the line, 16" body, solid carved soundboard, extra deep flamed body, 1 3/4" nut, ornate inlay, sweet SOLD

2006 Moll Express Hero Custom 7 String, highly flamed 17" body, scalloped braces, built-in Armstrong PAF, 2 " nut, gorgeous SOLD

2011 Heritage Super Eagle, 18" solid carved body, deep tiger flame, twin built-in humbuckers, like Super 400CES, immaculate, super buy SOLD

1997 Gibson L-5 Studio, rare model, solid carved soundboard, ebony fingerboard, '57 Classic PAF's, great player, unbeatable value SOLD

1937 Gibson L-7 Advanced Model, 17" X-braced soundboard, picture frame inlays, sweet open voice, gorgeous striped tweed case, superb SOLD

2010 Gibson ES-175, highly figured flame maple body, twin '57 Classic humbuckers, all nickel hardware, a knockout SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-125, full depth 16" body, P-90 single coil pickup, gleaming original condition, great neck, sweet voice SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-175D, all original, twin Pat sticker pickups, lovely wide 1 11/16" fingerboard, orange label, stunning original condition SOLD

1970-2 Gibson Byrdland, all solid carved 17" thinline body, 1 11/16" nut, very rare, gorgeous deep amber blonde, sweet old player, frisky scale SOLD

2007 Rumley Strumberg, contemporary re-creation of legendary 19" Stromberg Master 400, biggest archtop ever, art deco styling SOLD

2010 Gibson Custom Shop 1963 ES-335 Block Reissue, stop tail, nickel hardware, twin '57 Classic PAF's, nice full neck, w/COA, superb SOLD

c.1934 Gibson L-10, factory ebony finish, 16" body, ornate 'picture frame' inlays, ultra light and resonant, Armstrong floating pickup, very rare model like 20's L-5 SOLD

1993 Ibanez GB-100, rare ultra-premium model with full depth body, ornate inlay, tiger flame body, abalone binding, spectacular SOLD

1978 Ibanez GB-10, first year, Benson signed label, birdseye maple body, one owner; versatile, compact gig guitar, super clean SOLD

2010 Andrew Nezil 17, intensely flamed, all carved, X-braced full depth body, floating Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" nut, crafted in Victoria, BC, best buy SOLD

1943 Epiphone Deluxe, exceptionally rare year, segmented cloud inlay, fire stripe guard, tiger flame body, huge open voice SOLD

1991 Gibson ES-775, rare super premium model with deeper cutaway, neck pickup at fingerboard, gold hardware, ebony fretboard, highly flamed, gorgeous SOLD

c.1969 Gibson ES-175DN, rare original blonde, full 1 11/16" nut, Pat Sticker pickups, sweet orange label guitar from the end of the Era SOLD

2007 Eastman 810-CE, intensely flamed full depth 17" all carved body, Armstrong floating humbucker, very handsome guitar, best buy! SOLD

1949 Gibson ES-175, first year! classic single P-90 model, feather light, early features, one of just 129, handsome and historic SOLD

2005 Martin CF-1, 17" full depth flamed body, Armstrong floating humbucker, US made, super gig guitar, now unavailable, best buy! SOLD

1994 Guild Artist Award, gleaming 17" all carved body, fiddleback flame maple, floating humbucker, sweet neck, outstanding Rhode Island Guild SOLD

1933 National Triolian, extremely rare abstract crystalline finish, pictured in National book, formerly from Brozman collection, loud as a locomotive SOLD

2006 Eastman AJ-616/816, exquisite arched back jumbo flat top, staggering tiger flame body, deep resonant voice, best buy! SOLD

c. 1970-2 Gibson L-5CN, straight from the Twilight Zone, a breathaking apparition from four decades past, amazing new old stock condition SOLD

1959 Gibson L-7C, rare fully burst body. Extravagantly flamed, lightweight and resonant, one of 33, a killer SOLD

1970-2 Gibson L-5CN, exceptional, factory Johnny Smith pickup, big voice SOLD

1934 Gibson L-4, first year, 16" body, very rare early inlay pattern, 20's L-5 performance at a player's price SOLD

2010 Gibson ES-175 SP, faithful 60's style single pickup reissue, lightweight and to the point, pretty slab cut body, squeaky clean! SOLD

1948-9 Gibson ES-150, gleaming full depth 17" body, 100% original museum condition, long scale, best one ever, grab it! HOLD

2007 Gibson L-7C, all carved highly flamed 17" X-braced body, Armstrong floating humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, best Gibson archtop in decades SOLD

2002 Morgan Concert Koa Venetian Cutaway, stunning creation from top BC builder, intensely flamed jumbo body, staggering craftsmanship SOLD

1966 Epiphone Triumph A-412, very rare, solid carved spruce soundboard, unique McCarty style floating pickguard pickup, one of 32, museum condition! SOLD

2007 D'Angelico NYL-4, New Yorker style 18" X-braced body, solid spruce soundboard, floating JS pickup, Japan built, out of production, exquisite SOLD

2010 Gibson Pat Martino Custom, highly flamed carved maple top, chambered body, '57 Classic PAFs, feedback resistant, super gig guitar SOLD

2011 Gibson Tal Farlow, highly flamed 17" body, twin nickel '57 PAFs, long scale, original tags, now out of production, gorgeous SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare model, birdseye body, all carved, DeArmond floating pickup, local guitar, museum condition SOLD

2000 Benedetto Signature Guild Artist Award, very rare late Westerly model, highly flamed, 1 3/4" nut, Benedetto floater, signed by Bob, stunning SOLD

1998 Gibson L-5CES, extravagantly figured fiddleback maple body, twin Classic '57 humbuckers, the classic jazzer, stunning, grab it! SOLD

2004 Benedetto Guild Stuart, all solid tonewoods, long scale, built-in humbuckers, signed label, L-5CES features with Benedetto quality, ultra rare SOLD

1969 Gibson L-5CESN 'Two Tone' ultra-rare factory blonde/walnut finish, full 1 11/16" neck, all original, plays like butter, sounds like honey SOLD

1998 McKerrihan Fretstyle, hand carved, all solid flame maple body, rare Ray Butts handwound pickups, 1 3/4" nut, versatile fingerstyle player SOLD

1990's Borys 7 String Oval Deluxe, 16" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, 2" nut, rare 7 string from renowned builder, super value! SOLD

1937 Epiphone Olympic Plectrum Guitar, ultra-rare original 27" scale four string, impossible to find, barks! SOLD

2004 D'Angelico NYL-2, Excel style 17" X-braced body, solid spruce soundboard, floating JS pickup, Japan built, model now unavailable, immaculate SOLD

2008 Epiphone Byrdland Elitist, solid spruce soundboard, highly flamed body, mint with tags, now out of production, best buy, rare byrd! SOLD

2002 Triggs Dreadnought, spectacular flame maple body, handbuilt by former Gibson Custom Shop head, Fishman pickup system, best buy! SOLD

1950 Gibson TG-50, 16" full depth tenor guitar, solid carved spruce top, rare model, gleaming condition, snappy voice SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-330TD, wide 1 11/16" neck, twin P-90 pickups, fully hollow thinline body, a versatile classic, gleaming condition SOLD

1935 Gibson L-7, very early X-braced 17" body, ornate 'picture frame' inlays, big open voice, very comfy neck, a sweetheart SOLD

1940 Vega C-56, 17" flame maple body, solid carved top, unique prewar guitar with slim fast neck, best buy! SOLD

c.2006 DeVoe Custom, 17" all carved flamed X-braced body, US made, Armstrong floating humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, 25" scale, best buy! SOLD

2000 Knight 445 Deluxe, full depth 17" all carved L-5 style guitar from noted British builder, highly figured, light and resonant, best buy SOLD

2008 Palen Performer 16 Seven String, comfy all-carved 16" body, sumptuous flame maple, generous 2 1/16" nut, exquisite SOLD

1996 Martin D-45 200th Anniversary, Brazilian rosewood, #5 of 91, most faithful prewar reissue ever, deeply resonant, pristine example SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Custom P-90, special ordered with postwar style P-90 single coil pickup, highly flamed body, classic bop tone! SOLD

2005 Shelley Park Montmartre, Favino style gypsy guitar, solid rosewood body, big voice, elegant neck, Stimer pickup included, immaculate SOLD

2009 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, highly flamed body, warm classic tone, very popular model here, gorgeous SOLD

1941 Epiphone Spartan, blonde! extremely rare example with solid Primavera (white mahogany) body, astoundingly pristine condition SOLD

1935 Gibson L-7, very rare early 17" model with 1 3/4" nut, deep resonant X-braced soundboard, breathtaking pristine condition! SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-175D, twin white PAFs, all original with tags, full 1 11/16" fingerboard, the ultimate 175, breathtaking SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-350, full depth long scale 17" cutaway, original three knob version, flamed body, one of 70, exceptionally fine condition SOLD

2009 Benedetto Bravo Deluxe, deeply flamed 16" body, built-in B-6 humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, elegant neck, immaculate SOLD

2006 Benedetto Fratello, exquisite 17" X-braced guitar, deeply figured fiddleback maple, all papers, hand signed by the maker, rare find SOLD

1945 Epiphone Broadway, fitted with ultra-rare Epiphone R-1 adjustable floating pickguard/pickup assembly, a versatile cannon SOLD

2011 McAlister Custom, hybrid Nick Lucas style 13 fret body, Adirondack top, Cocobolo body, feather light, brilliant voice, w/warranty SOLD

2008 Trenier Rosine, innovative 18" art-deco D'Aquisto Avant Garde style body, lightweight, resonant, magnificent SOLD

1941 Gibson L-7, exceptionally intense tiger flame back, wide bound peghead, great shape; big, resonant tone SOLD

2011 Triggs 16 Custom, extravagantly quilted maple body, Adirondack spruce top, 25 1/2" scale, cloud inlay, tortoise binding, coil-tapped Armstrong PAF, best buy! SOLD

2001 Heritage Golden Eagle, gorgeous 17" full depth L-5 style body, all carved tonewoods, deep tiger flame body, best buy! SOLD

1977 Gibson Byrdland, richly ambered blonde finish, one of 42, elegant neck, great player and looker SOLD

1957 Gibson Super 400C, one of 11, all original, exquisite flame maple, DeArmond 1100 pickup, elegant neck, breathtaking condition SOLD

1946 Epiphone Spartan, rare 16" model with solid black walnut body, like prewar Broadway, solid carved spruce top, brilliant clear voice SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-175, the classic jazzer, sweet original Pat # pickup, sleek elegant neck, 100% original, exceptionally clean SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare blonde cutaway, 17" full depth body, 25 1/2" scale, exceptional volume and projection SOLD

1985 Gibson Johnny Smith 25th Anniversary, spectacular commemorative instrument with intensely figured tiger flame body, twin floating pickups SOLD

2011 Hopkins Tessa Nova, violin finish, 15 1/2" body, sleek, stylized post-D'Aquisto design, custom Armstrong floater, masterful creation SOLD

1936 Gibson L-7, early 17" Advanced Model, X-braced soundboard, ornate picture frame inlays, flame maple back, deep open voice SOLD

2008 Dale Unger American Archtop, American Dream, full depth 16" flame maple body, arched bearclaw spruce top, built-in Armstrong PAF, gig ready SOLD

1998 Gibson Super 400CES, immaculate all original, deep tiger flame, big warm voice, smooth neck, Gibson's top of the line, now out of production SOLD

2007 Arrow Model 15, compact, full depth 15" guitar, long scale, like prewar Gibson, highly flamed, Armstrong floating PAF, best buy! SOLD

1948 Gibson L-5 Premiere, all acoustic full-depth cutaway, one of 23, gorgeous flame, lightweight and deeply resonant, superb condition, a thriller SOLD

2000 Gibson L-4CES solid carved spruce soundboard, highly figured, classic flame maple body version no longer available SOLD

1997 Guild Artist Award, extravagantly flamed Westerly, RI guitar, extra Armstrong floating PAF, a classic for the working player SOLD

1962 Gibson Johnny Smith, gorgeous original with marbled pickguard, no-polepiece pickup SOLD

1949 Epiphone Emperor, massive, extravagantly flamed super jumbo body, huge powerful voice, great neck, superb restoration, outstanding value SOLD

1939 Epiphone Emperor Masterbilt, ornate prewar model, asymmetrical headstock, split block inlays, extravagant flame, cavernous voice SOLD

1936 Epiphone Triumph, very rare first year 17" model, early Epi deco trapeze tailpiece, snowflake peghead, Masterbilt label, lightweight, huge voice SOLD

1933 Epiphone Blackstone, very rare early example, Masterbilt headstock, segmented f-holes, long scale, like Olympic, gleaming condition SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-125, gleaming 16" body, original P-90 pickup, astounding condition, Gibson's most popular archtop ever, best buy! SOLD

2001 Arrow Gypsy, solid rosewood body, long scale, petit bouche Selmer design, light and lively, best buy! SOLD

2006 Epiphone Byrdland, highly acclaimed reissue of the Gibson classic, now unavailable, extravagantly flamed body, immaculate SOLD

1954 Gibson ES-150, 17" full depth body, long scale, very lightweight and resonant, gleaming condition SOLD

1948 Gibson L-12, very rare postwar model, exceptionally lightweight and resonant, same specs as L-5, exceptional buy! SOLD

2005 L-4CES, blonde! solid carved spruce top, figured mahogany back and sides, warm and resonant, very handsome SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-330T, fully hollow thinline body, original P-90 pickup, feather light, wide 1 11/16" neck, gleaming condition SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-225TDN, rare natural finish, twin pickup version, all original, last year, museum condition, Gibson's first popular ES model SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-175, classic single P-90 version, feather light, gleaming pristine original condition SOLD

1951 Epiphone Devon, rare 17" full depth, long scale NY Epi with solid carved soundboard, big voice, best buy! SOLD

2011 Gibson ES-175SP, handsome reissue of classic 1958 model, single PAF, toned binding, late 50's neck, immaculate SOLD

2003 Heritage Sweet 16, extravagantly flamed, all carved tonewoods, comfy 16" body with long scale ebony fingerboard, grab it! SOLD

1958 Gibson ES-175, all original, single pre-sticker PAF, perfect neck, magnificent condition, the ultimate jazzer SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, rare wartime blonde, intensely figured maple body, floating Armstrong humbucker huge open voice SOLD

1942 Epiphone Ritz, ultra-rare wartime model, solid 15" Olympic size body, long scale, tortoise binding, stunning condition, loud and bright SOLD

1947 Epiphone Blackstone, 16" body, carved spruce soundboard, long scale, suspended fingerboard, amazing condition SOLD

2001 Dupont MC-50, handbuilt in France, rosewood body, feather light, big deep voice, original Maccaferri design, superb SOLD

