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For over a quarter century, we've had the pleasure of making friends all over the world with some sweet old guitars, painstaking workmanship, and free advice (a bargain at half the price.) We pack fanatically, ship internationally, and insure completely, door to door. Below are some unsolicited comments from a few of our farflung pals and correspondents. For letters from our successful consignment sellers, click here. If you'd like to share your experience here at archtop.com, please email your comments to [email protected]. Thanks to all for your kind words and unflagging support. -Joe Vinikow, archtop.com

Pictured: Brian Setzer, putting a '57 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster through its paces.

"Nice guitar. It passes!"

-Joe Pass, placing his benediction on a 1964 Gibson L-5CN

"These guitars sound amazing! Don't let me come back, or I'm gonna have to buy one."

-Larry Coryell, cheerfully coveting a 1953 Epiphone Emperor Regent

"My father owned an old Epiphone Deluxe, and I still play it. I've never seen this many nice guitars since Epi had the shop on West 14th Street."

-John Pisano (second from right), with four blondes, two brunettes, a big grin, and another pretty good picker. Life is good.

-Howard Alden, (at left) sharing a tune with Julie, in the company of a 1933 Epiphone Broadway. Why is this man smiling?
"Light makes right. The singing high end can't be beat! .... Very refined and suavecito." Ry Cooder, on the 1939 Prairie State archtop we were pleased to find for him.
"Dear Joe, Love the Epi! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. All the best" - Duke Robillard, Swing Blues Monster
"Hi Joe, Just stumbled into your website and had to drop you a quick note. I haven`t seen so many beautiful "F" holes in one location in a long long time...Bravo!! Wishing you continued success" - Bob Benedetto, Luthier Par Excellence
"That 1935 Broadway I got from you has more pepper than all my other guitars combined!" Marty Grosz, Chord Melody Maestro
 "Hey Joe, That blonde '53 Epiphone Triumph Cutaway is my new best friend!" -Whit Smith, Hot Club Of Cowtown
Joe, Thanks again for all your help in getting me the Epiphone Triumph. That guitar really speaks. I've played it with Wynton and the Jazz at Lincoln Center band doing a week at City Center this past Dec. playing Duke Ellington's Cotton Club music, and again w/ him doing a couple of tunes duo this past May... Thanks again, James Chirillo, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

Hi Joe - I can't thank you enough for reuniting me with a guitar of my younger years. I owned the twin of this ES-335 when I was 16 years old. The condition of this 1966 is incredible. It is such an amazing instrument to hold and play. I am attaching two photos. One of me when I was 16, and one today.Thanks again. Alan Mowry, St Pete Beach Fl

Hi Joe, I let the (Bourgeois OM-42) guitar acclimate for about 12 hours, and finally played it last night. Your description of this guitar was right on, There were even a couple of features you did not list, which were animal protein glue construction and aged tone finish. This guitar is awesome. I put some Optima Gold light strings on it, which are my preferred strings. The bass notes are well defined and the trebles are sweet, and overall the tone is well balanced. I'm very happy with this guitar. Thanks again, Kurt Yamaguchi, Santa Monica, CA
Hi Joe, The guitar arrived today “The Loar” !  It came together really nice. The pickup, treatment, picguard, all look great. The guitar plays and sounds really great. This is a super guitar, I just played it through a Hendrickson amp. Very nice. Thanks Joe. Richard Fishman, Oakland, CA
Joe, Thank you. As always it is great to do business with you. You are one of the best in the guitar business.  Please feel free to use my words.  Jeff Heeney, Burke, VA
Hi Joe. Just wanted to say thank you for the incredible instrument and service. The Super 400 is spectacular in tone, looks and playability. My dream guitar came true thanks to you guys.  Sincerely, Joe Klarer, Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland
Thanks Joe! Nothing speaks volumes about what quality a shop's sales & service reputation is on consignments like getting repeated business from the same customer! Hard times forced selling 5 of my most prized guitars that I’ve cherished for many decades; ‘39 Super 400N, ‘56 L5CES, ‘56 Blonde Guard Tele, ‘60 Super 400CES, & a ‘65 Gibson Johnny Smith. archtop.com simply has earned my faith & trust because really Joe loves these guitars as much as us players do! Thanks Joe!!! Brian Keith, Enumclaw, WA
What a great dealer. He described the guitar and its condition PERFECTLY. He sent it right out to me and it was packed better than anything could ever be. These folks are real pros and you can trust them to shoot straight. - Tom McLachlen, Rockville, MD
I have bought and sold guitars thru Joe. It’s all him, all the credit is his, he does a great job delivering a purchased guitar and receiving and selling your guitar.  I wonder if he has time to get into houses or diesel pickups, man my life would be much easier. Thanks again and good luck. Patrick Browning, Pittsburgh, PA
Joe, the Trenier arrived today and I have had only a very brief time with it.  But, oh, my!!  It is so resonant!  Unbelievable sound!  The packing was perfect, and whatever you did to remove the chip on the back of the headstock and in removing the initials from the inlay was masterful!  I didn’t expect that!  Thanks for a great transaction.  Best Regards, Mark Mertens, Elm Grove, WI
Joe has for years been a great help to me as I manage my G.A.S. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome), selling my guitars and paying promptly.  It's always a pleasure doing business with him, cordial and professional. Take care, John Dale, Washington, DC

Joe, Many thanks for your excellent work and support in selling my archtop guitar. Your consignment services are exemplary. I highly recommend it to others seeking a professional and friendly shop. Larry Meyers, Portland, OR
Joe, the guitar (Benedetto Custom) arrived at noon today,outstanding service by you and UPS! I threw the lighter gauge strings on, installed and adjusted the bridge, tuned, played a bit tuned again, intonation right on, action good, it’s exactly as you promised ! Electronics quiet and I like the gradation of the volume wheel. It a pleasure to do business with you’all ...Many thanks! Reed Davis, Louisville, KY

I had been watching for this guitar for about a year, I'm happy to say it's even better than I expected. It's literally perfect for what I was after. What's your t-shirt size? Thank you, Travis Carpenter, Klamath Falls, OR

Joe: The Trenier Oval arrived. It is the most awesome guitar ever in every respect.  I have several outstanding guitars but nothing like this.  Thank you very much for saying all the things you did about Bryant Trenier. He stands way above other builders I know about. This guitar is most beautiful thing I ever saw. The sound is unbelievable. And you got it to me quickly.Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, etc. etc. etc. Tom McLachlen, Rockville, MD
I sent you my Grandfather’s old Harmony guitar back  in ’06, a wallhanger at best, on a hope and prayer that you could somehow make it playable. You did that and more. But with your latest work on this guitar, you have somehow completely breathed new life into this box, likely better sounding and playing than it has every been. I don’t recall how I came to find you in the first place, from Jersey to Seattle…possibly on referral from Mandolin Brothers (RIP Stan Jay) who didn’t really want to spend a lot of time on an old Harmony…? Just happy to have found you, and happy beyond words with your work. Wow, this sounds like a love letter LOL! I do love this guitar, Thank you so much Joe!, John Miller,Hawthorne, NJ
Hi Joe, This email is to inform you that I received the 2010 Schaefer Freddy and everything was exactly as described!  The guitar looks and sounds amazing. Please consider the transaction complete! Thanks for all your help! Regards, Nikhil Baliga, Sugar Land, TX
I’m very happy with the guitar and my entire experience dealing with you from our Skype meeting and the shipping process to quick responses to my questions. The guitar got to my destination a day sooner than promised. The action is Just right the way you shipped it. I couldn’t be happier with your find for me of this 1943 Vintage L7, and I’ll be checking with you before I buy my next X-Braced archtop. Thanks again Joe for a great find, and pleasant experience dealing with you. Ismael Mendoza, Anaheim, CA
Fat, rich warm tone, power and long sustain, a very fine instrument indeed! Very Gibson-esque in sound and feel, I don't really know what I expected but this "Southerner Jumbo" is spoiling me even more and I was already spoiled! Thank you, Steve Flygare, Salt lake City, UT

Hi Joe, This email is to inform you that I received the 2010 Schaefer Freddy and everything was exactly as described!  The guitar looks and sounds amazing. Please consider the transaction complete! Thanks for all your help! Regards, Nikhil Baliga, Sugar Land, TX
I’m very happy with the guitar and my entire experience dealing with you from our Skype meeting and the shipping process to quick responses to my questions. The guitar got to my destination a day sooner than promised. The action is Just right the way you shipped it. I couldn’t be happier with your find for me of this 1943 Vintage L7, and I’ll be checking with you before I buy my next X-Braced archtop. Thanks again Joe for a great find, and pleasant experience dealing with you. Ismael Mendoza, Anaheim, CA
Joe Vinikow at archtop.com has provided parts/pieces for me over the years, including a major task of taking on a restoration of a 1932 Epiphone De Luxe. Joe stands behind his work. Recently he sold a 1949 Emperor for me. It was easy and a joy. archtop.com has a huge customer base for archtops. Not only did it sell quickly, the guitar sold at my asking price. For those reasons I highly recommend doing business with Joe. Jerry Krahn, Nashville, TN
I check archtop.com on a daily basis to see what’s new, but this is my first time doing business with Joe . He was professional, easy to deal with and sold my instrument quickly. Great experience, highly recommended! David Gitlen, Richland, WA
This guitar (Collings D1A) is incredible! Exactly as described and shipped super fast. Price was amazing for such a fine instrument in mint condition. Will be using again for any music needs I have in the future!- Daniel Williams, Baton Rouge, LA
Many sales over the years, always at the asking price with no hassles. The best way to sell quality vintage archtops. Ed Hagen, Columbia, SC
Hey Joe, the Starlight has landed in perfect condition and I love it! I won’t be sending this guitar back. Thanks for making this transaction effortless and enjoyable! Best, Pat Stanley, Sedona, AZ
Hey Joe, Confirming the guitar arrived today. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for all the help!!! Amazed I own a Trenier archtop now. Kyle Bryant, Columbia, SC

Wow, another winner, thanks Joe.  Something about these early 50's Gibsons - so light and so responsive.  Beautifully set up and easy in the hand.  And yes, it IS that bop tone - thanks again!! Herb Avery, Atlanta, GAJ  Thank you so much! Joe in every deal that we have done everything was professional. I am extremely grateful for the quick sale. Ray Kurth, Williamstown, NJ
The folks at archtop.com are great.  I was looking for an instrument to fit some specific needs, and Joe, after listening to what I was looking for, was able to give me some great advice. I have had my new (old) guitar for almost a week and am very pleased.  Thanks Joe! Tom Holmberg, Richmond, VT
Hi Joe - I see that you sold both the Unger 7 and the Epi for me - thank you!!  You make high end deals so much easier and less worrisome. Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA
Thank you for consigning my 1935 Epiphone Olympic. Your experience and care in finding the next owner made me feel good about selling.  Chris Heinlein, Indianola, WA
Hi Joe, Thanks for your help in selling my (Heritage) guitar. archtop.com made it quick and easy. I look forward to working with archtop.com in the future. Donn Cunningham, Pasadena, CA

Joe, Guitar (Epi Triumph Regent) arrived perfectly on time and I’m speechless. Not only the nicest guitar you’ve sold me but absolutely the finest acoustic sound one heard on an Archtop. So loud but a beautiful balance between deep punch and crispness. This is my first Epiphone, wish I had indulged years ago. I haven’t had a jazz box that’s compared with it in sound. Incredible and so beautiful to look at. Pic attached, hanging proudly on the wall.  Cheers. Stu MacKinnon, Loughor, Wales
Joe, Received the (Stromberg) guitar today and it is everything as you told me. Been playing it on and off all afternoon. Sounds fantastic and couldn't ask for a better playing guitar. Thanks Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bob Turchick, El Cajon, CA

Fat, rich warm tone, power and long sustain, a very fine instrument indeed! Very Gibson-esque in sound and feel, I don't really know what I expected but this "Southerner Jumbo" is spoiling me even more and I was already spoiled! Thank you, Steve Flygare, Salt lake City, UT
Thank you so much! Joe in every deal that we have done everything was professional. I am extremely grateful for the quick sale. Ray Kurth, Williamstown, NJ
The folks at archtop.com are great.  I was looking for an instrument to fit some specific needs, and Joe, after listening to what I was looking for, was able to give me some great advice. I have had my new (old) guitar for almost a week and am very pleased.  Thanks Joe! Tom Holmberg, Richmond, VT
Hi Joe - I see that you sold both the Unger 7 and the Epi for me - thank you!!  You make high end deals so much easier and less worrisome. Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA
Thank you for consigning my 1935 Epiphone Olympic. Your experience and care in finding the next owner made me feel good about selling.  Chris Heinlein, Indianola, WA

e) guitar. archtop.com made it quick and easy. I look forward to working with archtop.com in the future. Donn Cunningham, Pasadena, CAJoe, Guitar (Epi Triumph Regent) arrived perfectly on time and I’m speechless. Not only the nicest guitar you’ve sold me but absolutely the finest acoustic sound one heard on an Archtop. So loud but a beautiful balance between deep punch and crispness. This is my first Epiphone, wish I had indulged years ago. I haven’t had a jazz box that’s compared with it in sound. Incredible and so beautiful to look at. Pic attached, hanging proudly on the wall.  Cheers. Stu MacKinnon, Loughor, Wales

oe, We have been in business many times before. Always at full satisfaction. Because everything at archtop.com is so professional! And again « I’m as happy as a baby boy, with another  brand new choo-choo toy, it’s a 39 L5 Gibson, and I just cannot  put it down! Thanks! Roland Goerg, Nyon, Switzerland

Thanks again, Joe, for handling the sale of my Francois Baudemont gypsy guitar.  Always a pleasure working with such a fine musician and unquestionably reliable authority on quality instruments.  No finer source for archtop and related acoustic guitars! —Paul Estridge, Roseville, CA

That's the second dot-neck 16" L-5 I've sold with Joe and archtop.com. Very pleasant experience both times. Highly recommended. Thanks, Joe! John Williams, Cleveland, OH
Just received it (1940 D'Angelico). Thank you. I am amazed at the condition and what a unique joy to play, not only the beauty and part of history but that hard to describe magic that just challenges you to explore. Awesome caring packing job  Very happy. Thank you, George Chester, Woodland Hills, CA
 If you live in Europe you can buy your guitar from US to Joe Vinikow at archtop.com, he will take good care of the shipping, the tracking and the customs. Now I am very happy with my L5 1931 so hard to find in Europe. Thanks indeed! Hope to see you again in the future. Miguel Ron, Madrid, Spain
Hi Joe, I picked up the guitar today... and your packing job was excellent. The guitar is exceptional, it has an aura that I’ve only experienced in a few vintage guitars, hard to describe, its lovely.   The wood on the back is even better than the photos. I also appreciate the way you stowed the bridge and did the location tape for intonation. The guitar has a big, open voice, I look forward to trying different strings, etc ...Thank you!, Jack Gates, Watsonville, CA
Hey Joe, got the beautiful Epi (Triumph Regent) yesterday, what a wonderful instrument!  It has that old school archtop bark, combining a modern cutaway with traditional carved lively volume.  I love it...Thanks for a great instrument, looking forward to spending a lot of time with it! Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA
Hi Joe – I just wanted to thank you for the effort you expended in selling my 1975 Gibson ES150 DC. It was clear by the description you wrote up that you took the time to research the guitar’s history thoroughly. I learnt things about the guitar that I didn’t know and I was the original owner. You exceeded expectations and I would be more than eager to recommend you and the staff at archtop.com to friends and family.  Sincerely – Andy Byneshewsky, Saskatoon, SK
Hi Joe.  I picked up the guitar ('37 Epi Triumph) today and it’s exactly as advertised. I’m very happy with my purchase.  It was a pleasure doing business with you. Paul Squyres, Rocklin, CA
Joe did an in-hand evaluation of the guitar (ES-175D) and his description was perfect. Additionally, Joe installed a new bridge, adjusted and setup the guitar absolutely perfectly and to the exact specifications I asked for, down to the 64th of an inch. I couldn't be happier. Jack Zucker, South Euclid, OH
Hey Joe, First I would like to say it was a pleasure doing business with you.Its clear that you have a love of vintage arch tops and your experience and knowledge were invaluable,and I think you are genuinely nice guy.The guitar (1936 gibson L-!0) arrived safe and sound. After putting bridge on,I dug right in.It sounded great right off the bat, but its remarkable to hear it get better the more I played it .You were right , these guitars need to be played to fully bring the soundboard to life. I feel this will only get better! I had been searching for a vintage arch top for quite awhile, based on the kind of music i’ve been playing for years. Swing, Rockabilly, etc. It came exactly as described. I love the 1 3/4 inch neck and the 7 inch radius.the guitar fits in well with my other main guitars (1985 gibson J45, 2005 fender 52 RI ). Its like it was meant to be. I am very happy to have a piece of history in my hands. Many Thanks,  Rick Ulsh, Glenolden, PA
Dealing with Joe at archtop.com is consistently a pleasurable, fair, and expeditious process.  I have engaged Joe’s services on half a dozen transactions (buy and sell) over as many years and am never disappointed. His client communication is superb; his inventory outstrips others, without question. Chris McKee, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Joe, Much thanks as always, this time in finding one of my guitars a new home.  You’ve helped so much over the years, including helping me find two keepers (my Trenier Walnut Broadway, and Trenier Model E).  You’re the only game in town as far as I’m concerned.  Keep on strummin'! Jum Maycott, S. Riding, VA
Hey, Joe - after a bit of wandering about, the L-7C arrived safe and sound.....  What a beautiful instrument: a strong voice, confident, and somehow sweetly dulcet and soothing at the same time.  And as you promised, a featherweight.  You truly are the go-to guy for real-deal archtops.  Thanks once again, Herb Avery, Atlanta, GAJ

oe, (The Trenier) is a a great guitar and I am enjoying it - although I’m not sure I’m really at the same standard as the guitar.  I think you got it right - this is a really good match to my style of play and musical interest.  I’m sure I will be back at some point (I tend to buy a guitar every few years or so), and look forward to another good transaction. Edward Stones, Houston, TX

Just confirming that I received her (Eastman Pisano) yesterday. What a beautiful instrument! And a great sound. She's everything I hoped for! Thanks for the great packaging. Torsten Liebold, OroValley, AZ
Joe, Got the L-7 yesterday.  Beautiful guitar with a beautiful tone.  I love it.  Was able to set it right up with your markers.  I really appreciate doing business with you and will so again if the opportunity arises.  Keep my email and if you ever come close to Austin or San Antonio Texas I will take you to some of the best BBQ places around the area. Take Care, Bo Ramirez, New Braunfels, TX

Although I lamented parting with my vintage Epi, which I bought from Joe, I know that through Joe it has found a welcoming home and will be taken care of in the manner it should. The way I see it, we possess guitars as friends and visitors which ultimately we have to release back into the ocean of players. They are with us for a short time, as they will continue 'living' into the future.  Best, Rich Cohen, Charlottesville, VA
Hi Joe, I just wanted to thank you again for finding me this (L-5C) guitar. Sometimes a guitar takes time to really come to life for a new player? Maybe the music played Makes a difference? Tunes like “Round Midnight “and “Ornithology” ooze out of this guitar like smoke from the SF jazz clubs in the 60s and 70s. Best, Steve Wiessler, Petaluma, CA
Dear Joe, The guitar has been delivered here today. I’ve just set it up for my favorite. I love the tone and volume of this guitar. Thank you so much for your nice service. Best regards, Yasushi Kiuchi, Chikasaki, Japan
Hi Joe, My 1955 Epiphone Deluxe arrived at home yesterday.  The repair/restoration work you did on it was masterful!  As  I look back on the “before” pictures that I sent you last month, I can hardly believe I am looking at the same guitar!  After setting up the bridge, I sat down and played some tunes from the American Songbook.  What a great sound: warm, loud, clear and wooden!  Your work is not only superb but artistic as well.  Thank you so much, my friend! Michael Frahme, Pt. Jervis, NY 

Thanks, Joe, for your expert handling of the sale of my Gibson L-5.  I appreciate your authority and integrity in representing instruments, and I look forward to future transactions! Paul Estridge, Roseville, CA
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that the '33 Trumph arrived safely. It sounds great already! Once I raised the bridge, it had a nice barky loud tone when I stepped on the gas, and some sweet tones at lower volumes as well. Looking forward to getting better acquanted with her over the coming weeks as the wood starts to open up more. Thanks again, -Arnt Arntsen, NYCHey Joe: Thanks you so much for your help in selling my Collings SoCo. Every stage went very smoothly with very satisfactory results! Josh Breier, Houston, TX
Thanks, Joe. I love the guitar. (Loar LH-700). It sounds, plays, and looks terrific, and you did a great job installing the pickguard. Mark Westenberger, Arlington, VA
Dear Joe, The guitar (L-7C) arrived about an hour age. I am  more than pleased. The set-up is perfect and my concerns about the heavier strings completely unfounded. It plays as well or better than any guitar I have owned in over half a century. Thank you so very much.. Regards, David Keller, Long Branch, NJ

Hi, Joe, Thank you again for all your help with the Switchmaster guitar.  The guitar arrived quickly and was packaged very carefully and very well. It was more beautiful than the pictures captured, and the pictures were beautiful.  The tape markers were helpful in my setting up the bridge.  It plays and and sounds amazing.  I will enjoy this fine instrument for many years.  Thank you again! Feel free to share my feedback. Mary Beth Harrison, Columbia, MS
 Joe, I hope you and your family are well. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for thereat service and knowledge that ultimately led me to what I believe is my dream Archtop, the Borys JW. It is everything you said it was and all I hoped it would be. You run a top notch operation and I am sure we’ll be doing business again. Many thanks!!! Joe Mulhouse, Babylon, NY
would highly recommend archtop.com to anyone looking to sell their vintage archtop guitar. All my questions were promptly answered by email and the packing instructions on the website are great. Excellent service! Tom Leeman, Wheaton, IL
My experience with Joe at archtop.com could not have been better. I have purchased and sold with Joe and he is professional person with a professional company. I will buy and sell with Joe and archtop.com again. Thank you Joe. Eric Harding, St. John, NB, Canada
Hello Joe, Thank you for your all your help on my Ibanez 2471. It's a pleasure to play it. Great tone, great action and unbelievable condition. Thank you.  Miguel Garcia, Ft. Meyers, FL
Hi Joe, Thanks again for helping sell my prized Heritage 575 guitar,  I’m glad it has found a new loving home. My experience working with you was nothing short of awesome throughout.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. Robert Marquis, Auburn, WA
 As usual, the sale process was quick and painless as the seller.  As having been both a buyer and seller at various times over the years, your ability to price things right really makes it a fair whether buying or selling—which is why I am very happy to call myself a repeat customer.  Thanks again. Regards, Loren Tilley, Kihei, HII would highly recommend Archtop.com to anyone looking to sell their vintage archtop guitar. All my questions were promptly answered by email and the packing instructions on the website are great. Excellent service! Tom Leeman, Wheaton, IL
My experience with Joe at archtop.com could not have been better. I have purchased and sold with Joe and he is professional person with a professional company. I will buy and sell with Joe and archtop.com again. Thank you Joe. Eric Harding, St. John, NB, Canada
Hello Joe, Thank you for your all your help on my Ibanez 2471. It's a pleasure to play it. Great tone, great action and unbelievable condition. Thank you.  Miguel Garcia, Ft. Meyers, FL
Hi Joe, Thanks again for helping sell my prized Heritage 575 guitar,  I’m glad it has found a new loving home. My experience working with you was nothing short of awesome throughout.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. Robert Marquis, Auburn, WA
 As usual, the sale process was quick and painless as the seller.  As having been both a buyer and seller at various times over the years, your ability to price things right really makes it a fair whether buying or selling—which is why I am very happy to call myself a repeat customer.  Thanks again. Regards, Loren Tilley, Kihei, HI was very pleased with Joe's communications, the freight was reasonable and very speedy - 10 days to my door in Australia, at Christmas time! And well packed - and the Gibson ES-150DC is just as described. A great vintage instrument, in excellent condition. Thanks again, Cheers, Col Bernau, Reid, ACT, Australia
Hello Joe, Just wanted to let you know the check arrived safely.  Thank you for handling the sale of the two Gibsons.  Anyone working with you can be confident you’ll take care of them whether it’s the buying or the selling end.  It has been a pleasure working with you... Paul Estridge, Roseville, CA
Hi Joe:  The '81 Gibson Johnny Smith arrived safely and securely thanks to your careful packaging.  I have never purchased a guitar where there was so much thoughtful and necessary preparation for shipment. The entire transaction with you was smooth from beginning to end.  The guitar was EXACTLY as you and your post described.  It did not disappoint.  That is not always the case with all vintage guitar sellers, as most of us know.  Your communication with me was direct and honest and I appreciated that.  Thank you for a great transaction.  It's a wonderful guitar and a great addition to my collection.  Best wishes, Fred Heuser, Collingswood, NJ
Joe, Working through you and archtop.com , over the years,  has always been a great experience for me.  You guys make the buying and selling of rare instruments  such a professional straightforward and smooth experience, with always satisfying and rewarding results.  Keep it up! Rod McDonald, Ann Arbor, MI
There are at least 12 proceed invoices in my archtop.com file, the oldest dated 2004, each one a testament to Joe's honesty and integrity.  I expect there will be more.  Len Carson, San Diego CA
I have bought and sold higher-end guitars since the 1980's, and have utilized many of the finest shops in the country.  None were better than archtop.com, and nowhere was the service and communication any better: this shop sets the standard.  In the fall of 2019, I sold a guitar through Joe and bought another one.  I could not have been more pleased with both transactions.  Instrument descriptions, packing, shipping, and so forth were first rate.  I would not hesitate to work through Joe again.  I think you will likely find the same to be true. Bob Connolly, Chapel Hill, NC

Joe, Just took the guitar (Artist Award) out, sounds and plays fantastically. I'm very happy with the purchase...Sean Park, Ft.Wayne, IN
Joe, As always it was a pleasure working with you on the sale of my Epiphone Emporer. You are truly one of the best in the business. This is my third time doing business with you and as always it was a flawless, quick and easy transaction. Thanks again, Jeff Heeney, Burke, VA
Joe, Received proceeds check today. Hope new owner is happy. Thank you Joe for another job well done. Willy O'Brien, Des Moines, WA
Joe, Thanks, I may be suffering from recency bias, but I think the Emperor is the finest archtop guitar I have ever played.  You have it set up perfectly, and the careful packing allowed it to get her unscathed.  Really wonderful! Loren Tilley, Wailuku, HI
Joe, Check arrived today - thank you so much! It’s a great feeling knowing such a fine instrument is in the hands of someone who appreciates and plays it! I’d love to hear it played by a real player after your set up! Thanks again... - All best, Neal Snidow, Magalia, CA
Joe, Through the many years I have bought and sold guitars from you, you have always done a fantastic job. I always feel ‘safe’ buying or selling guitars with you.  And, once again you have come through like a champ! Not only did you sell my Holst quickly and effortlessly today, you also helped me to sell another guitar privately.  I also just sold the PRS that I purchased from you some time ago to a friend of mine and you made it extra easy by sending me the old detailed listing you did years ago (Your listings are the best anywhere). Now I’m ready to buy another one!!! Thanks so much Joe! Dave Blair, Vero Beach, Florida

Joe, You made the process very easy- the instrument is quite spectacular- even more than I had hoped for in terms of playability and tone. Thank you!, Jonathan Gottlieb, Indianapolis, IN

Your communication and overall service has been excellent! I look forward to dealing with you again. Many thanks, Will Naughton, Edgecliffe, NSW, Australia

As a dealer, music teacher, and professional musician, Joe’s attention to every part of my deal as been immensely appreciated. Even when USPS had a slight mishap, he was quick to ease my mind during this expensive purchase. I highly recommend archtop.com! Thank you! Jack Ryan, Midlothian, VA
Hello Joe, This is just a short note of 'thanks' for providing the very best descriptions of your guitar inventory. You are by far the best of any guitar shop that I have seen.  A person can actually learn something from the information that you provide. I really hope to buy a guitar from you someday. Until then, I'll keep checking out your website. Thank you and all the best to you. Kenny Kilgore, Atlanta GA.
I have nothing of praise for Joe Vinikow at archtop.com! He sold both my 1946 Epiphone Triumph and my 1954 Gibson ES-125. Plus, he restored my 1941 Epiphone Blackstone.. very knowledgeable and very welcoming.. love the buying and selling experience. After over 50 years of guitar playing and touring I find Joe to be a great asset and friend! Ed Pottenger, Yakima, WA
Joe, Thanks for taking the worry out of online purchasing. I’ve never owned a guitar that plays and sounds so well! This (Guild X-500) is exactly what I was looking for! Cheers, Frank Bifaro, Buffalo, NY
These days it’s all about who you can trust. I’ve bought and sold several guitars through Joe Vinikow over the years, and he has consistently delivered excellent service and excellent guitars. You can trust Joe. John McRory, Calgary, Alberta
Hello Joe, Just wanted to confirm with you that the Super 400 has indeed found it’s new home.  You’ve been a great help in locating and understanding these spectacular instruments—the Broadway, the Triumph, and now the Super 4.  And it’s always a pleasure talking with you! Regards, Paul Estridge, Roseville CA

Hi Joe, I received the three cutaway Gibson pickguards ordered for my Epiphone Byrdlands earlier this week; they look brilliant!  They're sized and shaped perfectly... Thanks again, Robert Rhyu, Gardena, CA
In the short time I have been doing business with Joe, not only is his customer service excellent, his guitars are the finest. I just purchased a Kiso Ribbecke KR-1 guitar. This guitar just brings a smile to my face each and every time I open the case. The attention to detail is superb and the quality of the build is exceptional. The purchase experience was very positive. Delivery was prompt and the guitar was well packaged. It arrived in perfect condition. Set up right out of the box, string action is incredibly low how I like it. I‘m super happy. I can’t wait to buy another guitar. Thanks Joe! Della Alexander Sullivan, Aptos, CA
Joe Vinikow and archtop.com are THE place to buy and sell archtops. I know of no one worldwide who is as knowledgeable and forthright when it comes to archtops than Joe Vinikow. Best, Rich Cohen, Charlottesville, VA
Hi Joe, Thanks so much for recently finding a good home for the ES-175.  In the past years, you have sold three of my guitars on consignment and I have purchased two guitars at archtop.com.  Each experience has been very positive, and I’ve been quite happy with the results.  The instruments that I’ve purchased have been great; the sales have been efficient and without hassle for me.  I look forward to our future dealings. Best, Steve Ogden, Seattle
Thank you, Joe, for providing a great way to part with and acquire the instruments we love. Jeff Walter, Portland, OR
Got the Sadowsky in good shape and in record time! Put the bridge on with your excellent advice, and haven’t put it down all day; I love it! Thanks man, I’ll be channelling Jim hall for some time to come, getting my groove on! Thanks again. John Barton, Duarte, CA

