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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

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Serial #: A09175, stamped on chassis

Notes: Introduced in 1946 as the Model 26, the Fender Deluxe is the firm's most popular amplifier, and one of the oldest continuously produced models in company history. By 1948 the Deluxe was given its current name, and in 1963, the Deluxe Reverb model AB763, made its debut.

Fitted with an internal spring reverb tank and tremelo circuitry, the Deluxe Reverb was built with a blackface control panel until 1967. For many players, this version has been the holy grail of Fender amps, with the '65 Blackface one of the most popular reissues to this day.

Covered with the firm's signature black Tolex in excellent condition, the Deluxe features twin 6V6 power tubes, producing 22 watts. The original hand soldered point-to-point circuitry is in excellent condition as well, with code 606-513 on the original Schumacher transformer from March of 1965. The 12" Fender Special Design Oxford speaker, shows code 465-543 from April, 1965, and has been freshly reconed.

This handsome amp was kept since new in Bakersfield, CA, home of Buck and Merle, for decades. Freshly serviced and tested, the amp has a few of the smaller electrolytic caps recently replaced, along with the vintage correct silver grill cloth.

Accompanied with a recent black dual button foot swich for reverb and tremelo, this stunning amp is phenomenally powerful when cranked, and incomparably rich at lower volumes, making it a perennial favorite for studios and clubs alike. Even the original black vinyl Fender logo amp cover remains in excellent condition.

A remarkable find, from Fender's most iconic era. One only: call now.








































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