2011 Gibson L-5CES, twin '57 Classic humbuckers, Gibson's top electric, fiddleback flame, as new condition SOLD

c. 1999 Guild X-150 Savoy, 16" full depth body, built-in humbucker, highly flamed, 24 3/4" scale, model no longer available, best buy! SOLD

1958 Gibson ES-350T, twin gold PAF pickups, all original hardware and finish, Byrdland scale, rare model, exceptional price SOLD

2001 Kenny Hill Curva Negra, rare California built cutaway classical from top builder, rosewood body, super value SOLD

2010 Schaefer Model 15, all carved slimline 15" cutaway, European tiger flame body, featherlight, big guitar tone in the overhead bin SOLD

2010 Rusch ToneKing Supreme, all carved 16" thinline Byrdland style body, US luthier built, Lollar CC pickup, fast neck SOLD

2009 Eastman Pagelli PG-1, innovative Euro-style 17" cutaway, bold tiger flame body, museum design at a player's price SOLD

1996 Unger American Dream 7 String 17, handmade in USA, 17" maple body, 2 1/16" nut, super player, best buy SOLD

1954 Gibson Super 300, rare 18" model, the working man's Super 4, custom inlay, one of just 16, very lightweight and resonant SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175, classic original P-90 model, feather light and resonant, gleaming condition, deep warm tone SOLD

1939 D'Angelico 18" Special, highly flamed New Yorker size body, stairstep tailpiece, ornate headstock, fast neck, massive voice SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, 17" full depth body, NY pickup, long scale, compare to ES-350, gleaming condition, great value SOLD

2009 Gibson ES-175, vintage sunburst, twin '57 Classic PAFs, nickel hardware, 60's style slab cut maple body, immaculate SOLD

1966-9 Gibson Johnny Smith Double, rarest version, highly flamed, museum condition, with original case cover SOLD

1996 Napolitano Jazz Box, extravagantly flamed 17" ES-350 style body, floating Armstrong humbucker, a knockout SOLD

1993 Heritage H-575 Custom, 16" tiger maple body, all solid construction, custom inlays, great looker and player SOLD

2011 Andersen Custom CES, all-carved 17" body, twin PAF style pickups; the L-5 Gibson would make if they could SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, first year, deluxe edition, ebony fingerboard, Jimmy's gift to the working player SOLD

1980 CSL Maccaferri MAC-10, hand signed by the Maestro himself, built to 1931 Selmer specs. Exceptional voice, very rare. SOLD

2007 Epiphone Broadway Elitist, solid spruce top, 17" full depth body like L-5CES, now out of production, new old stock condition SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330TD, 100% original, birdseye top, slab cut maple back, fast neck, simply gorgeous SOLD

1993 Gibson ES-175 Ebony, rare solid ebony finish, all gold hardware, great working guitar, best buy! SOLD

1989 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce soundboard, figured 16" mahogany body and neck, sweet warm voice SOLD

1997 Gibson Super 400CES, highly flamed body, '57 Classic PAF's, elegant neck, the pinnacle of the Gibson line SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-175PN, extravagantly flamed body, special one-time-only 50's reissue with twin P-90 pickups, breathtaking SOLD

1953 Gibson L-4C, feather light 16" body, solid spruce top, Bartolini floating pickup, one of just 12 made that year SOLD

1946 Epiphone Deluxe, highly flamed body, exceptionally fine condition, big forward voice, simply magnificent SOLD

2010 Daniel Slaman ES-150 Extra, all solid woods, exceptionally faithful reissue of prewar Charlie Christian, hand wound CC pickup SOLD

2011 Benedetto 16-B, opulent brown, all solid, carved 16" cutaway, built-in A-6 humbucker, elegant neck, splendid voice SOLD

2010 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, the single pickup classic, tiger flame, simply immaculate SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, snowflake peghead, particularly fine voice, very handsome example of our most popular Epi SOLD

2000 Gibson L-4CES, highly flamed maple body, solid spruce soundboard, nice clean guitar from Gibson factory rep SOLD

1962 Fender Deluxe Amp, rare brown Tolex version, blue 12" Jensen, the classic club amp, showroom condition, just purrs SOLD

2002 Schaefer Swingmaster, elegant 17" Euro maple body, tap tuned X-braced bearclaw spruce top, Armstrong floating humbucker, best buy! SOLD

1999 Gibson Tal Farlow, long scale, tiger flame, 17" L-5 size body, fine neck, a great one SOLD

2004 Gibson ES-175 Steve Howe, faithful reissue of '64 original, hand signed label, vintage style hardware, aged binding, gleaming condition SOLD

1995 Gibson ES-175D, tiger flame body, nickel hardware, '57 Classic humbuckers, the iconic working jazz box. Best buy! SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, snowflake head, birdseye back, big voice, great action, best buy on our most popular Epi SOLD

1951 Epiphone Emperor Zephyr Vari-Tone, very early, museum quality example of Epi's most extravagant electric SOLD

2003 Michael Dunn Belleville, long scale, dramatic gypsy guitar from pioneering Canadian builder SOLD

2000 Moll Express, 17" D'Aquisto inspired cutaway, dual humbucker/piezo pickup system, ultra deluxe Calton style flight case SOLD

c.1972-5 Ibanez 2355M "Lawsuit" ES-175, no-logo thistle peghead, flame body, the guitar Gibson didn't want you to see SOLD

1991 Gibson Firebird I Reverse, only reissue of this classic, wide 1 11/16" neck, banjo keys, very rare bird SOLD

1978 Gibson Johnny Smith Double, very rare twin pickup blonde, one of just 8 that year, unusually fine condition SOLD

1999 Gibson L-5CES Wes Mongomery, big flame, buttery action, pro player, our most popular new Gibson SOLD

1998 Guild X-700, solid carved spruce soundboard, flamed maple body, master volume, the working player's L-5CES, best buy! SOLD

c. 1947 Gibson ES-150, rare prewar script logo, bound tortoise guard, 17" long scale body, exceptionally fine condition SOLD

2007 Benedetto Bambino Deluxe, flamed maple top, lightweight thinline hollow body with open soundholes, switchable humbucking /single coil pickup SOLD

2008 Dale Unger 16" American Archtop, versatile, nimble, feedback resistant design, tiger flame and bearclaw body, Armstrong PAF SOLD

2008 PRS SC-J Thinline Limited Edition, unique L-5 width slim hollow body, highly flamed solid maple top and back, very scarce model SOLD

1967 Barney Kessel Model, figured maple twin cutaway body, long scale, dual Pat # pickups, fast neck, exceptionally fine condition SOLD

1989 Gibson ES-175 Custom, very rare version with factory ivory finish, all gold hardware, great looker SOLD

2000 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce soundboard, flamed maple back, all gold hardware, L-5 style tailpiece, exquisite SOLD

2010 Gibson ES-175, highly flamed body, special all gold hardware, '57 Classic humbuckers, very handsome example SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-150, 17" full-depth body, long scale, P-90 pickup, rare model, museum condition SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-125, P-90 single coil pickup, 16" full depth body, clear open voice, very handsome SOLD

1960 Gibson L-50, rare version with solid maple back, solid spruce top, full depth 16" body, Gibson's most popular acoustic archtop SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, bearclaw Adirondack soundboard, gorgeous amber finish, big voice, great neck SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, all original, big vibrant voice, very handsome example of our most popular Epi SOLD

1943 Epiphone Triumph, snowflake peghead, flame body, slim fast neck, fine open voice, rarest model year SOLD

1946 Epiphone Blackstone, highly flamed, solid Adirondack spruce top, comfy 16" body, long scale, barks! SOLD

2002 Buscarino Gigmaster, 17" full depth flame maple body, solid spruce top, affordable quality from top shelf luthier, a best buy SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330TD, feather light, fast neck, original pickups, bonus set of Hum-Cancelling P-90s included SOLD

2008 Benedetto Bravo, birdseye top, flame back, demo special, one only, grab it fast SOLD

2009 Trenier Magnolia, 17" X-braced stunner from a favorite luthier, Armstrong floating PAF, clear open voice SOLD

1998 Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific, 14 fret, soundhole reflector, 640mm scale, big forward voice, a handbuilt masterpiece SOLD

2006 Webber Walnut Jumbo, dramatic 16" guitar from top Canadian builder, long scale, highly figured body, best buy! SOLD

1935 Epiphone Olympic, Masterbuilt label, very rare early model, high demand guitar, classic prewar tone, great neck SOLD

1967 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, ultra-rare Gibson US made acoustic cutaway, one of 8, elegant neck, time-capsule condition SOLD

2009 Bourgeois Slope D, Adirondack soundboard, prewar Gibson design, big vibrant voice, a modern classic by a pre-eminent builder SOLD

2009 Ribbecke Halfling, brilliant 17" acoustic archtop with hybrid flat/arched soundboard, big bass, sparkling highs SOLD

1963 Barney Kessel Custom, twin gold PAFs, spruce top, full 1 11/16" neck, one owner guitar with original tags, outstanding SOLD

2010 Andersen Streamline, 16" X-braced all-carved cutaway, tiger flame body, Armstrong floating PAF, best buy from this renowned luthier SOLD

2004 Lehmann Eclipse, innovative rosewood gyspy guitar, sound port design, long scale, great projection, exceptional bass response SOLD

1999 Heritage Golden Eagle, all solid, all carved, flame maple body, ebony board, sweet neck, best buy! SOLD

2006 Gibson L-7C, gorgeous acoustic cutaway from the Bozeman factory SOLD

1944 Epiphone Triumph, ultra-rare wartime special with unique ivory/blonde finish, big voice, stunning SOLD

1963 Gibson ES-335, stop tail, twin Pat # pickups, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, superb player, the real deal SOLD

2008 Palen 17, lightweight X-braced 17" body, intensely flamed, elegant neck, meticulous craftsmanship SOLD

2007 Hopkins Marquis, meticulously crafted 17" X-braced body, exquisite flame, outstanding open voice, demo priced! SOLD

2001 Heritage Eagle, US made 17" all-solid full depth acoustic archtop, floating humbucker, best buy, now out of production SOLD

1997 Bourgeois A-500, highly flamed 17" X-braced cutaway, stereo mag/piezo pickup system, top model from renowned builder SOLD

1964 Gretsch Country Club 6192, exceptionally clean original, twin Filter 'Trons, 17" body, versatile player: bop to twang! SOLD

2002 D'Aquisto New Yorker, faithful, highly flamed reissue of classic model; K&K Pure Archtop pickup, gorgeous SOLD

1997 Guild Stuart X-700, solid carved spruce top, 17" full depth body, master volume, compare to L-5CES, best buy SOLD

1999 PRS McCarty Hollowbody II "10 Top" - premium blonde finish, twin McCarty humbucking pickups, exquisitely flamed maple top SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, huge voice, great neck, super player, firestripe guard, abalone headstock SOLD

1992 Gretsch Synchromatic G400CV, solid spruce top, Filter 'Tron pickup, art-deco hardware, extravagant flame, very rare model SOLD

1999 PRS McCarty Hollowbody II "10 Top"- twin mag/piezo pickup system, extravagantly figured top, highly versatile model SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175D, first year twin pickup model, great player, sweet neck, classic bop tone SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-125, 16" full depth body, P-90 pickup, exceptionally fine original condition, Gibson's most popular archtop ever SOLD

1991 Gibson Super 400CES Custom, one-of-a-kind, Barney Kessel inlays, slim fast neck, figured mahogany body, prototype stamped SOLD

1934 Gibson L-4, earliest f-hole L-4 we've found, 16" body like 20's L-5, Nick Lucas banjo inlay, very fine example SOLD

1995 Campellone Custom, 17" parallel brace body, 1 3/4" nut, Armstrong floating humbucker, block inlays, classic design and voice SOLD

c.1961 Goya C-80, ultra-rare export version of top-line 18" Levin 315, Alpine tonewoods, very lightweight and resonant, only known example? SOLD

1995 Triggs 16 Cutaway "Mundell Lowe" 16" guitar owned by jazz legend Mundell Lowe, featured on many gigs and recordings SOLD

2010 Gibson L-4CES, custom single pickup version, solid spruce top, 16" solid figured mahogany body, gorgeous SOLD

1998 Gibson Super 400 Custom Shop 1939 Reissue, staggering quilted maple body, exceptionally resonant example, very rare limited release SOLD

2003 Dale Unger American Dream, full depth 16" cutaway, built-in Armstrong PAF, easy player, light weight, smooth tone SOLD

1932 National Style O, 12 fret bell brass body, powerful single cone resonator, Hawaiian beach motif, the iconic blues and ragtime guitar SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, 17" birdseye maple body, deep cutaway, adjustable single coil pickup, gleaming condition SOLD

1955 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare blonde, 17" all carved acoustic; cutaway reach, full-body voice SOLD

1999 PRS McCarty Hollowbody II "10 Top" - yes, another one! twin mag/piezo pickup system, gorgeous tiger maple top SOLD

1998 Gibson Custom Shop Wes Montgomery L-5 CES Historic Reissue, vintage sunburst, beautifully bookmatched, one owner, superb SOLD

2006 Schaefer Casanova, exquisite handmade thinline with all solid woods, spruce top, stunning solid tiger maple body SOLD

1949 Gibson ES-175, first full year, original P-90 single coil pickup, very lightweight, the classic electric jazzer SOLD

2010 Benedetto Bambino, lightweight, feedback resistant 15" body, coil tapped humbuckers, true Benedetto quality, immaculate SOLD

1998 McKerrihan Anastasia Solo, 17" D'Aquisto Solo design, highly flamed body, floating Bartolini pickup, lightweight and gorgeous SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7, exceptionally pristine original, very early A- series label, prewar script logo, magnificent voice and looks SOLD

1998 Gibson Custom Shop Wes Montgomery L-5 CES Historic Reissue, amber blonde, intense flame, one owner, stunning SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-225TN, rare blonde version w/ P-90 pickup, LP trapeze tailpiece, pioneering thinline model SOLD

1945 Gibson L-7, unique wartime guitar with 1 3/4" nut, ornate 7-ply binding, astoundingly pristine condition SOLD

1980's Buscarino/Nova, hand built Strat style solid body, rock maple neck, rare bird from top builder SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-175 Custom "Charlie Christian" extremely rare example with factory Charlie Christian pickup, phenomenal shape SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-350T, highly flamed, very rare twin P-90 version, Byrdland specs, very clean small town guitar, one of 62 SOLD

1974-5 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom , full size floating humbucker, unique bass and treble tone controls, a modern classic SOLD

1956 Gibson LG-2, deeply resonant X-braced flat top, feather light, stunning one owner guitar SOLD

1984 Gibson ES-175D "Black Beauty" rare factory ebony finish, twin humbuckers, gleaming condition SOLD

c.1949 Gibson ES-150, stunning museum condition, 17" full depth body, 25 1/2" scale, P-90 single coil pickup, exquisite SOLD