Hi Joe, Just received the 1966-67 Gibson ES 175 today, simply put this is a players dream guitar, a sight to behold. As & session player I grew up with a vintage 1953 ES-175 which was my go to guitar until this arrived, classic perfection in every detail; it just radiates the soul of Gibson vintage craftsmanship. Holidays began early this year with special thanks to you Joe for making it possible to be reunited once again with a piece of Gibson history and musical inspiration. Thanks again it was an exceptional buying experience!  Looking forward to doing business in the future. Jef Workman, Carmel CA..Dear Joe, Thank you for finding a new home for my 1948 L7. This “old friend” had been my exclusive six string companion for over 20 years. After much research I knew that you were the man to find a new home for the Gibson. I was right as the guitar was immediately placed on “hold.” Amazing! Thanks again-David Pyrek, Detroit, MI
Joe, This is to let you know that the Guild arrived today in a perfect shape.  I let it rest a bit, installed the bridge and played for some time.  It is really a great instrument and its looks are stunning.  Somehow, it is more comfortable than my old X-500, although these are practically the same guitars. In any case, it is great guitar and I am quite happy with it. Krysztof Wojcik, Fulshear, TX
Hi Joe,  Just to let you know how thrilled I am with the 2007 Trenier Broadway.  It’s everything you said it would be in terms of condition and quality of tone.  I look forward to playing this guitar for many years to come.  I greatly appreciate the service, communications, and overall experience of doing business with archtop.com.  Looking forward to future transactions!  Thanks, Bill Eisele, Santa Fe, NM
Joe, I could write a paragraph, but that would quickly become tedious...so, here it is: "Astoundingly, Joe found my love of 52 years a new home within 24 hours.  Mr. Vinikow and archtop.com...the absolute zenith of professionalism!" Resp., JD  Fiedler, Piedmont, SD
Today, Joe just found a new home for my custom-made Byrdland. Over the years, I have been buying and selling several guitars  through archtop.com. and I will continue to do so, because  each time, everything keeps going right! The right price (when you buy AND when you sell), unparalleled expertise, and this wonderful feeling that somebody is REALLY willing to help. Thanks Joe! Roland GOERG, Nyon - Switzerland
I've spent several hours with (the Deluxe) and it's just what I was hoping for.  I absolutely love it!  It's funny, I had these thoughts build up in my head as I was waiting for it to arrive about how it would look and sound in person, and how it would feel to play it.  I'm surpried at how it matched those expectations in my head.  I've never purchased a high quality older vintage type guitar before.  I don't know why I waited so long to do so.  It already feels like a long-time best friend!  I won't be sending it back!! Thanks again Joe!  Have a great weekend. Paul Weiland, Batavia, IL
Dear Joe, Thank you for all your patience with me on this sale. Yes, the guitar arrived safely and looks and sounds wonderful. That Ameritage case weighs a ton and is bulletproof! Nothing will penetrate that 5-ply wooden monster! If I had any left-over spending money, I'd surely make another purchase...Oh well, still very pleased and satisfied with the Frank Hicks...Thanks again! Best regards, Dan Forte, Phillipsburg, NJ
I’ve been using Joe at archtop.com for more years than I care to remember. He always finds a great home for my axes, and in turn, finds them for me, when I get the fever. In fact, Joe’s site is probably the hub of the archtop community around the world! We may be tiny, but we’re mighty… David Yorkin, LA
The Albanus showed up on Friday, and is certainly a handsome and lovely piece of craft, on many levels!  I'm really pleased to have in my hands and ears!  Thanks for all your help in this particular instance, and, as I said the other day, for making archtop.com happen!  With best hopes and wishes - Dr. Nick Jordan, St. Paul, MN
Morning Joe, The guitar arrived yesterday and all is looking good!  I put it all together and ran to the amps to hear it and am loving the tones this beauty puts out.  Thanks for the FAST shipping and the great packing job and whenever I get the chance to do this again I will go to archtop.com as my first choice! Mike Strang, Lakewood, CO

Did receive the guitar ('36 L-7) this past Saturday and totally love it. Thank you.  Tom Grill, Coto de Caza, CA
Thanks, Joe. I got impatient and tuned (the Buscarino) up. What a fabulous instrument!  I’m particularly impressed with the B and top E strings...In any event, I’m really thrilled with the guitar and consider myself very fortunate to be its current custodian. All the best, Chris Wilding, Santa Fe, NM
Hey Joe, Want to thank you for the vintage rhythm chief 1000 plus the rig and control box. It has turned my 1934 Epi  Royal (purchased from you) into a TONE MASTER! Now I have two guitars, an acoustic and electric in one outrageously beautiful vintage Epi from the 30's. It doesn't get better than this!...archtop.com is by far and away the best site for archtop guitars worldwide! Bar none. Best,
Rich Cohen, Charlottesville, VA
Aloha Joe, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for providing such a magical instrument (L-5P). In the Islands you must make a leap of faith in order to obtain an instrument like this .  My confidence in your company’s ability is not unfounded. If you are ever on B.I. we go Holo Holo and Kanikapila, Craig Salley, Kailua Kona, HI
Joe and the folks at archtop.com took great care of my guitar and found it a new home as quickly as I could have hoped. Great folks and a great place to buy or sell. Thanks ya’ll! Austin Carter, Murray KY
Joe, Wow, yes I was surprised - and very pleased. First because the guitar arrived on Thursday afternoon in perfect shape. Then when I opened the case and saw the amazing condition of the instrument, as you said, “the guitar that time forgot”. And again when I set it up and played it! Wonderful guitar, maybe one of the most responsive guitars I own (and I’ve got some good ones), fabulous tone, superlative action, very comfortable to hold. It’s my new best friend. Thanks. Best, Jess Ellis Knubis, Fairfield, CA

I am really enjoying the Memphis 335 reissue you sold me last year. You provide all guitarists a great service whether we are buying or selling. (You sold that shiny 165 for me too!) Thank you again! David Rowe, Wilsonville, OR
Thanks again to Joe and archtop.com for selling my acoustic archtop. Your expertise and wide reach in this corner of guitardom is much appreciated! Your site is a great resource for both buyers and sellers. Take care, Gretchen W, Santa Barbara, CA
I’ve sold two guitars via archtop.com, and bought the guitar of my dreams.  The experience was flawless—professional, thorough, accurate, and friendly.  My one regret is that it is not located close enough to me to hang out and try the beautiful instruments.  Then again, if it was, I would have difficulty getting anything else done and would be tempted to take out a second mortgage. Thank you, Joe, Alan Miller, Quakertown, PA
I remember an old admonition on products that said beware of substitutes,  this is the genuine article. I suggest archtop.com and Joe Vinikow are the genuine article!  Long may you excel.  John MIller, Poinciana, FL
Hey Joe, Just wanted to thank you again for helping the Nashville Jazz Workshop liquidate our 1962 L-5. Andy Reiss was right - you and archtop.com were the right place to go. You had the database and connections to move that instrument at a great price. Sincerely, Roger Spencer, Artistic Director, Nashville Jazz Workshop 
I'm honored to be a part of the community of musicians who are grateful for an amazing company like archtop.com.  Over the years Joe and his trusty crew have sold four of my guitars and found them new homes.  Joe has cultivated a world-wide presence and solid reputation in the marketplace.  So, at that moment when I am ready to move a treasured instrument back into the Universe, I turn it over to Joe and his band of experts...and I do that with great confidence knowing that that instrument will bring joy to another of my fellow musicians on the planet.  Thank you for being in service to us all. George Rubaloff, Ashland, OR
Received the ‘35 L-5 in great shape. It’s even nicer than the pictures suggested and is almost a ringer for my ‘36 “Advanced” 17” L-5 so I now have a “matched pair.” The sound is amazing and it plays beautifully. You were right to call this one the best buy on the site. You’ve sold four guitars for me and sold me three now and it’s always a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again for enabling me to acquire another dream instrument!  Best regards, Tom Murphey, Fairfield, CA

Thanks, Joe, for your market guidance and expertise in finding my Hopkins a new home in a short amount of time! Amir, Vancouver BC

Hi Joe. Just a quick note to let you know that the Hopkins has arrived safe and sound and it’s a beaut! Pleasure doing business with you and thanks once again. Cheers, Alan Gaudette, Vernon, BC
Dear Joe, You’re the best. Thank you for selling my blonde Guild X-500. Your description and your photos made the sale. There’s only one - you. Please send the proceeds. Thank you. Mark Newberry, CaffeMarco, Paris, KY
Hi Joe, I received the 1960 L5C: The most beautiful guitar that has ever sat in my lap. Looking at it is almost as nice as playing it. Also, you did a fantastic job on the extra pickguard/pickup assembly. The guitar sounds amazing acoustically & electrically.Thanks for the wonderful experience. Best Wishes, Joey Backenstoe Palmdale, CA

....thank you!! Love the (Eimers) guitar!! What a sound! And nice neck profile...fits me perfectly! Steve Jones, Lake Linden, MI
Hi Joe, ...just received the (consignment) check. Seeing the repair charge was less than the estimate was just icing on the cake. Thanks again for your superb work with presenting that guitar at its best and moving it so quickly. Happy New Year, Mark Anagnostopulos, Brattleboro, VT
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Think this was the first year I was really able to surprise (my husband).  He loves it! Lee Hearther, Yardley, PA
Dear Joe, I’ve bought too many guitars from you over the years than I can list or even remember. I haven’t sold many until recently and I wish to thank you once again for the fast sale and great price you got for me. I’m glad to hear the new holder of that 1959 Gibson is happy. You’re the BEST!  Dave B, Vero Beach, Florida
For many years archtop.com has been THE place to buy and sell archtop guitars and I’m lucky to have used them for both purposes in the past.  Their product descriptions and Joe’s knowledge as a player makes buying sight-unseen a safe experience for me in remote eastern Canada.  As someone who has recently caught the gypsy-jazz bug, and is in the process of cycling through guitars to figure out what I like, I couldn’t be happier that Joe is now also carrying these wonderful guitars.  They helped me sell a very nice Dupont VRB and I can report that they clearly have the knowledge to describe these guitars accurately, and the whole selling process was simple and remarkably efficient.  Already looking forward to doing business with archtop.com again.   Thanks! Gordon Yamazaki, Frerickton, NB, Canada
... I ordered a pickguard, bracket, and wiring kit for a Heritage Eagle.  Just wanted to say that it worked out great.  Your equipment fit perfectly on the guitar and really helped make the guitar sound great.  Many thanks for your help and advice on the phone.  Here’s a pic of the guitar all out together.  Thanks, Keith Gibson, Bridgeport, CT
Hi Joe, Yay!  The guitar (Loar LH-700) actually made it to the PO yesterday, but I was horribly busy and didn't get to pick it up until a few minutes ago. It's gorgeous -- and even lighter, I think, than the one I had before.  The setup is great, love the action, everything...Thanks good sir for the prompt shipment and for your courtesy. Peace to you, Loren Whitaker, Cornettsville, KY
I had a great experience selling my Golden Eagle with Joe.  He is friendly and professional, and gets great results. Dean Swanson, Seattle
Joe, The Guild X-700 arrived at my house yesterday and my friend picked it/tested it out yesterday as well.  Long story short, he's glad that I "forced" him into the purchase as he likes the guitar a lot.  This being said, the guitar arrived exactly as described.  Please consider the sale a done deal! Thanks for yet another smooth transaction, Joe. Regards, Nikhil Baliga, Sugar Land, TX
Hello Joe, My new 2013 blonde L5CES is truly inspiring. As described it is in mint condition and professionally set up. This is the second instrument I have ordered from you and I am very happy with both guitars. You are clearly a trustworthy source for high end quality instruments and I will not hesitate to buy from you again in the future. Thank you, Heinrich Grube, Winthrop, ME
In addition to being a thoughtful and generous resource for those of us interested in this particular niche of the guitar world, Joe runs his business with unwavering integrity. I’ve been buying and selling guitars, at times professionally, for thirty years. My transactions with archtop.com as both a paying customer and as the recipient of consignment proceeds have all been first class. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a venerable classic or modern masterpiece (and I’ve done all of the above!), Joe Vinikow at archtop.com should be at the top of your list. Frank Spencer, Huntington Woods, MI

I've sold plenty of items on eBay and Reverb, but for valuable and vintage guitars like the L5-CES that Joe just sold for me, you can't beat the trust, community respect, and beautiful presentation that Joe brings to the table.  For a valuable item like that I need his expertise and experience to take care of all the details and make for happy customers on both sides of the transaction.  Thanks, Joe!  Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA
Joe-  Thanks to you and your staff for the successful sale of my 1933 L-5.  It was only a few days when you marked it as “on hold”, and it never got out of the “Coming” section.  Great work!  I  appreciate  how easy and smooth you made the transaction!...Thanks for your help and service. Rod McDonald, Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Joe, Guitar (1950 J-45) arrived safely and is just great. Thanks again for a fine transaction and I will not hesitate to sing the praises of archtop.com! All the best, Steve Smith, Bronx, NY
Hi Joe, Hope all is well on your end. That '38 L-50 I got from you a few weeks back is Sweet!  Hard to put it down!...Cheers, Dave Blair, Vero Beach, FL
Hello Joe. I wanted to update you on my recent acquisitions of the Trenier Custom Classic and Ribbecke Monterey. Both are incredible sounding instruments and distinctive in their own right. The Trenier has a superb acoustic voice with bell like clarity and articulation of individual notes.  And the Ribbecke--what can I say other than I was stunned when I first played it out of the case with no amplification.  The Ribbecke resonates like a grand piano that you can actually feel when you play.  In my opinion, you have defined the market for sourcing high quality archtop guitars.  Your knowledge of the instruments, presentation, professionalism and integrity are without rival. Your honest assessment of the instruments makes the decision to purchase much easier than with other vendors that I have done business with over the years.  I have purchased four high quality, high end, archtop guitars from you and have been truly satisfied with each one of the instruments and transactions. Always a pleasure to talk with you and thank you again. Gary Kerber, M.D., Urbana, IL
Another fantastic experience with Joe. Finding a happy home for an archtop that was wonderful but not getting enough playing time was made so easy. He’s a gentleman and gives consistent results. I feel fortunate to be his customer! Dennis Easter, MD, Lebanon, PA
archtop.com was a pleasure to work with. They seem to really understand the interests of their customers and that led to the quickest consignment sale I have ever experienced.  Thanks Joe!, Gary Zimnicki, Allen Park, MI
Hello Joe, Received the ES-275 yesterday in fine order.  Nice clean instrument that was packed very well. Put a new set of strings on and enjoyed playing last night.  Thanks much. Regrds, Tracy Fitch, Jamaica, NY
Simple: buy from Joe! Exceptional instruments, incredible knowledge and honest, fantastic fast shipping, safely packed, and very very fair prices. Cannot recommend enough! Treat yourself to a great buying experience - go with archtop.com! Spencer Penn, Cambridge, MA  

Hello Joe, I received my Gibson L5 Custom in great shape.  I'm really happy with this guitar. It's everything I had hoped for, and more. Thanks a lot. Larry Flanagan, Shawnee, OK
Hi Joe - Thanks for the quick sale of my Moll Classic - I have now bought and sold several guitars with you, and each time I come away impressed with your skill and the big archtop community you’ve created. Ed Daingerfield, Greenwich, CT
Over the past decade, I've purchased 3  and sold 3 (different) guitars through archtop.com. As both seller and  buyer I've been very happy with all my dealings with Joe. He's been professional, prompt, and honest in representing all the guitars. From a sellers point of view: I don't enjoy the haggling of selling and I don't have a vast reach of contacts. Joe photographed and advertised my guitars professionally and sold them much quicker and likely at a better price than I would have been able to. From a buyers perspective: Joe helped me narrow down my search, arranged for a skype demo, and accurately described each of the guitars I bought. For anyone looking to either sell or buy a nice vintage archtop guitar, I'm happy to recommend working with archtop.com. Dr. Christopher Gratham, North Vancouver, BC
Joe, The Loar (LH-700) arrived safely on Saturday, it’s a very cool guitar, plays nicely and has a big, loud voice which is what I was looking for...I appreciate the excellent service and communication. Best regards, Phil DiMario, Phoenix, MD

The guitar (ETG-150) got here yesterday. It’s great- everything I hoped it would be. Bill Browning, Boulder, CO
Hi Joe, The guitar arrived on schedule. It was very hard letting it sit in my living room for an hour to acclimate as per your instructions, but I managed... It is more beautiful in person than than it appeared in the photo's, and nothing against your skill with a camera, the pictures were good too. As you said there is not a scratch on this guitar... This X-700 could be in any 'collectors' loft or closet. It is just as pristine as it could be. For me though it is all about the sound and playability and this beauty actually plays better than it looks...Also with arch-tops I am usually a roundwound guy and was planning to change the strings right away, but with your setup and string choice I am really rethinking the roundwound vs flatwound equation...With this guitar it is happening, all the acoustic flavors too, as well as the rich jazz tone. Thanks so much for creating such a great way to access hard to find instruments. I am very happy with this guitar. All the best. John Johnson, Felton, CA
Joe, I wanted to let you know I got the Martin Taylor guitar and it is in good shape , as described and I am enjoying it. Thank for shipping so quickly,  Your directions made the transaction easy and I was also impressed by the short time it took to arrive. Sincerely, Scott Cordell, Council Bluffs, IA

Thanks again Joe for all you do......you are more than welcome to share my comments on your Friends page because that comment came from the bottom of my heart.  Because that Gibson...was just sitting in the guitar case and never getting played and it makes me feel good to know that you found it a good home and will be played.  Darwin Gaston, Mechanicsburg, PA
Joe, I am absolutely delighted with your services.  I have purchased several guitars from you and you have helped me sell quite a few instruments too.  I am extremely pleased with the speed of selling my L5. In the end of course, the speed of the turn around rests on the high quality of the instruments, your skills at pricing them appropriately and the knowledgeable and discerning your clientele.  Thanks again for the service! Matthew Hunter, Fredericksburg, VA

Ciao Joe, the guitar (L-5) is arrived and all is ok! Really a beautiful instrument, thank you every much for your service, it's always a pleasure to do business with you!
Ciao amico, Davide Bianchi, Milan, Italy
Joe, This guitar and I are going to be inseparable.  Please tell the previous owner that I will take very good care of it and it will be played just about every day.  I’ll tell anyone who asks that you are top notch to do business with and you can feel free to post my comments.  I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.  Jim Rowell, New Orleans
Joe, I got home late and the guitar (ES-150) was here. Much faster than I expected. It's absolutely beautiful!...The finish is amazing. Everything about it seems amazing... the guitar seems like it's everything you said it was: Thank you. Best regards, Martin Foley, Seacliff, NY
oe, Thank you very much. The guitar is wonderful and incredibly suited to me. So glad it surfaced in your inventory. As with my purchases in the past, you were very helpful and accommodating. It is very much appreciated. I've always got my eye on your site and look forward to the next time.Very best regards, Steve Howell, Marshall, TX
Joe, Now that I've had some time to live with the '55 Gibson ES-150 I felt compelled to write to say THANK YOU!  The guitar is incredible, so great in so many ways: I love it!  But what's as impressive as the guitar is the fact that it's exactly as you described it to be. No surprises, no confusion, no looking at it wondering, "hmm, well that's a little odd".  And that's no small thing especially in the online guitar world where hyperbole is king. Your description was as focused and precise as the guitar itself. It's everything you described it to be and I couldn't be happier. So Thank You, again, and Best Regards, Martin Foley, Seacliff, NY
When I heard of archtop.com from a musician, I became interested. The number one reason was from what I read on his website. I called up on the phone and felt at ease once I talked to Joe Vinikow. Joe and his vast resources handled everything. All I had to do was to pack up and ship my guitar to his shop and he handled everything. I was amazed at the quickness of the sale and very happy with the amount that Mr. Vinikow sold my 1933 D'Angelico for. I have a Fender Jazzmaster that I might send next. Thanks Joe! Sincerely Daniel Emilyta, Norwich, CT
Hi Joe, I just wanted to say thank you for the (Fender D'Aquisto) guitar. It is a really beautiful looking and sounding instrument and I hope to enjoy it for years to come. Also, the guitar packaging was really well done. It has been a very smooth and professional transaction. I am glad that I purchased the guitar from you. Take care, John Janas, Missisauga, ONT
Joe, I have worked with you for years buying and selling guitars, repairing guitars and buying parts from you.  As a "frequent flyer" on archtop.com my experience with you has been excellent. The only "issue" I have is when I send you a guitar to sell the great pictures and description you create make me wonder why I would sell such a great guitar. But they always sell.  Seriously, you have created a great vintage archtop community, when you sell one of my guitars I feel it is always going to someone who will appreciate it. Thanks again, Greg Buchanan, Boise, ID
Hi Joe, Just writing to say I got the (Lehmann) guitar yesterday, and I’m very happy indeed. So happy I had to take the day off today to get to know her better and make her mine!...All my best to the elves.  Have a Merry Christmas!! Charles Croft, Victoria, BC
Thanks for your help with the ('53) Epiphone Broadway!  Your description via telephone was spot-on, and the guitar is just what I was hoping for. Marc Janssen, Iowa City, IA
Hi Joe! The Epi arrived Saturday and I was traveling, so I wasn't able to get her until Sunday. It's a great guitar and I'm very pleased with it. I had no issues setting it up (well, after several decades of archtops I hope I've learned something!). It has the Epi bark and after several hours of playing she opened up nicely...Thanks for a smooth transaction. Best, Mark Carlisle, Porterville, CA
Joe, The Epiphone arrived yesterday, safe and sound and I’m very happy with it. I’ve always found buying instruments online as uncertain and iffy at best but I felt comfortable going with archtop.com because of your solid reputation and the knowledgeable in-depth descriptions. Guitar-wise this was a big purchase for me, but I feel now like my confidence has paid off. Thanks, Kevin Mustill, Chicago, IL

Hi Joe, The guitar (1918 L-1) arrived yesterday late afternoon, and all is fine....it sounds just wonderful! You did a very nice job in packing and shipping! ...thank you for your professional transaction, and I will definitely keep you in mind if I am looking for another archtop in the future! Kind regards, Jim Bohnaker, Leesbug, VA

Joe, It ('52 ES-150) is beautiful! It sounds fantastic! The action is perfect. ...Wow what a great guitar! Ralph J. Roesling, FAIA, Principal, Lecturer, Cal Poly SLO
Thanks, Joe, for selling my D'Angelico Model A guitar. It was a pleasure doing business with you! You communicated promptly and clearly, took great pics of the instrument, wrote a fantastic and expert description, and used your extensive experience and knowledge to help me price the guitar accurately. I look forward to working with archtop.com again in the future. Thanks again, Gary Zellerbach, SFC
Joe Vinikow handled my consignment in a very professional manner. He has a large network of collector's and players, and I'm sure that I received a better offer for the guitar than I would have if I had tried to sell it on my own. Additionally, he evaluates the instrument with a professional's knowledge and experience, and sets a fair price. I would happily do business with Joe and archtop.com again. Many thanks! Regards, Robert Ramsey, Valley Village, CA

Hey Joe - Thanks for the very smooth experience in selling my guitar. Great support, communication, presentation and it sold really, really fast!  Josh Breier, Houston, TX
Over the past several years I have both bought and sold some wonderful instruments at archtop.com. oftentimes, and understandably so, the emphasis is placed on the buying experience. Indeed, archtop.com is the world's primer source for fine vintage guitars, and without exception, my buying experiences there have all been fantastic. This duely acknowledged, it should also be stressed that archtop.com is a great place to sell your guitar. I have always been impressed with how on top of the market Joe stays. Consistently, his recommended price to put on a guitar for sale is right in the sweet spot that is fair to both buyer and seller. Joe doesn't want to see a customer sell an instrument for a price that is rediculously low, and by the same token, he will not try to sell a guitar for an inflated amount. In short, his assessments are spot on. Recently, I sent Joe two very fine guitars that frankly, I hated to sell. But they weren't being played much, and you can't keep them all. Being a true guitar affectionado, Joe understood, and assured me that he would find them both good new homes. He did, and in short order. Thanks Joe, much appreciated. Paul Moore, Topeka, KS.
Joe, Picked up the Buscarino today and it is definitely a keeper.  Wonderful sound unplugged and amplified. Thank you for another great archtop guitar. Gary Kerber, Urbana, Il.
Joe, this makes five guitars that you have helped me place or purchase, and you have exceeded my expectations every time. There is simply no other place to buy or sell an archtop guitar. I'm a customer for life. Kenny Wunder, Madison, WI
I have bought and sold many guitars over the years, and having done both with archtop.com, I can positively say they're the best. Joe is knowledgeable, fair, and a great guy to boot. Thanks, Joe!- Don Garrett, Bethleham, PA
I heartily endorse Joe Vinikow at archtop.com after working with him and selling my guitar.  His professionalism, knowledge of instruments and friendliness all combined to create an excellent experience for me.  I would recommend him to anyone who is either buying or selling a guitar. William Dikel, St. Paul, MN
Thanks, Joe, for the fine presentation and sale of my ('68 X-500) guitar. I'm going to miss it, but I'm confident it's now in good (and loving) hands! Mitch Seidman, Boston
Thanks much for your professionalism and the fine instrument that you have provided me. I hope that the new owner of the New Yorker will enjoy playing it as much as I did over the years. ... It has been a pleasure in doing business with you. Ray Kurth, Bellmawr, NJ 
Hi Joe - Thanks for taking care of the successful sale of my Kenny Hill 7 String!  Great to hear that the new owner is thrilled with his new guitar...Paul Mimlitsch, Evergreen, CO
Joe, Thank you for everything. The (Andersen) guitar arrived safely and very well packaged, as usual. I'm playing it as we speak! It really is an amazing guitar! It's so comfortable, very light, with a great nut width, and oh - I completely fell in love with the slim D neck profile, worn just enough! I feel there is so much yet to be discovered with this guitar. It has an honest voice with a unique caracter. It's definitely one of the greatest archtops I've played.  Thank you Joe, and a warm thank you to Steve as well. Best, Marcus Savard-Lowry, Montreal
Joe, Thank you for another excellent archtop sales transaction and high level of value added service. Greatly appreciate your making the process easy, smooth, and successful! It has been some years since the prior two successful transactions. Glad to know that I made the right choice in coming back to you this for this recent sale. Given my hectic work schedule it's a big relief to not spend my time and energy trying to do such a sale myself and have someone like you that I can trust to do the job for me. 3 in a row, that's a super track record. Will certainly contact you if I have the need for a 4th. You're 'da Man! Best, Mark S. Redwood City, CA
Superb guitar (S-400C) from 1969. Not a mark on it, in fact don’t see any play wear, it’s beyond anything I’ve seen. It’s new condition and superb. Mike Binder, Palm Springs, CA
Hi Joe, She's arrived (S-400C) and in beautiful condition and I know you listed it as very good condition but she is mint... I  am so happy to have done business with you...I love the guitar Joe, I haven't managed to spend many hours yet with her ( she arrived in the last hour or so and I have just been in awe.. but I shall devote my Sunday to her  Beautiful.  ) Please find attached a few pictures of it's delivery and thanks also for the pick and spare finger plate. (and the case is fantastic.  ... Thanks Thanks Thanks. ) Kindest Regards doesn't seem enough for how grateful I am .  Will Mulvey, Madiun, Indonesia

Hi Joe, Thanks so very much for your persistent and successful efforts to find good homes for the beloved guitars I've had to part with.  Good luck in the future! Best, Jim Campbell, Los Angeles, CA
Joe, thanks for the fast & professional turnaround on my L4 CES & ES175. Very happy customer here! Bo Griffin, Maitland, FLHey Joe, I just received the Jazzica.  Everything seems to be in good order.  It's a keeper!  Thanks for your prompt service. Best, Mick Stevens, Dundee, NY
Hi Joe, Yes the Super 400 arrived safe and sound. Quite frankly it is truly a wonderful effortless instrument. Sounds fantastic through my tube amps. Thank you very much. It is something I will cherish for the rest of my days. Kind regards, Stuart Joseph, Surrey, UK
Joe, Just wanted to let you the Johnny Smith arrived today. Perfect condition. Guitar is beautiful and practically plays itself. Very, very happy, thanks for the great service and great guitar. Best, Dave LeDuc, Hingham, MA
Joe, Just dropping you a note to let you know that I received my (consignment) check today. I want to thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you! Sincerely, Jackie Zito, Kalamazoo, MI
Hi, Joe, Just thought I would tell you how pleased I am with the Benedetto Fratello and with our transaction. Made in Corona, made by Bob, made in Georgia.  I don't really care.  It's a fine instrument whoever made it and it so obviously follows Bob's stringent design and quality control.  Materials are wonderful. Kudos to you on your packing job.  Obviously you are someone who loves, understands and respects fine archtops.  I have never seen a guitar packed with such loving care....Thanks for a great transaction. All the best.. Joe Jewell, La Mirada, CA

Dear Joe, I see that (my) guitar sold, I am pleased that the buyer liked it and hope it is enjoyed more as time goes on, it was a special one to be sure. Thank you for your excellent service. I am amazed at how quickly you matched the Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway to its new owner....All the best, Mark Anagnostopulos, Brattleboro, VT
Hi Joe: Just a quick follow up - I’m enjoying this lovely guitar ('60 ES-355) immensely. Not a day goes by where I don’t just swoon over the tone, pick a single note and get that stupid smile on my face, pass it by in the living room and just go “ahh” - thanks again. Larry Chung, SFC
Hi Joe - I'd never purchased a guitar - let alone a 60 year old instrument unplayed and sight unseen. But that '57 ES-175 with the P-90 (at a fair price no less) was just too compelling to pass up. No worries; I received a fine guitar, perfectly set up, and perfectly matching the online description. Thanks Joe. This one's a keeper! Steve Raft, Washington DC
Hi Joe, I have had the guitar ('52 L-Custom) for a few months, and I have to say it is thrill to play everyday. It truly begs to be played, and is open and rich as any guitar I have ever heard, much less played. A pleasure that keeps on giving, and made me the envy of all my playing friends! Best, Steve Wiessler, Petaluma, CA
Archtop.com's sales consignment process couldn't have been smoother. Communication and customer service was top notch. Joe is always quick to respond to emails. And archtop.com was able to get me top dollar value for the sale of my '49 Epiphone Emperor Cutaway Prototype. I've always been happy as a purchasing customer.  Now I'm also a happy seller through them.  I'll definetly be returning to do business with them again. Thanks Joe! Thanks, Chris Ruppenthal, Madison, WI
Hi Joe, Thank you for a great transaction.  I purchased a 1995 Lacey Premier Archtop.  The advertisement was very helpful, the pictures extremely accurate, the hands on preview was helpful and informative.  Every part of the transaction was what was represented and more.  The shipment went out the same day and the instrument was packed beautifully.  The guitar - I can't get over how beautiful it is.  Joe can be trusted, and how much is that worth!  Thank you for providing a great guitar and a great experience.  I don't know if I will be in the market for another guitar, but if I am, I am going directly to archtop.com and Joe for trusted help. Dave Patterson, St. George, UT

Hi Joe, Thanks so much for finding a new home for my beautiful 1939 Epiphone Broadway!  Wish I could have kept it but couldn't afford the necessary repairs.  Your service was just what I needed.  Very happy with the experience. Dave McCumber, Bremerton, WA
Thank you Joe and archtop.com for helping me sell my vintage Gibson and Epiphone guitars. I was very impressed with your research and knowledge of the instruments. You found out details and facts about the guitars I didn't even know. Thanks for your assistance in selling these vintage instruments, Doug Tutmarc, Seattle, WA
I was a little nervous about sending two high end vintage archtops across the country, but all my fears were groundless. The folks at archtop.com did a wonderful job with both guitars and were utterly professional and competent the entire time. Not only did I receive full value for the guitars but the new owners are 100% happy with the instruments. Nicely done. Kevin Fahey, Gloucester, MA

Excellent high end dealer in the finest archtops, vintage and new. Trust Joe to do his utmost personal best to market your guitars onto the world's platform. Darren Hippner, Pt. Roberts, WA
To paraphrase someone else in another context, "I've bought guitars I shouldn't have bought, and sold guitars I shouldn't have sold."  In any event, Joe has facilitated my efforts both ways more times than I like to think about with  professionalism, expert knowledge of guitars. and their market, and with prompt payment upon sale.  If you want to buy, trade or sell an archtop, get in contact with Joe Vinikow. John I. Dale,Washington, DC