2002 Bourgeois Country Boy, rare rosewood version of this celebrated dreadnought, big bass, sparkling highs, saddle pickup, best buy! SOLD

1995 Ibanez George Benson GB-10, amber blonde, twin floating Johnny Smith style pickups, comfy 14 1/2" inch body SOLD

1977 Ibanez 2460 L-5CES , rare pre-lawsuit model, gorgeous flamed body, twin Super 70 pickups, hard to find, immaculate SOLD

2005 Gibson ES-137 Custom, feedback resistant semi-hollow body, '57 Classic pickups, versatile, handsome player, SOLD

2008 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery, high demand model, deeply flamed body, all carved, immaculate SOLD

1999 Froggy Bottom Model J, 17" jumbo body, highly flamed arched maple back, great fingerstyle jazzer SOLD

1997 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly flamed, desirable built-in pickup version, best buy! SOLD

1973 Gibson Johnny Smith Double, rare burgundy finish, twin floating pickup version, one of 27, with receipt signed by Johnny Smith SOLD

1956 Epiphone FT-79, huge voice, arched back, rare NY version, Hendrix and McCartney favorite SOLD

1997 Lacey Imperial, gorgeous blonde 18" cutaway, highly flamed SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, bearclaw spruce top, all carved, deep amber finish, rare cutaway guitar with big non-cut voice SOLD

1997 Lacey Imperial, 18" X-braced masterpiece, extravangantly flamed body; deep, powerful voice; a favorite builder SOLD

1937 Gibson L-00, firestripe guard, 1 3/4" nut, exceptionally vibrant pre-banner guitar, 3lb. 9oz. of pure music SOLD

1939 Larson Brothers Prairie State Archtop, excruciatingly rare, exquisite curly maple body, ornate inlay, very versatile voice SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7P Custom Round Hole Cutaway, one-of-a-kind special order w/L-5 fingerboard, exceptional voice, impossibly rare SOLD

1976 Gibson ES-335TDC, original walnut finish, easy player, fast neck, handsome well-maintained guitar SOLD

1963 Gibson Johnny Smith, ultra-rare flamed early blonde, original design pickup, one of 13, all original, great player SOLD

1958 Gibson Super 400 CESN, all original, twin PAF pickups, one of 15, babied condition, the holy grail of big guitars SOLD

2008 Benedetto Benny, custom One-Off 40th Anniversary Model with lustrous African bubinga/flame maple top SOLD

1997 Guild Manhattan X-170 , highly flamed 16 1/2" body, slim 2 1/2" depth, 24 3/4" scale, scare model no longer made SOLD

1950 Epiphone Spartan, very rare blonde 16" model, carved spruce top, solid Primavera body, long scale, big voice SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, another one! all original, extravagantly flamed, thundering voice, magnificent condition, don't miss this one SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, full size 17" body, solid carved top, floating Armstrong PAF, rare model, big voice, best buy! SOLD

1998 Gibson L-5 Studio, solid carved soundboard, ebony fingerboard , '57 Humbuckers, the working player's L-5, out of production, best buy! SOLD

1956 Gibson L-7C, true museum quality, phenomenally lightweight and resonant, one of 56, cleanest ever SOLD

1954 Guild Savoy X-150, rare first year example, 17" arched spruce top, single coil pickup, stunning original condition, like ES-350 SOLD

1987 Gibson Country Gentleman, ultra slim 17" body, feedback resistant design, sought after model, now discontinued HOLD

1939 Gibson ES-150, last year for Charlie Christian single blade pickup, solid spruce top, very comfy neck, the original! SOLD

2004 Campellone Standard, all carved, tap tuned, 17" body, floating Armstrong humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, best buy! SOLD

2005 Trenier Magnolia, rare full size 18" guitar from this outstanding builder, huge voice, light weight, Armstrong floater, super value SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-175P, rare limited reissue with twin P-90 pickups, no longer in production, flame body, true 50's tone SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-335TD, spectacular all original example, wide neck, PAT# pickups, gorgeous burst, the real deal SOLD

1961 Gibson ES-175DN, all original, PAF pickups, 1 11/16" neck, one of 81, breathtaking condition, this is it SOLD

1928 Gibson L-5, 16" body, mid-'30s neck, exceptionally vibrant voice, superb playability, an incomparable find SOLD

1946 Epiphone Deluxe, all original, top-of-the-line 17" guitar; big, vibrant voice, outstanding condition SOLD

1937 Gibson L-5, sunburst, 17" X-braced Advanced Model, formerly owned by guitar maestro Marty Grosz, outstanding voice SOLD

1987 Andersen 15 Cutaway, comfy 15" deep body cutaway, one of three made, deep rich voice, very rare model SOLD

1939 Gibson ES-150, original 16" model with Charlie Christian pickup, the original electric jazz guitar SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, brilliant voice, tiger flame body, snowflake peghead, Armstrong floater, impeccable restoration SOLD

1967 Gibson ES-175, classic single pickup version, fine Pat # humbucker, orange label, fast neck, superb condition SOLD

1957 Gretsch Streamliner 6190, rare model, 16" body, last year for DeArmond pickup, unusually pristine example SOLD

2004 Greven Lacewood Style F, intensely figured Australian lacewood body, jumbo dimensions, wide 1 13/16" nut, a fingerstyle classic SOLD

2000 Heritage Golden Eagle, flamed body, amber blonde finish, Kent Armstrong Johnny Smith pickup, gorgeous SOLD

1940 Vega De Luxe Model C-86, ultra-rare, highly ornate, top-of the line 17" presentation model, breathtaking condition SOLD

1932 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, unique early example, extremely ornate, unique prototype parts and binding, exquisite! SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, 17" solid carved soundboard, exceptional volume and projection, rare model, best buy! SOLD

1990 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, sleek 16" body, desirable version with arched spruce top, PAF style humbucker, great gig guitar SOLD

1934 Gibson L-5, all original, stunning highly flamed body, last year for classic 16" Loar body SOLD

2004 Epiphone Elitist Byrdland, solid carved top, Gibson USA pickups, out of production, incredible value, very hard to find SOLD

2005 Cardona Elegante, all carved L-5 Wes style body, US luthier built, exceptionally light, extravagantly figured, extraordinary value SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330, twin original P-90s, sleek fast neck, feather light, versatile player, gorgeous SOLD

Borys 7 String Deluxe, 16" birdseye maple body, 2" nut, Armstrong floater, great neck, warm focused voice SOLD

2004 Dale Unger American Legend, tiger flamed solid handcarved X-braced 17" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, 1 3/4" nut SOLD

1940 Epiphone Broadway, first year blonde, all original hardware, tiger flame body, Armstrong floating PAF, lovingly restored SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-125TC, first year, rare dark brown sunburst, perfect 1 11/16" neck, featherlight, breathtaking original condition SOLD

2002 Triggs Curly Maple Dreadnought, stunning flame maple body, brilliant voice, Fishman active pickup system SOLD

1999 Gibson Tal Farlow, 17" body, 25 1/2" scale, twin pickup, flamed body, rare model now out of production SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, last year prewar snowflake inlay, Adirondack top, exceptionally fine original example, barks! SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, 100% original, deep amber blonde, rare twin stripe neck, big vibrant voice, gorgeous SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-150, ultra-rare factory ebony finish, 17" body, P-90 pickup, extremely lightweight and resonant, amazing! SOLD

2006 Trenier Model 17, lively X-braced 17" body, a favorite builder, new with warranty, super value! SOLD

2008 Palen 17, vibrant X-braced cutaway, exceptional fiddleback body, Armstrong floating humbucker, 1 3/4" nut, clear open voice SOLD

ca.1940's Busato Grand Modèle Deluxe, extremely rare, highly ornate, top-line model, one of 3 known, huge voice SOLD

1999 Comins Chester Avenue, extravagant 17" quilted body, built-in Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" nut, sings! SOLD

2007 Trenier Excel, breathtaking 17" boomer, European woods, exquisite tiger flame body, builder's personal guitar SOLD

2008 Benedetto Bravo, great neck, coil-tapped Armstrong humbucker, top shelf quality at a working player's price SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-335TDC, stunning original condition, twin Pat # humbuckers, exceptionally fine one owner guitar SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175, feather light, gorgeous open P-90 tone, astounding original condition SOLD

2004 Everett Celona Nylon, Alaska cedar top, solid rosewood body, sound port, radiused fingerboard, outstanding value SOLD

2008 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno, comfy 15" body, fiddleback flame, effortless action, superb gig box SOLD

2003 Gibson Super 400C, rare 18" acoustic cutaway, extravagantly flamed, Bartolini floating humbucker, spectacular! SOLD

1963 Gibson ES-125TDC, spanky clean, all original, twin P-90s, fine 1 11/16" neck SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-140, rare full-depth 3/4 size body, full-size P-90 pickup, the ultimate vintage travel guitar SOLD

2002 Bill Moll Workingman's Hero, 17" X-braced body, 1 3/4" nut, Armstrong PAF, great sustain and feedback resistance, gig ready! SOLD

c.1945 Epiphone Deluxe, highly flamed body, floating Armstrong humbucker, immaculate factory acoustic conversion SOLD

1996 Triggs 16 Custom, hard-to-find 16" long scale design, extravagant quilted maple, gold DeArmond 1100 pickup SOLD

1936 Gibson Super 400, stunning example, blister maple body, ornate engraving, very early large soundholes, sumptuous voice SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7, clean machine, Armstrong floating humbucker, versatile player, best buy! SOLD

1952 Gibson L-7N, lovingly maintained, deep amber blonde, rich warm voice, just 17 made, outstanding SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175D, original twin P-90s, first year issue, great neck, vintage performance at a player's price SOLD

1936 Epiphone Blackstone- Masterbilt label, first year 16" body, long scale, curly maple back, amazing condition SOLD

1974-5 Gibson Byrdland, magnificent condition, Venetian cutaway, full 1 11/16" nut, plays like lightning SOLD

1922 Gibson A-3 Mandolin, adjustable truss rod! Loar era, original ivory finish, grained ivoroid guard, very rare SOLD

1935 L-5, very early 17" Advanced body, X-braced top, opulently quilted bubble maple back, superb condition, thrilling tone SOLD

1951 Gibson LG-2, vibrant open voice, feather light X-braced soundboard, a boomer SOLD

2006 Draleon Samois 8000, innovative gypsy archtop hybrid, extravagant flame maple body SOLD

2004 D'Aquisto Jazzline, most accurate reissue ever of Jim Hall's legendary D'Aquisto, highly flamed 16" body, best buy! SOLD

1967 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, ultra-rare Gibson era carved top, cloud inlays, Johnny Smith pickup, one of eight, museum condition SOLD

1936 Gibson L-30, very rare ebony finish model, great projection, K&K pickup, elegance itself SOLD

1941 Gibson L-7, deep amber blonde, very early example, gorgeous flame, clear vibrant voice SOLD

2003 Sadowsky Jim Hall Spruce Top Prototype, ultra-rare example with solid spruce soundboard, Armstrong PAF, signed label SOLD

2004 Daniel Slaman 1923 L-5, faithfully handcrafted Loar style dot L-5, the Eddie Lang classic SOLD

1995 Holst Semi-Hollow, solid carved top, intensely figured claro walnut, coil-tapped Bartolini humbucker, super value SOLD

2004 Ibanez George Benson, immaculate blonde example, twin floating pickups, compact feedback resistant body SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, extravagant bubble maple body, rich 40's tone, sleek '60's neck, best of both worlds, best buy! SOLD

2001 Michael Dunn Belleville, rare 14 fret short scale, oval hole, dramatic zebrawood body, artistry in wood, punchy! SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, exceptional flame, massive voice, Masterbilt label, Armstrong humbucker, outstanding player! SOLD

ca. late 1960's Albanus 17" Cutaway, much storied, seldom seen guitar from legendary Stromberg protege, stunning condition and tone SOLD

1952 Epiphone Devon, deep Cremona sunburst, 17" solid carved soundboard, bright clear voice, first year truss rod in head, rare SOLD

1966 Epiphone Riviera, all original, sparkling condition, semi-hollow like ES-335, from original owner SOLD

1975 Guild D-40C, rare cutaway dreadnought, ornate fingerboard inlay, lighweight and resonant, immaculate condition SOLD

1939 Epiphone Broadway, Masterbilt headstock, last year 17" walnut body, first year truss rod, 1 3/4" nut, magnificent SOLD

1932 Gibson L-10, very rare model with original ebony finish, same specs as 20's L-5, ornate picture frame inlays SOLD

1949 Epiphone Blackstone, gleaming original condition, 16" solid carved soundboard, long scale, last year made, best buy SOLD

1944 Epiphone Olympic, bright snappy voice, K&K Pure Archtop pickup, impossibly clean, per David Rawlings SOLD

1940 Gibson L-37, astonishing pristine condition, 1 3/4" nut, K&K pickup, comfy size, brilliant tone SOLD

1946 Gibson LG-2, amazing condition, X-braced, script peghead, 1 3/4" nut, light and resonant, stunning! SOLD

1952 Gibson L-7CN, highly flamed, small town time-capsule guitar, De Armond floating pickup, museum condition, one of 28 SOLD

1961 Gibson ES-125TC, the great neck, feather light, sweet P-90 tone, super clean, easy to hold SOLD

1951 Gibson L-4, 16" body like 20's L-5, solid carved top, rare postwar noncut, exceptionally handsome example SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, exquisitely flamed blonde behemoth, thrilling condition, thundering voice SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-330TDC, first year long neck version, twin P-90 pickups, all original, astounding condition SOLD

1961 Gibson L-7C, same specs as L-5C, Armstrong floating humbucker, exceptionally rich open voice, great old player SOLD

1998 Gibson L-4CES, flamed maple body, solid carved spruce top, twin humbuckers, immaculate SOLD

1947 Gibson L-5, last year prewar logo, bubble maple body, Armstrong floating humbucker, sumptuous voice SOLD

1970-2 Gibson Byrdland, deep amber blonde, tiger flame maple, twin Pat Sticker pickups, warm classic tone SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-355, twin original PAFs, long guard, slim fast neck, Varitone tone selector, outstanding condition SOLD

1974-5 Gibson ES-150DC, rare blonde, Gibson's only fully hollow double cutaway, master volume, spotless example, SOLD

2008 Gibson '59 Les Paul VOS Flame Top, extravagant chevron tiger flame top, aged nickel hardware, powerful sustain SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, blonde cutaway w/ultra-rare Epi Spectrum floating pickguard pickup assembly SOLD

1933 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, banner headstock, rope binding, 3 piece soundholes, tiger flame, ivoroid guard, glorious voice SOLD