Hi Joe, I wanted to let you know that after inspecting and playing the ('64 ES-330) guitar you sold me, I can confidently say it's one of the finest instruments I've ever held. Feels great, looks pristine and sounds unbelievable plugged into my '76 vibrolux reverb. I'm a very satisfied customer and appreciate you delivering such quality guitars to players like me. Keep up the good work! Best, Dave Muller, SFC
Joe, WOW !  This guitar is truly great.  Your service is top notch.  Thank you for demoing the guitar before I purchased it.  All the best !!  Miki Mihailovich, Evanston, IL

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your web site. I love these old guitars, particularly archtops, and I just wanted to tell you that I don’t think anybody does a better job of promoting these old babies as you guys do. Take care. Val,  Bob's Used Guitars, Akron, OH
Joe, Just got the Loar LH-700. It wildly exceeds my expectations. Right out of the shoot it's tone and playability is superb. Thanks so much. Jon Mitchell, Longmont, CO
What an amazing guitar (Piper Redentore). It does everything but sprinkle pixie dust on me. Never seen or heard anything like it. Plays like butter. Can't thank you enough. Super great case... Bob Brooker, Murfressboro, TN
I enjoyed more than a decade playing the superb vintage Epi Triumph that I purchased from archtop.com. When it was time to find it a good home (now that my archtop playing days are getting fewer and farther between, Joe helped that happen. As always, Joe, doing business with you is a pleasure, and I thank you for all your help. Rick McClay, Andover, NY
Hi Joe, Just want to extend my thanks for a great consignment experience via archtop.com. You kept me informed of progress and the sale of my instrument was quick & easy- couldn't be happier. Warm regards,
Nick Adams, Chelmsford, MA
Joe does it again! Thanks for handling a high end, international sale for me! You took all of the hassle and fear out of the process, worth the fee! Thanks!! Ken Olmstead, Anchorage, AK
Hi Joe, ...Thank you so much for helping me find such a beautiful guitar.  I can't stop playing it, or looking at it. ... I especially appreciate the time you took to play so many guitars for me, and the fact that you keep your prices at a point where musicians can actually afford to own the instruments.  Sincerely, Curtis Rumrill, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Joe, I wanted to thank you for your patience in helping me find a guitar that I know I will have for the duration. After a few adjustments to my taste and playing, this guitar is the easiest playing and most beautiful instrument I have had the good luck to own.  Best, Steve Wiessler, Petaluma, CA
Hi Joe. Thanks for finding a new home for my guitar. The whole process was really easy with a very quick and and satisfying conclusion. Consider me a very satisfied customer. Jeff Moe, Minneapois, MN
Hi Joe, thank you for a very personal, and professional, experience in selling my Epiphone. Your photos were superb, and it was very easy working with archtop.com! All the best, Edgar Bridwell, Vancouver, BC
Joe, A note of thanks for the sale of my 1949 Epiphone Broadway. It was a thoroughly professional sales experience like the previous sales you have arranged for me. Pleasure to do business with you. Keep up the good work! Regards,
Greg Richards,Germantown, TN
Selling my guitar through archtop.com was a delight! All I had to do was get the instrument into Joe's hands and I no longer had to worry about it. I got a much better ad than I ever could have wrote (I almost wanted to buy it myself LOL,) I did not have to ship the guitar to an unknown location or deal with any paypal chargebacks from unreasonable buyers, not to mention the >6% ebay / paypal charges. When I do buy that dream L5 someday, it will be from Joe, someone I can trust! Best option for a buyer or a seller if there is an archtop guitar involved! Thanks, Ken Olmstead, Anchorage, AK
Joe: As I review my collection of approximately 60 vintage guitars, I consider the instruments I have purchased from you to be among my finest examples - '41 Epiphone Broadway; 57 Gibson Super 400 C; '60 ES-175 DN; and '68 Byrdland. And even better than the joy of acquiring those guitars is the pleasure of working with you. Dr. Michael Lizárraga, President & CEO TELACU, Los Angeles
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know how much I'm loving my new GB200.  It's proving to be the perfect next guitar for me. Thanks again, Gil Pitkoff, Kennewick, WA
Hi Joe, and thanks for such a quick sale of my 1938 Epiphone Broadway. She truly is a very special instrument for that unique and powerful voice that only black walnut can produce. Glad to know she now has a great new home. Best, Paul Moore, Topeka, KS.
Awesome seller, true to his word! When buying vintage instruments online you have to trust the seller, and Joe is the man. Quick to respond, with excellent insight and obvious experience. I couldn't be happier with this amazing vintage Benedetto. I get the impression that Joe only sells the best, and he definitely delivered with this guitar!  Also important to note: his packing/shipping of this delicate instrument was top notch and very secure. Greg McLaughlin, Greenwood, SC
Since this was my first time working with Joe and his team I did not know what to expect.   What I found was a great team of professionals whose attention to detail enabled me to get the value that my instrument deserved.   I am equally pleased that the guitar found a home where it will be appreciated and loved.  I am beyond pleased. Rene Beltran, LaVerne, CA

Joe, I received the 1950 Gibson Super 300 yesterday and… wow. Just wow. Such a big voice, and the condition is unreal. I’ve been searching for an archtop guitar that is loud enough to compete with the musicians that I play with. I can’t wait to sit down with this one and record a few as well. Such a big beast of a guitar! Thanks again for all you do, and please post this as another testament to the fine service you provide. Chris Brown, Stillwater, MN
Joe, Just a quick note to confirm that the guitar arrived yesterday without drama.  Everything was intact and the instrument sustained the trip in fine condition. I ...played for an hour or so – plays like a dream; very nice neck.  Happy guy here!  Thanks for making this all happen so smoothly.  Will try to stop at archtop.com to say hello when I’m in Seattle early next week. Regards, Dennis Huibregtse, Ann Arbor, MI
Hey Joe, thanks for all your knowledge and help in selling my Gibson guitar. I am glad you found a good home for it. I would recommend you and your site to anyone if they need a good home for any archtop guitar. Very professional, personable and helpful, thanks again. Billy Sorenson, Parrish, FL
i Joe, Thank you for finding my 1957 Gibson ES-175 D a happy new home. Your specialty site succeeded in offering for sale and selling my instrument in one day, doing what the other two other online sites I tried for months failed to do. Although I knew all along the value in the instrument, only archtop.com presented it to the players who needed to see it and appreciate a fine jazz box when they see one! I'll be back when I spot my next new best friend. John Hackley, Arroyo Grande, CA
Hi Joe, The L5 arrived today and it is as described- a beautiful instrument. The sound is way beyond what I expected-exceptionally rich and vibrant and the setup is really done well. It feels great! Hope all is well for you.  With great appreciation, Mark Bilello, Houma. LA
Trying to find a buyer on my own would have been difficult at best, and I'm glad the Benedetto has a happy new owner.  Archtops are something of a niche market, and I'm glad there is a reliable place to make the necessary deals.  Marketing is not easy for an amateur to do, but you do it well Stan Gosnell, La Porte, TX
.Joe-san, Thank you for nice information. I received L-5 Lee Ritenour yesterday...I am the splendid surprising reverberations which I heard for the first time when I restring. I liked it very much. Many thanks, Oyama Katsuyuki, Shizuoka, Japan
Hi Joe, Thanks very much for the sale of my Eastman John Pisano and Epiphone Zephyr Regent guitars. I’m looking forward to next time….Best regards, Neil Andersson, Pearl Django
The team at archtop.com has been great. They have sold two instruments for me and both transactions went smoothly without any hassle. They are a great resource and sure beat trying to sell these types of guitars on my own. Cheers Joe. This has been so easy for me. I really appreciate it. Rene Beltran, LaVerne, CA

'Thanks for this great Epi, which arrived & far surpassed expectation.  The build-quality from those years is stunning & that lovely single-coil takes me right back to West 52nd Street in the golden years.  This is my 3rd instrument from you—won’t be the last--& you’ve always been a class act.  Thanks again, man. Jim Leonard, Albuquerque, NM
(The Les Paul) came in perfect condition and it is as expected. I love it. ...Thank you for all your help getting it to me. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Diane Tangen, Midland, TX
Thank you for helping me find a home for my late uncle's prize guitar. I am so pleased to know that it is now in the hands of someone who will appreciate it as much as he did. It couldn't have happened without your help and guidance. You are the best. Thanks again. Stephen Blakley, Isleton, CA
CarmiHi Joe,  The L5CES arrived yesterday.  It's beautiful!  Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased...Mike Rovine, Wayne, PA
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know I really love everything about this thing! Beautiful look, feel and sound. I played early Les Pauls for a couple decades and the neck feels strangely familiar... in a very good way. Especially after playing flat top acoustic for the last while. Thanks for helping me find my way in the world of archtops. I look forward to visiting your shop and meeting you the next time I'm down there. Sincerely, Charles Croft, Victoria, BC
Dear Joe, I fell in love with the guitar the first time I played it. It rings for days and days,lots of sweet,singing sustain on the single notes and the top-end is nice,not thin. The neck,frets and fingerboard are all just perfect.I told you I have  played a lot of nice Gibson's over my 49 years of guitar playing but this is as nice a guitar as I've ever played! Thank you and archtop.com for what you do. Steven Flygare, Salt Lake City
 Hello, I received the Levin De luxe, it is a special guitar to me as I have looked for one for a while, I really am enjoying it! I am thinking of using the case as an addition on my house, that wins the prize as the largest guitar case I have ever seen. Regards, Mitchell Diamond, SFC

Well I hate to sound like a cliche...but the sustain in this guitar ('10 LP JP#2) is amazing!  The first thing I noticed on it... much longer than any of my other guitars - even other Les Paul's! And the tone is great!   Glad to have it. Thanks again, Gary Hals, Chapin, SC
The Comins arrived on time and in pristine condition so thanks for the great packing job.  The guitar is stunning.  It is light weight and has a huge acoustic voice for a Comins instrument.  He builds with the understanding that 99% of the time the player is going to plug it in anyway, so this is an unexpected surprise.Thanks again for another home run. Steve Wagner, Eden Prairie, MN
I have purchased several wonderful guitars from archtop.com over the past few years.  When discussing a particular guitar of interest with Joe Vinikow, it is easy to forget that he is the creator and  owner of what in my opinion, is the world's premiere source for fine vintage guitars. Rather, you get the impression that you are talking with a friend whose primary aim is helping you to acquire the instrument  of your dreams. Like many musicians, I tend to be a detail oriented person to an insane degree; all caught up in specifications,  build dates, tonal nuances,  and history. I always have questions. Never once have I found Joe to be impatient or the least bit defensive at my probing inquiries. A leading expert on the archtop guitar, Joe always takes the time to talk with his customers as a friend. It is just a fact of our times that one would be hard pressed to go down to the local music store and find one single archtop to try, or for that matter, anyone there who has even heard of Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, or Johnny Smith.  Joe Vinikow, I salute you for all you do to supply fabulous archtop guitars to the folks who love them and to keep alive the music those great old instruments were meant to play. Best, Paul Moore. Topeka, KS. PS:  The X-700 rules. 

Both guitars are great, thanks. and, the Super 300C sounds great amplified, an added bonus! Cheers, Ry Cooder, Los Angeles
Hey Joe, Just a note to confirm everything is in order. Guitar received etc. spectacular instrument, played it right out on a club date, as is, wows all around... I've had numerous Kessels over the years, all wonderful, but this takes the cake.  Best, Milt Reder, Brookline, MA
Thanks Joe for finding a good home for my '33 Epi Olympic. Compliments on the Archtop site providing great resources matching buyers and sellers quickly.Your knowledge, reliability and integrity much appreciated. Linda Sieczkowski Palmer, MA

Dear Joe, Thank you for handling the sale of our 2007 Dale Unger American Legend 7-string.  Let me add one more voice to the chorus of your happy clients.  Everything about the transaction was first class, starting and ending with your warm, experienced professionalism.  Really, it could not have been better.  Best wishes, Amanda Burton, Carnation, WA
Thank you Joe, great news that the Gibson has found a new home.  Joe, you have been really great to work with in all our communications. If you lived nearer to me, I would meet you for a cup of coffee.  I have found the whole experience with you both enlightening, because of your vast guitar knowledge and a pleasure, because you are obviously a businessman who knows the true value of customer service...Paul Aguilar, Huntington Beach, CA
Hi Joe, Just wanted to thank you for your top-notch work! I really appreciate dealing with true professionals who do what they say they are going to do. Your beautiful layout and detailed description helped sell my guitar quickly in ways no one else could have. I'm so glad it found a happy owner! I've said it before and I'll say it again-you're the greatest! Thanks, Andy Brown, Evanston, IL
Joe, Received the (Mark Campellone) EP this afternoon.Wow !!! What a great guitar!! Mark... I hope I can do your guitar justice. You both are  to be commended, Joe for running a first class biz and Mark for your master luthier skills. Thanks to both of you. Bob Edwards, Edmond, OK
  I’ve bought from Joe and I’ve sold a few with Joe.  It’s always a smooth transaction.  The jazz guitar market would be lost without him!  I’m looking forward to future transactions in 2016. Paul McCallum, Westlake Village, CA
Joe, Thanks as always for your professional help in finding a new home for my Gibson L-4 CES. It's a beautiful instrument but I just didn't play it enough so I'm glad you found a delighted purchaser for the guitar. Your reach in the international market is unmatched and your instinct for pricing is usually spot-on. Jon Dalton, LA
Thank you Joe! (Consigner proceeds) exceeded my expectations and I sincerely appreciate your advise and counsel. Please share the comments and it's so great that you offer this service as there are almost no brick and mortar venues to try these beautiful guitars anymore. All the best, Dennis Easter, Lebanon, PA

Hi Joe! Just a few words to tell you how happy I am with my 1948 L-12! Really a wonderful instrument and a joy to play...Thanks in advance and all the best to archtop.com! Christian Graf, Geneva, Switzerland
As difficult as it was to part with my beautiful '49 ES-350, you made the process nearly painless. As always, thanks for your professionalism and responsiveness in handling this consignment sale. I hope that the new owner of this beautiful instrument is as enchanted with it as I have been. Best Regards, Scott Palmer, Charleston, SC

Joe, You were not exaggerating when you said that the blonde 1992 Gibson Super V was highly flamed and immaculate! As I said, I'm a player - I don't own any guitars I don't play at least once in a while, and this beauty seems virtually unplayed! I took care of that last night at my regular gig. It sounds great already, and I can't wait to hear it open up over the next year! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rescue this guitar from its long captivity, and help it sing the way it was supposed to...:)! Best, Bruce Hector, Glen Rock, NJ

Joe, The Comins Chester Avenue is an excellent instrument.  It has the nuanced sound quality that I have been looking for.  Bill Comins certainly knows how to voice an archtop guitar.  Without hesitation I would rank this instrument in the top 1% of high end archtop guitars that I have ever played.  Thank you for your excellent service. Gary Kerber, Urbana, Illinois
Hello Joe, Good news about our '35 Broadway!  I hope the new owner enjoys this classic guitar.Thanks for doing a great job. Worrking on my next guitar for sale at archtop.com. Best regards, Bill Ellington, Lake Wales, FL

Joe, Thanks for finding my Gibson Country Gentleman a good new home.  It was a pleasure and very easy working with such a professional organization. Dick Carr, Georgetown, TX
Hi Joe, Yeah, you are the king of packing, the box was a work of art...All good and the guitar sounds spectacular!... You are a great guy and have a wonderful service.  The Skype call was perfect for choosing the right one from a distance. Thanks again!, Steve Ouimette, Scottsdale, AZ
Hello Joe, The Benedetto plays and sounds fantastic! Really, I have several high-end archtops; but, this one is a notch above the others. I didn’t think that was possible. Yes, it looks like a $20k, guitar, but it plays and sounds like a million bucks! I am enjoying getting used to the 7th string, too. It seems to be an easy change from playing with only 6. I guess if I can’t get to used to a 7th string on this guitar, then it’s just not in the cards. I think I’m going to like the extra range of the 7th string... Thank you, again, Joe. I really love the guitar! Steve Knight Raleigh, NC
Joe: Many thanks for this fantastic 1938 Epi Broadway. The instrument, if anything, surpasses your description online. I looked a long time for a vintage Epiphone with a wider neck and couldn’t be more pleased with this guitar. Amazing tone, incredible condition. I was worried about the original frets being too low for my taste, but in fact they feel great. She’s a keeper for sure! Charlie Doane, Portsmouth, NHWhen I stepped into Joe's shop, I noticed right away that every instrument was set up and playing perfectly. If you're a pro player or even if your not, this is THE place to get an archtop guitar. Frank Grace, Seattle, WA
Dear Joe, First of all, my apologies for this late reply, I was very busy all week. Thank you for the fine guitar and the good business. It  arrived on Monday morning...2 days from Seattle to Switzerland, just brilliant! I like the guitar very much, it is beautiful and corresponds perfectly to your description, which was fair and accurate. ...The sound is excellent, unplugged and amplified...The setup of the guitar is excellent and I like the stings that you chose. Your job was done very professionally!...Thank you and I look forward to buy some further guitars from you soon. All the best, Patrick Coggi, Lugano, Switzerland
Hello Joe, Just a quite note to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with the 175 '59 VOS Re-Issue. It's a real beauty, even better than pictured. The set-up is excellent too. It's light to hold and a joy to play, and an interesting contrast to the equally impressive 175 P90 purchased last time. I have to say, from the pre-sale communication, to the standard of packing and speedy shipment, and above all for your integrity to supply exactly what has been described, your service has been truly outstanding. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thanks again! Best regards, Robert Barker, Shanghai, China
Joe, Just received another fabulous FLATTOP guitar from you. I think you should change the name to: flattopsandanarchtoportwo.com Thanks, Gary Smith, Boulder, COoe, I received the Bennedetto/Gibson in good order in a timely fashion.  This piece is absolutely delightful!   I am in a mode of my collecting years whereby I require an instrument to be historically important (either in its design, rarity and or in its place in the universe of guitar changes, but also an unmistakable player.  This guitar fills that bill and more so.  Thanks so much! Cary Porter, Alamo, CA
Hi Joe, Just a late note to let you know that I received your check for the sale of my Martin.  Thanks for everything, and feel free to use my comments on your friends page.  I'll be passing through Seattle from time to time so I'm sure the siren song of all your fine guitars will be luring me in. Slong for now, Jonathan Lee, LA, CAJoe, The blonde Epi (Deluxe Regent) arrived safely yesterday. It is everything you said - great tone and projection and I am really pleased with it. Once again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Regards, Shane Cleary, Wicklow, Ireland
YES! Another satisfied customer! She’s a beauty! (1931 Gibson L-10) Glenn McMurray, Geneva, IL
I found the archtop.com experience to be most interesting and quite painless. You have established an excellent guitar adoption agency and I look forward to our next adventure. Bruce Reynolds, GuamAt least for me, selling a guitar, especially an archtop guitar, can be traumatic.  Fortunately, I live near Seattle so was able to visit archtop.com before making any decisions.  Joe Vlnikow immediately put me at ease.  His knowledge of fine instruments is encyclopedic and his respect for quality is apparent.  Joe's showroom is impressive, and his inventory almost overwhelming.  I could see at once that my guitars would be housed in a safe and secure environment pending their sale.  I needn't have worried - Joe found buyers for both within days.  With Joe, there's no trauma.  T. Evans, WA
I have looked to archtop.com both as a buyer of fine instruments and as a seller thereof. When it comes to the used and vintage market for top-quality guitars, Joe Vinikow and archtop.com have no rivals. If you see it on Joe’s site, it’s a guitar worth owning! Paul Eberly, Chicago
Joe, The sale of my 59 Gibson ES-175N, went off without a hitch.   It was a truly painless and beneficial process and service.  archtop.com is a true asset to archtop buying and selling!   You’ve obviously built up the trust of the archtop guitar community, which is a very discerning and critical group of musicians! Thank you again for excellent service.  J.D. Parker, San Diego
With the combo of your repair guy's exceptionally good binding fixes on my '53 Epi Deluxe Zephyr Regent and your glowing description and pix, a discriminating buyer made a quick decision to give my guitar a new home.   Thanks all around!    John Wagner, Sacramento, CA

Joe - thanks again for the outstanding service in selling seven of my guitars on consignment! Your professionalism in helping me, setting up the guitars, marketing them, and then getting results at fair prices was beyond compare. Unfortunately, I don't have any more guitars to sell but if and when I do I will definitely be contacting you again! Don Walling Tacoma, WA
Hi Joe, You're awesome. I've been both a seller and a buyer, and you've exceeded my expectations across the board. You're my man on the inside. Thank you. Kenny Wunder, Madison, WI
Joe! The instrument arrived today, perfect condition and shipping was not an issue.  I have played her now for about an hour, I’m in love! I’ll send you some sound clips when I’m able, this instrument is so wonderful it takes the effort of wrestling the instrument out of the equation.  Now I can focus on making music!  Thanks Joe!, Jason Cook, Brentwood, IN
Sales experience was excellent and Joe was very informative and a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to doing business with archtop.com in the future! Sebastian Henderson, Grensboro, NCJoe, Received the guitar yesterday in good shape. All is well. Thanks for your help with the letter of previous owner... Love the history on these old guitars. Thanks again and hope to meet you someday. Wayne Manis, Coeur D'Alene, ID
Joe, Guitar arrived safe and sound. Now to clean 3000000000 packing peanuts of my lounge room floor. :) Lovely instrument...Thanks again, and keep me on the offers list for Gibson archtop guitars. Have a great Easter. Best, David Wainwrigh, Hong Kong
Hi, Joe, The guitar arrived safely today - and Arnie is delighted with it!  Beautiful guitar with a bright tone even unplugged.  The honey colour is great, too. Thanks again for your excellent service. Jane Bennett, London
Joe's great, Julie's great, the guitar's great! Go see Joe and buy a guitar. You won't be sorry! Chris Wood, Pacifica, CA
Hi Joe, I am so pleased with the results of the consignment sale of my Eastman 805CE. The result after commission is greater than I had been trying, and failing, to get on my own. Thanks for your work and quick turnaround of my funds. Dave Kaatz, Seattle
Hi Joe, Thanks for making selling my 1997 Guild Artist Award a completely painless and pleasant experience. I hope the new owner has as much fun with it as I did. Mark Wilder, Spokane, WA
 As usual, we have done it again. Without a hitch, you sold my Victor Baker 14 Inch Archtop, and lo and behold, you had its replacement (Sadowsky Semi-hollow) ready for me too! Thanks again, Joe. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Vince McKnight, Silver Spring, MD
I had the honor to meet and take a couple of guitar lessons from the great Joe Pass. At the time I was playing a 335. The first thing Mr.Pass told me was I need to get a "real" guitar. He was the one that told me about this guy named Joe Vinikow. Hey when Joe Pass talked you listened. Been doing business with Joe Vinikow and archtop.com on both sides of the fence ever since. I have done more transactions with JV then I can count over the years and all have gone smooth as silk. Archtop.com is the no.1 place to get the archtop of your dreams.  Vincent Kowski  Redwood, Ca.
Joe,  I just received the check for the 1945 Epiphone Broadway: thanks! I am certain that you found a new home for it where it will be truly loved! If I am not mistaken, this now makes an even half-dozen guitars you have brokered for me. Considering how long I have known you, perhaps that's not that many! I have been giving some thought to how you so consistantly get top dollar for archtop guitars, and I think I have figured it out. While there are many hundreds of vintage guitar stores and/or websites that can tell you how many screws there are on the pickguard of a 1954 Fender Stratocaster, almost none can tell you if the tailpiece of a 1935 Gibson L-5 is original. Your knowledge of archtop guitars is vast, and you have studied them with great attention to detail because you feel the same level of passion about them as we, your customers! Thanks, again! Tony Hendrix, Spokane, WA
This ('38 L-7) was a very special guitar to me and my family and, from the beginning, I was incredibly impressed by the care and love with which everyone at archtop.com treated our guitar.  Our whole experience was wonderful:  from the ongoing communication during restoration and setup, to the incredibly well-researched and detailed listing, to our final timely sale. Hands down: a fantastic experience. Chad Colman, Lancaster, PA

Joe, Beautiful looking and sounding guitar ('07 L-7C). This one's a keeper. Thanks for your help. When I'm ready for a vintage instrument (or I'm in the Seattle area)  I'll be in touch. Happy New Year!, Mike Krahn, KIllingworth, CT
Hi Joe. Thanks so much for finding my Byrdland a new home. You couldn't have made it easier. I'm sure we'll do business again. David Osborne, Newport News, VA
Joe, Guitar (Guild X-500) arrived safe and sound yesterday. It's exactly what I was looking for and I'm very pleased. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Eddie O'Donovan, Limerick, Ireland

Joe, I received the Gibson ES-150 on Friday. WOW. It is an incredible instrument. The sunburst finish and white binding to the neck and body give it that classic look, it is well constructed and easy to play. It is by far the best guitar that I have had the privilege to play. Many thanks to you for helping me to find my dream guitar. Thank you, Michael Roberts, Hertfordshire, UK
Hi Joe, Looks like the sold sign went up for the '48 Epi Triumph... Can’t remember if this is the 3rd or 4th instrument you’ve sold for me. Thanks for doing your usual fine job of promoting the instrument on your site and handling the sale details....Ira Smolkin, Victoria BC 
Joe - I received the check today and really appreciate your help in selling those guitars! You are 1st rate in my book. Thank you! Don Walling, Tacoma, WA
Hi Joe, What can I say other than you have made my year! This is my first Epiphone and I am in love! The sound is amazing, the neck feels perfect for my hands. Structurally very sound and the set up is perfect, even the strings you put on feel smooth...The Zephyr Deluxe Regent is my new go to to guitar, it is a players guitar! Thanks again Joe!! All the best and love from Winnipeg Canada, Fern Kirouac, Winnipeg, MB
Joe, Thank you very much for your expert help and advice in purchasing and selling of my instruments. The experience was most friendly and professional.  I look forward to more dealings in the future and your continued friendship. Tom Mrzena, Puyallup, WA
Buying or selling a guitar at "archtop.com"? I've done both. Each time with high end rare instruments: I bought a '56 Alnico L5, and I've just sold a 64 Epi Emperor thinline. Best value for money when you buy, best money for your guitar when you sell! As simple as that.  Historical research,  support, presentation, everything is on your side! archtop.com? Simply no other place. Period. Roland GOERG, NYON/Switzerland
Hello Joe ~  Thank you again for your assistance in finding a new home for my Epiphone Spartan.  Selling and buying through you is always professionally done and worry-free.  There is simply no better source for top drawer service and inventory!  - Normand A., Pasadena CA
Hi Joe, Hey, man, thanks so much for selling the JA-15 and the Campellone Standard (as well as the many other guitars you've sold for me) which helps me to reorder my priorities in my retirement.  I still have enough to enjoy my hobby, but these proceeds can now be put to better use.  Thanks again. John I. Dale, WA, DC
Joe, So grateful for your kind and courteous brokering of a really fine Jazz-box, the amazingly quick turnaround is a testament to your well seasoned network of satisfied guitar players and the fact that my guitar has a "happy new owner" is music to my ears. Win, win all around. Your site is a web based guitar museum and you Joe, are the Curator!! Will come again, Michael Scheffler, Galloway, NJ
Hi Joe, Thanks for your prompt efforts to find a good home for my 2010 Benedetto 16B Custom!!!  The entire listing and sale process was cordial, painless and professional…..you did all the work and the guitar actually sold within days of appearing on your web site.  arcthtop.com is the place! Best, Clint Bell, Blaine, WA

Joe, Just wanted to thank you for your help with my new L-4. It was such an easy proses. Love the new sound. Don't be surprised if you hear from me soon about another one. Thanks again, Chris Roberts, Aspen, CO
Joe, Just a quick note that the ES-335 arrived yesterday. It is in perfect condition, a real beauty and the voice is more than I expected, so sweet and fat!!! Thank you for the perfect service (information, packing, ...). It is not an easy decision to buy a guitar that you have not had in your hands before, so this is a matter of trust. Now, after my second guitar from you, I can say that you do a perfect job! Thanks a lot!, Gerhard Meindl, St. Pölten, Austria
Hi Joe, The (L-5) guitar arrived yesterday with no issues... I am extremely pleased with the guitar and will effort to help her bring out her best voice. She needs to be played (a lot) which will be no problem; I’ve hardly put her down. Thanks again for the heads up on her listing. Best regards, Ted Thompson, Sidney, BC
Hi Joe. Just wanted to say thanks for finding my ’46 Emperor a new home. The process went smoothly, and you took care of everything. I’m convinced that you are the best way to sell or buy a vintage archtop. Thanks! Erik S. Dallas, TX  
Joe, the Heritage H 550 arrived here safe and sound today. Thanks for the careful packing. The guitar is just beautiful and a dream to play. Thanks for the effortless transaction!  I look forward to visiting w you again in the future!  David Kirk, Oklahoma, City
Thanks Joe for facilitating the transaction on the Slaman ES 150 extra.  A to die for axe!!!!  This makes 13 transactions in some 10 years....."Nuff Said" !  Ernie Pugliese, West Chester, PA

, ...Vinikow gets more than humanly possible for these instruments because he knows what he is doing like an old school businessman/artist. And his customers know that. You get the most out of the instrument. The best shape it can get to. The best musical instrument it can be and that is exactly what your reputation has become. Thank you, Joe. John Hollinger, Spotslyvania, VA
Joe, Thanks so much for matching the Holst with a happy new owner.  You've been great finding good homes for the special guitars that I've placed with you. Well done.  Cheers, Ben White, Glen Ellen, CA
WOW!!!! Hi Joe, The guitar (L-5C) arrived safe and sound. Stunning condition as described, and like you said "Sounds Killer". Thank you so much for taking care of the transaction and me. You certainly worked to make it happen and I hope we do more business in the future! Thank you SO Much X 100!!!!!! Don Lee, Ottawa, ONT

Joe, I phoned a few days back to let you know I love this L5-S. ...I want you to know how pleased I am with the Gibson and to thank you for another excellent instrument. Hope you're well. Sincerely, John Hollinger, Spotsylvania, VA would like to thank you so much for finding a new home for my 1963 Gibson L-5C. Upon checking around with other dealers to consign this beautiful piece of history I found that I began to question the integrity of most. I then found Joe at archtop.com. He was professional, honest, and willing to take the time to earn my trust. The entire sale went flawlessly, quickly and was effortless on my part.....Joe made it all happen! Should anyone decide to purchase or sell a guitar, archtop.com should be their only choice in my opinion ! Cindy Phillips, Story, Wyoming
Dear Joe, Just to let you know that the Pisano arrived today, well packed and intact in every way, a very fine instrument and just as described on your website. Thank you... Best wishes, John Bishop, Victoris, Australia
I was unfamiliar with Archtop.com before I started my search for the Gibson guitar I had been saving for and wanting for decades. When I called I was reassured by Joe Vinikow's knowledge and willingness to discuss the guitar at length. He went over in detail all the elements, cosmetic and electronic, on the guitar as well as playing chromatic scales – not riffs – to get a sense of the voice of the guitar over the phone. He was a delight to deal with and helped greatly in facilitating the deal on the guitar.
All transaction arrangements were explained thoroughly and professionally conducted. It was easy to make it happen. Once the payment was made the guitar was prepared for shipping immediately. When the guitar arrived, on time, it was meticulously packed and protected, with detailed instructions on getting the instrument in playing shape quickly. Believe it or not, my wife was anxious to hear it, so Joe's instructions really helped me impress her with the sound of the guitar right away! I would encourage anyone interested in selling a guitar on consignment, or looking to buy a guitar, to check with Joe Vinikow at Archtop.com. You could not ask for a more professional and knowledgeable agent to facilitate your guitar transaction. Joe Vinikow is a pleasure to talk to about guitars and is very enthusiastic about the entire process. It's hard to find the right vintage instrument but with Archtop.com on the web, it's like having a shop right in your neighborhood. Thanks, Joe, Mark Shanahan, Madison, WI
Joe, The Guild Benedetto arrived safely today and I'm extremely pleased. THANK YOU for a great transaction. This is a wonderful guitar and I'm so happy to be able to give it a good home. It will be sharing gigging duties (I gig 3 times a week) with it's big sister (X-700) depending on which color goes with my outfit!!  Thanks again. Simon Lugg, Houston, TX
Hi Joe, I just received my guitar last night and am completely overjoyed. The guitar is even better than I expected (and I had very high expectations!). Thanks so much for your courteousness and professionalism. This was a really simple, smooth transaction. I wish all businesses operate the way you do. Looking forward to the next time I can buy another guitar from you! Thanks, Jorge Manahan, Brooklyn, NY
HI Joe,  I have recived the (Victor Baker) guitar yesterday, thank you very much ! And most of all, congratulations for your packing skills ! The guitar was perfectly secured. Its quality is beyond expectations..Many thanks, once again ! All the best, Matthieu M., Capestang, France
Just wanted to say thanks!  The guitar arrived on Friday & I’m just coming up for air now.  It is just a described and the packing for shipping was done amazingly well.  Loved the addition of the guitar pick – guitars from grownups is really true. So count me as another satisfied customer. All the best, Tracy Danz Ada, MI

Hey Joe, Wow, wow, wow.  The Holst is a stunner.  Your service has been fantastic.  Speaking with you about the guitar was most enjoyable.  She arrived well protected and exactly as you described. Thanks so much, Peace, Don Crissey, Lake Lure, NC
Hello, Guitar (ES-5) arrived well today. A very beautiful one! Thanks a lot and all the best to you! -Jussi Lankinen, Imatra, Finland
I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience. I enjoyed visiting your shop and dropping off my Guild to sell. You provide a nice, relaxed, and professional service. Plus, you have many fabulous guitars in your shop. I look forward to doing business with you again. Many thanks. Brian Brogan, Portland, OR
Hi Joe: Just a note of thanks for your expert handling of the sale of my very special Super 400 CN. I am sure that the new owner is as thrilled with it as I was disappointed to have had to let it go (son is student at Berklee). Fair selling price, quick turnaround, reasonable commission and setup fee- what's not to like? I am very pleased. Best Regards, Scott Palmer, Charleston, SC

Dealing with Joe and archtop.com almost seemed too easy! This is by far the best seller's experience I have ever had. I simply packed my (L-5) guitar per the detailed instructions on archtop.com and shipped it. Done. My guitar sold almost instantly and I know that it went to someone who will treasure it.  The next time I sell a guitar it will be through Joe. I admire and appreciate the distinct niche that they have created and the very high level of customer service made me feel like an old friend. Nick Smith, Helena, MT
Dear Joe, It was a difficult decision to part with my Epiphone, and then I was nervous about shipping, the adjustments it would need, and getting a fair price for, what to me, was a special guitar.  You made every aspect smooth going and I could not be more pleased.  I would do business again in a heart beat. Best regards,  Dr. Eric Chasalow, Brandeis University
Joe, The (Guild X-500) guitar has arrived safe and undamaged. My first impression is that it is nicer and better than I have dared to imagine... It really plays like butter and sounds very nice acoustically, I didn't plug it in yet. And the burgundy finish is much nicer than I could tell from your pictures. I am very happy with it. Just in case you are still in contact with the original owner, you can tell him that his guitar is in good hands and will be treasured for many years to come...Thank you very much for packing it really well...Best regards, Markus Buchwald, Berlin
Joe, After looking for some time for a great vintage archtop, I found many to choose from here! Joe made the process easy with responsive communication, even a Skype call so I could see and hear the guitar as he played it for me! My overall experience with Joe and Archtop.com was excellent. The site not only has an amazing inventory but history and very useful information, as well as some cool vintage photos! Payment options were great, the guitar was well packed and shipped - I would highly recommend Archtop.com!! And I mean every word of it! Peg Andrae, Midlothian, VA
Hi Joe, The '53 Triumph Regent arrived today in good order.  I set it up and it plays very well with beautiful note definition and natural reverb. Plenty of headroom. The finish is almost exactly the same as my '46 Spartan and I love that warm tobacco 'burst hue. Thanks for making the process easy. Best regards, Dr. D.K. Muschenheim, Acadia University, Nova Scotia

Hi Joe, While many think Friday the 13th is a bad omen, for me it’s a good day. No, not good, great! Obviously, my Dad’s old guitar arrived today and in good order. All I can say is WOW! You far exceeded my expectations... sure glad I found your website and engaged you to restore my Dad’s ’53 Epiphone. It looks and plays like new. Many thanks. A grateful customer, Bill Holbird, Woodhaven, MI
Joe - The proceeds were waiting for me when I got back from my trip. Thank you for uncovering and restoring the value in my guitar. I knew it was a good instrument, but did not suspect that it could be worth as much as it was. I appreciate the knowledge and workmanship that you provided - you brought out the best in the instrument. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I wish I had more guitars to sell! I would definitely use archtop.com and will recommend you to others. Thanks for all your help. Eric Loken, Spring City, PA
Joe, (My guitar was) of such special interest, I was not at all sure it would move. Nonetheless, you managed to find a new home for it, and fairly quickly, all things considered. archtop.com must have a customer base and a reputation like none other! You have my on-going thanks for operating your excellent business in the straight-forward way that you do. I look forward to future transactions. - Tim Hillman, Bowser, BC.
Hi Joe, The Gibson ES- 330 just arrived. Dived into the bubble plastic, pulled out the case, opened up, tuned up and plugged in. Instant channeling Grant Green. How fat and rich are those P90's? Thanks Joe, superb description in gorgeous condition. I am sure glad that I didn't delay in purchasing. Would have been a bummer to miss out on this one. It is just so playable. With my Victoria tweed amp I need to set the pots at about 7 and up. You are so correct, this is the most playable guitar in my collection. Cheers Ian Goodwin, Newport, Australia
Hi Joe, I am very happy to write about my sales experience and I would like to thank you very much once again for your profesional deal with me selling my IBANEZ GB 20 ! And I am very happy to write about it ! I am very pleased for your excellent service, your speedy action to sell it and I perceived your genuine appreciation for the instruments ! I would be very glad to make another great deal with you again !! Marios Paxinos, Athens, Greece

Joe, I finally received the ('28 L-5) Gibson in Brazil from my shipper and opened it up over the weekend. Really beautiful guitar and those cases you sell are superb. I reinserted the bridge at the position indicated by the post its and tuned it up and it really is a beauty. Has a really nice action - does not require as much pressure as I thought it would for an old guitar. Thanks very much. I will treasure this for years to come. James Vickers, Rio de Janeiro
 Just a quick note regarding my experience of selling two high end archtop items with Joe at archtop.com---simply put, the professionalism and efficiency  of selling highly specialized jazz musical instruments at archtop.com is unmatched on the internet....You have established yourself as a true expert in a social space where art and business are harmoniously joined. A place where the beauty of jazz guitar is fully appreciated.Thanks again Joe! John Brown, Valparaiso, IN
Hi Joe, Good to chat with you again the other day... I unpacked the guitar (ES-165) , got the bridge on, intonated and played.... What a smooth-playing guitar! When I was in the Gibson factory in Memphis 3 weeks ago, they made mention that neck shaping is about the only hand woodworking left in these guitars. The guy surely got this one right for my hand! This makes four guitars that I have bought from you... Always a pleasure! Prompt service and accurate description! Thanks, Joe! -Larry Seutter, Edmonton, AB
Hey Joe, The (1917) L-1 has arrived and it is just as fine as I expected. Set it up quick (thanks for the post-its!) and it sounds wonderful. And, except for a little nick here or there (and who doesn't have those?), it looks like it just arrived fresh from Kalamazoo; sleek and shiny and good as new. Thanks for everything. I will check in from time to time and see what else you have going on, meanwhile, add me to your mailing list. Best, Don Scardino, Studio City, CA
Dear Joe, I received the (Ribbecke) guitar today. It arrived in good condition. I really love it !! I deeply appreciate your kindness. I am going to see your items on Internet. Best regards, Thank you, Sotaro Miura, Osaka, Japan

Joe, Thanks for hosting me today and introducing me to this Epi...  It sounds fantastic!  Really outstanding.  I've been playing it for an hour or so now and am blown away at how loud and bright, but also bassy it is.  Really an outstanding instrument.... In the meantime, thanks again for putting this instrument in my hands....Thanks, Billy Joseph, Portland, OR
Hey Joe. I received the custom shop ES-355 today. Fabulous guitar, fabulous person to do business with. Thank you, sir. Eric Harding, Ontario
Hi Joe, Got the guitar (ES-150) yesterday! She's even prettier in person. Thanks again for all your help with the process. Thanks, Bob Merkl, Chicago

Joe, I can't thank you enough for the way you handled the repair and sale of my dad's 1934 Gibson L12 guitar. Finding your website was a God send. Your instructions and explanation of the whole process was clear and all was accomplished just as you said it would be. I particularly liked the fact that I could communicate with you directly and your responses were always prompt and courteous. Your extensive knowledge and appreciation for these old guitars is amazing. Sue Dickson, Fairfax VA
Joe, I received the check (for the ES-150) today. The transaction went exactly as advertised. Your archtop guitar market is definitely the place to buy and sell vintage archtops. Thanks for running such a professional business - they are not easy to find these days. Regards, Merle Gorman, Woodburn, OR
Joe-Sorry it took a bit to write. That was the strangest time I’ve ever had deciding whether to keep a guitar (Epi Zephyr Regent). I got it Friday. Picked it up, my little hands encountered that HUGE neck and I almost wrote and told you it was coming back. Good thing I didn’t. Yes I do prefer small necks but as I played it it got better and better. I restrung it with my gauges and it is amazing how easy it plays. And then I plugged it in. That pickup is fantastic! The true test came yesterday in my trio. Playing standards from the 40s and 50s it was as if the guitar was playing me. Somehow it knew these tunes. The tone is unbelievably beautiful, the epitome of jazz. Every day I play it it’s better. So thanks for a great guiatr. Indeed all the people passing on it made a big mistake, as did I……almost. Thanks Joe, Scott Horton, Austin, TX
Joe, Thank you for finding a buyer for my much loved (ES-175) guitar. Professional and top notch all the way!  Thanks again, Teresa Morey, Burlington, WA
Joe, was really pleased at how quickly the Schaefer disappeared. I didn’t even have a chance to see it on the website, it went so fast! As always, it’s a pleasure to work with you as I figure out which guitars I want to settle in with...Earl Weed, Houston, TX
Joe, The group at archtop.com provided stellar service in the handling, care, and sale of my instrument. Unlike many other places where one can buy or sell their instruments, you get the feeling that the folks at archtop.com not only understand the inherent value of the instruments but also the beauty and value of the music that is associated with these instruments. The team kept me informed on the progress of the sale and designed a layout that accentuated the instrument down a very accurate detail level. I highly recommend them as a first stop to buying an instrument as they care about the instruments, customers, and quality placing none before the other. David Hinds, Fort Washington, MD
Hi Joe, You've been great, very helpful and professional. Excellent experience (selling my Heritage). Will certainly work with you again in the future! Cheers, Jay Solman, Coquitlam, BCJoe, Thanks for your help in selling my 86 year old friends Heritage H-575. Your straight forward and honest transaction has made him very pleased. As with my previous dealings with archtop.com, I am very pleased as well. JW Weatherford, Denham Springs, LA

Dear Joe, The Epiphone Howard Roberts arrived today in good shape, thanks to your professional packaging.... These are undervalued/under appreciated guitars with great acoustic capabilities and then when put through an amp, sound wonderful. Your website is so informative and educational besides providing opportunities to purchase these great instruments. Keep it going. Many thanks. Best wishes, Roy Lyness, Belfast, No. Ireland
Hi Joe, I've been playing the (L-7) guitar for about three weeks and just love it. A beautiful instrument in great condition. Wonderful tone. Thanks for the careful shipping and instructions. Regards, Bob Ramsey, Valley Village, CA

I have been doing business with Joe for many years. I am a different kind of archtop.com customer. Some people like new cars every year but I like new archtops every year. I buy 1 or 2 new archtops a year. I play them for awhile then ship them off to Joe as my new guitar comes in. Joe has sold countless guitars for me. The sale is always fast and the price is always fair for both sides of the sale. The second I see a sold sign on my guitar I know there will be a check in my hand 2 days later. The added bonus is Joe is a super nice guy and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Joe and another guitar is coming your way very soon. Vincent Kowski, Redwood City, CA
I sold my luthier-built guitar at archtop.com because they serve discriminating customers who appreciate fine instruments. They are very approachable, helpful, responsible, and communicative, so I felt confident entrusting them with the guitar. They found my guitar a good new home in a very short time. A happy resolution all around. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended. Jaye Urgo, Charlottesville, VA
Dear Joe, In my evolving quest for the perfect guitar, I hadn't foreseen an ES-350 in my future, until I was seduced by your description of one, which, I soon learned, was precise in every detail. The guitar arrived, carefully packed and in perfect condition, with more charm than anticipated. Thanks for a marvelous experience! Kind regards, Ray Wenzel, SFC

.Joe, I really appreciate how quickly and professionally you handled the sale of my beautiful Moll archtop. I had taken it to two other well known dealers who passed on it because "the market for modern archtops is weak right now". Well evidently it's doing just fine. Great photos and descriptions are evidently what it took to sell my guitar. Thanks again. Tim Little, Kansas City, MO
Hello Joe, The guitar arrived, safe and sound, and it’s magnificent!  Beautiful looking, with a big, deep voice that makes my ES-175 sound like a child.  The neck profile fits my hand perfectly, and the length of the neck and the size of the body are very comfortable – fits like a glove! Ray Wenzel, SFC

Joe: I am very pleased with the '07 Rumley Strumberg I got from you. What a neck! The Master 400 style fits perfectly with my '20's & '30's acts. I used it in our CD project, as well as onstage at Portland's historic Crystal Ballroom. The Rumley has found the perfect home. Best Regards: Steve Boden, Portland, OR
The '67 Gretsch Country Gentleman has found a new home. I have owned and played vintage guitars for over 45 years and your description of this guitar was spot on. It was everything as described and more. You have restored my faith that a great guitar CAN be purchased on-line from a reputable and knowledgeable dealer such as yourself. I will be looking to purchase another guitar from you in the very near future. Bill Carter, Raleigh. NC

Hi again Joe, Unpacked the Gibson 355 last night and it was hard to put it away again. This is exactly what I was looking for! Excellent guitar for me! It was great talking with you again as you described the condition one on one. There's nothing like that! I'm always highly recommending your site to everyone I have a chance to tell. I seriously believe that you have the greatest guitar site in the world! From a returning customer, Brad Cornwell, Casper, WY
.Joe, I just wanted to drop you a line about how much I love the 1959 Gibson ES-125 I purchased from you. That fretboard is unbelievable!! It plays great and I just love the P90 sound. Better than what I hoped for :) Thanks for your help!, Julie Tissue, Franklin, TN

Dear Joe, This instrument (custom Benedetto/Gibson 7 string) trumps the pyramids in terms of human accomplishment. I'm quite sure that nothing more incredible has ever been constructed. Thank you for helping me find my dream guitar... and for making the entire transaction as easy as the instrument is magical. I have now bought and sold through archtop.com, and I hold no reservation in your endorsement. You're a treasure to the community. Thank you. Kenny Wunder, Madison, WI
Dear Joe, I just wanted to say thank you for the Epiphone Triumph. Everything you said about it was correct. I also want to thank you for spending a good deal of time with me on what other dealers might consider a "smaller sale." Your patience and expertise made me feel confident and secure about buying a guitar on the net. You really went above and beyond and I hope you share this on your site. With that said, I can't wait until my next purchase. Thanks and all the best, Frank Manno, Colorado Springs

Hi Joe, The 1938 Masterbilt Epiphone Deluxe is magnificent! I really appreciate the time you took to Skype with me so I could hear and see the guitar. It was great fun to talk and learn more about the history of these instruments. The sound is so clear and distinctive and she is incredibly comfortable to hold and play. The guitar is everything you said she'd be. Thank you so much Brent Studer, Coralville, IA
!Hi Joe, I finally caught a moment to send you a note thanking you for sending me a beautiful instrument ('65 ES-335). She looks and plays beautifully and the sound I’m getting is beyond description!...I will follow your website regularly and if I see something I’ve gotta have, I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger again. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the holidays. Best, Bob LaMasney, Malibu, CA

Hi Joe, She ('60 Bassman) has landed. Well packed mate, thank you. I have only had a quick chance to play her but I already know she is worth the time and money! Many thanks for your professional service. Much obliged, Luke Gale, Stkilda, Australia
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated talking with your and the "phone audition" of the 1940s Epiphone Deluxe. Your packing was superb and she arrived safe and sound right on time. Your description was honest and spot on--she's beautiful and sounds incredible. I look forward to doing business with you again and appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions before and after purchasing the guitar. Thanks again, Brent Studer, Coralville, IA
Hi Joe, Just want to let you know how thrilled I am to own this fabulous (Moll) guitar. What a work of art. You were right about the string gauge. The strings are at a higher tension than what I am used to, yet such little force is required to intonate a string -- and this is consistent across the entire neck ...The dynamic range of the instrument is incredible. The guitar has also surprised me in terms of what I was expecting, which was that thick chord melody sound (Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, etc.). Sure, it can make that sound, but I think I would need to start using a pick again to go there. What I am finding is that this guitar might release my inner Chet Atkins. It has that punch when finger-picked, and the bass line it produces is so solid. It is a natural finger--style guitar. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You have a great business and I hope it brings you great satisfaction. It has for me. Cheers, Dan Mackowski, Auburn, AL

Hi Joe, The (Epiphone Blackstone) arrived this aft. You sure know how to do a setup: it's a very sweet low action. The acoustic sound is just what I was after. The electric sound is also good, warm enough and pretty well balanced across the strings ... I think it will suit the piano/bass/guitar trio I'm joining as I'll either be playing rhythm to stay out of the pianist's way (it's his group) or taking a solo . . . in essence no comping. Anyway thank you very much. Great service and a fine instrument with no unpleasant surprises. Cheers Andrew Russell, Katoomba, Australia
Hi Joe, The (Trenier Broadway) arrived safely and needless to say I'm keeping it. It's a beautiful instrument and I love the way it plays and sounds. It met all my expectations. Thanks for a smooth transaction. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Ken Maracek, Alfred Station, NY

Thanks, Joe. When I called (luthier) Stephen Holst to ask about re-selling the guitar he made for me, he suggested archtop.com. I am so glad he did. The pre-sale information was thorough and helpful, Joe Vinikow and his staff did a great job of representing the instrument, and it sold quickly at a very fair price. Thanks! Christian Doering, Stewarts Point, CA
As always, Joe, it is a pleasure to work with you, and I’m thrilled that you found a new home for one of my guitars. The consistent success of our business dealings have enabled me to try a wonderful variety of guitars, with the comfort that I could always move one out – through Archtop.com -- to make room for another to move in. While, at the moment, I feel like I’ve settled in with a great little collection, I know that sooner or later I’m going to see something else on Archtop.com that I’d really like to try…and I look forward to that day! Best regards, Earl Weed, Houston, TX
Thank You to Joe Vinikow and archtop.com for your fine website and great service. Last month we found a 1931 National Tenor Guitar on archtop.com The instrument was well described and photographed and we decided to inquire further. When I called, I was impressed by Joe's attention to detail in describing the guitar (to include a rather adroit and well played demo over the phone - not all dealers are willing to do this) and some of the instrument's history, the case, and more. I was also quite pleased with the careful attention he took in understanding our musical needs and in recording our contact/delivery info. Upon arrival, the instrument exceeded his description and our expectations! It is a fine old gem, well cared for, completely original with LOTS of life left in its pretty nickel plated self. The tenor arrived safely and on time. It is a very welcome and loved addition to our all National string band. Joe's website is well worth a careful study - I leaned much about jazz guitars just be viewing the offerings and text. I would recommend Joe Vinikow and archtop.com to anyone seriously looking for quality jazz string instruments with excellent service. Thanks again, John Lokke, Wichita, KS
Dealing with Joe at archtop.com is a real pleasure. He is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward, and helpful. I have purchased two guitars from Joe, a vintage Gibson, and a Benedetto and I am 100% satisfied with both guitars. Joe is a man of integrity and you can trust what he tells you about the guitars. The fact that he has such an excellent selection of fine guitars is a testament to how he does business. I highly recommend Joe & archtop.com. Jim Jacobsen, Seattle
It is refreshing to deal with skookum folks you can trust. Thanks for selling my Le Grand and my Tal Farlow. I enjoyed looking over your other arch tops as well. Bob Pringle, Kennewick, WA
Joe, I'll be glad to write about my sales experience because the bottom line is, you guys do what you say your going to do. You are true professionals; courteous and prompt. I can tell you have a genuine appreciation for the instruments that you buy and sell. This must be the reason behind your success. I'll be back not only to sell something, but to buy something also. Thanks again, Bill Kinney, Maryville, TN
Hi Joe, I received the ('59 ES-330) guitar safely and have been playing it. Real nice guitar which is as you describe it on your website. I love the neck, frets, the clear harmonic P90 and the condition of this guitar for a '59. Please tell the previous owner that the guitar is in good hands, will be kept in original condition and enjoyed at home. Thanks again, Joe. Regards, Joe Battaglia, Pocono Pines, PA

Joe, The Comins Concert, what a superb instrument: a warm, clear voice, light in weight, effortlessly playable, and more beautiful in person than on TV! All for a great price and delivered one day early! Another great purchase from archtop.com. Peace, John Dale, Washington, DC
I am very pleased with the speed at which my consignments were sold. archtop.com has the clientele for quick sales and Joe has been a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, archtop.com is the only place to buy or sell your fine archtops. Rick Whitman, Omaha, NB
Hello Joe - just a quick but big thanks for your service and attention to detail in selling my Martin D-28. Consigning an instrument through you makes the process so painless - just get you the guitar, and wait for a check, what could be better than that? As you know, this is the 2nd guitar you've sold for me, and I've also had the good fortune to purchase 2 guitars through you as well. Likely more to come as well - hopefully my wife is not reading this! Thanks again - Joe Turner, Seattle WA

Hi Joe, The good news is that the ('44) L-7 has arrived unscathed. The bad news is- you can’t have it back! This is another archtop.com home run. The sound is exactly as described- resonant and powerful, and the condition is almost pristine...Thanks again for a square deal on a world class vintage Gibson. Scott Palmer, Santee, SC
Hi Joe, I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the Schaefer. It sounds great, plays beautifully, I love the size, the pickup is amazing; the only problem is I've been staying up too late at night because I can't put it down...Many thanks, Matt Allen, Bloomington, IN
As always, Joe, it is a pleasure to work with you, and I’m thrilled that you found a new home for one of my guitars. The consistent success of our business dealings have enabled me to try a wonderful variety of guitars, with the comfort that I could always move one out – through Archtop.com -- to make room for another to move in. While, at the moment, I feel like I’ve settled in with a great little collection, I know that sooner or later I’m going to see something else on Archtop.com that I’d really like to try…and I look forward to that day! Best regards, Earl Weed, Houston, TX
Thanks, Joe. When I called (luthier) Stephen Holst to ask about re-selling the guitar he made for me, he suggested archtop.com. I am so glad he did. The pre-sale information was thorough and helpful, Joe Vinikow and his staff did a great job of representing the instrument, and it sold quickly at a very fair price. Thanks! Christian Doering, Stewarts Point, CA
Thank You to Joe Vinikow and archtop.com for your fine website and great service. Last month we found a 1931 National Tenor Guitar on archtop.com The instrument was well described and photographed and we decided to inquire further. When I called, I was impressed by Joe's attention to detail in describing the guitar (to include a rather adroit and well played demo over the phone - not all dealers are willing to do this) and some of the instrument's history, the case, and more. I was also quite pleased with the careful attention he took in understanding our musical needs and in recording our contact/delivery info. Upon arrival, the instrument exceeded his description and our expectations! It is a fine old gem, well cared for, completely original with LOTS of life left in its pretty nickel plated self. The tenor arrived safely and on time. It is a very welcome and loved addition to our all National string band. Joe's website is well worth a careful study - I leaned much about jazz guitars just be viewing the offerings and text. I would recommend Joe Vinikow and archtop.com to anyone seriously looking for quality jazz string instruments with excellent service. Thanks again, John Lokke, Wichita, KS
Dealing with Joe at archtop.com is a real pleasure. He is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward, and helpful. I have purchased two guitars from Joe, a vintage Gibson, and a Benedetto and I am 100% satisfied with both guitars. Joe is a man of integrity and you can trust what he tells you about the guitars. The fact that he has such an excellent selection of fine guitars is a testament to how he does business. I highly recommend Joe & archtop.com. Jim Jacobsen, Seattle
It is refreshing to deal with skookum folks you can trust. Thanks for selling my Le Grand and my Tal Farlow. I enjoyed looking over your other arch tops as well. Bob Pringle, Kennewick, WA
Joe, I'll be glad to write about my sales experience because the bottom line is, you guys do what you say your going to do. You are true professionals; courteous and prompt. I can tell you have a genuine appreciation for the instruments that you buy and sell. This must be the reason behind your success. I'll be back not only to sell something, but to buy something also. Thanks again, Bill Kinney, Maryville, TN
Hi Joe, I received the ('59 ES-330) guitar safely and have been playing it. Real nice guitar which is as you describe it on your website. I love the neck, frets, the clear harmonic P90 and the condition of this guitar for a '59. Please tell the previous owner that the guitar is in good hands, will be kept in original condition and enjoyed at home. Thanks again, Joe. Regards, Joe Battaglia, Pocono Pines, PA

Joe, The Comins Concert, what a superb instrument: a warm, clear voice, light in weight, effortlessly playable, and more beautiful in person than on TV! All for a great price and delivered one day early! Another great purchase from archtop.com. Peace, John Dale, Washington, DC
I am very pleased with the speed at which my consignments were sold. archtop.com has the clientele for quick sales and Joe has been a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, archtop.com is the only place to buy or sell your fine archtops. Rick Whitman, Omaha, NB
Hi Joe, First, I want to say how thrilled I am to be the owner of a 1981 Gibson es175CC. Words cannot express enough I how feel. For me it is the ultimate guitar. I am a big fan of Charlie Christian and to be able to play my Charlie Christian songs on a guitar with a Charlie Christian pick-up is like a dream. Not to mention the pre-war sound from the guitar, a sound I've always looked for. My guitar is incredible both acoustically or plugged in. I have the best of two worlds. Secondly, I want to thank you Joe for the meticulous care you take in preparing your instruments for sale. The set up is perfect. The guitar plays flawlessly. The thorough shipping preparation was greatly appreciated. Also, the service I received was always pleasant and helpful. Joe you make a customer feel special. Again, thanks Joe, you made me incredibly happy! Donna Caicco,
Sault Ste. Marie, ONT
Hi Joe - Just got home and plugged in the Dell'Arte Jimmy Rosenberg model ... blew the doors off the house!  Incredible rich acoustic sound ... smooth ... a delight to play.  My third guitar from archtop.com - quality products and exceptional service. Many thanks! -Kathy Durante, Gold River, BC
Thanks Joe - I appreciate the great job you did marketing & selling my guitar. I'm still enjoying the ES 175 you sold me a few years back, and I look forward to doing more business with you. Best, Ed Daingerfield, Baltimore, MD
Joe, Thanks again for making the sale of my PRS McCarty happen... It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Anyone who is considering selling their guitar online should not hesitate using your site; very highly recommended. Best regards, Steve Ogden, Seattle

Dear Joe, Thank you for making my recent consignment experience so easy, pleasant, and rewarding. I’m certain that trying to sell an instrument on my own would never have resulted in such a good outcome, and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. With your professionalism and worldwide reach, all parties involved end up well served and delighted. My husband Dave Brown also wishes to express his appreciation for your way of doing business throughout his several transactions with you, during which you handled every detail perfectly. We will continue to recommend archtop.com to all of our friends interested in buying or selling vintage archtop guitars, even as we wait to see for ourselves every new temptation presented on your website. Gratefully yours, Candace Brown, Tacoma, WA

Joe, Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this instrument (Gibson LeGrand). I am very happy that it sold at full price. Again, thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous service. You did a fantastic write up on the instrument! Regards, Arne Harkonen, Burlington, VT
Hi Joe, Love the Guild (X-150)! Your packing is terrific, and I appreciate the lighter strings. It's a perfect complement to my Broadway, which is my first love, but the shorter scale length and the neck-body position of the Guild help my attempts at solo work.And it is beautiful - often things look better in pictures on the internet than they do in real life, but I think your photos accurately portray the instruments. A pleasure dealing with you...all best, Ted Bishop, Edmonton, AL

Hi Joe, The Holst arrived about 4:30 this evening in perfect condition!  Excellent packing job I might say too.  Once I got the bridge in place and had it tuned up, I was amazed.  Everything is perfect about this instrument for me. The workman ship on this guitar is amazing. I'ts just beautiful. I love the neck, it is very fast and easy for my short stubby fingers. It was hard to put it down long enough to notify you that it is here...It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and thank you again. Stan Warnock, Midland, TX
 Joe, Received the ('56 ES-175) guitar yesterday, right on schedule. It is a real stunner, essentially mint. Plays, sounds and looks fantastic. Thanks so much. Scott Mattern, Silver Spring, MD

Joe, Thank you for helping me find a good home for my baby, the Ibanez GB10N. I loved this guitar and took great care of it but decided that it is too good of a guitar to not be played all the time which I didn't get to do. I attempted to sell it myself here in Ohio but never had much luck with finding someone who really KNEW what I had and that they COULD have...YOU at archtop.com came through for me on this. I feel better knowing it's in the hands of someone that appreciates beauty, quality and a fine instrument! Thank you SO much! Mark O'Keefe, Cincinnati, OH
Kudos to Joe for another lightening-fast sale.  My 2002 Campellone Standard wasn't up for more than a week before it sold, and as usual, it was a no-hassle deal.  We'll do business again! Len Carson, San Diego
Many thanks, Joe, Wow - this entire process was so easy and smooth!  I'm amazed at how quickly the L7C sold.  archtop.com is THE place to be when buying, selling, or just drooling over the many beautiful instruments. Cheers and a huge thank you!- Dr. Kathy Durante, Gold River, BC
Hi Joe, I know you routinely play the best guitars ever made and have probably heard this many times, but I now have my own personal holy grail! I have never thought this about any other instrument. It seems the combination of the guitar's age and seasoning, it's quality, responsiveness and playability, and the incredible pick up on it, have made the perfect guitar that I've always been looking for. It's the sound I always hear in my head when I imagine perfect tone and now it's coming out of this incredible guitar which is now mine!! Truly inspirational. I simply love it and could not be happier. Thanks for the wonderful packing job and putting the strings on that I requested. Also, the set-up is absolutely perfect for me. It's been a truly great experience. Thanks again, Paul Wieland, Batavia, Il