1998 Gibson L-5CES, gorgeous flame, silky tone, sweet as can be, the classsic jazz box, gig ready SOLD

1999 Buscarino Grand Cabaret - carved curly maple back, Baggs Hex pickup system, the fingerstyle jazzer SOLD

2008 Rumley "Strumberg", one-of-a-kind tribute to the legendary Master 400, highly ornate custom inlay and hardware SOLD

2004 Van Bergeijk Oval Gypsy Custom, rosewood body, long scale, K&K Trinity pickup SOLD 

2008 Benedetto Bambino Deluxe, tiger flame top, twin soundholes, lightweight, mint, one only at this price SOLD

1987 Andersen Custom 15, compact 15" X braced acoustic cutaway, extra deep body, 1 3/4" nut, fiddleback flame, one of three made SOLD

1995 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly figured body, very lightweight and resonant, desirable built-in PAF version now discontinued SOLD

2003 Gibson L-7C, X-braced, Montana built, very lightweight and resonant, best Gibson acoustic archtop since the '50s SOLD

1969 Gibson Crest Gold, ultra-rare Brazilian Rosewood thinline, twin Johnny Smith pickups, stunning SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7C, ultra-rare example with fully burst L-5 style finish, feather light, superbly maintained SOLD

1939 Gibson L-4, very rare late 30's appointments, 20's L-5 specs, spectacular condition, exceptional tone SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, uncannily pristine 60 year old guitar, solid Adirondack spruce top, a stunner! SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, gleaming original example, fine forward voice, gorgeous SOLD

1963 Epiphone Deluxe "Black Beauty", ultra-rare ebony finish, solid carved top, twin Johnny Smiths, exceptional tone! SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-125, full depth 16" body, Lollar P-90, lightweight, great neck, gleaming condition SOLD

1976 Guild X-500 Savoy, rare blonde version, 17" body like ES-350 or Tal Farlow, sleek neck, best buy in a true pro archtop SOLD

1979 Guild Artist Award, hand carved soundboard, fiddleback maple body, gold DeArmond 1100 pickup, elegance itself! SOLD

1941 Epiphone Spartan, first year blonde! rare Primavera body, all solid construction, astounding museum quality condition SOLD

1946 Gibson L-5 breathtaking huge tiger flame body, magnificent condition, thrilling tone, as good as they get SOLD

1998 Comins Chester Avenue, top-line 17" cutaway, exquisite! SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, extravagant bubble maple back, Armstrong floater, great old player SOLD

1949 Epiphone Broadway, unique peghead inlay, deeply quilted back, from L.B.Fred collection SOLD

1968 Gibson L-4C, 16" cutaway acoustic, solid carved spruce top, fast neck, best buy! SOLD

1953 L-12, feather light, one of just 11 this model year, closet classic condition SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, rare wartime model with fleur-de-lis headstock, Bartolini floating pickup, exceptional condition SOLD

1997 Heritage Golden Eagle, tiger flame 17" body, all carved, floating Benedetto humbucker, gorgeous SOLD

1995 Megas 7 String Custom, highly flamed 18" masterpiece, deeply resonant, great pro player SOLD

1983 Martin HD-28 150th Anniversary, historic edition, finely aged soundboard, superb one-owner guitar SOLD

2006 Triggs San Salvador, all carved highly flamed body, L-5CES performance at a true player's price SOLD

1997 Unger American Dream, 17" X-braced birdseye maple body, floating Benedetto pickup, 1 3/4" nut, immaculate SOLD

1945 Epiphone Broadway, massive volume and projection, figured maple body, all original SOLD

1965 Guild CE-100D Capri, true 60's vintage quality, ultra clean example, ES-175 specs, an unbeatable buy SOLD

1936 Gibson L-7, 17" X-braced body, ornate picture frame inlays, rich warm voice, exceptional all original condition SOLD

1938 Vega C-50, very rare model with 16" flamed mahogany body, striped fingerboard, one owner, stunning SOLD

1980 Ibanez George Benson GB-10, comfy 14 3/4" body, twin floating mini-humbuckers, classic gig guitar SOLD

1998 Triggs Jazzmaster, ES-350 style 17" flame maple body, Gibson '57 PAF, best buy! SOLD

2003 D'Aquisto New Yorker, exquisitely flamed X-braced 17" cutaway, solid spruce soundboard SOLD

1992 Collings AT-17, custom 17" full depth cutaway with fast Byrdland scale, extravagantly flamed body SOLD

2007 Campellone Special, magnificent AAA tiger flame body, elegant deco styling, big acoustic voice SOLD

1935 Gibson L-4, first year f-hole version, body like 20's L-5, lovely guitar from the Hawaiian Territory SOLD

1953 Gibson SJ-200, magnificent flamed body, ultra light weight, huge open voice, great condition SOLD

1953 Gibson L-4, rare postwar 16" acoustic, 20's L-5 size, solid carved top, nice original guitar SOLD

1946 Epiphone Deluxe, fiddleback maple, Armstrong floating humbucker, big voice, great shape SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, rare wartime blonde, big flame, bigger voice, and a case that tells the whole story SOLD

1991 Gibson Byrdland, fiddleback flame, Master Model label, Jim Triggs signed, outstanding value! SOLD

1994 Heritage H-150, extravagant AAA tiger flame top, Armstrong Handmade humbuckers, outstanding buy! SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-175, unusually fine single P-90 example, original factory hang tags! SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-175, exceptionally pristine, all original, one owner Hollywood guitar SOLD

1938 Gibson L-7, X-braced 17" body, ornate inlay; deep, woody tone SOLD

2004 Bernie Lehmann Eclipse Custom, lightweight, powerful gypsy jazzer from longtime NY builder, Bigtone pickup, barks! SOLD

1941 Epiphone Broadway, first year blonde! highly figured body, big open voice, pretty as they come SOLD

2007 Epiphone Byrdland Elitist , solid carved spruce top, highly sought after model, now out of production SOLD

1977 Ibanez Johnny Smith Double, the guitar so good Gibson sued, twin floating mini-humbuckers SOLD

1948 Epiphone Deluxe, elegant as they come, gorgeous looks and tone SOLD

2005 Eastman AR-905CE, rare blonde w/maple binding, 16" tiger flame body, floating Armstrong pickup SOLD

1948 Gibson Super 400, deep rich voice, tiger flame body, rare twin "McCarty" pickguard pickups SOLD

1979 Gibson ES-175CC, only year for this rare reissue, 30's style "Charlie Christian" pickup SOLD

1996 Guild X-700, rare Rhode Island model with solid carved spruce soundboard, master volume, impeccable condition SOLD

1938 Epiphone Triumph, rare prewar 17" body, snowflake peghead, Masterbilt label, clear open voice SOLD

1946 Gibson L-7, very pretty, very powerful, prewar styling, Powerstrip pickup SOLD

1947 Epiphone Spartan, very rare 16" blonde with solid birdseye maple body SOLD

1949 Epiphone Broadway, huge open voice, great player, super value SOLD

c.1970 Gibson L-5CES, immaculate example with 30+ year old tonewood, pre-volute neck, extra gold hardware SOLD

 1940 Epiphone Emperor, huge deep voice, all original hardware, 18 3/8" body, very fine example SOLD

 2004 Sadowsky Jim Hall Signature, rare signature model no longer built, highly flamed, immaculate SOLD

1933 Epiphone Olympic, earliest example we've found, rare logo stamp on back of peghead, amazingly fine condition SOLD

1992 Heritage Super Eagle, intensely figured 18" guitar, all carved, very lightweight and resonant SOLD

2008 Victor Baker Model 35, hand-crafted semi-hollow thinline, all solid woods, intensely quilted top SOLD

1929 Gibson L-5, deeply resonant, intensely flamed, the best neck, beautifully restored SOLD

1979 Guild Artist Award, big flame, gold DeArmond 1100, one owner, impeccable! SOLD

2007 Campellone Special, tiger flame, exquisite inlay, top-of-the-line model, spotless! SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, last year 17" black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, bright clear voice SOLD

1943 Gibson L-5 "Fern" extremely rare Tsumura collection guitar with extravagant wartime inlay, ornate prewar parts SOLD

1995 Gibson ES-175, deeply figured tiger flame body, aged vintage style nickel hardware SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, exceptionally fine example, big bright voice SOLD

1987 Borys B520, nylon string jazzer, flame maple body, comfy neck, Powerstrip pickup SOLD

1998 L-5CES Wes Montgomery, handsome California guitar, terrific flame body SOLD

1964 Gibson L-5C, one of 23, very lightweight, exceptionally fine voice, great neck SOLD

1939 Epiphone Broadway, 17" black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, last model year, rings like a bell SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, intensely quilted body, McCarty fingerrest pickup, superb restoration SOLD

1940 Vega C-66, handcarved Adirondack top, brilliant prewar tone, fast modern neck, outstanding condition SOLD

c.1948 Gibson L-50, spanky clean 16" carved top, like '20's L-5, rare postwar features SOLD

 2006 Sadowsky Jim Hall Signature, highly flamed, rare signature version now out of production SOLD

 2005 Victor Baker Gig Pro, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, built-in humbucker like L5 Wes SOLD

 1968 Gibson Barney Kessel, all original with tags!, twin PAT # pickups, sleek neck, big flame SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-125TD, first year! twin original P-90s, 1 11/16" nut, best neck ever SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, big open voice, rare snowflake peghead, Armstrong floating humbucker, barks! SOLD

1936 Gibson L-75, very rare mahogany 16" round hole archtop, museum condition, thrilling voice SOLD

1998 Guild X-700, rare 17" model with solid carved spruce top, twin pickups SOLD 

c.2000 Devoe Florentine, breathtaking figured maple body, extra deep cutaway, super value SOLD

1947 Epiphone Broadway, all original, flame back, very handsome example SOLD

2000 Comins Concert, highly quilted body, Armstrong floating PAF, immaculate SOLD 

1979 Ibanez George Benson GB-20, very rare full size model, with tags and original flight case SOLD

2003 Gibson L-5CES Custom, special 3 pickup version, ornately engraved, one-of-a-kind SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, rare fleur de lis headstock, wartime appointments, phenomenal condition SOLD

 2006 D'Aquisto Solo, Jimmy's rarest design, solid top, K&K pickup, spotless example SOLD

1951 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Cutaway, twin NY pickups, deep amber blonde, classic 50's tone SOLD

1938 Epiphone Triumph, prewar arched headstock, rare pre-Frequensator tailpiece, barks! SOLD

2006 Gibson ES-175SP, rare reissue of the late 50's single pickup classic SOLD 

2008 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, highly flamed, all gold hardware, Gibson's best buy ever SOLD

  1992 Lacey Classic, solid spruce top, chambered body, ultra-premium thinline from legendary builder SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-175D, very rare factory ebony finish, gleaming original example SOLD 

1999 Gibson Tal Farlow, tiger flame body, immaculate w/tags, now out of production SOLD

2003 D'Aquisto New Yorker, 17" X braced cutaway, astoundingly flamed body SOLD

2001 Campellone 16 Custom Thinline, all-carved tonewoods, extravagant flame body, Gibson '57 pickup SOLD

2005 Trenier Magnolia, magnificent 18" boomer from hot contemporary builder SOLD

1992 Epiphone Imperial Series '39 Emperor Reissue, all solid carved tonewoods, one-time reissue, one of 42 SOLD

1954 Gibson ES-350, extremely rare spruce top version, splendid tiger maple body SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, ultra-rare blonde version with maple body, bearclaw spruce top, a boomer! SOLD

2008 Epiphone Broadway Elitist, premium version with solid spruce top, flame body, rare model now out of production SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175D, rare blonde version with twin P-90's, great player! SOLD 

2000 Shelly Park Encore, long scale oval hole, solid rosewood body, Bigtone pickup, gorgeous SOLD 

1947 Gibson L-5, last year prewar logo, birdseye body, Armstrong floater, big volume SOLD 

 2002 Lacey Bay City, ultra-premium appointments, the lightest super jumbo you'll ever play SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, gorgeous example, massive voice, immaculate restoration, the big one SOLD 

2001 Lacey Arch Nouveau, innovative 18" cutaway, huge voice, side port, DeArmond pickup SOLD

 1928 Gibson L-5, Master Model label, thrilling voice, best neck profile, the great year SOLD

1976 Gibson Johnny Smith, immaculate original condition, one of 38, the classic itself SOLD

 1944 Epiphone Olympic, snappy wartime guitar in pristine original condition SOLD

1998 Dale Unger American Dream 7 String , intensely figured all-maple body, great neck, super value SOLD

2005 Foster Crescent City Elite 7 String, stunning creation from the premier 7 string specialist SOLD

1953 Gibson L-7C, under-the-bed original with hang tags!, McCarty pickup SOLD

c.1999 McKerrihan, breathtaking figured maple, slim depth 16" body, feedback busting design SOLD

2002 Gibson Custom '59 ES-335 Historic Dot Reissue, the right neck, the right color, the right price. SOLD

1935 Gibson L-12, early 17" X-braced Advanced Model, striking deco design, original paperwork! SOLD

2007 Sadowsky Jim Hall, Sienna burst, very high demand guitar, immaculate SOLD

2001 Gibson ES-175 MIDI, versatile hot rod with RMC MIDI Pow'r Bridge, Bartolini humbuckers SOLD

2002 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery, rare wine finish, flame body, best buy! SOLD

1975 Guild Artist Award, museum condition, intensely flamed, original DeArmond 1100 Rhythm Chief, cleanest one ever SOLD

1936 Gibson L-4, ornate 16" guitar, like 20's L-5, under-bridge pickup, immaculate SOLD

2006 Moll Custom, extravagantly figured 16" body, floating Armstrong pickup, immaculate SOLD

 1966 Gibson ETG-150, very rare 16" electric tenor archtop, original P-90 pu, fine example SOLD

1966 Gibson Super 400 CES, twin gold PAFs, rare Florentine body, one of 25, SOLD

1978 Ibanez L-5CN, the guitar so good Gibson sued, very fine example SOLD

2004 Heritage H-575, highly flamed solid maple body, built by Gibson vets in the original Kalamazoo plant, stunning SOLD

1999 Heritage H-575 Custom, solid flame maple body, twin gold humbuckers, very handsome guitar SOLD

2007 Comins Concert, immaculate 17" X-braced cutaway, Armstrong PAF, lively and gorgeous SOLD

1953 Epiphone Broadway, rare flower peghead version, virtually unplayed, barks! SOLD 

1960 Gibson ES-345, original PAFs, immaculate mono conversion, true vintage performance at a reissue price SOLD

1988 Heritage Eagle, 17" all solid carved mahogany cutaway, Armstrong floating PAF SOLD

1949 Epiphone Broadway, vine headstock, great player, super value SOLD

1946 Epiphone Deluxe, intense bubble figure maple, gold DeArmond 1100, thundering big band veteran SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, from the collection of Duke Robillard, floating Benedetto pickup, great player SOLD