Joe, I think you are a musician first, a guitar fanatic second, a business owner/operator a very important third and a trustworthy salesman an integrity-rich fourth. Your written descriptions of the instruments celebrate the finest qualities of every instrument, to the degree that they help the player find and come to understand those qualities in ways that lead to better playing and deeper music-making. The two exceptional instruments I've bought from you suit me perfectly, and they push me daily to become a better player and musician. I am forever in your debt, and will continue as your loyal customer as long as you remain in business. I can hardly wait for our next deal! Thanks again! Tim Hillman, Victoria, BC
Hey Joe, Thanks for all of your help, past and present. Every pick guard I have received from you has been perfect and I appreciate the “intelligent banter” from the great phone service and I wish all of my vendors would ship as fast! Attached are photos of one of my customer’s 1949 L4-C that we recently restored and added one of your guards. He was ecstatic about the part’s accuracy. Just a little of amber tint on the binding and it is a perfect match. PS- One of my long time customers just brought in his Ibanez lawsuit L-5 that he recently purchased from you and mentioned that he could not be happier with the instrument as he has been searching for a “gently loved” one for a few years now. He asked that I send along his thanks. Best regards, Robert Scoby, Scoby Guitars, Oakland, TN
Hi Joe, My new case arrived and it's very well-made and fits my vintage Guild X-175 like a glove. It was almost impossible to find a case to fit my 17" Guild archtop, until I talked to you . Thank you for being very helpful and accomodating to me for such a minor purchase. When I purchase my next archtop guitar or case, I now know where to go! Thank you for such a  smooth and friendly transaction. Talk soon, Jim Gaudette, Chelmsford, MA
Hi Joe, Thanks for selling my guitar, your presentation of the great instruments on your site is an unsurpassed service for buyers and sellers alike! Mark Anagstopulous I wanted to thank you for your amazing follow-ups to let me know the status of repairs and potential buyers, and was VERY happy that (my guitar) found a good home. After checking with other repair companies, the list of repairs you performed would have generated the same price no matter where it was done, and the amount of money you got was well worth it. Just imagine if I would have sold it for $500 as was offered by a local guitar shop!! Anyways, thanks again for everything. You guys are the best. Take care. Jeff Berglund, Tahoma, CA
Hi Joe, Thank you for such a smooth and professional consignment transaction. Your communication was great, and I was quite pleased with the speed and outcome. Mitch Seidman, Boston, MA

Dear Joe, Over the past decade, I have become a regular visitor to the archtop.com website, which is truly unique in connecting lovers of vintage archtop guitars with the kind of instruments we love to play, to collect and (sometimes) to allow to pass into other loving hands. I truly appreciate the careful manner in which you describe and photograph the fine specimens available from time to time and I also know first-hand the rigorous set-up and "auditioning" you offer before selling any consigned instrument. My most recent interaction with you was, perhaps, the most interesting in our lengthy association. Having consigned my 1984 Artist Award about 10 days previously, logged in to see if it was yet photographed and presented on the website. Amazingly, through the processes of natural selection, a wise and knowledgeable buyer had stepped up before you even had the time to finalize the listing! This experience absolutely confirms that archtop.com is the place to bring together those who share a passion for these great instruments. John Young,Pebble Beach, CA
I sincerely want to share with everyone how wonderful this experience has been. I will send you a quotable note as soon as I have some time to draft something that can aptly convey my gratitude and satisfaction. Also... I'm looking to make a purchase, and I'll only purchase from you... You're frikin' awesome! Kenny Wunder, Madison, WI
Joe, just a quick not to say thanks for all the fantastic work you did to the Epi. It plays like an absolute dream, and looks even better. I know it would make my Dad proud if he could see it. I know it makes me proud to own it. Thanks again, you have a customer for life. Eric Herman, Monroe, WA
Hi Joe, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the hardwork that went into selling my 1980 D'Aquisto New Yorker Special, my 1969 Gibson Super 400C and my 1964 Gibson ES-175D. I greatly appreciate your effort in making all of these transactions professional yet seamless. I shall return! Gary Shaw, Las Vegas, NV
Hands down, one of the best consignment experiences I have had in a long time. I will not hesitate to work with Joe and Archtop.com the next time I need to sell a guitar. Please consider Joe's expertise, credibility, and superior service when it comes time to part with the one you thought you would never sell. Ted Swigart, Riverside, CA

(This is) the 4th guitar I've sold through archtop.com. Each experience has been very positive. Well laid out presentation of the instruments and attentive service are hallmarks. A pleasure in every respect. Gordon Thomson, Seattle, WA
Hi, Joe. Just wanted to confirm that the check arrived today. Thanks very much for your prompt reply and the quick mailing of the proceeds! I am very glad that I reached out to you to help me with the sale of the 1928 L5. After the unsuccessful experience with one of the major auction houses, I am pleased to say that you were able to maximize my return on the guitar and help it land in another good home. Your thorough, detailed and enthusiastic description of this exceptional instrument, with wonderful photographs, was critical in the exposure the guitar received. I look forward to working with you again, both with purchases and sales. Thanks, Joe! John C. Williams Cleveland, OH
I have long recognized your high quality work while I have viewed your website in the past and have read what you've written. Now, after placing my guitars with you to sell for me, I am doubly impressed. You are good AND you are quick. Thanks, Mark Newberry, Paris, KY
Hi Joe, The guitar (Redentore) arrived on Thursday safe and sound. I tuned it up let her acclimate to the new environment. This guitar is an absolute gem to play and hear. The note separation and sound on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10+. I don’t think it could possibly be any better. The playability is effortless, a joy to play. I love the guitar Joe, thanks, Ernie Burkhardt,
Forked River, NJ
Hello Joe, I just want to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with you on the sale of my Gibson guitars.  You have followed through with what you said you would do and have gained a customer for life.  It's refreshing to know that their are still places that sell guitars without all the hype and b.s. that is often associated with such endeavors. Thanks, Brian O'Connor, Ocean Park WA
My experience in selling my guitar through archtop.com with Joe was nothing short of the most pleasant and quick experience of any instrument I have sold. From the thorough packing instructions to the constant feedback from Joe on the status of my instrument was most professional. To say that is was a pleasure doing business with Joe and archtop.com is an understatement! Thanks, Joe and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Paul Unger, Sylvania, OH
Joe, Let me extend my thanks for a seamless, professional experience consigning my L7-C.  Within a week of listing, you were able to find a happy new owner.  This speaks volumes not only to your website's reach, but the classy, efficient manner in which you conduct business.  Your reputation as the go-to guy in archtops is well deserved and your inventory is enough to tempt even the most disciplined guitar devotee. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Joe.  I'll spread the word. Best Regards, Marty Mahre, Seattle 
Joe, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the Santa Cruz OM-42. I have owned two other Santa Cruz's over the years, a Brazilian Tony Rice, and a Pre War D. The OM-42 is one of the finest guitars I have ever played. I have owned and own many vintage acoustic instruments, and the Santa Cruz exceeds many of them. It is truly a wonderful instrument. Thanks so much you made it an excellent transaction from beginning to end. I look forward to doing business again. Take Care, Jeff Heeney, Burke, VA
Hi Joe, Holy smoke!!! I love the Epi ('53 Triumph)!!! Set it up late last night and was immediately blown away. It is hugely articulate, super responsive, and has a huge dynamic range. And it is excellent for finger style too! Thanks for helping me get the right guitar! Cheers, Joe Francisco, Boulder, CO

Joe - Having had several transactions with you I can say you are the consummate arch top venue. Whether buying or selling, I have had a wonderful experience. Excellent work, great instruments, and fine transaction speed. Thanks for the services. Matthew Hunter, Alexandria, VA
Joe, Just to let you know that I appreciate your professionalism and quality at archtop.com. I love my new DeVoe Florentine! ... This is a "lifer" guitar for me and one that I'd been searching for for years...all the right appointments. I wanted an understated look...naked fingerboard, beautiful tone woods, xlnt hue to the tint, Kent Armstrong pickup...it was all there on this axe, plus a classy case! Again, thanks for your prompt service and integrity...I can't put this thing down. When I get time, I'll record something and send it to you. All the best, Joel Henderson, Crown Point, IN
Joe, I just want to say, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.  The guitar was sold in a very timely manner and all went very smoothly.Thank you, Bob DiNardo, Ft. Myers, FL
Joe, I got my Ibanez "lawsuit" L-5 today and I love it. I put some new strings on her, adjusted the bridge and she's good to go. Very impressed with the quality of this instrument!! I can't think of an arch-top made this well in this price range. Now I know why people hang to this things when they get them. Thanks again and hope to do business with you again down the road...Joe Restivo, Memphis, TN
Hey Joe, Just wanted to say I got the Campellone yesterday and it sounds fantastic. Thanks for all the help. Jack Radsliff, Eugene, OR

Thanks again Joe...another fantastic guitar! - Tom Vergona, Idaho Falls, ID
Dear Joe, I would like to inform you that the florentine Gibson Super 400CES safely arrived to me. Thanks for the great packaging! The guitar looks, plays and sounds fine. Thanks for the deal again! Kind regards, Laszlo Pintye, Hungary
Hi Joe, I have recieved the Borys 120. Thank you for your excellent service: the instrument is everything I expected and more. Regards, Campbell Atkins, Melbourne, Australia
Joe - Just received the '49 L-7 and she plays great - fantastic neck and the best action I've ever seen on an acoustic archtop...unbelievable for a 60+ year old guitar - more than pleased with my purchase - looking forward to doing business again - Thanks Much - Tom Vergona, Idaho Falls, ID

Joe, Thanks again for your great work.  To date you and your crew have sold three guitars for me,  helping me to change my collection when the inspiration strikes.  You do a great job with the tune ups and display of your guitars as well as the exhaustive descriptions.  My only misgiving is how well you demonstrate the beauty of the axes, making it slightly harder for me to say goodbye!  My best to you and the folks at archtop.com. Skot Veroczi, Monroe ,CT
It has been a pleasure dealing with Joe, both when buying and comissioning an instrument. The service and response time has been top notch and the description of the condition of the instrument has been comprehensive and accurate. Thanks, Johannes Lehmann, Hong Kong
Hi Joe, I picked up the SJ yesterday. It is a beauty--really good shape for it's age. Sounds great too...it seems like a really good one. You made this transaction easy. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks! Hank Reisen, Cambridge, MA
Big sound, remarkable build quality. My decades long dream of a Big Band axe com true! Ernie Pugliese, on his new Epiphone Emperor ImperialBravo Joe !!!! Thank you so much for selling my Gibson ES-175. You are such a important asset in my guitar life. Got another guitar on the way as soon as my new one shows up in a couple months. It is always a stress free sale with you and it is much appreciated my friend. Thank you !!! Vince Kowski, Redwood City, CA
Hi Joe, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I love the guitar. The ES 175D  arrived in the condition described on your website (immaculate), and I couldn't agree more. After a few days of settling in the play-ability of the guitar is amazing, you did a wonderful job setting up this guitar... Bill Foster, Scotch Plains, NJ
Dear Joe, Thank you so much for your help in selling my D'Aquisto Jazzline. Your guidance every step of the way including shipping was invaluable. I wouldn't hesitate to sell through you again or recommend you highly. You certainly are a class act. Anand Bhat, Marysville, PA
Thanks Joe for helping me find the gorgeous 1930s 16 inch L-5. It's in amazing condition and sounds as good as it looks. The transaction went smoothly and the guitar was incredibly well packed. Look forward to doing business again in the future. Best, Paul Alcantara, London

Thanks Joe for the great service and help in purchasing the Dale Ungar American Dream 16. This guitar truly lives up to it's name! The box and guitar were expertly packed  and arrived on the day desired. Sincerely, Chip Gulbro, Huntsville, Alabama.
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that the ES-150-D arrived today.  It's a beauty!  It's in great condition too, and it plays wonderfully. Thank you so much!  I appreciate your quick service and attention to detail...and of course I'll keep an eye on your website. Thanks again -- and happy spring! Bill Bartosik, Easton, CT
Thanks, Joe, for a pleasant selling experience from the nation's archtop experts! Ron Hoffman, Eden Prairie, MN
Hi Joe, Just sending a note to thank you. The ES-355 looks and sounds incredible. As described, the range of sounds it produces is amazing. The setup of the instrument is perfect. It plays effortlessly with excellent action and intonation. It arrived quickly and in great condition thanks to your careful packing. I really appreciate the excellent customer service that you provided. Thanks for answering all of my questions and for making the guitar available to me. I’ve been searching for a guitar like this for years and  I will really enjoy playing it. I will definitely recommend archtop.com to all of my guitar-playing friends. Best Regards, Mike from Florida
Hi Joe, The L7C arrived. The guitar in the flesh looks much better than it did in the photo so it exceeds my expectations visually. It looks like it is brand new...I got the bridge installed and it is a treat to play. archtop.com is fantastic as it shows the world what is out there in terms of archtop guitars. I didn't know what an L7 was before looking at your website. I don't think I could get a quality L7 in Australia but you've got them in spades. If I ordered a new one from the factory I probably would have paid at least double. Once again many thanks. If I ever have the cash to afford another archtop I know where to look. Regards Terry Costello, Melbourne Australia
Joe, I received the (Martin) today in good condition - it's an exceptional instrument. Thank you for the attention to careful packing and moreover your efficient and constructive approach to this transaction. I look forward to the prospect of doing business with you again in the future. Best, R.R. Leon, Texas

I received the Trenier yesterday afternoon: it's a wonderful instrument and even better than I thought it would be both in sound and appearance. I don't think I could have done better for the price but I might even say, because of what I was looking for, that I might not have done much better at any price... Thanks again for great service and an all around great experience. All best regards--Tony Wallace, Boston
Joe, I just opened the case and assembled the bridge (on the Ibanez L-5C) and tuned her up. Wow! Perfect neck. Perfect action. Perfect frets. Perfect body/ case.Perfect tone. I can't image a better value in the archtop world... I will be enjoying this guitar for many years. Once again, you have proven why you are the best person in the country (world) for quality archtop guitars. Many thanks, Richard Marsh, No. Apollo, PA
Hey Joe - the Epi Emperor plays like and dream and sounds even better. It's getting rave reviews from some of the jazzers here in Charleston. Chris McKee, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Hi Joe..Thanks for your efficient transaction on my beautiful John Walker Petty Creek..its a dream guitar at an even dreamier price..Rich Robinson, Easton, PA

Hi Joe, Thanks for working with me on the Es-175, the guitar is absolutely beautiful and resonates and sounds so warm and rich, a great find! I am so happy to have found it through you guys....I check in on your site often and will continue to do so. The guitar is awesome and makes me want to practice, so that's a good thing... Thanks for being a dealer of such fine instruments. Robin Stone, Associate Professor, Berklee School, Boston
Dear Joe… It has been a pleasure to have your expertise involved in finding a new home for my '43 Martin 000-21. Your extensive instrument knowledge, research, and combined understanding of what the current market is doing, fully satisfied what I received for this sale. I was impressed with your wonderful customer service, comprehensive description of this instrument and its presentation to the market. I am very sure that this guitar will fill the new owners life, with many years of joy… Thank you again, Rick Ahrens, Monroe, WA
Joe, Thanks again for selling another one of my guitars. I knew it would find the right buyer with your excellent and informative website. With your wide selection of fine instruments and attention to detail, anyone should also feel confident in finding that special "axe". Anne Kutchins, Chicago
I've worked with archtop.com to sell two different guitars and my experience has been great. They listed my guitars promptly and professionally and found them good homes. I'm thankful for their great service. William Wilhite, Henderson, NV

Thanks for providing a trusted place to buy and sell vintage archtops. If you are a buyer, you know you will get a great playing guitar that has any of its issues resolved. As a seller, you know you will get the most for your guitar. Thanks, Michael Tachenko, Fairview, NC

Hi Joe, My new Super 400 arrived today, as scheduled. Thank you for your quick service. I put the bridge on, and tuned it up, and then immediately left to take it and show it off to some of my friends at a local music store. They all loved it. And the more I played it the better I liked it... I bought it, mostly because I've never had one and wanted one for my collection. But, that idea is rapidly changing. It may well become my regular player...Thanks again Joe. I look forward to seeing what comes through your shop in the future. George Head, Salem, OR

Joe, Thanks again for helping me find a happy home for my "Tal". I know they'll enjoy it as much as I have. As always your a consumate pro and easy to work with .I always look forward to opening your website and seeing what " goodies " are available! Dennis Easter, Lebanon, PA
Dear Joe, Just a long overdue note to tell how I appreciate the incredible job you do. You should change your name to "The Amazing Vinicini" for the way you make my guitars disappear! ...You always take great care of me as both a consigner and as a customer. You're stuck with me for life! Most sincerely, Lee Haldorsen, Seattle

In their return policy, archtop.com states that they want to be sure that each guitar they sell is absolutely right in every respect for the customer. I can attest that Joe really means this. Recently I purchased a very nice guitar from archtop.com but discovered that... this particular guitar, though a fabulous instrument, was too big for me to play comfortably. I phoned Joe, explained my problem, and with no hesitation, he allowed me to return it. He even placed a smaller bodied guitar on hold for me while the first guitar was on its way back. I was so pleased with the smaller instrument and with my dealings with archtop.com, that two weeks later, I purchased a second guitar as a Christmas gift for my wife. From start to finish, all my dealings with Joe and Julie at archtop.com have been characterized by courtesy, professionalism, and by an obvious level of personal care and concern that is not often seen in today's market place. I would not hesitate to recommend archtop.com to anyone looking for a great instrument and with the added benefit of a knowledgable expert to help you make an informed decision. Thanks Joe, Paul Moore, Topeka, KS
This is guitar #3 you've sold for me, and each sale has been easier than the one before it. Thanks, and happy holidays. Paul Pinkham, Washington, DC

My sales at archtop.com are exceptional. I've been on the buying, selling, and restoration side, all through Joe and archtop.com. In every case all trasactions go smooth and sales get done fast and all repair work exceeds a normal, quick fix up. Joe and his staff treat the guitars as if their own and handle with extreme care and skill. My problem is to stay away from the site as its very tempting with all of the fine guitars. Its always difficult to sell that great guitar, but archtop.com handles it all. I look forward to a few special guitars currently at your shop under restoration and a few more sales in the future. Mike Binder, LA
Joe, Thank you for the quick reply. I am astounded at the high quality sales effort at archtop.com; the web page for my L5 made me briefly reconsider selling it! In approximately ten days from the date you received it, you had produced an insightful web page for my L5 and it had a "hold" on it. In about three weeks from the date you received it, it was sold. To state that I am amazed with your reach, knowledge of product and sales capability is an understatement; fortune truly smiled upon me when you accepted my instrument on consignment. Many thanks, Joe. Al Helm, Corpus Christi, TX

Dear Joe, The ('69) Gibson ES-175 that you sent me really does sing. Whilst I could have bought a vintage 175 in Australia, you provided a far superior range of guitars to choose from and provided expert advice, that was well worth purchasing from outside Australia. This guitar has found a new home nestled amongst the palm trees. I have no hesitation in recommending archtop.com to all my friends. By the way the guitar made it door to door in 6 days. Cheers, Ian Goodwin, Newport, NSW
Joe, I received and deposited the (consignment) check today...I am so pleased and will definitely return to you to handle my high end instrument issues. Thanks again. Al Helm, Corpus Christi, TX
For anyone interested in buying or selling a jazz style guitar, I unreservedly recommend archtop.com. I have sold and purchased guitars on consignment through archtop.com, and from both sides of the transactions I was 100% satisfied. Joe's huge network of prospective buyers made it much easier and quicker to sell my guitar than I could have managed on my own. And when looking to buy a new (old) guitar, Joe's knowledge of the various styles and models combined with the variety of instruments he has lead to the perfect match for my needs. Thanks and cheers, Chris Gratham, Vancouver, BC
Joe, archtop.com is THE place for players, luthiers and collectors.  I can think of no other store that has offered the consistent high level of quality, service and the knowledge to back it all up. Then there are the guitars.....scroll down the page and experience the how, the why, the if only, the I will and passion that is the archtop guitar.  They are glorious things, vintage or modern. I am SERIOUS about my music, and if any of you know of As Serious As Your Life, then you'll know the all of the above matters when dealing with the instrument you use to express yourself. I love my ES-175. Thanks, Joe. Sean Parker, Sydney, Australia
Hi Joe, I’ve had the Gibson L5-CES for a few days now and haven’t been able to put it down. It’s a wonderful guitar with a beautiful voice, and is a treat to play. Guitars of this quality never appear in my prairie city so when it was time to finally get the instrument of my dreams it was a relief and a pleasure to have someone so knowledgeable  and trustworthy on the other end of the phone.  Thank you Joe, I’ll definitely be back for the next one. John McRory, Calgary, Alberta
Good morning, I have been shopping for the perfect guitar for awhile, now, and I visit your site daily. Though I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, just yet, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for being there. It may seem like a bit of an overstatement, but I speak the truth when I tell you that my life is better because your site exists. Thank you. Have a great day! Kenny, Madison WI

JHi Joe, I just wanted to let you know that I really love the 1935 Gibson L-7. This purchase was a couple of firsts for me. It was the first time that I purchased a guitar sight unseen. This was in no small part the glowing commentary I have read about you and your business, not only on your website, but from across the web. Another first, this is the first big body jazz guitar for me; Joe and this website were a great source of input for which one to choose. This was a ( not inexpensive ) leap of faith, seeing that I have only had western or small blues guitars up to this point. I am so very much not disappointed. The big warm honey tone out of this prewar Gibson is quite impressive to anyone first hearing it. Thanks Joe, John Arthur, Santa Clara, CA
Hi Joe, just a quick note to say thanks for all your help and expertise in finding a happy home for the L-7. Much appreciated and thanks again, Roy Marshall, Seattle
Hi Joe, This is a quick note to say thank for for the terrific job you did finding a new owner for my L-7C. I'm impressed with everything from the instructions for packing the guitar to send, the way you quickly answered all phone messages and emails, the beautiful photos and description of the guitar and then of course the quick sale. I thought it was first class all the way and I look forward to doing business again in the future. Many Thanks! Jonathan Schiele, Richmond, CA

Hi, I am very impressed with your entire set-up and the incredible standards you have in stock, information and, from the excellent testimonials, customer service.... Many thanks and keep up the good work - you play an important role in modern musical heritage! Will Starling, Colchester, UK
Hi Joe, I wanted to write and thank you for your help with my recent purchase of the 1949 ES-175. The guitar arrived today and, thanks to your careful packaging and the enclosed instructions, I had the guitar unpacked, set up, plugged in and playing in about 20 minutes ! I am delighted with the guitar, very playable and when you consider that it’s 63 years old the condition is very good. Your help, and willingness to answer all of my questions during our phone conversations made this a painless buying experience. I especially appreciated your willingness to answer questions on unrelated issues, such as how to clean decades of built up grime from my ES-335 ! Thanks again. Cheers. Richard Burford, Sandy UT
I have been playing this ES-175 everyday, for several hours a day. It is without doubt one of the nicest of its type I have ever experienced. It plays superbly and makes even me sound good! Thanks for a great guitar Joe! John Goble, Dublin, OH
Joe, thanks for the check for my old L-12. You did a terific job of setting out its unique (and historic) character in the write-up and pictures, and I'm really pleased that you found it a new home so quickly. I am also grateful (as always) for your help in dealing with pick-ups for my old L-4, and it is humming along nicely -- with a body size that is a little more comfortable for me than the L-12. I'm sure we'll talk again, and in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy scrolling through your website just to look at the fine guitars. Best, Earl Weed, Houston
Joe, OMG.  What a guitar. ('53 Epi Triumph Regent). It's incredible. The sound is astonishing.  I guess you may have heard better but neither I nor my colleagues have.  Its a very special instrument. As you may have gathered it has arrived (in 4 days door to door) safely. Thanks once again.  I couldn't be happier with it. Regards, David Watts, Melbourne, Australia
Joe, Thank you very much for helping me sell my archtop guitar. I appreciate your excellent communication and instructions on preparing my precious archtop for shipping. It's good to know that once it's in your hands it's in good hands. Until next time thanks again. Steve Masui, Honolulu, HI
Joe, The (D'Angelico) arrived last night. It is absolutly beautiful. First I have to tell you I have never recieved an instrument .. no, I have never received ANYTHING packed as well as this guitar. Excellent! The guitar is everything you said. Virturally brand new. I can't thank you enough. I will enjoy it the rest of my life. Ron Imbimbo, Stamford, CT
Hi Joe just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Epiphone Byrdland (now known as the "Byrdphone"). The guitar is great and is now my main gig axe. It came exactly when you said it would... It looks, plays and sounds exactly as you described it on your site and in e-mails you sent me. It's amazing... I bought the guitar of my dreams simply by picking up the phone! Anyone looking for a vintage guitar need look no further. Will Cramer, Edmonton, AlbertaDear Joe, the ('34 L-4) guitar continues to reveal her sublime mysteries as days pass! doing business with you couldn't have been better, btw. but the guitar seems almost a living thing, how she sort of wakes up and starts giving. It has inspired my playing; a thing of beauty and a constant joy. Reg Barnes, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I couldn't be happier with my recent purchase of a Gibson Tal Farlow from archtop.com. I can't imagine a better selection of archtop guitars anywhere. All are expertly set-up, and very clean-regardless of vintage. Exotic instruments and standard models all receive the same attention to detail. Since Joe is also a fine player, one would have a great representative for a consignment sale. Thanks Joe! Sincerely, Sandy Carter. Seattle, WA
Joe: I have purchased and sold several guitars with you the past several years. My experiences with our business dealing have always been exemplary -- and this transaction was tremendous. You have the best clientele. You are knowledgeable, quick and reliable. My sale of my Dan Koentopp exemplifies the best of all characteristics. Thank you for the smooth transaction. Thank you for every consideration. Matthew Hunter, Alexandria, VA
Joe, The Gibson (TG-50) arrived at my office yesterday. It sounds fantastic and the setup and intonation are perfect. I'm very happy with this purchase. John Woodard Jr., Louisville KY
Hi Joe, Thanks for your expert help selling my ES-330. The process was effortless on my part and went without a hitch. I heartily recommend Archtop.com to anyone who wants to sell their instrument. You priced it so that it quickly sold, yet was more than I expected. The small amount of work you did on the instrument enhanced its value and increased its appeal for a very reasonable cost. The photos and description on your site showed the guitar at its best. It was definitely a pleasure dealing with you. Best regards, Steve Ogden, Seattle
Hey there, Joe, Thought I'd drop a line to thank you again for finding a new home for my much beloved Epi Deluxe. You made the whole transaction simple and pleasant. Have and will continue to refer friends and clients to your site. Yours, David Magliari, Long Beach, CA
Hi Joe, Once again I am amazed.  Whether buying or selling an archtop there is simply no one else who can provide your level of expertise and service to your customers. You remove all of the stress which can be significant and make each transaction enjoyable. Thanks again, Steve Wagner, FineArchtops.com
I have had the pleasure of both buying and selling guitars through archtop.com - Joe has consistently been of great help. He is a wealth of knowledge and always treats me with the same patience and concern - whether I am trying to buy a pick up, or an archtop!  His prices are very fair - his preparation of the instruments is excellent - his reputation is well deserved and speaks for itself. The true secret perhaps, is that not only is his merchandise the coolest stuff out there, and his technical service and prices equally the best.. but the most importantly,  he loves these instruments ! And that telegraphs clearly to his many loyal and satisfied customers. archtop.com is the place - and Joe is the guy!! John Beth, Reedsburg, WI

Hi Joe, Couldn't be more pleased with your professionalism and no nonsense approach to a consignment sale. Everything was as promised right from the beginning, from the contract to the promised beautiful photos and description of the instrument. And as a bonus, a sale in less time than I expected. Highly recommended. Thank you. Jeff Hildreth, Williams, OR
Joe, it seems to me that there are few experiences in life that are actually better than what a person imagined. I want you to know that working with you to acquire my dream guitar – a 1957 Gibson Super 400 – exceeded my every expectation. From your attentiveness in demonstrating the guitar to me via Skype, to working out the details of the sale, to receiving the meticulously packaged instrument overnight, and to best of all playing this perfectly set-up instrument, your professionalism and kindness truly exceeded one of the dream experiences of my life. Many thanks, Joe, and all the best!!!  - Michael Lizarraga, Los Angeles, CA

Joe, This was my first time doing business with your company. From our first contact to the final payment it was a great experience. Its always a pleasure dealing with people that know their business and are professional about it. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Justin Wade, Medford, OR
Hi Joe, Thanks for a super win-win transaction, fast efficient delivery. The Triggs 16 sounds as good it looks, which is fantastic. Loved the pick you enclosed, Joe when it comes to archtops ‘You‘re the Man” Hope to do business with you again. Best wishes  from Jim Keogh,  Perth, Western Australia 
Hey Joe...From start to finish our experience with archtop.com was nothing but amazing. We didn't have a clue what we were doing and you held our hands throughout the whole process. You took the time to explain to us the pricing process right down to the marketing. We had several options to sell our guitar...ebay, Craig's list or an auction house just to name a few, but we know we made the best decision ever when we found you. We received a fair offer in a short amount of time all because of archtop.com. No hassle no fuss. Thanks for a successful sale! If you are looking for someone who is professional & honest, Joe's your guy! He's the best. J. Niemeyer, Milton, WA
Every year I either sell or buy at least one guitar with archtop.com. You DO have a friend in the archtop guitar business. His name is Joe Vinikow. Thanks again Joe for another smooth as silk transaction. Looking forward to our next guitar adventure. Sincerely, Vincent Kowski Redwood City, CA
Hi Joe, I see that my guitar is already on hold. That is the third guitar you are selling for me in 3 months. You are doing a great job and I truly believe that archtop.com is by far the best place to sell and buy first class instruments. I hope people who are trying to deal on ebay understand this one day. Best regards. JP Karcz, Montreal
Hi Joe, The Shelley Park Montmartre arrived safely last Friday. The instrument is meticoulously build with passion & "savoir faire ". The sound ranges from the subtle grace of a flower to the power associated with " la pompe", melodic lines are lively and inspiring. I'm sincerely pleased with the instrument. Regards. Pierre Cantin, Quebec.