1948 Gibson L-12, Adirondack top, highly figured body, stunning all original example SOLD

2004 Lacey Argonaut, innovative ultra-light 15" slimline, all carved, the ultimate gig guitar SOLD

1989 Gibson ES-775 Prototype, rare upscale ES-175 w/ebony board, gold parts, premium appointments SOLD

2004 D'Angelico NYL-2, 17" solid X-braced top, scarce model no longer available, mint w/tags SOLD

1939 Gibson L-5, deep rich tone, classic deco design, fast comfy neck, rare amber keys, exceptional example SOLD

 1996 Fender D'Aquisto Ultra, all solid, handcarved US made model, one of 29 total SOLD

 1946 Epiphone Blackstone long scale 16" body, solid carved Adirondack top, flame body, deep amber finish SOLD 

1994 Grimes Jazz Nouveau, astounding Koa body, innovative design, exceptional voice SOLD

2000 Comins Chester Avenue 18, 100th instrument commemorative guitar, gold DeArmond FHC SOLD

1949 Gibson L-50,immaculate 16" solid carved top guitar, true Gibson quality, best buy SOLD

1969 Guild Artist Award, very lightweight and resonant, original DeArmond 1100, slim fast neck, one of ten that year SOLD

1957 Vega C-166 17" carved Adirondack top, flame maple back, Armstrong pu, Duo Tron tailpiece, rare blonde finish SOLD

2006 D'Aquisto Centura DQ-CRE, carved Sitka top, tone chamber body, ebony wedge bridge, mint SOLD

2001 Lacey Orpheus, handcrafted 18" masterpiece, once-in-a-lifetime price SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-175, Patent number pickup, fast neck, light weight, splendid shape SOLD

1934 Gibson L-7, rare 16" version with first fret inlay. 20's L-5 performance at a fraction of the price SOLD

1981 Gibson ES-175D, the working player's axe. True Kalamazoo craftsmanship, best buy! SOLD 

1959 Hofner 459S, hand carved Alpine spruce top, birdseye body, extremely loud, gypsy hybrid tone, best buy! SOLD

2005 D'Aquisto Solo, all acoustic, big flame, Jimmy's rarest design, immaculate SOLD 

2005 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Model, compact flamed 15" body, particularly flamed example, hard to find SOLD

1999 Comins Chester Avenue 16, exquisite fully carved cutaway from top builder, rare 16" version w/built-in pickup SOLD

2006 Schafer Casanova, solid spruce top, solid tiger maple body, ebony board, ES- 335 performance with L-5 construction SOLD

1936 Gibson L-12, 17" X-braced bubble maple body, art deco inlay, rare transitional tailpiece, warm open voice SOLD 

1953 Epiphone Broadway, very rare example with floral peghead, Armstrong floater, big powerful voice SOLD

1953 Gibson Super 300, very rare model, one of 26, huge warm voice SOLD 

1941 Gibson L-7, one owner guitar with original receipt, under-the-bed condition SOLD

1987 Borys B-520 Jazz Classical, 14 fret cutaway, flame maple body, great fingerstyle jazzer SOLD 

2004 Josep Melo JM3, 18" D'Aquisto style masterwork from renowned Spanish builder SOLD

1934 Gibson L-4, last year 16" round hole model, gleaming condition, thrilling voice SOLD

1994 Dupont MD-30, solid rosewood body, lightweight, loud as thunder SOLD

2001 Lacey Arch Nouveau 18, low feedback side port soundholes, DeArmond 1000, huge acoustic voice, SOLD

1989 Gibson ES-175, scarce version with figured mahogany body and neck, very clean SOLD

1967 Gibson Johnny Smith Double, gorgeous twin pickup model, owned by jazz legend Chuck Wayne, with papers SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, rare short headstock version, snowflake inlay, Masterbilt label, loud as thunder SOLD

1940 Epiphone Broadway, last of the walnut Masterbilts, rare center-dip head, feather light, brilliant voice SOLD

2002 Bourgeois Rosewood Country Boy, rare rosewood version, Adirondack braces, a true banjo killer SOLD

1940 Gibson L-7, stunning first year blonde, extravagant flame, huge voice, striped tweed case SOLD

2007 Trenier Model 17, exquisite X-braced cutaway from hot young builder SOLD

1960 Gibson ES-125TCD, original P-90 pickups, nice newer sunburst, best buy! SOLD

2004 Shelley Park Avance, versatile hybrid 14 fret body with long 670mm scale, rosewood body SOLD

2006 Dell'Arte Hommage Special, rosewood Favino body, 670mm scale, curly maple neck, Bigtone pickup, barks! SOLD

2001 DeCava Mark Elf Model, featherweight cutaway with big noncut voice SOLD

1968 Gibson Johnny Smith Natural, one of 8, highly flamed, showroom condition SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7N, 100% original closet classic with big warm voice, last of the prewar logos, astounding condition SOLD

1997 Bourgeois A-250 7 String,all carved fiddleback flame body, 2" nut, Benedetto floater, elegant looks and voice SOLD

2003 D'Aquisto Centura, solid bookmatched spruce top, flame maple body, all ebony hardware, best buy SOLD

1938 Gibson ES-150, the pioneering electric guitar, w/ astounding UK Charlie Christian pickup SOLD

1988 Gibson ES-175, rare two-tone blonde version, flame mahogany back, terrific example SOLD

1977 Ibanez L-5CN, blonde, Benedetto pickup, fine old player, best buy SOLD

2005 DeCava Stratford 7 String, 16" all carved tiger flame body, 2 1/16" nut, built-in Armstrong PAF SOLD

2000 Dale Unger American Dream, highly flamed 17" body, Armstrong floater, clean lines, great performer SOLD

To see the page and pictures of any instrument below, highlight and copy its name, then paste it after "" in the Google search box here:

2001 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, 16" flame body, built-in pickup version now unavailable SOLD

2003 Bourgeois A-350, exquisite X-braced cutaway from top acoustic builder SOLD

2006 Benedetto Frank Vignola Model, violin burst, unique hybrid gypsy archtop, feather light, mint SOLD

2004 Triggs San Salvador, classic 17" cutaway w/floating humbucker, highly flamed body SOLD

1965 Gibson J-45, slope shoulder X-braced boomer, suntan top, fast neck, huge voice, best buy! SOLD

1966 Epiphone Triumph A-412, solid carved top, super fast neck, great shape SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, rare cloud inlay version, highly flamed body, immaculate original example SOLD

2006 Buscarino Cabaret, double-top soundboard, arched rosewood back, side soundport, B-band pickup, a bossa monsta SOLD

ca. 1960's Albanus 17" Cutaway, X-braced, extremely rare example from legendary Chicago builder, exceptional voice SOLD

2003 Holst K-200 X-braced 17", all solid tonewoods, built-in humbucker, lightweight, exceptional buy SOLD

2006 Gibson CS-336, figured top, flamed mahogany and maple, lightweight 14" body with 22 fret access. SOLD

1997 Bourgeois OMS Custom, stunning rosewood 12 fret 000 w/abalone inlay, Adirondack top SOLD

1946 Epiphone Spartan, sunburst, walnut body, Epi's top 16" guitar, onboard pickup SOLD

1999 Moll 17 Express Custom, striking Centura style design, stunning art deco inlays, very musical voice SOLD

1997 Gibson Custom Shop Historic L-5CES, big flame, mint with tags SOLD

2006 Fine Resophonic Model One, extravagantly flamed 14 fret single cone, huge voice SOLD

1949 Gibson L-4C, first year, amazingly lightweight and resonant, Armstrong floating humbucker SOLD

1943 Gibson L-7, rare wartime appointments, bubble maple back, fine older restoration SOLD

2004 Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific, 14 fret rosewood body w/internal sound reflector, a cannon SOLD

2005 Campellone Deluxe, extravagantly figured 17" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, gorgeous deco design SOLD

1944 Epiphone Triumph, Adirondack top, tiger flame body, blistering volume and punch, freshly restored SOLD

1997 Monteleone Electric Flyer, highly flamed 16" body, first one built, builder's list now closed SOLD

1960 Fender Custom Telecaster, California guitar in outstanding original condition; light, punchy and pretty SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Standard, first model year, great neck and tone, clean SOLD

1956 Gibson L-7CN, rare blonde in showroom condition, one of 31, brilliant voice SOLD

2006 Collings 000-2H Cutaway, 12 fret rosewood herringbone cutaway, nice wide fingerboard SOLD

1935 Epiphone Broadway, walnut body, last year for the 16" size, immaculate, barks! SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-175, breathtaking 100% original one-owner small-town guitar, museum quality SOLD

2000 Webber 00 Morado, dramatic Bolivian Rosewood fingerpicker, ultra-light and responsive SOLD

2005 Guild X-150, 16" Venetian cutaway, scarce model no longer built, outstanding value SOLD

1966 Gibson ETG-150, very scarce 16" tenor archtop w/P-90, one of 18, all original SOLD

2000 Tacoma AJF22CE5, all solid, all carved, featherlight AAAA quilted body, very rare model SOLD

Gibson 1976 Howard Roberts Custom, long scale, vine inlay, full size floating humbucker, best buy SOLD

1935 Gibson L-7, early X-braced 17" body, ornate inlay, wide open tone SOLD

1979 D'Aquisto Hollow Body Electric, very rare original, long scale, hand carved neck and ebony hardware, superb SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, deluxe version with spruce top, ebony board and hardware SOLD

1954 Gibson Super 400CES, rare P-90 model SOLD

2002 Arrow Gypsy, long scale US handbuilt, solid mahogany body, Bigtone, best buy SOLD

2001 Dell' Arte Anouman, solid rosewood body, grand bouche style, Bigtone, warm and vibrant SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, gorgeous restoration, great player, great value SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7P, all original w/McCarty pickguard pickup, superb example SOLD

2003 Michael Dunn Belleville, long scale oval hole, dramatic sunburst finish and binding, huge voice SOLD

1963 Gibson ES-125TDC, all original, desirable early 60's C profile neck w/1 11/16" nut, clean SOLD

2006 Heritage H-535, almond sunburst, highly flamed, best buy SOLD

2003 Bourgeois A-350, X-braced tiger flame beauty, hard to find, magnificent SOLD

2004 D'Aquisto Centura, contemporary edition of D'Aquisto's groundbreaking design SOLD

1976 Gibson ES-335, rare burgundy finish, original coil tap version SOLD

1977 Howard Roberts Artist, impossibly rare blonde w/ ebony board, gold hardware, abalone trim, stunning mint condition SOLD

2004 Lacey Argonaut, 15" slim featherlight body, all carved, the ultimate road guitar SOLD

1953 Guild Stratford X-350, very rare first year example, long scale, spruce top, earliest Guild logo SOLD

1998 Guild X-700, solid carved spruce top, tiger flame maple body, scarce model no longer available SOLD

1946 Epiphone Blackstone, 16" flamed body, Brazilian tailpiece, new frets, barks! SOLD

1950 Epiphone Triumph Regent 7 String, nice older conversion, Armstrong floating pickup, deep voice, nice neck SOLD

2000 Shelley Park Encore, long scale, solid rosewood body, amber top, Bigtone, superb SOLD

2001 Manzer Paradiso, rarely seen on vintage market, never at this price, builder's list now closed, one only SOLD

2006 Benedetto Manhattan, the classic, from the master. Stunning Euro tonewoods, immaculate SOLD

1946 Epiphone Spartan, Epi's top postwar 16" model, black walnut body, K&K pickup SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330, featherlight, great shape, fast neck, sweet tone SOLD

1975 Guild X-500, nicely flamed Rhode Island guitar SOLD

1967 Epiphone Howard Roberts, original solid carved top version, J. Smith pu, light and responsive SOLD

c.1955 Vega E-202, rare 16" carved top, Benedetto floating humbucker, original twin pickup assembly included SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, all original, gleaming sunburst finish, barks! SOLD

2006 Holst K-100 Solo 18, feather light jumbo, deeply resonant D'Aquisto style from top Oregon builder SOLD

1947 Gibson L-5, last year prewar logo, outstanding example from celebrity collection SOLD

2006 Ribbecke Monterey, presentation grade instrument from world-class builder, as new SOLD

1971 D'Aquisto Excel, outstanding early example with Tyrolean maple body, engraved tailpiece, magnificent voice SOLD

2005 Gibson ES-175, tiger flame body, nickel hardware, nice neck SOLD

2005 Cushman Trophy, 17" X-braced Euro maple body, US luthier built, best buy SOLD

1990 Martin D-40BLE, Brazilian body, one of 50, a cannon, pristine condition SOLD

2004 Andersen Oval 16, innovative design with exceptional bass and sustain, stereo mag/piezo pickup system SOLD

2006 Sadowsky Jim Hall Model, hot new 16" pro guitar, hard to find, immaculate SOLD

2003 Lacey Bay City, ornate 18" X-braced masterpiece, abalone binding, highly figured body SOLD

1935 Gibson L-10, very rare model, X-braced top, 1 3/4" nut, checkerboard binding, exceptionally resonant voice, great neck SOLD

1990 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, spruce top, ebony board, gold hardware, Benedetto built-in humbucker SOLD

1936 Epiphone Deluxe, very early 17" model with ultra-rare fan inlays, immaculate restoration SOLD

1946 Epiphone Blackstone, rare 16" amber blonde, gorgeous SOLD

1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, flame body, desirable built-in PAF version, now out of production SOLD

2004 Gibson '57 Les Paul Goldtop VOS, fanatically accurate recreation of the coveted PAF goldtop, superb with tags SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, rare blonde finish, tiger flame back, pretty SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, floating Armstrong humbucker, violin finish, fast neck, best buy SOLD

1993 Martin MC-68, rare tiger flame cutaway with 45 style abalone headstock, handsome and versatile SOLD

1996 Martin D-42, ornate abalone snowflake inlay, scalloped X-bracing, gorgeous SOLD

1947 Gibson L-5E, rarest L-5 variant ever, superb condition, exceptional voice SOLD

2006 Eastman 803-15, all solid, all carved, built-in Armstrong humbucker, comfy 15" body, unbelievable price! SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-175D, exceptionally fine one owner guitar, twin Pat # pickups, sweet 60's broad slim neck profile SOLD

1959 Epiphone Deluxe, first year, one of 6, rare example with solid top and back, gold DeArmond, great voice and neck SOLD

1988 Guild Manhattan X-170, rare slimline 17" model, flamed amber blonde, mint SOLD

1960's Epiphone Deluxe, Kalamazoo body, New York neck. SOLD

1948 Vega C-71, rare blonde finish, 17" carved top, extravagant flame, Armstrong floating pickup SOLD

1937 Gibson L-12, X-braced 17" body, rare art deco design, big bass and sustain SOLD

1999 Lacey Seven String 18, featherlight acoustic masterpiece, as played by Howard Alden SOLD

1997 McCurdy Moderna, stunning 16" highly quilted all carved body, wide neck, custom f-hole plugs SOLD

1999 Roberts 17 CES, hybrid Wes Montgomery/Johnny Smith design, all carved, US made, outstanding value SOLD

2006 Eastman 805C, 16" acoustic powerhouse, great neck, best buy SOLD

1947 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe, stunning original example, extravagant flame, ornate inlay SOLD

2005 Devoe 17, all solid, all carved 17" X-braced body, highly figured maple, best buy SOLD

1998 Guild Artist Award, mint, blonde, and flamey, J.Smith pu SOLD

2005 Gagnon Ventura 16, featherlight, highly figured, all carved beauty SOLD

1973 Fender Stratocaster, rosewood board, early three bolt guitar, clean as a whistle SOLD

1995 Jean-Pierre Favino, highly figured mahogany body, legendary French luthier SOLD

2006 Shelley Park Encore, long scale, oval sound port in side, solid rosewood body, Koa binding, Bigtone, boomer SOLD

1990 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion, semi-hollow, deep cutaway, the jazz box that rocks SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, 17" walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, fine restoration, bright voice SOLD

1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, flamed body, built-in humbucker version now out of production, nice SOLD

1941 Epiphone Deluxe, exceptional tone, highly figured body, rare segmented cloud inlays SOLD

2001 PRS McCarty Hollowbody I, rare full depth model, solid spruce top, upgrade mag/piezo pickup system, gold hardware, mint SOLD

1990's D'Angelico NYL-2, solid top, flamed body, rare early example, now out of production, pretty SOLD

2002 Gibson L-4CES, highly flamed body, solid carved top, smooth tone SOLD

2000 Heritage Super Eagle, 18" X-braced beauty from former Gibson craftsmen SOLD

2002 Patrick James Eggle "Inver", ornate presentation guitar, museum looks, concert hall voice SOLD

2000 Comins Concert, extravagant quilted maple body, clear open voice, sweet neck, gorgeous SOLD

1947 Gibson L-48, rare flamed mahogany body, K&K piezo pickups, immaculate! SOLD

2004 Collings SJ, killer flame, retro looks, big ol' voice SOLD

2005 Taylor T5-C1 Custom, versatile thinline with mag/piezo combo, flame maple top SOLD

1976 Gibson ES-335TD, rare burgundy wine finish, Bigsby vibrola, pretty SOLD

1968 Guild X-175B Manhattan, rare blonde version, handsome original 60's Rhode Island guitar SOLD

1999 Martin D-28 Golden Era, Brazilian! Adirondack top, boomer, limited edition SOLD

1941 Epiphone Triumph, chevron flame back, veteran player, wide open voice SOLD

1975 Guild X-500, time-capsule Rhode Island guitar, stunning SOLD

2006 Webb 17, stunning woods, big acoustic voice, super neck SOLD

1951 D'Angelico Excel, rare solid birdseye back, fast neck, superb restoration SOLD

1997 Guild Artist Award, custom transparent cherry sunburst, Johnny Smith pickup, pristine SOLD

2006 Trenier Magnolia, top-of-the line 18" classic, big fine voice, sweet neck SOLD

1943 Epiphone Broadway, intensely quilted back, powerful voice, Armstrong floating pu SOLD

2005 Trenier Magnolia 17 , splendid 17" version of the big Magnolia; no more at this price SOLD

1992 Guild X-500, blonde 17" twin pickup, flame maple body, spanky clean SOLD

2003 Northwood MJ-80, spectacular tiger maple body, slim neck, sweet sounder. SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare blonde, all carved, big voice, gorgeous SOLD

1975 Gibson ES-355 TDSV, Gibson's ultimate thinline, in its rarest color, nice SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, amber blonde boomer, nice pretty one SOLD

1965 Epiphone Howard Roberts, blonde! first year, solid carved top, feather light, fabulous tone SOLD

1969 Epiphone Howard Roberts, rare original blonde, one of 16, solid carved top, under-the bed condition SOLD

1976 Gibson ES-175D, rare all blonde maple neck version, super clean SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-175D, fine humbucker conversion with vintage Gibson Pat # pickups, perfect neck SOLD

1942 D'Angelico Style "A", extravagant tiger flame, parallel braced boomer, wonderful original condition SOLD

2005 Acoustic Image SL-R/Raezer's Edge Twin 8 Cabinet, the state of the art jazz amp/cabinet combo SOLD

1939 Epiphone Triumph, extravagant blonde restoration with ornate abalone binding SOLD

1977 Gibson Howard Roberts Artist, long scale, ebony board, gold hardware, rare burgundy wine finish, super clean w/warranty card SOLD

1959 Epiphone Broadway, First year Kalamazoo guitar with original NY Epiphone parts, rare and clean SOLD

c. 1950s Vega E-401 Duo-Tron, tiger maple 17" body, unique dual floating pickup system, very rare example SOLD

2000 Tacoma AJF22CES, all-solid, all carved US made cutaway, EMG floater, no longer available SOLD

1999 Lacey Arch Nouveau Prototype, innovative 16" cutaway with side mounted soundholes, DA 1000 pickup. First one ever, signed by the maker. SOLD

2004 Hofner Jazzica Custom, 16" carved European spruce top, innovative tapered body, floating humbucker, fine acoustic voice SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-175D, last full year for P-90 pickups, all original, under-the-bed condition SOLD

1992 Andersen Metro Special, rare model, Adirondack top, light weight, great voice, clean lines SOLD

1924 Gibson L-4, true Loar era 12 fret model, astounding deep voice, very handsome example SOLD

1969 Gibson L-7C, pristine one owner guitar, DA 1100 pickup! SOLD

1967 Epiphone Howard Roberts, rare debut edition with solid carved top, original Johnny Smith pickup SOLD

2002 Fender D'Aquisto Deluxe, rare made in USA version from Fender Custom Shop, pristine SOLD

1996 Guild Stewart X-700, sunburst, twin pickup, scratch and dent demo, one only SOLD

1941 Epiphone Emperor, rare Masterbilt era example with segmented inlays, big flame, big voice SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, big voice, Armstrong floating humbucker included, best buy SOLD

1944 Epiphone Triumph, rare wartime blonde with big flame SOLD

Wechter Elite Nylon, solid cedar top, innovative US made 19 fret body w/onboard Fishman pickup SOLD

2003 Bourgeois A-350, sunburst 17" all carved cutaway, floating Armstrong humbucker, mint SOLD

2005 Gibson ES-175, exceptional flame, great player, mint SOLD

1997 Gibson L-5CES, the classic, AAA flame, mint, sweet fat tone SOLD

2003 Jim Triggs Gypsy, highly figured maple body, rare model from distinguished builder SOLD

2002 Benedetto Benny, chambered body, Van Eps style string damper, the solid body jazzer SOLD

1940 Vega C-66, exquisite restoration, ornate model, fast neck SOLD

1992 Guild X-500 Stuart, original Rhode Island guitar, flamed, pretty and mint SOLD

2004 Devoe 16, blonde, all carved cutaway w/custom Duncan PAF, as new SOLD

1996 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, flame top, desirable mounted pickup version no longer available SOLD

1978 Gibson Byrdland, rare wine finish, fast neck, all original SOLD

2002 Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton, signature model w/ EMG active pickup system SOLD

1939 Gibson L-5P, first year cutaway, astounding figured body, J.Smith pickup, one of 40. SOLD

1959 Epiphone Broadway, blonde! one of the first 19 made, earliest mini-humbuckers, original paperwork, under-the-bed condition SOLD

2006 Trenier Broadway, a legend, re-envisioned by hot new builder SOLD

2000 Melo EM3 D'Aquisto Supreme, museum design wonder SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, clean blonde bomber SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, rare first issue blonde with original Schaller D'Aquisto pickup SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, lovingly maintained one owner wonder SOLD

1951 Epiphone Devon, immaculate example, big voice, Armstrong floating pu SOLD

Mid-30's LaSalle Model "C", highly ornate extra deep 16" body, all carved, ultra-rare brand SOLD

1969 Gibson L-5CES, immaculate orange label classic, fast neck SOLD

1977 Gibson L-5CES, classic pre-Nashville L-5 SOLD

1948 Fleta Archtop. Bigger than a Stromberg. Incredibly light and responsive, impossibly rare. SOLD

Mid-50's Vega E-201, astounding new-old-stock condition, solid carved top, with Bendetto pickup SOLD

1948 Gibson Super 300, first year, huge open voice, sweet neck, one of 28 SOLD

1945 Epiphone Deluxe, blonde, noncut, Bartolini pickup, flamed SOLD

1934 Epiphone Broadway, last 16" walnut body, 3 banner Masterbilt headstock, handsome SOLD

1967 Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo, lightweight boomer, fast neck, pretty SOLD

1977 Ibanez L-5CN, rare solid top model, birdseye back, signed label, exquisite SOLD

2002 Victor Baker Model 16, European maple, all hand carved, one only SOLD

1967 Epiphone Howard Roberts, original version with solid carved top, original Johnny Smith pu, clean and pretty SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, bearclaw top, Armstrong floating PAF, clean, barks! SOLD

1938 Vega C-66, rare solid back 17" flamed body, carved top, fast neck, gorgeous SOLD

1936 Gibson L-7, 17" X-braced "Advanced Model", picture frame inlays, luscious voice, stunning condition SOLD

2001 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery, just the pickup that counts, mint SOLD

1996 Dupont MD30, solid rosewood body, long scale, Bigtone pickup, original Maurice Dupont label SOLD

1950 Epiphone Zenith, with ultra-rare original NY Epiphone floating pickguard pickup SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, all original, big clear voice, very handsome SOLD

1947 Gibson L-5, brilliant bubble maple back, last fat script logo, gorgeous SOLD

1952 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, all original, NY pu, clean SOLD

1968 Gibson ES-345TDC, great condition, lightning neck, one owner since 1972. SOLD

1979 Gibson ES-175D, the classic, all original, nice and clean SOLD

2000 Gibson ES-346 rare model with all-solid tone chamber neck-through construction, flame top SOLD

1944 Epiphone Olympic, rare wartime model, all original, hard to find SOLD

2005 Shelley Park Encore, solid rosewood body, Englemann top, curly Koa binding, stunning SOLD

1959 Gibson Super 400CN, original blonde from '59: the guitar the record books forgot. Immaculate one owner, Pat # pickup added. SOLD

1945 Gibson L-7, outstanding 100% original wartime guitar, big fine voice SOLD

c.2004 D'Aquisto New Yorker, classic looks, as-new condition SOLD

1962 Guild CA-100, rare 16" carved top with original Guild DeArmond Rhythm Chief pickup SOLD

1938 Vega C-56, rare 16" all-solid flame maple body, ornate early inlay, big voice SOLD

1993 Guild Artist Award, blonde, AAA flame, mint SOLD

1989 Gibson L-5CES, the look, the sound, the legend SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7C, owner's high school guitar, DeArmond Rhythm Chief, squeaky clean SOLD

1945 Epiphone Deluxe, smoke tanned and played-in to perfection, stupendous tone. SOLD

2003 Gibson L-5CES, exceptional flame, immaculate condition SOLD

Michael Dunn Belleville Nylon, 14 fret, long scale nylon string classic, new w/warranty SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, rare 17" walnut body boomer, Masterbilt headstock SOLD

1953 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, first year blonde, babied condition SOLD

1948 Gibson L-50, Gibson's most popular archtop, great example SOLD

1937 Gibson L-50, actual guitar played in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown, great big voice, with papers SOLD

1954 Epiphone Century, first year blonde, pristine condition SOLD

1943-4 Gibson J-45, unusual wartime all-mahogany jumbo, banner headstock, parallelogram inlays SOLD

1937 Gibson L-7, X-braced, picture frame inlays, rare deco tailpiece, clean and original SOLD

2005 Webb 17", AAA flame stunner from meticulous Oregon builder, best buy SOLD

1933 Gibson L-5, exceptional voice, magnificent flame, all original hardware SOLD

1940 Vega C-56, flame back, all original hardware, slim neck, star inlay SOLD

1939 Vega C-56, 17" sunburst, rare Martin-style peghead, highly figured, clean SOLD

1995 Heritage Johnny Smith Rose, big flame, great player, model no longer available SOLD

2005 Trenier 17' Custom, all European tonewood, maple binding, new w/warranty, best buy! SOLD

c.2000 Eastman 810CE, 17" all carved, highly flamed, Armstrong floater, super value SOLD

2003 Shelley Park Encore Brazilian, 640mm scale, Schatten and Bigtone pickups, gorgeous SOLD

1945 Epiphone Broadway, exceptional volume, classic looks, a true horn slayer. SOLD

2003 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery, sweet, flamed and ready to go SOLD

1934 Epiphone Triumph, last 16" body, rare block logo, Masterbilt label, clean SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-330TDC, all original, fast neck, feather light, cherry! SOLD

2000 Fender D'Aquisto Ultra, all solid, all carved, made in USA, one of 29 total SOLD

2000 Moll Express Custom, big 27" scale, 16 fret neck, massive voice SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, nice clean example, Armstrong floating humbucker, barks SOLD

1934 Epiphone Tudor, rarest Epi model ever, one of the two known examples, museum quality restoration SOLD

1959 Epiphone Triumph Cutaway, astounding time capsule condition, first year Kalamazoo guitar SOLD

1934 Gibson L-7, rare 16" version, 20's L-5 tone at a fraction of the price SOLD

2000 Comins Classic, new guitar looks, old guitar voice, superb SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, under-the-bed condition, barks! SOLD

2005 Trenier Magnolia, 18" X-braced, AAA flame, gorgeous SOLD

1988 Benedetto Fratello, jazz legend Jack Wilkins' personal guitar SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7P, first year cutaway, with first year McCarty floating pickup, Gibson's first modern archtop SOLD

2003 Gibson Herb Ellis ES-165, burgundy, original built-in PAF version no longer available SOLD

c.1949 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, vintage looks, modern performance, player's price SOLD

1998 Andersen Little Archie, 3 lb. 13 oz. of pure jazz heaven. SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7, bright voice, comfy neck, figured maple back SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, gorgeous blonde beauty, big voice, very clean example SOLD

2001 Michael Dunn Daphne, 14 fret, long scale, lightweight African Pauduk body, loud! SOLD

1977 Gibson Howard Roberts Artist, ebony fingerboard, long scale, ornate headstock SOLD

1966 Epiphone Casino, tremendous under-the-bed condition SOLD

2004 Moll Working Man's Hero, big flame, fabulous neck, great price, all USA made SOLD

1998 Moll Express 7 String, 18" body, AAA flame, Moll's very first 7 string SOLD

1938 D'Angelico New Yorker, A masterpiece. SOLD

1939 Gibson Super 400, last of the X-braced models, exceptional deep rich voice SOLD

1950 Gibson L-48, featherlight wonder w/Armstrong floating humbucker SOLD

1997 Unger American Dream 7 String, 16" birdseye maple top, floating Benedetto humbucker, hard to find 7 string version SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, sunburst, stunning wartime guitar, loud SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7, last year fat script logo, big full voice SOLD