Hi Joe, Just a quick note to say the ’40 Epi Deluxe has found a good home (mine). It’s a beautiful guitar, and has the guitardom trifecta covered, i.e., great looks, playability and tone.  I had planned on just taking my consignment proceeds on your sale of my Spartan (thanks for the quick sale), but couldn’t help myself and had to look at the Deluxe pics. Your written and in-hand descriptions were spot on. I think this is about my tenth purchase and/or sale through your fine portal. Thanks for taking care of me on both ends of this transaction. Regards, Ray Gargiulo, NYC
Outstanding! Joe I want to thank you for the very fast selling of my DeVoe archtop. I am glad it found a new home. Your organization is highly professional, trustworthy and courteous. When I am purchasing a guitar, archtop.com is my first stop! Tom Scheira, Niagara Falls, NY
Hey Joe, What was a pleasure meeting you, It was so exciting opening up my new guitar yesterday, and what a professional packing job I must add, THANKS! You were dead on and gave a perfect demo, I appreciate you taking the time and I'll talk to you again real soon I hope! Great instrument and great service!!! Diamondave, Los Angeles
Hello Joe, Just a quick note to say that the D45 just continues to blow me away with its beauty of sound and appearance. It is magnificent in every way, the sound is huge and glassy, the tone is to die for, and the inlays and woods make it a work of fine art. I don't think you have ever had a more satisfied customer. Thanks again, and best wishes. Bill Van Vugt, Lowell MI
Well Joe, this is the 10th guitar you have sold for me over the years. All sold extremely fast and the payment has always been sent immediately. My hat goes off to you my friend. Thank you very much ! Vincent Kowski Redwood, Ca.
Hi Joe, That sold sign on my Gibson L-7 looks mighty fine. Thanks again for a quick sale. You truly are the best at what you do. Your friend, Randall Shike, Wichita, KS
Dear Joe, All I can say, is that I am so pleased I came to you first to look for an L4, its great. It's the first time I have purchased a guitar that I have not had to carry out a little work myself getting the action right. Whoever worked on this guitar did a great job, it came out of its case and was perfect. Do I recomend Joe & Julie at archtop.com? Sure I do...Best Regards, Tony Arnold, Loiret, France
Joe, This was my first time to sell a guitar using your services and I must say it was a complete pleasure to work with you. I have used other selling methods in the past; local consignment, ebay, craigslist usually ending up in less than desirable results. You are the ruler in high end archtop guitars for both buying and selling and I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to sell or buy a nice archtop guitar. I will do business again with you. Thanks for your quick service. Robert Jackson, Edmond, Oklahoma
Hi Joe, I'm just writing to say thanks for sending along that grand piano (Guild Artist Award) I asked you about.  This instrument has so much of its own identity in every way, I've been playing it for the past two days with a mixture of enjoyment and astonishment… simply majestic. …It makes me play better both in terms of how it sounds as well as its own precision.….It's a wonderfully alive instrument but with a sense of control and reserve.  …  The notes sound exactly as they should sound, both with pick and finger.  In fact, the biggest surprise of this guitar is what a wonderful fingerstyle guitar it is: great shimmering three-dimensional melody notes with the touch of a fingernail, with no scratchiness or loss of projection or dynamic range.  The chords also stand out in a way that is very piano-like, harmonically rich with just enough separation that we hear the notes individually as they chime together with one another to form the chord. … I've always wanted to play grand-piano-like, Keith Jarrett kind of stuff on the guitar--you know, like the Koln Concert improvisations--but I didn't have the instrument to pull it off with--until now…. Anyway, thanks for selling me a great guitar, Joe, and feel free to put any of this up on your very enjoyable website. …In the meantime, you can change the Hold to Sold! All best, Tony Wallace, Brookline, MA
Hi Joe, I got the Arrow Django today and am quite happy with it.  It is a fine instrument and I think will make a versatile voice for me.  It plays and sounds really nice, so she's a keeper for me....  Anyway, thank you very much for all the great service.  I look forward to doing more business in the future. Cheers, Adam Cypress. Emeryville, CA.
Hi Joe, The '54 Gibson ES-150 arrived yesterday and she is amazingly clean and beautiful. The setup was spot-on.Thank you for the great customer service. You inventory is always like a candy store for my eyes. Mark Stultz, Hendersonville, TN
Hi Joe, The selling of my L5C was smooth, quick and professional. I had earlier consigned the instrument with a local shop near Boston, specializing in archtops, reputable and with a nice web site. I thought I would sell the guitar and save the shipping costs to archtop.com. Mistake. It languished there for 6 months. Then I sent the guitar to you and it sold before it left the "coming soon" list! The selling price was much higher than the local consigner and the check was here in a few days. Only now do I appreciate archtop.com's reach into the global guitar market. There must have been guitarists waiting for my instrument, knowing it you guys would eventually find one. archtop.com is now on my favorites list. It's fun just to window shop, and I may buy an instrument one day. Thank you for the good feeling of dealing with a great business. Sincerely, Lawrence Faria, Kingston, NH
Hey Joe, Received the check for the Gibson L-12 on Saturday. Thanks, again, for the professional service you provide. I am certain I will be contacting you again to sell and purchase more incredible archtop guitars.  All the best, Ryan Durfee - Cedar City, Utah
Hi Joe, I received the proceeds on the sale of my Gibson L-4 yesterday. I just want to say thanks for selling it so quickly. I don't think there's a better place to buy or sell archtop guitars. I would definitely recommend archtop.com to anyone in the market for a jazz guitar. Darrel Williams, Tonganoxie, Kansas

Hi Joe, The guitar ('36 Triumph) came Thursday... I stopped myself from opening it until this morning and wow she's amazing you've done an amazing job with pick up I can't believe how good the electric sound is. It's huge, I have a modern epiphone and it blows it out of the water you did a great job on concealing the controls also very neat indeed! And the case! I'm absolutely made up. Thank you so much you've made the whole experience exciting and a joy....All the best and speak soon Martyn Nelson, Manchester, UK P.S. Thanks for all your advice!
Joe: I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the great job you did on selling my '39 L-7 and '45 Epi Deluxe recently. The quick turnaround, as well as realizing a bit more for the guitars than I expected, continues to reinforce my belief that you are definitely the "go to guy" for archtop guitars. I received the '39 Epi Emperor yesterday afternoon and - once I'd warmed it up and unpacked it, couldn't put it down until 2am this morning. The volume, tone and natural reverb of this magnificent monster puts a pipe organ to shame!... yet again, a real pleasure in doing business with you. As a professional quality auditor, I would have to give your outfit an A+ for both service and product! Many thanks again, and be assured that, when my next bout of S.A.A.S. (Severe Archtop Acquisition Syndrome) strikes, you'll get the first call. Best regards, Tom Murphey, ASQ CQA, , CA
My experience with Joe at archtop.com has been superb. Whether you are buying or selling, Joe has the experience to make it happen in a quick and professional manner. I would recommend archtop.com above all others when it comes to getting an outstanding archtop at a fair price! Five Star Rating! John Goble, Dublin, OH
As I came back to playing guitar 3 years ago, many years after I set it aside for business reasons, archtop.com has become absolutely invaluable to me. Through Joe's business I've been able to buy and play some great jazz guitars.  As I've gradually learned what works best for me, I've also been able to turn around and sell the ones that suited me less, good as they were. Just recently, I sent Joe 2 fine vintage Gibsons to sell, went out of town for 2 weeks, and by the time I was back, they were sold. Bravo, Joe! I don't know where else I could go to get this variety of fine guitars to play -- not to mention some excellent advice -- then so easily move the guitars that somebody else will no doubt enjoy better. Many thanks, Joe. Earl Weed, Houston, TX
 Hi Joe, Just to say the guitar arrived in a wet Wales today and has totally brightened my day! The guitar plays even more nicely than I remember and now has pride of place in my collection. I still can't believe the condition of it given its 70 years history. Already after a couple of hours playing I can hear its voice beginning to develop and mature. I can't thank you enough, and for being so kind as to meet me in person and to show me your beautiful collection which has allowed me to pick the perfect guitar. Hope we meet again in the not too distant future! Stuart MacKinnon, Neath, Wales
Hi Joe! Yesterday I received the National Tricone from 1933 ...It's a great guitar in shape and sound! That's why I always prefer it to deal with you! It's my third guitar from archtop.com and everything worked in the way Joe was telling me before not only in archtop but also in flattop and resonator guitars. So thank you and I'm gonna call you in the future for very special guitars in outstanding condition, fairly priced! Best regards from Germany and happy holidays! Edwin Kimmler, Landshut, Bavaria

The (Dupont MC-50) guitar arrived late morning yesterday safe and sound. I patiently let it sit in the box for four hours, took it out of the box but left in case for another four hours, then finally took out of case and put on a set of Argentine 11's. Great guitar, as described, exactly what I was looking for in a gypsy jazz guitar. .. Thanks for the great customer service and quick shipping, I'll definitely recommend archtop.com to my friends!!! Peace, Jordan Sayers, Chicago
Hi Joe, The '47 ES 150 arrived safely. This guitar is in great condition! Very easy to play, and a beautiful acoustic sound. Many thanks--Bruce Brogdon, Houston, TX

.I've sold 3 guitars through archtop.com, the most recent my '66 ES-330... expert advice, professional presentation, easy, straight-up transaction - Joe is the best. Steve Peterson, Seattle, WA
Joe, Thanks for taking the lead in presenting and selling our dad's blond L5 Gibson vintage guitar.  Thank you too for the great conversation my brother and I had with you about that guitar and the history of the instrument. The vast knowledge that you shared with us regarding our guitar, guitars in general, and the fun discussion about some awesome players, was very interesting and enjoyable. We felt comfortable with the fact that you would find it (our treasured family heirloom for over thirty years) a great new home, and it sounds like you did just that! Philip Snyder, Seattle, WA

Joe - I walked into work this morning to find that Father's Day had been moved to Thursday. She ('76 Artist Award) arrived in good condition. The bridge is on and the sound is fabulous... Thanks! Brad Smedley, Beachwood, OH
I know you must think I overdo the accolades, but I've been in the archtop world for over 35 years and I have dealt with many dealers. Sincerely, I have never been more impressed than I am with you. You are fair, honest and most of all, you know what you're doing. I trust your judgement and would recommend you to anyone who is considering the purchase or sale of a guitar. Best regards, Steve Wagner, Eden Prairie , MN
Hi Joe, I have a set of nickel 14's on the '43 Triumph now and it sings! The neck shape is just perfect for my hand. I really like the closer spacing from the narrow nut width on this particular instrument. The volume and projection from this guitar is very impressive with a nice chunky warm tone. The guitar is EXACTLY as described really and it plays perfectly. I really am very impressed. This one's a keeper! Thanks for your fantastic service, meticulous packing and for carrying the acoustic archtop torch! Thanks so much! Daniel Baston, Toronto, ONT
Joe, Many thanks for finding a new home for my Schaefer Swingmaster. I'm realizing now that I have about a decade's worth of experience with you and archtop.com when it comes to buying and selling guitars, guitar cases, and guitar pickups. From my point of view that record speaks volumes about trust and ethics and honesty. Keep up the good work. I look forward to doing business with you again and I always look forward to my many online visits to your website. Best, David Everett, Austin, TX
I bought a Palen 17 from Joe about six months ago and couldn’t be happier with my new guitar and the whole transaction. Then, I decided to sell my 1970’s vintage Ibanez “lawsuit” guitar and was very happy with that result as well. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a quality guitar, Joe is definitely the guy for you. Michael McDonald, Alamo, CA
Hi Joe, I received the ES 175 yesterday and finally got a chance to play it this morning. Thank you for an accurately described instrument. I’m a hard working player and each instrument takes a major commitment of resources for me. I was in real need of a quality working man’s guitar for use in a variety of genres and this ES 175 is the perfect fit. It’s in excellent condition, just as stated and I’m sure will instantly become my primary workhorse. Thanks again, Joe. I know where to turn for honesty and integrity in archtop world and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Sincerely, Chuck O’Connor, Stow, ME
Dear Joe, The 1962 Fender Deluxe amp is as clean and quiet as you said. The sound is wonderful and breaks up nicely at volume level 5. For the people who have ever wondered about purchasing a vintage amp, I can tell them it is worth the effort and money. I have played guitar for almost 50 years and have nice modern amps (Victoria, Fuchs), but this brown Deluxe will be my favorite. Thanks for a great sale and service. Bill Kaylor, Minneapolis, MN
The (Schaefer) guitar is everything you said and more. What a looker! What a player! archtop.com will be the first stop when I'm ready for another fine instrument. Mike Wong, Cupertino, CA
Joe, thanks again- I can't say enough good about your service, or how great the '49 Triumph plays, and sounds. Superlatives still will not do proper justice to either of these above; I will simply say "Thank you" for the best acoustic guitar I've ever owned, and the most facilitating service possible. Best regards, Marc McCord, Austin TX
Joe, I am delighted with the very fine '45 Epiphone Triumph! Your exemplary knowledge and excellent inventory made this experience positive in all ways. Thanks for the time spent with me on the phone and in your shop. David Austin, Seattle, WA
Hello Joe, The Le Grand arrived today and you made me very happy. Your description about the condition was totally correct and being made in 1993 the guitar was really as new. ...Maybe stored-under-the bed-18-years? This is hard to believe for such a beauty but finally it has found a good new home where it will not spend too many hours unplayed. I also like to emphasize that you do a great and very professional job and I would nor hesitate to buy again. Thank you, Dieter Staron, Herne, Germany
Hi Joe, Oh my GOD ...it's here ... it's stunning ... it's beautiful!!!!! I agree with you - it plays like butter! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Kathy Durante, Gold River, BC
Hi Joe, Glad you found a great home for the Le Grand....Thanks so much.... There's no other guitar site I love as much as yours. All the best, Marc Ratner, Camden, ME
Hello again, Joe. I can't tell you how much I like the Slaman 150-extra. It is my dream archtop. It really authentically gets that sound I've been hearing for so many years. Christian, Raney, Thomas. I am thrilled! (and thanks for the strap buttons, too) You are still a class act, and I will be in touch with you soon. Musically yours, Larry Camp, St. Petersburg, FLHi Joe, The Napolitano Jazz Box has just been delivered - many thanks for your great service and smooth communication - and above all it's a wonderful instrument! Very best Christian Richters, Munster, Germany

Joe: My Heritage 575 was my first "good" guitar - but since I had bought a '37 L7 a few years ago from you and stopped playing it as much as I used to; I knew you would deliver on your promises when it was time to get it a new home. The packing instructions and contract were simple and understandable. Put me down as both a satisfied buyer and seller from archtop.com...Scott Furbeck, Heyworth, IL
Hey, Joe --just pulled out the Andersen -- plays/sounds like a precision instrument. Already opening up fifteen minutes later... Thanks a lot for a great deal on a fine git-tar... I'm very happy -- David Yorkin, LA, CA
Hi Joe, Just letting you know I'm very happy with my (Eastman 810CE). I haven't had a chance to plug her in yet.... To tell you the truth, I'm not in any great hurry. I'm having a great time exploring this baby acoustically. The pickup job and setup are immaculate by the way. Plays great, sounds great. I'm confident that I have a quality versatile instrument here. Jarrod Wilkerson, Campbellsville, KY
Hello Joe: The Broadway has arrived. What a beautiful instrument. I can't keep my eyes and hands off of the guitar. What a great find. Once again I must commend you for your excellent customer service and quality merchandise. I look forward to dealing with you in the future and will not hesitate to recommend your company.  Thank-you , Erik Scotney, Blue Mtns, OntarioJoe: Received it. (2002 Buscarino Gigmaster) Checked it out. Played it. Love it. Thanks, Wayne D'Amico, Centerbrook, CT
Dear Joe, I was very pleased to see that my 1948 Epiphone Triumph, as well as the 1946 Emperor and the 1961 Goya C80 had all found suitable new homes with lovers of vintage archtop guitars. When it comes to buying or selling classic instruments such as  these, nobody does it better. The quality of your service to buyers and sellers alike is always outstanding. As a serial buyer, I find the descriptions and are always highly detailed and accurate, the photography sharp and impressive and your willingness to “audition” over the ‘phone serves to build confidence in you and the trusted brand you have created and over the years. Your website should be saved by every serious player or collector in their “Favorites.” To put it simply, when it comes to archtops, you are the Holy Grail! John Young, Carmel, California

Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that I received the (L-5CES) guitar this afternoon I am really happy! It's an absolutely beautiful guitar. Thanks for your outstanding professionalism in providing quality instruments with fantastic service! I would go nowhere else to buy an archtop overseas. Thanks. Tim Nikolski, Melbourne, Australia
I've bought and sold guitars at archtop.com and have been very happy with both transactions.  Joe does it right.  He respects the instruments and deals fairly.  I have no doubt I'll be involved again both as a buyer and seller.  Thanks, Joe!, Cheers, Paul McCallum,Westlake Village, CA

Having played for hours these past two days, find this guitar (2006 Gibson L-7C) has an intense, rich, woody, deep sound - it's the nicest acoustic I've ever heard. It'll bring a lifetime of jazz pleasure!  Many thanks, Dr. Kathy Durante, Gold River, BC
I was very pleased with the great job archtop.com did in handling the sale of my vintage instrument. The whole experience couldn't have been easier. I originally bought the instrument from archtop.com as well, so I this is my second time, and I'm grateful for the trustworthy professionalism that archtop.com represents. Thanks again, Joe! Bob Campbell, Seattle

Joe, I received the Herb Ellis guitar this afternoon and I wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with it. I reinstalled the bridge and (noting the new flat wound strings that were installed at my request) tuned 'er up and pluged 'er in; plays and sounds great! I look forward to gigging with this instrument for a long time...Thanks again, Steve Jones, Jacksonville, FL
Good Morning Joe, The '44 Epiphone Triumph arrived this morning,I am very pleased with it. I fitted the bridge on it tuned up very easy, its got a lovely old sound to it. I must congratulate you on the service I got from you, it was first class in every way. I will certainly buy from you again and recommend you to people I know. Best Wishes Ian.McLean, Surrey, England.
I can't express in words how impressed I am with you service and the rapid sale of my instrument. Thank you will have to do! Matthew Hunter, Alexandria, VA
Thanks to Joe Vinikow and archtop.com for a grade AAA positive selling experience. He has been totally professional and quickly accountable at every level. I am a happy customer. Brent Hawley, Ft. Collins, CO
Dear Joe, Thank you for the professional consignment service for my McKerrihan archtop guitar. From our first meeting at your shop in Seattle I was impressed with the organization and personal service you offered. I especially remember finishing up some other work in your shop and overhearing how you relate to customers. You explained the instruments in detail and even played the guitars over the phone so the customers could really know the quality of the instrument. I enjoyed working with you as well through the sale process. It was simple and easy with no hassles. Thank you once again. I highly recommend your services to other archtop owners. Sincerely, John Brozovich, Mercer Island WA
Thanks for your help with finding a new home for my archtop. I debated whether or not to sell my guitar, but once I was ready, you took all the effort out of it. I was glad to be finding a new home for my guitar, not just selling it. Brett Romano, WA
Joe, The guitar arrived today. I`ve got to say that this is one of the finest guitars I`ve ever played. It looks and plays fantastic! ...So thanks a lot for great service. I`ll be sure to spread the good word about you and your business to all of my guitar friends. kind regards / med vennlig hilsen. Michael Aadal, Norway
Joe. The ('95) Triggs guitar that was owned by Mundell Lowe that you sold me is a real beauty! Thanks for the great experience!  I swear my chops are better already.  Must be Mundells DNA....Just the sound I've been hearing in my head. Thanks, I love it. Joe Cupani, NY
The check for the L7 arrived Friday and I was floored. It was for several hundred dollars more than I'd been expecting. I can't thank you enough...As I tell my friends: say what you will about the wavering economy and the ambivalence of modern life, if there's one thing you can strike in stone, it's that Joe Vinikow can sell a guitar. Mark Baker, PA

Thanks for the great job in selling my '49 ES-175. Although it was a difficult decision to let her go, the decision was made easier because I knew what to expect from my sales experience with you. Having done business with you several times before, both as a buyer and a seller, I didn't hesitate in deciding you were the right person for the consignment...great pictures, a wonderful and accurate description of the instrument, and your personal attention to the entire transaction from start to finish. That's why I keep coming back. Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY
Hey Joe... The guitar (Triumph Regent) arrived yesterday morning, and I'm thrilled with it... The frets and action are truly amazing! The voice is clear and big! I really dig it,.. it's a special guitar that I will play for many years to come. Well, back to more "breaking in" with my new girlfriend. Regards, Sean Daly, Brooklyn, NY
Thanks for the great job in selling my '49 ES-175. Although it was a difficult decision to let her go, the decision was made easier because I knew what to expect from my sales experience with you. Having done business with you several times before, both as a buyer and a seller, I didn't hesitate in deciding you were the right person for the consignment...great pictures, a wonderful and accurate description of the instrument, and your personal attention to the entire transaction from start to finish. That's why I keep coming back. Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY

Hey Joe... The guitar (Triumph Regent) arrived yesterday morning, and I'm thrilled with it... The frets and action are truly amazing! The voice is clear and big! I really dig it,.. it's a special guitar that I will play for many years to come. Well, back to more "breaking in" with my new girlfriend. Regards, Sean Daly, Brooklyn, NY
Joe, The guitar arrived today. I`ve got to say that this is one of the finest guitars I`ve ever played. It looks and plays fantastic! ...So thanks a lot for great service. I`ll be sure to spread the good word about you and your business to all of my guitar friends. kind regards / med vennlig hilsen. Michael Aadal, Norway

Joe. The ('95) Triggs guitar that was owned by Mundell Lowe that you sold me is a real beauty! Thanks for the great experience!  I swear my chops are better already.  Must be Mundells DNA....Just the sound I've been hearing in my head. Thanks, I love it. Joe Cupani, NY
The check for the L7 arrived Friday and I was floored. It was for several hundred dollars more than I'd been expecting. I can't thank you enough...As I tell my friends: say what you will about the wavering economy and the ambivalence of modern life, if there's one thing you can strike in stone, it's that Joe Vinikow can sell a guitar. Mark Baker, PA
Thanks to Joe Vinikow and archtop.com for a grade AAA positive selling experience. He has been totally professional and quickly accountable at every level. I am a happy customer. Brent Hawley, Ft. Collins, CO

Dear Joe, Thank you for the professional consignment service for my McKerrihan archtop guitar. From our first meeting at your shop in Seattle I was impressed with the organization and personal service you offered. I especially remember finishing up some other work in your shop and overhearing how you relate to customers. You explained the instruments in detail and even played the guitars over the phone so the customers could really know the quality of the instrument. I enjoyed working with you as well through the sale process. It was simple and easy with no hassles. Thank you once again. I highly recommend your services to other archtop owners. Sincerely, John Brozovich, Mercer Island WA
Thanks for your help with finding a new home for my archtop. I debated whether or not to sell my guitar, but once I was ready, you took all the effort out of it. I was glad to be finding a new home for my guitar, not just selling it. Brett Romano, WA
It's true what they say- archtop.com is a great place to consign an instrument. Thank you, Joe and staff. Your professionalism (particularly helping with the often difficult task of selecting the ideal asking price) made this experience almost too easy. Not only that, but your photos and description almost had me wanting to buy my guitar back! All the best, James Rowan, SF Bay Area
Joe, I finally have had the chance to really play this (Trenier Magnolia) at length, and I must say, this is a really great example of a well-planned, well-executed design. It is very versatile with great presence, and is an easy playing guitar as well. The neck is a pleasure and the tone is to die for. It does lots of things extremely well in my opinion...I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to acquire this instrument at this price, and appreciate your making these types of instruments available. Kudos to Bryant. Thanks again. Rob MacDonald, Ft. Collins, CO
Joe, Having now both bought from and sold through archtop.com, I can vouch for the fact that you are the best at what you do. Thank you again! Norm Ayotte, Altadena, CA
Dear Joe, Thank you so much for helping me get the guitar of my dreams (1949 Epiphone Emperor) its looks and sounds beautiful!  The only problem now is that everyone in the family is fighting for who gets to play it! So I look forward to you helping them to get their own dream guitars soon!  Thank you for your in depth knowledge and speedy service...! All the best, Grace Degey, France
Joe, Thanks for selling a second Ibanez "lawsuit" guitar for me. Your website attracts buyers who are knowledgeable and motivated and your pricing and assessment were spot on. The first guitar sold before it was even listed and the next, very soon after. Hands down the best outlet for fine archtop guitars. Jon Dalton, Los Angeles

Thanks again Joe, for selling the Trenier. You're the greatest! Mark Condran, Bow, WA
I've bought two guitars from you and both of them have been excellent. You run an honest outfit and you're just a pleasure to deal with. Kevin Connelly, New Bedford, MA

Thanks, Joe - you really do have the classiest presentation of any guitar site I've seen. Wish I could buy them all. Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA
I bought my first Epiphone from Joe in 1990 then a second shortly thereafter! When it came time to selling  my Epiphone collection I sent them all (5) to Joe without hesitation. Joe was amazing, selling 2 of my guitars in less than a week, with a third on hold a week later!!! If you are going to buy or sell an archtop, there isn’t a question…..call Joe V. at archtop.com. Marty Jacobvitz, Wimberley, TX

Joe, Thanks for your help with my vintage Ibanez L-5C replica. A world renowned local vintage dealer had, in my opinion, vastly underestimated the value of my guitar and worse still didn't even seem interested in helping me sell it! His loss, you got a great price for this super-rare guitar and just as important a happy and satisfied buyer. Jon Dalton, Los Angeles
Joe- In my personal experience, buying a guitar is usually fun. Selling... not so much. However, I couldn't be happier with the recent fast and easy sales of three of my guitars through your consignment services. Your website- and professionalism – is obviously trusted by serious players and collectors. My guitars were beautifully displayed and accurately described. All in all- a great experience ! Thank you! Forrest Newton Seattle, WA

Hi Joe! Just a note to tell you I received the (Campellone Standard) guitar yesterday in perfect shape, and have been playing it more or less non-stop since I got it!:-) ... the instrument is absoludely amazing! The intonation is perfect, the neck and playability is really smooth, and the sound is just what I hoped - classic jazz guitar, smooth but still with that nice rawness to it. Finest jazz guitar I have ever played! ....I must say it has been a pleassure dealing with you, everything from customer support, fantastic website with really good information, how fast you sent the guitar, and how fast it arrived safely to me, and of course the shape and quality of the guitar. All in all really outstanding shopping experience, and I will definitely be shopping with you more! By the way, my new Campellone went to work with me on the musical "La Cage aux Folles" the day after I received it, and it performed just as beautifully as I had hoped it would! (as well as causing dropping the jaw of my fellow musicians from it's stunning looks.... :-) Thanks, Morten Faerestrand, Bergen, Norway
Hi Joe! Today I've received your Gibson southern Jumbo (1952) and what can I say: It's the best Vintage Jumbo guitar I've ever heard and played! Even better than my beloved Gibson J-45 from 1950 which is also a great guitar! The SJ is loud with incredible strong middle and bass notes! You immediately hear every note you play and also the higher notes are clear, fat and loud enough! It's a great guitar for strumming but......it's much more better when you pick it! I play Blues, Ragtime, Swing or Folk tunes on it and for sure will play it on my next album as my leading Jumbo guitar! Thank you very much! You again did a great job! The guitar was packed very well and is exactly as good as you described it! Best regards! Edwin Kimmler, Landshut Germany
Dear Joe, Dec 3 the pick-up and stealth kit just arrived. I couldn't wait (you know us old guys). I just twist wired the pickup to the end pin and let her rip. BOOYA BABY! The sound is so retro its FANTASTIC. The pickup is like it's custom made for my guitars. I have a Gretsch G400 and a G400C. I did the measurements, but I never expected this. The pickup snugs under the guard like the cord plugs in the end pin. PERFECT! The guard is held on by 3 screws when 2 will hold it fine. The 3rd hole will be prefect for the micro toggle switch. Again PERFECT! With the end pin grounded to the tailpiece the hum is marginal. I really want to keep both these guitars stock, yet I want to amp. them to keep up with piano and drums etc and have them sound great, and now thanks to you, Joe, I can. THANKS JOE, YOU'RE THE BEST ! Gordon Jones, Vancouver, BC
Joe did a great job of handling the consignment of two family legacy guitars.  In particular, the web page for each instrument was well done and provided the potential buyer with an excellent description and photos of the instrument.  The process of following my consigned instruments on the website was convenient and allowed me to track the progress of the sale.  I highly recommend archtop.com.  Susan Huntley, Olympia, WA
I have both bought and sold guitars with Joe Vinikow at archtop.com, and I am an extremely pleased and satisfied customer. Joe is a pleasure to work with. He's very knowledgeable, efficient, and willing to share his expertise. In short, Joe is the consummate professional, and you could not possibly do better in your search for a great archtop guitar than to utilize Joe's wonderful services at archtop.com. Cheers, Neil Shopshire, Fort Collins, COHi Joe - The Triggs guitar came through the shipping well - ...It works very well and is a great instrument. I've played guitar all my life (I'm 58) and that guitar has the best "set up" / neck angle / action etc.. ever ! Great electronics too ! I'm very pleased with the value and service - and wanted to thank you for all your help Joe. Best of success to you - this guitar has a good home !! :~) John Beth -Reedsburg, WI
Joe, A thousand thanks for your support in the sale of my 7-string oval hole Borys achtop. That guitar is a very special instrument and I'm glad that its found a new appreciative caretaker... All is well. Thanks again Joe for what you do. Best regards, Michael Biller, Sound Island Music, Mercer Island, WA

Joe-Another successful sale! Your program is the best in the industry, bar none. Both sellers and buyers get top-notch service and value. When you can't put your hands on a guitar before buying, having your preparation and expertise in evaluating guitars is highly valuable. Thanks again, let's keep it up., Grant Castle, Southwest Harbor, ME
Joe, thanks for the quick sale of my Super 400. The page layout was excellent, and all my dealings with archtop.com were handled with care and professionalism. I'm especially pleased to know that the guitar I took pride in has found a new owner who is delighted by its qualities. Keep up the good work! Don McDowell, Arnold, CA
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that the Tal Farlow arrived this week. It looks and sounds great. Thanks again for shipping so quickly.This is a terrific instrument! Regards, Paul Wurster, Eugene, Oregon
Hi Joe, Thanks again for your help in allowing me to acquire this brilliant instrument (1932 Epiphone Deluxe), it won't stop barking on or off the bandstand! All the best, Ted Gottsegen, NYC
Joe, Thanks for handling the adoption of my Benedetto - your ad photos were beautiful as was the description. I look forward to selling more with you! Thanks, Herb Avery, Atlanta, GA

Joe, The 1968 ES-345TDC  has arrived safe and sound and what a beauty it is too, a real classic exactly as descibed playing wise and look wise. This is my third purchase from you guys and as ever the service was impeccable. Keep up the great work. Best regards, Graham Sandford, London
Hi Joe!, Thanks for your advice! ...You're absolutely right, the 1931 Gibson L-4 is a great guitar! I am very surprised how much volume and bass this guitar has. And it's very versatile! Comparing to my Gibson LG-2 from 1951 the L 4 surprisingly sounds fatter! And I really have a great LG-2! I've never expected these effects from an archtop guitar! I really love to play old swing- styles but also Blues on it! So I hope you'll soon get another one of these fantastic archtop guitars to make all flat top players believe in the Gibson L 4 as a very fine acoustic guitar! Thank you very much and best regards from Germany! Edwin Kimmler, Landshut, Germany
Joe, The '34 Gibson L-5 guitar has arrived and I like and will enjoy it. Thanks again, T. K. Haruki, Kobe, Japan
Joe, I got the guitar ('05 Cardona Elegante) early this afternoon. After leaving it in the box for an hour or so, I opened it up. It's a winner! Well-packed and in one piece. You can't beat that. Thanks! G. W. Keyl, Anchorage, AKThis was my third sale with archtop.com. All three went for the asking price. Ed Hagen, Columbia SC
Joe, You found a new home for my Cardona Elegante in record time. I'm sure she'll take to the new owner's Alaskan clime. Thanks for the quick and professional results. In my book, you're the top purveyor of fine guitars on the web--thus in the world!
Mike Lang, Sherman, Il   
Joe, I was pleased to see you found the right home for my Devon. Your personal service is unmatched. I'll continue to recommend archtop.com as the place to buy or sell quality instruments. Len Carson, San DiegoHi Joe, The (Everett) Celona is keeper, a fine instrument, especially for the money. It is stunning both aurally and visually....That sound port makes it sound like its almost amplified. Thanks, Matt Hazeltine,Shorewood, WI
Hi Joe, Thank you again for such a smooth process for buying and delivery of my new guitar ('53 ES-150). The ebony finish on aged cream bindings is unique and the finish is fantastic for a 57 y/o guitar. I cannot be more happy and you are always so friendly on the phone it is clear you love your work. I have attached a photo showing the new guitar settling into home here in Australia and meeting some distant cousins. Thanks again - now just need to save up for my next purchase from you. Graeme Cross, Gosford, Australia.
Joe, You've got a deal with the '08 Palen, a great box for a good price! Be well, John I. Dale, Washington, DC
Joe: The Super 400 arrived, as well. Words cannot express........ After having played it for a couple of hours rehearsing with my swing band last night, I must say it exceeds expectations. It feels like an old friend (I've played a 1998 Gibson ES5 for past 8 yr - same neck feel). I got the action raised to where it needs to be, those big band chords really cut through. I have to raise the volume pretty high to get electric output louder than acoustic. The electric tone for soloing is "sweet as sweet potato pie" - the sound I have always sought but could never attain. Ray Joesten, Storrs, CT
Joe, The sale was so easy that the hardest part of the process was finding a box to put the guitar in. The rest of the process was fast, efficient and resulted in a win / win for me and the customer. Regards, Ed Gilbert, Houston, TX
Good Afternoon Joe, The '46 Triumph arrived in excellent condition and exactly as advertised. The guitar is loud, clear and as you mentioned, without any doubt, "the most bang for the buck". It was a pleasure doing business with you. Russ Bishop, Lincoln, RI
Joe, I received the (2008 Benedetto Bravo) yesterday. The guitar is in good shape and nothing broken in shipping. Just wanted to let you know you were right, it is a beautiful guitar in immaculate condition. I really Love it. It has great voice, a real sweet tone. I would like to commend you and your staff for your professionalism regarding this transaction. Thank you for your time and patience. Thanks again, Bobby Rambo, Dallas, TX
Hello Joe. I picked up the ol '36 Super 400 yesterday. What a fantastic guitar in excellent excellent condition, better than expected. If you ever want to buy a top notch archtop through a great dealer, Joe is the man to talk to. The 1936 Gibson Super 400 is a fantastic guitar in fabulous condition, worth every penny. Eric Harding, Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
Hi Joe, The '52 Gibson L-7N arrived on Monday ... Wow!!!!!! was my first impression. First off, thanks for the fantastic packing job and the way that you had the strings was pretty amazing. I've never seen that before but I can see that you really put thought into how to safely send an archtop!! I strung it up and tuned it up and adjusted the bridge a bit and away I went. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It's everything I hoped for. Pure appealing tone, easy to play, drop dead classy and gorgeous. Add me into the "Extremely Happy Customer List"!!!!! all the best, Randy Fullmer, Woodland Hills, CA
Hey Joe, The west wind gently floated in the Zephyr Deluxe to me yesterday, and I didn't get around to letting you know until today, BUT that's because I spent all last night getting acquainted with this fine instrument. It's truly a beautiful unique object 'd music/art.. To whoever put the work/time/moola into constructing this fine guitar to its present state, I am VERY grateful, as well as to any previous owner(s) that kept it in such excellent condition. It's just as you described, Joe, and I thank you once again for taking the 'time-out' from your busy schedule to describe, play, and ship this to me in record time. As always, the setup instructions you send along make it so easy to get the guitar in hand and playing right away. This is definitely another keeper! Thank you!!!!! Brad Cornwell, Casper, WY