2003 Michael Dunn Belleville, legendary builder's only sunburst guitar SOLD

2003 Buscarino Gigmaster, 17" body, built-in pickup, superb neck, feedback buster SOLD

1936 Gibson L-7, X-braced 17" body, picture frame inlays, all original, clear open voice SOLD

1934 Gibson L-5 Kress, jazz pioneer Carl Kress' personal guitar, super ornate inlays, wide neck, astounding tone. SOLD

2002 Devoe 17, all carved, tap tuned, big flame, handmade in USA, steal it SOLD

1975 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom, first year rare wine red finish, immaculate SOLD

1967 Gibson ES-345, the guitar that time forgot, uncanny SOLD

2004 Heritage H-575 Custom, solid carved spruce top, mahogany body, gold hardware, best buy SOLD

1975 Guild X-500, 30 year old unsold new old stock guitar, mint SOLD

1966 Martin D-28, the real deal, Brazilian body, big voice, super condition, last year tortoise guard. SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, best buy in a true vintage carved top, barks! SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite first year issue, original Schaller pickup SOLD

1935 Epiphone Broadway, 16" black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, brilliant tone, exceptional looks SOLD

2005 Trenier Broadway, 16" black walnut Epi style body, sleek D'Aquisto lines. Brilliant voice. New w/ lifetime warranty. SOLD

1998 Larrivee D10B, true Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian price. Ornate inlay, pristine. SOLD

2005 Trenier Broadway, 16" black walnut Epi style body, sleek D'Aquisto lines. Brilliant voice. New w/ lifetime warranty. SOLD

1974 Gibson Super 400 CES, great neck, buttery tone, immaculate condition SOLD

1948 Gibson L-50, Gibson's most popular archtop, sweet example SOLD

1994 Gibson Tal Farlow, gorgeous SOLD

1929 Gibson L-4, all original, highly flamed back, great open voice SOLD

1930 Gibson L-4, nice newer finish, Pick Up The World piezo pickup SOLD

1977 Gibson Super 400 CES, bronze blonde beauty... SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, huge voice, lush flame, our best price in years SOLD

ca. 1930 Epiphone Model 4. And no, we've never seen one either. Impossibly rare early model with enormous voice. SOLD

2002 Shelley Park Montmartre, her largest body style, long scale, Bigtone pickup, exquisite SOLD

2000 Heritage Golden Eagle, flamed body; all-solid, all-carved US quality at a working player's price SOLD

1945 Gibson L-7, spectacular woods, handsome L-5 style sunburst SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, deep amber blonde, great player SOLD

1994 Campellone Special, art deco masterpiece, stunning bookmatched AAA flame maple SOLD

1942 Epiphone Triumph, museum condition example, rare tight quilted maple back SOLD

2000 Unger American Legend, all European tonewoods, violin finish, exquisite X-braced creation SOLD

1934-35 D'Angelico "Exel", one of a kind, extremely ornate engraved inlay and pickguard, exquisite example of the master's earliest work SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-150, rare solid back version, 17" body, original P-90, flamed SOLD

1948 Gibson L-48, rare flamed mahogany body, uncanny pristine condition, feather light SOLD

2004 Moll Classic Custom 16, presentation grade AAA tiger flame body, comfy size, big voice SOLD

1949 Gibson L-12 Premiere, gorgeous birdseye maple, big voice, one of 19, clean and rare. SOLD

Lowden S25J Jazz Model, 14 fret neck, comfy radiused fingerboard, onboard pickup, George Lowden original label SOLD

1984 Ibanez George Benson GB-10, clean original series example, signed label. Comfy, versatile, sweet neck. SOLD

1978 Gibson ES-175T, sunburst, 1 7/8" depth, rare thinline version of the jazz classic SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Standard, sunburst, original Schaller pickups, mint SOLD

1955 Epiphone Harry Volpe, Epi's only artist model, original DeArmond pickup, superb example SOLD

2002 Gibson ES-346 Paul Jackson Signature, tiger maple top, hollowed mahogany body, as new SOLD

2001 Martin OM-21, our favorite size flat top, mint with figured rosewood body SOLD

2003 Trenier Magnolia, 18" lap piano from hot new builder. New w/ lifetime warranty. SOLD

1940 Epiphone Broadway, rare variant with 17" walnut body and center-dip head. Great voice. SOLD

1943 Gibson L-50, rare solid back model with huge tiger flame, squeaky clean and snappy SOLD

1966 Epiphone Triumph A412, solid carved top, lightning neck, genuine Dearmond 1100 floating pickup SOLD

1978 Gibson L-5CES, time-capsule guitar from original owner SOLD

1999 Heritage Sweet 16, all solid, all carved, true US made guitar at unbeatable price. SOLD

1996 Andersen Oval, rare cedar top version, innovative design with exceptional sustain and bass SOLD

2002 Huss and Dalton 00-SP Custom, ornate rosewood parlor guitar, abalone torch peghead SOLD

1936 D'Angelico Style A, exceptional example, all original, massive voice, stunning SOLD

1997 Comins Classic, X-braced, tap tuned wonder from premiere contemporary builder SOLD

2003 Gibson Tal Farlow, 3-D flame, long scale, as-new, signed Custom Shop label SOLD

2003 Gibson Lee Ritenour Signature L-5. Roll over, Gobel! Slim 15 1/2" thinline body, all-carved, fiddleback flame SOLD

1949 Gibson L-4C, first year issue, nice clean guitar, great neck and tone SOLD

1934 Epiphone Broadway, rare black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, barks! SOLD

2002 Fender Custom Shop D'Aquisto Deluxe, scarce US made version, flame maple body, as new SOLD

1985 Martin J40-12M, first year, 17" jumbo rosewood body, abalone inlays, huge sound SOLD

1938 Epiphone Emperor, astounding flame, Masterbilt headstock, rare engraved tailpiece, tiger guard SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7 Premiere, rare first year cutaway, nice old Johnny Smith pickup SOLD

2001 Comins Classic, 17" X-braced beauty from premier American builder SOLD

2003 Devoe 7 String Custom, AAA tiger flame, 18" X-braced body, Armstrong floating pickup SOLD

2002 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, ebony board, gold hardware, L-5 style tailpiece, as new SOLD

early 50's DiMauro Cutaway, true Paris gypsy guitar, distinctive triangular soundhole SOLD

1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, the classic jazzer, autographed by the legend himself SOLD

2001 Tacoma AJF-28C, US made all-solid, all carved archtop, EMG floating pickup, best buy SOLD

1955 Epiphone Zephyr Cutaway, sunburst, one DeArmond single coil pickup, pretty SOLD

1997 Guild Artist Award, exceptional tiger flame, as new. SOLD

1994 Guild Artist Award, fiddleback maple, Rhode Island blonde, as new SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, magnificent voice, rare transitional model SOLD

1950 ES-350 Original blonde! Pristine one-owner guitar, three knob, flamed throughout SOLD

1977 Ibanez L-5, desirable solid top version, Tamura signed label SOLD

1960 Guild A-350, rare model, pristine example, original DeArmond Rhythm Chief, engraved tuners. SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, all original blonde w/floating Armstrong pickup SOLD

Foster St. Charles Avenue 7 String, 15" thinline body, Armstrong humbucker, feather light, fast neck SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph, wonderful example in superb condition SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, highly figured maple back, superb condition, Armstrong floating PAF SOLD

2000 Shelley Park Encore Brazilian, dramatic figured body, flame maple neck, long scale, Bigtone pickup, pristine SOLD

2000 Gallagher Doc Watson Model, hand crafted African mahogany boomer, 1 3/4" neck, just like Doc's SOLD

1938 Epiphone Emperor, extravagant tiger flame body, Masterbilt headstock, stunning. SOLD

1946 Epiphone Emperor, massive body and voice, rare bubble maple back, true horn killer SOLD

2003 Eastman 810CE, all-solid, all-carved, X-braced, outstanding flame, impossible price SOLD

1979 Gibson Super V/BJB, first year, one of 43, great player, great buy. SOLD

2000 Shelley Park Elan 14, Indian rosewood, 14 fret long scale neck, Bigtone pickup, immaculate SOLD

Trenier 17 Cutaway, hand carved, tap tuned, all handmade in US, scoop this upcoming builder now SOLD

1937 Epiphone Triumph, quilted maple back, snowflake inlay, big clear voice, immaculate restoration SOLD

1932 Gibson L-4, feather light, resonant beauty, sweet open voice. SOLD

1998 D'Angelico NYL-2, as new with tags, includes deluxe hardshell case SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare cutaway version, birdseye back, great tone SOLD

1930 Gibson L-4, 16" sunburst round hole archtop, feather light, Armstrong floating pickup SOLD

1979 Gibson Kalamazoo Award, varnish finish, AAA quilted maple, Gibson's scarcest archtop ever. SOLD

1951 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, flame body, NY pickups, Emperor inlays, deep amber finish, gorgeous SOLD

1996 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, first year reissue of Gibson's most elaborate electric archtop, flamed! SOLD

1988 Guild Stuart X-500, great full body jazzer, the L-5CES for the working player SOLD

1938 Vega C-66, extravagant flame maple body, shooting star peghead inlay, museum condition SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-150, all original 17" long scale full body boomer with P-90 pickup SOLD

1935 Epiphone Triumph, tiger flame, last year for 16" Masterbilt body, this guitar featured in Epiphone: The House of Stathopoulo SOLD

1998 John Kinnard Frank Hicks Model, unique hybrid design, profound flame, Benedetto floating pickup SOLD

1934 Epiphone Broadway, solid black walnut body, banner inlay, Masterbilt headstock, brilliant voice SOLD

ca. 1934 National Tricone Style 1, rare round neck version in stunning original condition SOLD

1952 Gibson Super 300, exceptionally deep open voice, all original, one of 22 SOLD

1937 Gibson Super 400, small upper bout, extremely ornate, last of the original design guitars SOLD

1941 Vega C-56, squeaky clean example, slim neck, bright clear tone. SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, original Schaller/D'Aquisto pickup, two point guard, tiger flame SOLD

1940 Gibson L-50, rare version with solid birdseye back, sideways side burst, all original SOLD

1952-59 Les Paul Standard, tiger flame top, elegant older burst conversion with vintage Gibson parts SOLD

c.1995 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, factory PAF style pickup, rounded guard, tiger flame, as new SOLD

1951 Gibson L-48, early version with solid carved spruce top, great action, smooth warm tone SOLD

1935 Epiphone Deluxe, ultra-rare last Masterbilt version with fan inlays, sumptuous flame body, all original hardware, big voice. SOLD

2000 Gibson "Charlie Christian" Super 400CES, custom shop stunner with factory Charlie Christian pickup, as new. SOLD

1940 Epiphone Deluxe, very early blonde, exceptional flame, cloud inlays, loud! SOLD

1992 Gibson Herb Ellis, tiger flame, personally autographed by the man himself SOLD

2003 Campellone 16 Custom, X-braced 16" body, 1 3/4" nut, classic deco styling. SOLD

1933 Epiphone Blackstone, earliest version, Masterbilt label, 100% original, museum condition, rare! SOLD

1977 Ibanez L-5CN, solid top version of the suppressed "lawsuit" guitar, Armstrong floating PAF. SOLD

1950 Gibson L-5, one-off factory custom, 17" body, Super 400 trim, ebony finish, tortoise shell binding. Who knew? SOLD

Jacques Favino Thinline Electric, ultra-rare 50's-60's creation from #1 postwar Paris gypsy jazz luthier SOLD

2003 Gibson L-4CES, solid carved spruce top, highly flamed, L-5 trim, as new SOLD

1932 Epiphone Royal, our earliest Epi ever. Extremely rare model, and a great player to boot, on consignment. SOLD

1945 Epiphone Spartan, rare 16" solid handcarved black walnut body, like prewar Broadway, bright loud voice. SOLD

2001 Shelley Park Encore, long scale petite bouche Gypsy jazz guitar from brilliant builder, as new SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7, dramatic tiger flame body, floating Armstrong pickup, gorgeous SOLD

1937 Gibson L-50, Actual guitar from Woody Allen film "Sweet and Lowdown", a terrific prewar archtop, on consignment. SOLD

1967 Gibson ES-335, nice clean axe from the Summer of Love. True vintage humbuckers, sweet fast neck. SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare cutaway model with the acoustic power of a non-cut, gorgeous SOLD

30's Bacon and Day Ramona, rare ornate prewar model with solid carved Brazilian Rosewood body. SOLD

2000 Michael Dunn Belleville, long scale Petite Bouche model with Bigtone pickup. Loud and gorgeous. SOLD

1991 Gibson L-5CES, highly flamed example of the ultimate electric jazz guitar, Master Model label, clean, SOLD

1951 Epiphone Devon, gleaming condition, rare model, solid carved top, best buy SOLD

1965 Gibson ES-330, 100% original, from collection of Duke Robillard. SOLD

1938 Epiphone Triumph, Masterbilt label, extravagant flame, customized abalone binding SOLD

1933 Epiphone Triumph Masterbilt, ultra-rare earliest version with 15" black walnut body, banner inlay SOLD

1939 Vega C-56, rare, only year for 17" body with shooting star peghead. Lightweight, fast neck, clean and gorgeous. SOLD

1941 Epiphone Triumph, gorgeous cello style sunburst over tiger flame body, outstanding dry open tone, piezo pickup SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, gorgeous sunburst, big clear voice, sweet neck, tweed case SOLD

2003 Dale Unger American Dream, hand made, great buy, as new, no wait. SOLD

Schwartz 18" Cutaway, big flame, very light weight and resonant, X-braced, body like early Super 400 SOLD

c.1936 Gibson L-10, 17" X-braced body, checkerboard binding, deco tailpiece, Gibson's rarest prewar archtop. SOLD

1937 Gibson ES-150, the first electric jazz guitar, original Charlie Christian pickup, gleaming condition SOLD

1949 Epiphone Emperor, superb example, magnificent voice, great neck SOLD

1951 Epiphone Devon, rare model, top value in a true vintage carved-top guitar. Loud! SOLD

Grimm 17" Cutaway, best buy all carved guitar from upcoming Idaho builder SOLD

1985 Fender D'Aquisto Elite, as new, no longer available SOLD

1940 Epiphone Triumph, killer tone, gorgeous flame SOLD

1966 Epiphone Casino, all original, P-90 pickup, fast neck, feather-light and gorgeous SOLD

1940 Vega C-66, under-the-bed condition, gorgeous flame, sleek neck profile, bright voice SOLD

1949 Gibson ES-350, 2 P-90's, long scale, gorgeous, favorite of boppers and bluesmen. SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, all solid, all carved, Benedetto floating pickup, our most popular Epi ever. HOLD