It was a pleasure doing business with you . The honest and great presentation that you gave my 1939 Broadway and 1922 Gibson A-3 white face mandolin, shows the care and professionalism that you take in your work. I highly recommend your service to anyone to sell any vintage or classic instruments. Thank you for the great prices you got for me. Mike Tweedy, Buffalo, NY
Joe, You sold our son, Vinnie, the Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery this past Febuary. Vinnie loves the guitar, only plays it with a long sleeve buttonless tee, washes his hands before playing and wipes the guitar down after each use... All the best, Russell Johnson, Port Townsend, WA (You can see Vinnie and his guitar in an original ballad here -jv)

Joe, Your patience in the turnover of the Sadowsky Jim Hall Prototype was the key to a successful sale. I appreciate, as always, your persistence to get the job done. This was my second consignment with archtop.com, and I hope it won't be the last. Bob Perrey, Deerfield, IL
Selling my '45 L-5 was fast and easy. I am very impressed with your business setup, and your marketing skill. There is no way that I could ever reach the same amount of serious buyers  via ebay or any other sort of dealer. The amount of trust that you have built up with your customer base is admirable. I really appreciate that I can use your consignment service and fair fees to sell my guitars that aren't getting the playing time they deserve. Kamlapati Khalsa, San Jose, CA
Dear Joe: Just wanted to let you know that the (1922 Gibson A-3) mandolin arrived safe and sound and on time. I could not be more pleased with the everything about it. Thank you for making it available and your professional help. ...I'm so throughly pleased, thank you. Ted Marshall, Berkeley, CA
I have always found your website to be a beacon of integrity and an invaluable mainstay of reliable information and wisdom regarding these grand old archtops.  I have had the pleasure of receiving a '40s blond Epi Deluxe from you and have directed friends your way, which resulted in your guitars finding new homes and my friends acting like proud new fathers! As always, thanks for your dedication in keeping these guitars in circulation and making sure they continue to live on and do what they were designed for-making music. All the Best, Don Summers, Nicasio, CA

Joe, Just a quick note to tell you how much I love the ’46 Gibson L-7. As you know, she arrived two weeks ago and having spent her entire life in the dry air of Montana, she continues to settle-in down in this hot, humid climate in Houston.  This is my third archtop from you and I couldn’t be more pleased. Once again your set-ups are impeccable…she truly plays like a dream. But, most of all I have to say that this guitar presents beautifully that elusive vintage acoustic sound from that era, warm, woody… authentic. My search is Over.  Thanks a Kagillion !!!, Johnny M. Boatright, Katy, TX
Dear Joe, 1935 Gibson L-5 "Advanced Model" arrived today, It was safe with swiftness. This guitar satisfied me immediately, I played it at once. It is splendid low tone and balance. Many thanks !!!!!!! Tohru Seya, Ibaraki, Japan
I played an archtop about 30 years ago for about 15 minutes at a friend's house and never quite forgot it. I was a perennially broke music student at the time, and eventually set the guitar aside to do other things for a living, though I never completely quit playing. Some months ago I had an opportunity to trade for a somewhat beaten (but not broken) L-12, and that began my archtop journey as an adult. And, as I imagine most of us figure out, not many folks know as much as Joe does about archtops, and he has a fabulous collection of all kinds of the best of them for sale. ... I bought a Holst semi-hollow body from him, and then, finding that quite satisfactory, a Moll Workingman's Hero. Now I'm selling, through Joe, another instrument, and in all these dealings, I've found Joe to give the first rate attention, advice, and commentary that is not easy to find elsewhere from anybody. Having been bitten by the archtop bug, I know that next time I've got the resources, I'll get on a plane and go to one place -- archtop.com in Seattle -- to play guitars, visit, and figure out what my next gem of a guitar will be. Many thanks, Joe. Earl Weed, Houston, TX
Joe, Thanks for another quick and hassle free sale of one of the archtops from my collection. There is no doubt that you have the largest and consistently highest quality archtops in the business for sale. Whether you are buying or selling, you set the standard. Your Friend, Randall Shike, Wichita, KS
Joe exceeded my expectations of the sale of my guitar ('52 Devon) as well as my purchase ('53 L-4). The Gibson I bought has become my most prized possession and I play it almost every day. His description of the condition and sound was a very accurate representation of the facts. Packed and shipped in a very professional manner, I received the guitar in perfect condition. I was able to use Joe's packing materials, along with his instructions on the web site, to send my guitar to him confidently. My guitar was presented in the same excellent manner as all the other instruments on the site. Joe has a great grasp for market value and my guitar sold at a price that made me feel good. Now if I could just stop looking at all those beautiful guitars on his site. Richard Chapman, Mechanicville, NY
Hey Joe, Thanks so much for handling “absolutely everything” with the sale of my 1938 C-50 Vega. I would like to say to anyone reading this… that  Joe Vinikow with archtop.com is the consummate professional.  This is the guy we wish everybody would emulate in business. I had the unusual good fortune to meet with Joe personally, to set up the consignment sale of my guitar. As with anything new, I was initially a bit concerned about how it would all come together. This was my Dad’s guitar before me and it had never left our care and custody for 72 years. Amazing! After meeting Joe and spending about 30 minutes with him,  I was completely at ease and convicted that this was absolutely the right choice , the right place, the right guy. Trust  Joe V.  and archtop.com ….you will be amazed and delighted.  I thank you and my Dad thanks you Joe …Great Job !!  God Bless !  and keep up the good work. Rich Salvaggio, Salem, OR
Joe, I'd be happy to add my kudos to the many listed on your site. It appears that your business is a success because so many of your customers have said the same thing I'm going to say. First, your marketing works: Your website is dominent when using a search engine to find archtop guitars, collector guitars, vintage instruments, etc. So, you deliver the type of customers that appreciate a good instrument and know it's value. Second, your advertising copy is the BEST: - The description is absolutely on target to build desire among customers and provide historical facts that build preceived value. I too, like others have stated, wanted to buy my Epiphone back after reading about it on your site. Third, your reputation for superb customer service and integrity is legendary. I came to you because a friend recommended you. And, when I listed with you I heard from many others saying, "Hey, I say your guitar on archtop.com" and "That guy know what's happening and will sell your guitar." OK Joe, I'm a happy customer and will be glad to recommend you to any buyer or seller... And I wish you the best. Not just because you sold my guitar. But, because I want to come back, as a potential buyer and look over your amazing inventory and read the beautiful descriptions of the instruments you offer. It's clear you share the passion for guitar that so many of your customers have.... THANK YOU for doing such a great job to sell my Epiphone! Sincerely, Gerry Grooms, Sioux Falls, SD
Hello Joe, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great service. I love my Epiphone Olympic: it is everything you said it would be. Thanks again, Carmine Rocci, San Marcos, CA 
Dear Joe, The (1940) Emperor (you restored) arrived in great shape. I am in the process of playing it in and letting it settle. Pretty amazing transformation.... from a pile of lumber into a functioning note cannon. Thanx for all the help and for rescuing this fine old piece from the brink of oblivion. I hope this finds you well and enjoying the springtime. Sincerely, Bruce Reynolds... Guam USA
Hi Joe, Great job on selling my L-5. The web page presentation was outstanding, and like many others may have stated made me want to buy it myself! Don McDowell, Arnold, CA
Joe made (selling my L-7) easy, has the knowledge, knows guitars like nobody else and I feel like my guitar selling experience with archtop.com was the best, absolutely pleased. Roy Schwilke, Omak, WA
Hi Joe, The 1940 Gibson L-37 arrived yesterday as described and in good shape. Nice guitar, I will take good care of it. Thank you Joe. Regards Torbjørn Stølen, Larvik, NorwayHi Joe, Thanks so much for finding my ES 150 a new home, it was a very low stress experience. Your description and pictures of the guitar made my me want to buy it back. I also want to thank you for the great experience when I came and picked out my 36 L 7. I played many great instruments and all of them were perfectly set up and played beautifully, that is an experience I have never had at any other guitar shop. I will be back. Thanks, Jay Somers, Portland, Oregon
Joe, I was thoroughly pleased with my archtop.com experience. Your written copy describing my guitar was excellently done and professional--the photos gave me pangs of remorse over selling it. In my opinion, another dealer would not have done quite as a good a job as you did in marketing the instrument. Best, Alexander Abruzzo, Hicksville, N.Y.

Hi Joe, Well I've had this beautiful blonde now for three weeks and she sounds better every time I pick her up. The other blonde in the house, I've been married to for 12 years and even as my staunchest critic, says the chords sound heavenly. You were absolutely right, for a 62 year old guitar, she is in exquisite condition and plays like a dream. This 1946 Triumph is my second archtop from you and I am way beyond impressed with both the quality of the guitar and the professional way you conduct your business....As always, my very best regards, Johnny M. Boatright, Katy, TX
Dear Joe, I received the Andersen 15 this afternoon, and have been playing it for the past half hour. I had to pause to tell you that it is such a wonderful instrument - beautiful to look at and it really sings. I really appreciate your assistance with this purchase. Your kindness, care, and knowledge certainly made the decision to buy much easier. I have been dreaming of owning a guitar of this quality for a long time. You've helped that dream come true. Thanks again, Neil Shropshire, Ft. Collins, CO

Joe, Took delivery of my 1963 Epiphone Deluxe "Black Beauty" archtop today and am thoroughly impressed with the whole experience that I've had with your shop: from the quality packing job to the well written "care and feeding" suggestions that you sent with the guitar its obvious to me that you care about your customers. Since I received the guitar at work little touches such as including a pick for me go a long way! Well done! Thanks a million. Edward Lott, St. Louis, MO
I've sold two guitars through Joe's shop. Both sold quickly even though the market for them was pretty thin. For the type of instrument that Joe tends to sell, I can't imagine sending a consignment to any other shop. This is THE place for archtops and jazz boxes. Thanks again, Mike Wilkins, College Station, TX
Thanks for the quick sale ('97 Unger American Dream.) I have been buying , selling and trading guitars for decades and your care and straightforward handling of consignments on your website is first rate. Thanks again, Bob Belmont, Saluda, NC
Thank you very much! Selling my guitar through archtop.com has been a very good experience. You have been very helpful, easy to deal with and very professional throughout the whole process.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Rest assured, if I am in the market for an archtop, or have one to sell, I won't be going anywhere else. Thanks again! Greg Broadbooks, Claremore OK
Efficient and effective. Joe delivered on the price he suggested we sell my baby for, which was way more than I expected. Kudos to archtop.com! Thanks again--Robert Alexander, Madison, WI
Hi Joe, I received the guitar ('46 L-5) safe and sound yesterday. I set it up, and played it all evening. I love it. I am very satisfied as usual with archtop.com, as it is SO unusual the way that every guitar I see from you exceeds all my expectations. Will play out with it tonight, and I owe you a more thorough review in a few days. Kamlapati Khalsa, San Diego, CA
Joe, Just wanted to thank you for the speedy sale of my Lehmann gypsy jazz guitar. I had tried for quite a while to sell it, but consigning the guitar with you was definitely my best move. You had a very detailed description and a great picture up on your site pronto and the Lehmann sold amazingly quickly, and at a very good price. So, thanks again. archtop.com is a professional operation all the way! My best, James Mumm, Amherst,  NY 

Joe thanks again for selling my '47 L-7. All aspects of this transaction have been handled with concision and with class. I appreciate your expertise and the way you do business - always a pleasure. Steve Petac_45spartan_408erson, Seattle, WA
Joe, Thank you again for your thoughtful approach and deep knowledge of the art of the archtop in helping me select a "new-to-me" 7-string guitar. She's a very special instrument and I'm honored to be her next caretaker. archtop.com : highly recommended! Michael Biller, Sound Island Music, Mercer Island, WA (FYI: Sound Island is the #1 source for jazz amps worldwide. Thanks, Michael!)
Just before Christmas I decided that I would sell my beautiful ES-350. I Googled "Gibson Archtop Guitars" and found Joe Vinikow at archtop.com. Here I am, at the end of January and my beauty has found a new home. And at a good price. This was the smoothest online transaction I've ever done. I want to thank everyone at archtop.com. Thanks, Mike Curtis, Vallejo, CA
Thanks again for another great consignment ('53 L-12). I can always count on you for a definite sale!!! Thanks again, Steve Bravante, Paso Robles, CA
Joe, I just reviewed the list of guitars that we have collaborated on (for consignment sale) and the '49 Emperor makes eight, one per year since 2002. This one didn't get past the preview list. Len Carson, San Diego, CA
Hi Joe, I cannot express with words how much I appreciate the salesmanship and courtesy when dealing with you on the sale of my guitar. I now realize why you have such a good reputation for moving guitars that are consigned with you company. I've heard of musicians working for musicians, you and your employees truly a musicians friend. The contacts that you have worldwide, are  loyal customers. I love the sound of the GypsyKat amp and the lightweight that I purchased from you company.  If I ever need to sell or buy, I will check your website first. Good! Good luck in the future. Herman L. Thompson, Morris, OK
Hey Joe, Having concluded multiple transaction with your company I feel I am in a position to comment on the level of service provided by archtop.com. First , I would say I the communication was great and the process of selling moved along quicker than I expected. The exposure from your website is huge. I even had a couple of friend call me and ask if that was my guitar for sale. The web traffic ,photos and descriptions are second to none. I think when I list a instrument with Archtop.com I avail myself your unparalleled reputation for knowledgeable accrete descriptions of instruments which allow potential buyers to have more confidence when buying from Archtop.com any other dealer(or private party). Thanks, Greg Saer, St Peter, MN
I'd got in touch with archtop.com in order to sell an early D'Angelico Excel. I packaged it to their instructions and sent it over by courier. They very quickly located a customer who bought the guitar. I felt a great deal of friendship from archtop.com during our email exchanges regarding this transaction. Mike Robins, Bristol UK

Joe, You've designed an outstanding process for those wanting professional consignment service and should be proud! All looks good to me. Thanks! Edward Lott, St. Louis, MO
Joe, Everything about this New Yorker is superlative and beyond! When you said 'time capsule' condition and yet vibrant and open voice, you surely meant every word and still managed to understate how exceptional this guitar looks and, better, plays and sounds! I am more thrilled than I can possibly say. You are the Mensch! Thanks a million times for finding this glorious instrument for me -- and please pass on my gratitude to its previous owner for being such a respectful curator of this extremely fine example of D'Angelico's genius. Happy new year to you and Julie, and long live archtop.com! Elie Kleiman, Paris
Joe, thank you for finding a new home for my ES-175. This is now the second time you've located a buyer before my guitar even made it to your online gallery- very efficient and professional work! -Erik Barnes, Cambridge, MA
Hi Joe, Happy NY. (The '59 ES-175DN) arrived and I have had it set up. It plays beautifully and is as described by you. My guitar teacher - who has been around for a while - says it's the best he has ever played. Good to do business with you. Thanks. Cheers! Geoff Crewe, Toorak, Australia
Hi Joe, I haven't had a moment to sit down and write you a message since the Eastman 803-15 cleared Customs and arrived about 10 days ago. She really is a beauty! looks even better than in the photos. Plays great - never had 25" scale neck on a guitar before: gives great definition, but still allows for many of the extended chords that a 24.75 neck provides. The compact body is just right for me - also making it not too loud acoustically - so I won't disturb the neighbors with my night owl sessions. The 1 & 3/4 nut is the icing on the cake - being a finger style player on flat-tops, I feel right at home. Saw on your site: we've got Johnny Smith to thank ( among other things ) for bringing that Pre-War feature back to modern archtops. Never knew that! The packing as well as the instructions for fitting the bridge were first rate - extremely well done. I also noticed a set of Fender flats in the case - not without their own value - that's most appreciated. I'll definitely recommend your service to anyone I meet who's looking to buy an archtop. Many thanks, Best regards, Matt MacManus, London
Dear archtop.com: The 2003 New Yorker arrived in perfect condition, and was exactly as described on your website. At long last i have an instrument with a voice. God bless Jimmy D'Aquisto for the life he lived, and the living designs he left us with. The High Art of Inspired Design. Many thanks to the people of archtop.com for such a pleasantly elegant, wonderfully understated, and artfully designed website. It is a testament to the character of the people whose lives comprise archtop.com, who seem to understand, in the words of the Great & Recently Late Brother Blue (of Boston Radio fame) that; "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice", to which I would like to add, "and it's nice to know there are still people who care"...An especial thanks to Mr. Joe Vinikow for helping realize a dream of thirty years. Ray Fitzpatrick, Gainesville, FL
Hi Joe.... Just a brief note to say 'thanks' for all your efforts in getting my Byrdland sold. I appreciate the extra little push knowing that the outcome of an important family matter was riding on the sale of this guitar. .. The fact that you were able to sell it in a timely manner AND able to get the price I needed is just what the doctor ordered! In short... thanks for a job well done. Roger Kelley, Seattle, WA

It was an absolute pleasure working with archtop.com to find a new home for my prized Gibson '56 ES-175. From the detailed packing instructions (that even told me where to find a free shipping box) to the beautiful and detailed on-line presentation of the instrument, every detail was as promised with no exception, I could not have asked for more. I highly recommend archtop.com and would encourage anybody looking to buy or sell a fine instrument to trust in Joe. Lance Broell, Placentia, CA
Thanks a lot for finding a new home for my Ibanez Johnny Smith. The listing on your web site was excellent and the turn around was fast. I think the detailed and knowledgeable descriptions of the guitars on your site along with the top notch photography go a long way to giving potential buyers confidence that they will be making a good choice. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing so again in the future. Thanks again. Jay De Rocher, Bothell, WA
Joe, Guitar ('51 ES-175) bloody great, arrived in good condition, well packed. Many many thanks for your efforts and good communications. Hopefully not the last time I deal with you. Cheers, Dave Brinsden, Subiaco, West Australia

Hi Joe.....Wow, the '41 Broadway is amazing! She sounds great, is set up perfectly, and is beautiful as well. She's a keeper. Thanks for all your help....regards, Edwin Bomer, Corpus Christi, TX
Working with Joe and archtop.com is one of the easiest experiences you can have -- and one of the most enjoyable. I wouldn't hesitate to sell or buy from archtop.com, no matter what instrument you have to sell or are looking to acquire. They come highly recommended for their expertise and credibiity. And, Joe's got some smokin' deals! Try him out sometime: you won't be disappointed.- Bob Hess, Portland, OR
Thanks Joe! This is the third time we have done business, and I have nothing but admiration for the way you run your consignment shop; the web site is smart and fun, and the way you conduct business is straight forward and up front. I'm sure we will do business again; there are a couple of guitars on your list right now that are calling out to me! Don't tell my wife! Los Angeles, CA
Dear Joe, Many thanks for the excellent service. The little Eastman guitar (905CE) sounds great, now that it has had a fresh set of strings and a workout. They are fine guitars and are amazing value for the money. Keep up the good work with your endlessly entertaining, educational, and effective web site. Best wishes, Roy Lyness, MD, Belfast
Hello, Joe! I received the ('79 ES-175CC) guitar, today. It plays like butter and smooth!!!! You have really given me a great guitar. Thanks a whole bunch for the instructions on the bridge set up. You took the extra step in helping me get started on this super duper instrument. I was very impressed with how you took care of the packaging so the instrument arrived in pristine condition. You definetly deserve much praises for your extraordinary services!!!!!!! Thank you, Victor Hsiao, Huntsville, Texas

Dear Joe and team, Thank you for your superb sales interaction, information, prompt and correct delievery of my wonderful new/old (!) guitar ('48 Super 400). In a wildly overcrowded internet world you are setting a standard that most will never meet. I, for one, will return to your site regularly and when funds allow will certainly give the highest priority to working with you again. Many thanks, Christopher Mark de Groot, Greenville, NC
It's hard to imagine an easier and more pleasant buying and selling experience than working with Joe. When I purchased a guitar from him, he worked hard to get it just right; when I sold a guitar, he did all the heavy lifting to get a quick sale. Very nice! Johnny Calcagno, Seattle, WA
Dear Joe, Thanks a millions times for the expert packing and swift shipping, as ever. Not the least surprisingly, the Borys B-120 is a MASSIVE success. It basically exhausts a long quest for a first-class 17" electric jazz guitar in the same league as D'Aquisto made electrics. This guitar has it all, playability, tone, even acoustically it is surprising while notably feedback resistant. And the gorgeous looks come on top. I know that Roger Borys is to be thanked for his wonderful skills but you're coming a close second for sending that wonderful guitar my (very happy) way and fulfilling my quest. Thanks also to the previous owner for taking good care of that instrument. All the very best to you and archtop.com! Elie Kleiman, Paris
Hi Joe, Thank you so much for making the purchase of my new Victor Baker such a pleasurable experience, for welcoming me to your office and for jamming with me while I tried it out. Thank you also for your responsiveness to all my queries no matter how small. I am thrilled with my new instrument and would strongly recommend anyone purchasing a guitar to put archtop.com at the top of their list. Dick White, Winthrop WA
Hi Joe - I received the check today for the Special Series - thanks for the straighforward and hassle free service - all went very smoothly and I'll be happy to do business with you again should the opportunity arise. Regards meanwhile, Mark Campellone, Greenville, RI
Hello Joe, Thank you again for handling the sale of my guitars (Sadowsky, Unger, Gibson L-7.) I was very pleased with the help that you gave me in getting the instruments to you safely, and with the speed in which they were sold. I won't hesitate in buying or selling through you again. Two thumbs up for archtops.com. Luck and health, Frank McCrea, Victoria, BC.

Hey Joe: Got the 1937 L-75 back today and just wanted to say what a wonderful job you did on it. It's like a new guitar only with 70+ years of character.Can't wait to hear it after it has seasoned in. This is a very handsome instrument. I've got a 1934 L-5, player, I would love you to take a look at some time maybe early next year after I save a little up. Best, Dan Curran, Salinas, CA
Joe, Thanks much for spending the time with me and letting me play those nice guitars. Been playing the Benedetto Bambino all weekend, love it bunches. It really is a unique instrument, so light and resonant. Visiting you is hard tho - I fell in love too many times! Thanks again, you'll be hearing from me. Cliff White, Portland, OR
Hello Joe, I received the Heritage Super Eagle safely today. Thank you. It's a beautiful guitar. My customer will be pleased with it. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thank you again, Toshi Fukamori, Guitar Trek, Osaka, Japan
Thanks very much to Joe at archtop.com for a smooth and pleasant transaction. From start to finish my consignment deal was handled professionally, with prompt and straightforward communications, and a speedy sale. I look forward to working with Archtop.com again in the future. Peter Jung, Hudson, NY

"I think archtop.com is the best way to buy or sell a guitar. I couldn't present it to a buyer in a more professional manner, nor could a buyer get such a guaranteed perfectly set up and reviewed instrument. It is a wonderful service to both sides of the transaction. Grant Castle, Wilton, CT
Every time I've visited Joe, he has been a true professional and gem of a person. A generous guitar lover and aficionado.. I'm certain we'll do business again, buying or selling, in the future.  Dr. Peter Gouzouasis, Vancouver, BC
Hi Joe, The Borys Nylon arrived safely on Thursday and meets expectations! Sweet voice, perfect/durable construction, incredibly comfortable to play, consistent with the other Borys' I own. All the best, Patrick Bertholon, Versoix, Switzerland

Hey, Joe. the L-5 arrived about 2 hours ago and, as predicted, I can't put it down... I couldn't confirm its arrival to you without saying that, out of the box, it is the warmest archtop I've ever played, acoustically; and the pickup only adds to it. Neck feels amazing; and to my surprise and delight the refinished maple body looks authentic and lived in. More to follow, Joe Henry, S. Pasadena, CA
Heya Joe ! Man, am I glad I stumbled across your website ! The '64 Gibson L5C arrived safely, extremely well packed. I must say that our transaction was as smooth as one could hope for ! Thanks again ! Rob Greene, West Branch, MI

Hi Joe, Well, the 1940 Vega C-66 arrived safely, beautifully packed, I must say -- and has been settling in to the new environment. Played her a little this morning and wow, what a beauty. I can only assume she'll get even better, though it's hard to imagine Many thanks, Hanna Richardson, Syracuse, NY
Joe, This past Saturday I brought my new ’39 Broadway to one of our local jazz guitar icons, Dave Roos. Dave has been a fixture in the jazz scene here in Minneapolis for years and is very well respected player, teacher and general guru of all things jazz. Over the years, he has owned/played countless archtops ……he said that he felt this Broadway was probably the best sounding vintage Epi he has played!!! He really loved it... Michael Frederickson, St. Louis Park, MN
Joe, The '68 Barney Kessel arrived safe and sound and have been having fun with it ever since. It sounds, plays and looks great. Perfect through a little '66 Fender Princeton Reverb as well as a '65 2 x 15 Dual Showman. Another EXCELLENT guitar! Thanks again. Seth Kaplan, New Rochelle, NY
Hello Joe: The 1936 L-75 arrived safely. What a great guitar. You know, I have prized the ’29 L-4 that you sold to me a few years back for its open, woody tone. At the same time, I have always thought it would be great to find the same ‘vibe’ with a little more volume and midrange. Well, with its carved mahogany body and big round soundhole, the L-75 makes it happen in spades! Add to that the stunning original condition and the original GEIB ‘red stripe’ case, and we have ourselves a keeper. Thanks as usual for the great guitar, fast shipping, and sound advice. Best Regards, Scott Palmer, Santee, SC

Hello Joe, The guitar has arrived today in excellent condition, professionally packed - and for the first time since I order guitars, it was with the strings unstrung, to protect the guitar from anything that might have happened during transportation - thank you, Joe, for taking so much care in preparing the instrument before sending it to me !!! The GUILD X-700 STUART looks amazing, almost untouched, exactly as advertised on your site [ it looks maybe even a little better than in the photos posted on the site] ...Thank you again for the high standard of your company, and for the beautiful guitar I now own !!! All the best, Alexi Andries, Bucharest Romania
I own a Bose Pro sound system installation/contracting business, and have been in sales and service for about 30 years. My experience with Joe V. was thoroughly professional, like I would like to be treated, and how I like to treat our clients at Roth Electric Sound. Steve Roth, Mt. Pleasant, MI www.rothsound.com

Hi Joe... Thanks so much for selling my Epi Broadway for me! Even though I have been an eBayer for over 10 years, I felt that you would be able to handle the sale of this guitar better than I would be able to. Because of your unmatched expertise and passion for vintage archtops, I was right. Thanks again! Paul Murphy, Sutton, MA

Dear Joe, Thanks for selling my Epiphone Emperor for me recently. And while I’m at it, thanks for selling the Blonde Barney Kessel, the Epiphone Blackstone, the Epiphone Ritz, and other archtops of mine over the last five or six years. Thank you as well for all the beautiful archtops I’ve bought from you, that you later sold for me when it was time for me to part with them. Are we ever really the owners of these beautiful instruments, or are we simply their caretakers for however long we choose to keep them in our possession? We play them, record with them, or just hold them and look at them, to enjoy the beauty of their lines, their finish, their feel in our hands. And when it comes time to pass them on for another person to cherish, it is you that we choose, to find the next appreciative caretaker. You are truly doing God’s work for us archtop lovers and we appreciate your dedication to the guitars of these master builders and to us. I look forward to future dealings with you. Peter Corrigan,Ballston Spa, N.Y
Hi Joe, I was a little bit nervous when I opened the package. How was this guitar that I had just seen on pictures and heard on the phone ?? In fact, the guitar is in an incredible wondeful state for a sixty years old guitar. The sound is really clear and strong with a fantastic projection. The ideal instrument to play in big band. Playing this beautiful 1947 Epiphone Broadway is a real pleasure. Thank you joe for your friendly demonstration and your great professionalism. Laurent Petit, Toulouse, France
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know the '56 ES-175 arrived safe and sound in London and is an absolute pearl in every aspect. It's exactly as described and plays beautifully. It's the second guitar I have purchased from you and I am sure it will not be the last. Kind Regards, Graham Sandford, London

Hello, Joe, What a beauty!!! I had seen so many photos of the D'aquisto Solo in the net, I knew every detail, but when I opened the case... wow!!!! You have to feel it, play it, touch it to believe what an incredible axe it is... The guitar arrived safely, just the day I expected, everything it's allright, very professional shipment, Like-new condition, just the same you said! Get me in your fully satisfied customer list. Thanks for all, Joe. Pedro Ledesma Ruipérez, Malaga, SpainI
received my funds for the sale of my D'Aquisto New Yorker . It appears the person who purchased the guitar is quite happy as am I. I would recommend archtop.com to anyone interested in buying or selling a quality instrument. The customer service is better than excellent!! I am delighted that I decided to have this great company handle the sale of my guitar. Keep up the good work Joe. Take care, Paul Farkas, Hoosick Falls, NY 
Hi Joe, Thanks so much for finding my guitar a new home. It literally took less time to sell it than it took to DECIDE to sell it. And you made the process absolutely trouble free and easy. I'll certainly recommend your services to anyone without hesitation. I had no idea it was even possible to sell a high dollar archtop this easily. Thanks again. Jeff Messinger, Lake Oswego, OR
Dear Joe, Thank you for selling another archtop (Gibson ES165) for me. Over the years archtop.com has been extremely valuable to me. Being a complete archtop fanatic I like to buy new archtops gig them for a year or so and then sell them to buy another. Your great service affords me that luxury. You have sold every archtop I sent you in a very short time frame and you always send proceeds lightning quick. I wish you and archtop.com much continued success and look forward to our next transaction. Sincerely, Vincent Kowski, Redwood City, CA

Joe, I received the 1955 Epi Deluxe Cutaway last Friday and I have to say that it the best instrument I have owned in the past 30 years of playing...after hearing it played, you convinced me that I had made the right decision. It is a fantastic instrument and one that I will never part with. Thanks and I will do business with you again. Robert Jackson, Edmond, OK
Hi Joe, Thanks for your email. I'm glad the guitar arrived safely. I sincerely appreciate the way you treat your customers at archtop.com. You really live up to your fine reputation. Most sincerely, Fulton Yee, San Francisco