1974 Castelluccia Petit Bouche, rare Paris oval hole Selmer style, Brazilian rosewood body, magnificent voice SOLD

1999 Gibson ES-175, all gold hardware model no longer available, AAA flame SOLD

1993 Guild X-150 Savoy, last of the pre-Fender Guilds, as-new condition SOLD

1966 Epiphone Triumph Regent, one of four oval hole examples made, like Howard Roberts with 17" body and long scale. SOLD

1951 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, big flame, all original, gorgeous SOLD

1950 Gibson Super 400, one of just 13 blondes that year, the ultimate big band boomer. SOLD

1954 Gibson L-7CN, astoundingly deep, rich acoustic voice; feather-light, highly flamed, magnificent example of a rare model. SOLD

1939 Epiphone Broadway, Masterbilt headstock, last year walnut body, this guitar featured in the Epiphone book "House of Stathopoulo" SOLD

1970's Gibson Johnny Smith, true player's axe, solid black finish. SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-175DN, amber blonde with twin P-90 pickups, very handsome example SOLD

1968 Guild A-350, showroom quality, all carved, ultra-rare, one of 8 that year. SOLD

1947 Epiphone Deluxe, Flamed, gorgeous, museum condition. One-owner California guitar: the ultimate pristine machine. SOLD

1945 Epiphone Emperor, blonde, extravagant flame, killer tone SOLD

1935 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, Fan inlays! Ultra-rare transitional model with unique combination of features. SOLD

1991 Gibson ES-175, all gold hardware version no longer available, as new. SOLD

1962 Gibson L-50, solid carved flame maple back, solid carved spruce top, Fishman pickup included. Best buy! SOLD

Yamaha Martin Taylor AEX-1500, unique combo mag/piezo pickup system, super versatile, great neck. SOLD

1964 Gretsch Double Anniversary 6117, under the bed example, all original, Hi Lo 'Tron pickups SOLD

2002 D'Angelico NYL-2, solid X-braced top, art deco styling, unbeatable value. SOLD

1964 Gibson ES-125, spanky clean jazz/blues/swing box, true vintage Gibson at a player's price SOLD

1947 Vega C-71 Duo Tron, 17" carved top, extravagant flame, very rare model SOLD

1954 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, rare late version with cloud inlay, floral headstock, 2 NY pickups, very clean SOLD

1960 Gretsch Sal Salvador, 17" solid top, floating pickup, very rare artist model. SOLD

1938 Epiphone Broadway, rare 17" black walnut body, Masterbilt headstock, stunning SOLD

1984 Fender D'Aquisto, original issue, super working axe, designed by the legendary innovator. SOLD

1941 Vega C-71, spectacular tiger flame body, gold hardware, rare model, great player SOLD

1968 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, carved top, rarer and more ornate than L-5, one of four made that year. SOLD

1948 Gibson L-4, big voice, small package, all original, light weight boomer SOLD

early 50's Patenotte Grand Bouche, Gypsy jazz guitar from celebrated French builder.SOLD

1968 Gibson Johnny Smith, clean, elegant, original example with a fabulous neck. SOLD

1939 Epiphone Zenith, 16 3/8" walnut body, handcarved bearclaw spruce top, Masterbilt label, big bright voice SOLD

1965 Gibson Firebird I, first year non-reverse body, 100% original blues machine SOLD

ca.1935 Gibson L-7, very early 17 inch "advanced model", X-braced, ornate inlay, gorgeous warm clear voice SOLD

c.1966 Epiphone Howard Roberts, rare original issue, carved-top, original J. Smith pickup, one of 24 SOLD

1934 Gibson L-5 Reissue, 16" spectacular AAA flame body, 1 3/4" nut, immaculate work SOLD

1952 Gibson Super 400N, incredible tone, 3-D flame maple, one of 11, exceptionally fine neck SOLD

1945 Gibson L-5, deep bubble birdseye maple back, extraordinary sunburst, sleek neck profile SOLD

Grimm 17 Cutaway, huge flame, great voice, a best buy American hand-carved guitar SOLD

1997 Bourgeois A-500, exquisite AAA tiger flame, X-braced creation from top acoustic builder. SOLD

1966 Epiphone Riviera, all original, twin humbuckers, lightning neck, very clean. SOLD

1940 Epiphone Emperor, rare prewar blonde, fiddleback flame, opulent voice, gorgeous big band veteran. SOLD

1948 Gibson Super 300, first year, rare model, one of 28, museum condition, superb player SOLD

1945 Epiphone Deluxe, huge flame, magnificent voice, formerly owned by Bob Shane of Kingston Trio SOLD

2000 Comins Concert X-braced 17" Benedetto style cutaway, handsome violin style finish SOLD

1950 Gibson ES-150, 17" full depth body, long scale, original P-90 pickup, tiger flame back SOLD

1938 Epiphone Triumph, early 17" model, with rare engraved tailpiece, fast neck, gorgeous SOLD

1936 L-4, 20's L-5 sound and feel, at a fraction of the price. SOLD

1947 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe, ultra flamed blonde with cloud inlays, rare Mastervoicer pickup SOLD

1952 Epiphone Triumph Regent, all carved, Armstrong floating PAF, very clean SOLD

1934 Gibson Super 400, played by Martin Taylor on Tone Poems II CD, ultra-rare first year model, extremely ornate, long scale, museum condition. SOLD

1977 Ibanez L-5CESN, flamed blonde, one-owner example of scarce "lawsuit" guitar SOLD

1945 Gibson L-7, exceptional voice, dramatic bubble maple, L-5 quality for the working player. SOLD

2000 Moll 17" Express, AAA tiger flame maple, piezo pickup, scalloped x-braces, save the 2 year wait SOLD

1940 Vega C-56, all original, 17" flame back and sides, hand carved top, slim neck SOLD

Shelley Park "Harlequin", one-of-a kind custom Gypsy jazz guitar, impossible flame, as heard on recordings by Pearl Django SOLD

1956 Gibson ES-125, best buy in a true full-depth Gibson jazz box, true 50's P-90 pickup. SOLD

1950's Vega E-201, rare 16" carved-top Venetian cutaway, Armstrong floating single coil pickup SOLD

1938 Vega C-56, last year 16" body, all solid tiger flame body, ornate inlay, immaculate SOLD

1943 Epiphone Triumph, tiger flame like Epi Deluxe, pro-played western swing wonder. SOLD

1946 Gibson L-5, sumptuous tiger flame, time-capsule guitar with original hang tag. SOLD

1939 Gibson Super 400 Reissue, AAA flame, signed Gibson Custom shop guitar, long unavailable, as new SOLD

1965 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst, tremolo, immaculate original with tags SOLD

1928 Gibson L-4, outstanding rich bass, feather light, first year for 14 fret neck, great action. SOLD

1970s Gibson Johnny Smith, rare blonde finish, one of nineteen, warm x-braced tone with a superb neck.SOLD

Yamaha Martin Taylor AEX-1500, as new, highly flamed, versatile twin mag/piezo pickup system, handy on-board preamp/mixer. SOLD

1936 Epiphone Emperor, first full year, Masterbuilt headstock, rare segmented tailpiece and prewar features SOLD

1978 Gibson Howard Roberts Artist. Rare blonde oval hole archtop, premium version of this Artist Model SOLD

1933 Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe, Earliest recorded example? Chevron flame back, super ornate inlay, rope binding, Masterbilt headstock SOLD

1957 L-7C, solid carved top, back and sides; big flame, twin humbuckers, immaculate. L-5CES performance at a working player's price. SOLD

1960 Albanus Cutaway, 17" carved flamed body, diagonal braced top, hand machined tuners, very rare guitar by Stromberg protege SOLD

c.1961 Albanus Cutaway, 17" X-braced flamed body, all carved, HR pickup, rare model from legendary Chicago builder SOLD

1995 Michael Dunn, oval hole Selmer style Django guitar, as played by Chet Atkins. Huge voice, exquisite craftsmanship SOLD

1930 Gibson L-5, all original, outstanding flame maple back and sides, superb tone. SOLD

1941 Epiphone Deluxe, first full year for blonde, extravagant flame, rare original nickel hardware, outstanding tone and action SOLD

1939 Gibson L-5, owned and played by jazz legend Al Caiola. Huge flame, DeArmond pickup. SOLD

1941 Vega C-56, prewar carved top with 50's factory appointments, orange lucite tuning keys. Too cool! SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7, powerful voice, perfect action, immaculate restoration. SOLD

1938 Epiphone Triumph, Masterbilt label, rare transitional 17" model, earliest Frequensator and truss rod, gleaming condition. SOLD

1940 Vega C-56, carved top, 17" body, fast neck, great buy SOLD

1949 Gibson L-4, astounding tone and volume, rare late 16" body, fast 175 style neck, feather-light carved top boomer. SOLD

1946 Epiphone Broadway, tiger stripe guard, big voice, great neck, player's favorite SOLD

1952 Gibson L-Type Custom, unique carved top cutaway combines L-5, L-12 and L-7 features, floating Armstrong pickup. SOLD

1959 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway, blonde, clouds, cutaway: the ultimate combo. First year, one of only fourteen (14) ever made. SOLD

1968 Gibson Super 400CN, one of three, museum quality, stupefying flame, one owner with original paperwork SOLD

1955 Gibson ES-175. The classic version of the most popular jazz guitar ever. Stunning time-capsule condition. SOLD

1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent, birdseye blonde cutaway with extra wide neck, floating humbucker. SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph. Blonde big band boomer with Armstrong floating pickup system. A cannon. SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7, big fat luscious voice, last of the prewar peghead logos SOLD

1952 Epiphone Triumph Regent, immaculate original New York cutaway, great voice SOLD

1934 Gibson L-5. The first jazz guitar, still unsurpassed in elegance. All original, big flame, magnificent voice. SOLD

1937 Epiphone Deluxe, 3-D flame, Masterbilt headstock, segmented clouds, rare and gorgeous SOLD

1957 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, three first year PAF pickups, immaculate museum condition SOLD

1936 Epiphone Spartan, first year, black walnut 16" body, Masterbilt label, fast neck, bright tone. SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare blonde cutaway, virtually unplayed, pristine example. SOLD

1949 Epiphone Broadway, very fine, abalone inlays, all-time player's favorite SOLD

1946 Epiphone Triumph, great voice and neck, rare postwar features. SOLD

1935 Epiphone Deluxe, extraordinary huge voice, intense flame, rare rope binding, last year for 16" body, great player. SOLD

1945 Epiphone Triumph, blonde big band veteran, extraordinarily powerful, big open voice SOLD

1944 Epiphone Triumph, 100% original one owner with original Epi warranty card, huge flame, extra guard with pickup. SOLD

c.1949 Epiphone Electar Zephyr Amplifier, very clean maple and walnut art deco masterpiece in perfect working condition. SOLD

1953 Epiphone Devon, sunburst, long scale 17" body, best buy ever in a true pro carved top SOLD

1989 Gibson ES-175DN, blonde finish beauty with '50's style mahogany back and neck. SOLD

1952 L-50, very shiny 16" guitar in time-capsule condition. Great action and tone. SOLD

1996 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion, lightning neck, the feel of a 175 with the reach of a 335, very clean SOLD

1970-5 Gibson L-5CN, deep amber blonde, all carved, effortless action, buttery tone, one of twenty total, superb SOLD

1933 Epiphone Triumph Masterbuilt, sunburst, 16 1/2" maple body, 1 3/4" nut, love these barkers SOLD

1940 Gibson L-7N, our earliest blonde ever, huge flame, enormous open buttery voice SOLD

c.1945 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe, sparkling blonde acoustic conversion with solid top, luscious flame. SOLD

1966 Gibson ES-125TC ES-175 tone at a fraction of the price. Ultra light, super fast neck, virtually unplayed. SOLD

1953 Gibson ES-175, most popular jazz box ever, in the classic single P-90 version, lightweight, clean and elegant. SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, big open voice, great neck. Our most popular model ever. SOLD

1998 Gibson Tal Farlow, spectacular tiger flame, as new condition w/original papers. SOLD

1944 Epiphone Triumph, rare wartime blonde with flame back, highly figured solid spruce top SOLD

1933 Epiphone Deluxe, banner headstock, rope binding, big flame, our earliest one ever. SOLD

1936 Epiphone Deluxe, Masterbilt headstock, segmented clouds, first 17" body, exquisite restoration. SOLD

1998 Andersen Metropolitan Special,AAA quilted back, clear open voice, rare model from a pre-eminent modern builder. SOLD

1959 Gibson ES-125, full depth noncut body, sunburst, 1 P-90, clean original SOLD

1953 Vega C-166 Cutaway, 17" carved top, highly flamed, very slim fast neck, rare beauty SOLD

1935 Epiphone Broadway Masterbuilt, rare black walnut body with early Masterbuilt styling. Cleanest original we've found. SOLD

1944 Gibson L-7, highly figured back, big open voice, rare wartime rosewood tailpiece, Armstrong floating pickup. SOLD

1948 Gibson L-48, sunburst, early example with solid carved top, 16" body, feather light SOLD

Foster Model A-1 Seven String, highly figured one-piece back, feather light, sweetest neck ever. SOLD

Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific, D-hole gypsy jazzer with resonator, an artwork. And it honks! SOLD

1998 Andersen Metropolitan Special, #226, AAA tiger flame, first one made, as new SOLD

1948 Gibson L-7, tiger flame back, warm, deep voice, pristine looks. Armstrong floating pickup. SOLD

1998 Dell'Arte Sweet Chorus, solid bookmatched rosewood, the outstanding value in a true gypsy jazzer. SOLD

1948 Epiphone Triumph, massive volume with exceptional bridge height, just a cannon. SOLD

1962 Gibson ES-335TD, twin Patent Applied For pickups, all original, stop tailpiece, squeaky clean. SOLD

1998 Gibson L-5CES, extravagant AAA tiger flame maple, one-owner guitar with original papers, near mint. SOLD

c.1949 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, ornate flame NY Epi body, factory Gibson L-5CES electronics and finish. SOLD

1943 Epiphone Blackstone, flame back, rare wartime version with oversize body and 1 3/4' nut, Armstrong floating humbucker SOLD

1951 Gibson ES-350, fat, flamy and gorgeous, twin P-90's, rare model, L-12P cosmetics SOLD

1949 Epiphone Emperor, deep amber blonde, 3-D flame maple, one owner pro guitar with a massive deep voice. The real deal. SOLD

1947 Gibson L-7, extravagant tiger flame maple, last year for the fat pearl script logo. Kent Armstrong floating pickup. SOLD

1941 Gibson L-7, blonde, very early natural finish, highly flamed, distinctive original hardware SOLD

1978 Gibson L-5CN, near mint amber blonde original with Gibson BJB floating humbucker. One of 19 made its year. SOLD

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