Dear Joe, The guitar (D'Aquisto New Yorker) arrived in perfect condition. Now when I say perfect condition I mean specifically that. It is better than you advertised. As you know I was on the fence about this guitar. You played it for me over the phone, A-B'd it with a similar guitar and repeatedly assured me that I would really be happy. I am.  I realize this isn't our first transaction but you continue to amaze me. I guess it's possible I'd buy a guitar from someone else, but, there may also be a day when popsicles don't melt in hell. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction. As usual "Joe knows best". I'd wholeheartedly recommend archtop.com to anyone, anytime. You are the best, Thanks, Rick Weiss, Palm Desert, CA
Joe, Many thanks for selling my '92 Emperor Reissue. It's always been great dealing with archtop.com as a customer, and now, having you handle the sale of one of my treasured pieces, well, I knew the guitar would be in good hands and go to a good home. Well done, I know the new owner will treasure the guitar as much as I did. Thanks again and best wishes for continued success in finding and making available these great instruments. Paul Mimlitsch, Evergreen, CO
It's been a real pleasure to work with you on selling my Tal Farlow.  It was a tough decision to make, but I knew from the first contact with you that it was the right thing to do.  Your presentations are impeccable, the pricing is right on and the follow up service is outstanding.  When I'm ready to get back into a serious archtop, you'll be my first and only stop.  Thank you again for making this such an easy transaction. David Robinson, Sherwood, OR
Joe, I appreciate your help in finding the Epi (Devon) a new home. I knew that with your care and expertise it would all work out, and I look forward to working with you on future archtop sales and acquisitions....Thanks Again! Brian Delaney, Ann Arbor, MI

Thanks, Joe. I was very impressed with the manner in which my selling experience was handled. The pictures and descriptions were top-notch and the guitar ('53 ES-175) sold very quickly. Couldn't be happier. Mike Wilkins, College Station, TX
Thanks Joe, Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your quick response and refund. I'm sure you know that buying a guitar is an emotional as well as a practical purchase. You always offer the best in archtop guitars...as your correspondents illustrate with their happy responses. But, on the rare occassion where the guitar/human interaction fails to materialize, it is very good to know you have a problem free return policy. I'm sure all your customers appreciate this, as do I, and is another reason why I will continue to be a faithful customer. Your friend, Randall Shike, Wichita, KS
Hi Joe, Once again thank you selling another one of my instruments. I know you found a good home for my Guild Artist Award where it will be appreciated. I wish you all the best and hope to continue to depend on your expertise, help and assistance in the future. Sincerely, Lee Burton, Fox Lake, Il
Hi Joe, Love the guitar (1953 Epiphone Devon). You were right, this one won't be making a round trip. It looks, plays and sounds great! Thanks again for all of your help! Jeff Pecca, Lakewood, NJ
Joe, Just wanted to let you know that the 1953 ES-175 arrived safely in London – I’ve owned several 175s in the past but as you described, this one is a true gem and I won’t be letting go of it. Many thanks again and best regards, Steve Kardar, London
I've been playing, buying and selling guitars my whole life. I am grateful to Joe and archtop.com for impeccable service, responsiveness and, integrity combined with care and passion for fine instruments. Highly recommended. Rep. Paul Hodes, Concord, NH
Hey Joe, Noticed my guitars sold. Thank you so much. When I saw the presentation you did for the guitar I almost bought it myself! Any way dealing with you has been a very positive experience and all the praise you guys receive is well deserved... Thanks for everything. Sincerely, Omar Ahktar, Chicago, IL

Thank you a million times Joe, for another wonderful guitar. This 1928 L-5 is truly a fantastic instrument. When I opened the case, all I had to do was rub the venerable rims gently and repeat Kalamazoo three times... The genius of the guitar immediately appeared, looking every bit like Eddie Lang, clad in his tuxedo, with his carefully combed jet black hair... OK perhaps I should not have had three glasses of fine French wine with my lunch! But let me tell you what you already know: this instrument is killer. Best, Elie Kleiman, Paris Hi Joe, VERY HAPPY with the guitar (American Archtop 7 String), has a nice sound and plays well and for the price ya can't beat it. Please keep me posted if any high end 7's come up and I book marked the site to keep looking. Thanks Tom McDermott, Burbank, CA

Joe -Thanks, again for marketing my guitar.  I was thrilled by the quick sale.  I have received the proceeds and the money will be recycled into another quality archtop.  It's been a pleasure dealing with you, and I look forward to future transactions. Greg Richards, Germantown, TN 
I have been fortunate enough to live in proximity to Joe in the Great NW and have gotten to know him over the last several years. I have purchased a few guitars in the past and recently I had him sell another one for me. Every transaction has been positive, flawless, personal, gratifying and productive. What you the reader may not know about him is that he is also a player. Not a casual one, but a hard working, out on the scene, feet on the ground and hands on the frets everyday player. He teaches and performs as a living. Important to you as a potential buyer or seller? You bet. Any other player knows that what sets apart a good transaction or purchase from a great one is whether or not the guitar is understood as an instrument of trade, cared for, set up and scrutinized for playability and tone. To purchase a guitar without ever seeing it, hearing it or holding it, one must put tremendous faith in the words of the seller. Having intermittently played a few of these grand instruments over the years, the descriptions on his site are always spot on. Aesthetics, feel, tonal qualities, and overall gestalt are all accurate to a tee. How can you not feel the love of his trade and see the hours of research in the historic descriptions he shares? Before I conclude, let me share a few words to the person behind these beautiful boxes. I assure you, Joe is one of the nicest, most gracious and real people you'd ever be fortunate enough to meet. He is honest, sincere and dedicated, organized and thoughtful. His shop is impeccably maintained. Joe is not a nameless faceless guy pumping merchandise. He is a tremendous individual and a skillful artisan with an avocation for instruments and music. The archtop world is fortunate to have him and his site as the place to go whether for casual window shopping, serious purchase inquiries, historical review, selling or setting up your prized guitars. Mark Colombo, Arlington, WA
Dealing with Joe and archtop.com has been a most pleasurable experience. Not only did he describe the guitar accurately, if a little conservatively, he shipped it out ASAP... Now, if he'd only expand into high end flattops..Brad Little, Hamden, CT

Hi Joe, I recently purchased a Wes Montgomery L5 guitar from you. Thought I'd let you know the guitar was in my hands in less than 24 hours after finalizing the sale. That's a pretty quick journey from Washington to Southern California! I would describe the guitar as... perfect !! That's the only word that really covers it. I plan to keep this one for as long as I'm able to play guitar, and maybe even after that! As I expected, the tone is very nice, and the guitar is extremely easy to play, a bit of a surprise. ( Thanks for the help in placing the bridge on the guitar. )... I really appreciate the professionalism, integrity, and craftsmanship you have at archtop.com. I'm sure all serious musicians do, especially if they have had to deal with one of those big chain music stores. Hopefully, I'll do business with you in the future, perhaps when I restore my very worn but much loved 335. Thanks for your dedication to the art. Peter Bent, Goleta, CA
Hi Joe, I finally picked up the (Foster 7) yesterday from my local depot, who have been very helpful. It arrived in perfect condition, so thanks for packing it so well...Everything is exactly as you described on your website and it is in immaculate condition. Given it is four years old there isn't a mark on it. It certainly has a beautiful acoustic sound, which will only get better with playing and it sounded great through my amp too. So I am very happy and would like to thank you for all your help and excellent service. If you ever get any more interesting 7 string guitars, it may be worth letting me know. Thanks again for everything. Tony Marshall, Nerwton, UK
Dear Joe, I’m writing to thank you and archtop.com. I think your business is the best.  My experience has been that archtop.com is top of the line in every aspect from service to selection. I’ve been accused of being a purist and I’ve always envisioned the archtop trade to be a “bricks and mortar” industry. This idea just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. In fact few if any cities have stores with such a great selection of top-value, top of the line guitars as archtop.com. What makes archtop.com really shine is the service and attention to detail. When a friend asks me where can they go to sell their archtop guitars I tell them “archtop.com, they’re the best’. Ned Boynton, San Francisco, CA
I had picked up a 1953 Epiphone Broadway in pretty rough shape, but saw the potential. I brought it to some prominent luthiers and shops here in Connecticut, and was frankly disappointed in the inconsistent diagnoses and estimates for repair. I took a leap of faith and sent the guitar to the west coast and to Joe at archtop.com. Joe was a pleasure to work with. The guitar was professionally and beautifully restored at a very reasonable cost. I enjoy finding the hidden treasures in the guitar world and getting them back into circulation. I've been at this for about 20 years now and have worked with many shops around the country and would highly recommend Joe and archtop.com. I have a new secret weapon for archtop restoration! Thanks again Joe - I hope we'll be talking soon, Doug Sager, Southington, CT
Joe, The (Super 400) has arrived. I am very very satisfied, it's a wonderful guitar with great playability and sound. Many thanks for all. Guy Barboutie, Paris

Dear Joe, I have two words for you.... Thank You. Now, let me expand on that... THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU ! After having the Broadway for 4 days, she had opened up so beautifully...warm, even and fretted like a dream. I thought then that if she stopped "playing-in" at that point, I had made a wonderful acquisition. However, much to my neverending delight, she is getting better by the day. Taking in mind that I play for hours each day, we have had ample time to get to know each other voer the last week or so. I just have one question for you...."How in the world do you part with guitars such as this?". Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. A VERY Happy Customer, Johnny Boatright, Katy, TX
Hi Joe, The Ibanez (L5) has arrived and it's so beautiful; both tone and appearance! Thanks again for the job you do. Best regards, Alex Mateu, Barcelona, Spain
Joe just sold my Ibanez L5, and I am impressed with his high caliber operation. His presentation of the guitars for sale is as intelligent and professional as any dealer anywhere, maybe more so, and his consignment policy is fair and efficient. Nice doing business with you, Joe....Thanks again. Next time I am in Seattle, I'll drop by. John Barton, Duarte, CA
Dear Joe, It's been a couple of days since I received, here in Paris, France, this wonderful Lacey Argonaut. It makes me such a happy and lucky guitar player, and there's two people I need to thank for that: Mark Lacey, for building an outstanding guitar that couldn't have been better to me if it was made for me, and Joe Vinikow, who made it possible the guitar to be mine. Joe, you're doing a great job, I would definitely recommend you to any one looking for a great archtop, and I'll keep my own eyes on your website in the future. Best, Fabian Daurat, Paris
Joe: I wanted to write to tell you how thoroughly impressed I have been with my experience in selling a vintage guitar through your company. Recently, I placed a 1969 Guild Artist Award with you on consignment. I had owned the instrument for 33 years. Despite the current economic recession, you had arranged its sale for the asking price within only a few weeks. Your pre-sale appraisal of the guitar proved to be experienced and dead-on accurate. The presentation of the guitar on your website was extraordinarily detailed and well-informed, emphasizing the instrument's unique features with insight and specificity. Also, your pre-sale refurbishing of the guitar was expert, and was accomplished at a very reasonable cost. I should mention, for the sake of comparison, that some years ago I placed the same guitar on consignment at a top Nashville guitar store, but did not receive appropriate offers, and ultimately had to take the instrument back. What a difference it made to present the instrument in such a professional manner to potential purchasers who could appreciate the rarity of its characteristics! If I ever sell another vintage guitar, I would be delighted to request your services again. Jonathan Rich, Winter Park, Florida 

Dear Joe, I got the proceeds for my guitar sale today. You must have sent it by lightning bolt. Thank you for the super fast payment. Always a pleasure to do business with you. You will be hearing from me again very soon. Sincerely, Vincent Kowski, Redwood City, Ca.
Hi Joe, Good morning. My D'Angelico has arrived safe and sound. She is a beauty and far outweighing my expectations. She will be much loved and well played this side of 'the pond'. I knew instinctively when I read the many testimonials on your website that I would, at some time, be posting my own. Thank you so much for your kindness and help. Kindest regards, Bob Greenhalgh, Greystoke, Cumbria UK
Joe did a great job helping me select the perfect instrument to compliment my playing style - the Fender-D'Aquisto Ultra is truly magnificent, and the transaction was a breeze.  Thanks,Mike Caldwell, Norcross, GA
Joe, Many thanks for selling the Hofner for me. The pictures and description were so great that I wanted to buy my own guitar. I didn't realize it was such a nice archtop: your research is topnotch. I will certainly return again to consign my guitars and hopefully to buy one of my dream guitars: if I can find the guitar of my dreams anywhere, it will certainly be on archtop.com. David Aline, Portland, OR
Joe, The '49 Gibson L-50 arrived in perfect condition, and I am ecstatic. I love this guitar, and even with medium guage strings it is a breeze to play. This was a great deal, and I thank you! Given my guitar mania, this may not be the last you hear from me...Regards, Bruce Brogdon, Houston, TX

Hey Joe, Having concluded multiple transaction with your company I feel I am in a position to comment on the level of service provided by Archtop.com. First , I would say I the communication was great and the process of selling moved along quicker than I expected. The exposure from your website is huge. I even had a couple of friend call me and ask if that was my guitar for sale. The web traffic ,photos and descriptions are second to none. I think when I list a instrument with archtop.com I avail myself your unparalleled reputation for knowledgeable accrete descriptions of instruments which allow potential buyers to have more confidence when buying from Archtop.com any other dealer(or private party). Thanks, Greg Saer, St. Peter, MN
Dear Joe, I collected the (1934) Gibson L-7 today, from my local post-office. The word "awesome" is much overworked, but there are times when a rose should be called "a rose" and a guitar described in such seemingly hyperbolic terms. In fact, to prove I'm not adjectively challenged, let's call her: "bloody awesome"! I'm in love with both the guitar and your packing department for making sure the 5,000 mile journey treated my new-found with the respect she deserves! Please add my name to your ever-growing catalogue of admirers, and please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your help in making this a remarkably painless transaction. Speechless, with just the strength to type these few words! Kindest regards Andrew SJ Stoddart, Barnet, UK
The '46 Emperor arrived safely today, thank you for the careful packing and quick shipping. It's beautiful, just as you described. This was my first purchase from archtop.com but not my last. I'm already squirreling away funds for the next one. Thanks, Jay Van De Velde, Seal Beach, CA
Hello Joe & Julie, A note of thanks to both of you for all your kind help and the time you took with the purchase of the Super 300. Being able to compare a guitar from your current inventory (the '36 L-12) that is very similar to my '35 L-12 with the Super 300 and the two Emperors there was incredibly helpful and very illuminating. I'm definitely a "Gibson Guy". The buttery power and resonance of the Super 300 compliments the warm, open sweetness of the L-12 perfectly and your suggestion of dividing the chord chores up as fingerstyle and plectrum is a good one. I now know why they're called Super 300s ... they are that. I don't know where the maple in this guitar came from, probably Michigan, but it'll be living among the maples of northern Vermont for the duration. Many thanks, Ryk Loske, Glover, Vermont

Hi Joe, Thanks for the great job on the (1940) Epiphone Broadway. Really a great old guitar which plays remarkably well and seems to have a built in reverb! Old spruce does matter! Best regards, Jim Silvestri, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Joe, the condition of this 1989 Gibson ES-175, which arrived so lovingly packaged, is just as wonderful and immaculate as you described on your Web site.  And its playability is a thrill every time I pick it up! What really amazes me is that it's completely free of dents, scratches, checking or any kind of wear. It's almost as if this 19-year-old guitar has never been played, except maybe on Sundays by a little old jazz-lady, who never went faster than one whole note a measure. As a first-time customer in such a rush that I didn't even read a sampling of the Friends' comments before ordering, I have been immensely gratified to discover that you treat your customers with the same first-class professionalism that you give the guitars for sale. Your regard for buyers is shown, on the telephone and in your shipping, to be utterly gracious, friendly, helpful, and honest. You're truly a class-act of the first degree, Joe! Thanks!  David Baker, Georgia
Hello Joe, The blonde 1940 Gibson L-7 arrived safely today and exactly as described. I am a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks so much. Best of luck and continued success. Captain Allen Ross, Highland Heights, OH

Hello Joe, Today I received the Polytone Amp in my home. I´d like to thank you for the sale and the shipment. Every thing is OK. Was a pleasure to me buy the Amp from you. I will recommend Archtop to my friends.Thank you one more time. Regards, Clayton Roger, São Paulo, Brazil
Joe, This (consignment) experience was just stellar. All my questions were answered quickly. I would not hesitate to sell another guitar through you in the future. I will also make archtop.com my first stop when it comes time to purchase another instrument. The depth of knowledge and care afforded are unparalleled. Best regards, Glen Hall, Costa Mesa, CA
Joe -- The guitar got in this morning. It's in one piece, it's a beauty, its neck profile is to die for, and its acoustic voice is awesome. All expectations exceeded! Many, many thanks again for faster-than-lightning shipping and super safe packing as always. I understand why this Gibson Johnny Smith was Chuck Wayne's choice. Every word you wrote was true. This guitar clearly has it all and more. In a world where guitars are sometimes traded like second-hand cars, you do make a huge difference: professional, knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and ever enthusiastic and friendly. This is the third first class instrument I purchase from archtop.com and certainly not the last one. I know I'll also rely confidently on you to sell some of my vintage guitars and I look forward to our restoration projects. All best, Elie Kleiman, Paris
Hi Joe, Just to let you know I received the Dupont MD30 today. No issues, exactly what I hoped it would be. It will probably be even better with a new set of Argentines. It looks like it was hardly played-- apparently somebody bought it and kept it in the case (which is also in great shape) for a decade and a half.... Thanks again. Best, Barbara Daniels, Bethlehem, PA Hi Joe: I can't believe you sold the '34 L-10 already...you are unbelievable! Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY
Joe, just e-mailing you to let you know how pleased I am with your work on my McCormick archtop. The ebony bridge really opens up the sound and it looks great too. Thanks for doing such a great job on the setup as well. You really are the archtop specialist. Best regards, Steve West, Columbus, GA
Dear Joe, Thank you so much for the experience! I was able to come into your shop, strum your inventory and talk guitars with you. You sold my L-4N in only a few weeks and met my target net gain, while making my old baby shine like new. I am so pleased to know that my little blonde will be traveling the world, perhaps on stage, and strutting her stuff. It sure beats staying home Saturday nights! Perhaps, should our roads cross again, I'll get to see her shine one day. Thank you, again, Ron Moore, Longview, WA
Joe, The ('57 L-5CES) has just been delivered to me without problem. It is just how you've described it, very accurately indeed. Perfectly clean. Altogether, a great old L-5 that plays and sounds superb. Thank you for a perfect business! Roland Goerg, Switzerland

Joe, I received the American Archtop guitar today and I must say it's in wonderful shape. The directions and attention to detail in regards to packing is amazing. Thank you again for the great service. Dennis Cox, Austin, Texas
Joe, Thanks for finding new homes for my two 1936 Gibson round-hole archtops: the L-4 a couple months ago, and now the L-75. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and it's good to know that both guitars are now in the hands of faithful archtop lovers, and will continue to make beautiful music for decades to come. If I ever have other vintage guitars to sell, or am in the position to buy, I will certainly contact you. Thanks again!" D.D. -Michigan
Joe, This '39 Super 400 is fantastic! It's everything I've ever wanted in Gibson guitar and it has a sweetest, richest tone these ears have ever heard from an archtop. Thanks so much for finding this treasure. As usual your packing job was top notch. Warmest regards, Don Tycholis, Tampa, FL
Joe, Thank you for your assistance in helping me sell my Patrick James Eggle guitar! My experience consigning my guitar was great! You were very helpful and thorough throughout the entire process. It was just like I read it would be like on the website. I would highly recommend going through archtop.com for any consignment needs. - Andrew Paterik, South Holland, IL
Dear Joe, thank you very much for selling and wonderfully packaging this Trenier 17 Special to me. It is a wonderful guitar, as I expected it to be, and your customer service was top-notch. Keep up the good work, all the best. Felix Majou, London
Hi Joe, I just received your check for the proceeds from the two guitars ('46 Emperor, '88 X-500) you sold for me. Thank you so much. I had a good friend who recently passed and his wife asked me to liquidate the instruments. I tried on ebay but I found I knew very little about marketing high end guitars. I put my trust in archtop.com and you handled the sales in prompt, equitable and professional manner. Thank you again. Chuck Preston, Spokane, WA
Joe, I just want to tell you how much I love this guitar (1945 Epiphone Spartan) that I got from you a few months back. Nothing matches its sound or playability. If I had to pick one guitar for the "desert island" scenario, this would be it. Thanks again, Norm Ayotte, Pasadena, CA
Joe, This '38 ES-150 ROCKS! (Ok, JAZZES!) Exceeded all expectations. Ultra resonant and easy to play. I've wanted one since I was 19 and never found one until now with this fine example. Needless to say, a few decades have passed in the interim but I'm making up for lost time now. The practically mint original hard shell case is an added bonus! Again, a pleasure doing business with you. Your knowledge, dedication to detail and excellent customer service are much appreciated. Seth Kaplan, New Rochelle, N.Y
Dear Joe, Just a quick note to thank you for your great work in selling my Benedetto.  I was amazed that you were able to sell it before you had a chance to fully list it on your website.  The entire transaction was perfect.  You told me what would happen.  The you made it happen.  Then you told me it happened and sent me a check before I could say thanks.  So.... Thanks. E commerce without losing the personal touch.  The world would be better with more people like you, Regards, Rick Weiss, Palm Desert, CA Hi Joe, the Moll Express is with me since Monday... The real fact is that the guitar is exactly what I would like it to be and that's a really good thing. A set of fresh flat strings and the thing just booms. I love the tone, the sustain, the volume, the evenness along and across the fingerboard and of course the playing ease. Thanks a lot. Regards, Antony Tsetsos, Halandri, Greece
Joe, I was very pleased with the whole (consignment) process. You were very helpful with shipping recommendations, and the listing page, historical info, and photos were very professionally done. You made it easy for me to find a new home for my L5-S. I will definitely be back in touch when it's time to sell (or buy) another vintage guitar. Thanks very much.-Erik Barnes, Cambridge , MA
Joe, The '46 Emperor (+ cutaway and humbucker) arrived as promised and once strung up, has me chanting the they don't make 'em like this anymore mantra. The neck does in fact sit smartly in the palm and the guitar sounds so good I'm going to put off re-stringing it with new.  Thanks to your cleverly marked masking tape the intonation is strobolicious on the first try. I get it now. Please re-designate as "sold" as sworn by me, one satisfied customer on this day, June 4, 2008. Ralph Mason, Salt Lake City, UT
Hello Joe, 1936 L-7 arrived! SO GORGEOUS I AM STUNNED.!!! Even case was very fine....Many thanks! Patrick Smith, Stockholm, Sweden
Thanks so much for that FAST sale (Gibson '34 L-5 RI). You didn't even give me enough time to change my mind. Thanks again, and all the best. Clint Oakley, Miami, FL
Thanks again Joe, I knew that someone in your knowledgeable clientele would appreciate my guitar (2002 Rumley Custom). This completes our fourth transaction together, in a seamless, effortless, expeditious manner! Ernie Pugliese, West Chester, PA I found archtop.com to be unique in its scope of instruments, customers and service. This is one stop shopping. I both purchased and sold an instrument through archtop and couldn't have done nearly as well by myself. I was able to purchase a genuinely excellent vintage instrument that is now used daily and gigged with weekly. The instrument that I no longer had a use for now has a productive new home. All is well. You get what you pay for. Allen Jones, Beaufort, NC
Joe, Just a quick note to thank you once again for another highly satisfying transaction. I've been buying by phone and over the Internet for 30 years and I continue to be impressed with the consistent level of quality you deliver to the guitar buying experience. The choice guitars, your detailed writeups, the spot-on setups and restorations to make the guitars right, timeliness of communications, and commitment to customer satisfaction are some reasons why I keep coming back to archtop.com. Warm Regards, Don Tycholis, Tampa, FL
Hello Joe, I wanted to write and say my experience using the services of archtop.com to sell my guitar (Foster St.Charles) was truly a remarkable one. Your description of my guitar was right on the money, the photos were excellent, and the on-going communication superb. I have the archtop.com web site saved into my favorites and I look at it several times a day. Next time I want to buy or sell a guitar I will definitely contact you first. Best Regards, Don MacArthur, Spokane, WA
Thanks Joe, I just realized I've bought 2 guitars and sold 8 through archtop.com over the years. It's a true must-have resource for any guitar lover. Even when I'm not looking for a new instrument, I browse your site just for a history lesson. Rik Wright, Seattle, WA
Joe, I can hardly stop smiling as I have just managed to put down this awesome guitar (1951 Emperor Regent) in order to write you this note. I consider myself very fortunate to own this wonderful instrument. As you said, stunning looks aside, this Emperor plays itself. Not only is the instrument in perfect condition (great job, very accurate description) but the neck is truly too good to be true... The neck is unbelievably comfortable, fast and easy. The mother of all comfy and fast necks I would call it... The voice of course is classic Emperor at its best. As powerful as my 1940es full body, same marvellous reverb, and wonderfully open. This is the second über-archtop that I buy from you Joe. You rightfully can call archtop.com the most trusted market place for the finest archtops! Enough said... The Emperor is begging to be played... Merci beaucoup et amitiés de Paris, France!, Elie Klieman, Paris
Joe, The '53 Triumph Regent is a corker! And to top it off, a guitar of mine sold the day after. Thanks for the great service. Regards, Sean Parker, Sydney, Australia.
Hi Joe, Just a line to say thanks for your help,and how pleased I am with my purchase.Everything about the deal was great,from the initial conversation,to the arrival of my guitar. I would recommend anyone to deal with you. The service you gave me was superb. Cheers, Richard Ball, Bradford, UK
Hello Joe .... This '34 Gibson Round Hole L-4 is just a phenomenal guitar! I can't keep her out of my lap .... and as light as she is ... you barely know she's there. A voice to die for with looks to match ... what's not to like? The old Gibson archtop with the round hole is just an all around winner. Along with her '35 L-12 sister, purchased from you, I now have all the bases covered for trad jazz ... ragtime ... old timey .... swing ... whatever. Many, many thanks. I may not be your biggest customer with three purchases and two sales thanks to your great efforts ... but I sure as hell am the happiest! All the best, Ryk Loske, Groton, VT
Hi. Joe, The Benedetto Bambino arrived today in perfect condition..after the setting the bridge I played it through my Deluxe Reverb and an AER alpha. Such great tone. From great jazz/blues to acoustic like tones it really does it all. My teacher thought it is such a light and perfectly balanced instrument. Really impressive .After all the guitars I have sold with you it was really great to purchase one from you! Thanks again Joe. Best regards..Dennis Easter, Lebanon, PA
Selling my guitar on archtop.com couldn't have been any easier. After shipping my guitar Joe took care of the rest - the great photos of my guitar; the detailed description; and all interactions with potential buyers". Joe immediately responded to my e-mails and phone calls. Thanks for the great work! David Bernstein, Phoenix, AZ
Joe - I picked up the guitar (Ibanez L-5CN) from UPS. Everything was shipshape. It strung right up no problem and now we are in the groove. Thanks very much. Next time I am in Seattle, I will drop by. Thanks. John Barton, LA, CA
Joe,...Your website is outstanding. Many guitar websites don't supply even the most basic information that one needs to know in order to decide whether or not to buy. Your verbal descriptions provide all pertinent details that a prospective buyer could want and are extremely well put besides. Regarding my experience in consigning the Petros, you have been easy to get along with and pleasant to do business with. I wouldn't hesitate to contact you again about buying or selling a guitar. Ross Miniter, Valley Center, CA
Hey Joe, The check (for consignment proceeds) came in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Hope to have business with you again. Best, Adam Ackerman, Boston, MA 
Dear Joe, Thanks again for selling my L-5. As always, it was a pleasure to work with you. Whether buying or selling, you provide an amazing service and a great website. Best, Mike Rovine, State College, PA
This is my second purchase from archtop.com and again Joe was extremely friendly and helpful in completing this sale. My new addition the Fender D'Aquisto Ultra, far exceeded my already high expectations. I have played it for about a week or so pretty much nonstop!!! ...this ULTRA is nothing short of amazing!!!!!...The light build and superior open resonance is remarkable. I can easily compare it anything I own... I love it Joe!!! Thanks again and best of luck. Hope to buy another from you if you come across one again. Let me know if you do as we would have another great and easy sale. George Trksak, Watertown, MA
Hi Joe, The Magnolia is sounding better everyday - it's a gem here's  a few words in support. When I looked over the Archtop.com website it seemed almost too good to be true - an oasis of beautiful guitars sold by a heck of an honest, extremely personable and super knowledgeable guy (at least according to the satisfied customers).  With a bit of incredulity in my heart I gave Joe a call - ordered a spectacular archtop by the super talented Bryant Trenier (maybe the finest young luthier to come along in a quite awhile). A few weeks later after I had paid the guitar off - it came in the dead of winter perfectly packedand in perfect condition.   I can't recommend Joe And his wonderful Archtop.com enough - if you are looking for a special guitar look no further, this is one of the best places in the world and THE best place on the Internet to make such a purchase. Joe thanks again look forward to speaking with you again soon, Best, Jon Wang, Scotch Plains, NJ
Joe, The AI amp is in my home in Denmark now. The transaction (I think number six or seven between us) went as always quite troublefree. I have tested the amp with my Gibson Johnny Smith a few hours now and everything seems to be as splendid as I have been told or even better. Thanks a lot. Greetings, PeterMoefelt, Horslunde, Denmark
Thanks Joe, Thanks for selling my '51 ES-175; I'm sure it went to a good home. This was just another very favorable experience! I've been on both sides of the transaction with you - several times now - as a buyer and a seller, and each time has been a very comfortable experience. It's easy to see why you continue to be successful! Best regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY
Hi Joe, Thank you, sir! The guitar (1945 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe) is everything I had hoped for. It sounds amazing and plays like a dream. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to doing business with you again. Until then, take care! Best, Sam Raver, LA, CAJoe, I was delighted with the experience of working with archtop.com and would not hesitate to sell or purchase a guitar through Joe in the future. Andy Cowan, Portland, OR
Dear Joe, Just wanted to express my appreciation for your fine effort in finding a new home for my vintage archtop. The entire experience was enjoyable, and handled in a totally professional manner. My hat's off to you! Larry Moser, Lake Havasu City, AZ
While I hated to part with the Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis, your prompt and professional service has made the process as painless (dare I say convenient?) as possible. Plus, it's reassuring to know that the guitar has found a new home with a satisfied customer at the other end. Many thanks, Joe. Best, John Rodrigue, North Easton, MA
Hi Joe, ...the blonde lady (1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent) has found her new home in Parma's quiet countryside and looks ready for a new active happy life. She looks very sweet and sings very well. There is no doubt that, beside her beauty, her mellow and woody voice will enchant all my friends and maybe make them jealous. She arrived yesterday, I don't know her very well yet but I am already sure that she will make me even happier and she will feel comfortable with her sisters Gibson ES-150 and Vega E-201 ... since they come from your place...and are all about the same age......ciao amico, a presto, Christian Laurent, Parma ,Italy
Thanks so much for your great service. After years of buying and selling serveral guitars through your company, I feel I have found a wonderful resource that I can easily go to with confidence for buying and selling the coolest guitars ever. It's truly been a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to calling on you again soon. Thanks again, Dave Blair,Vero Beach FL, p.s. That little Bourgeois OM Custom continues to blow my mind.....thanks for turning me on to it.
Hi Joe, Thank you for moving my Dunn Mystery Pacific into a new home in short order! I highly appreciate the trusted service you provide. You have a great site and it's one of the first places I look, when I'm looking for an addition and/or change with instruments I may be using. I highly recommend your site to any Jazz guitarist looking to buy and/or sell. Again Thank You, Lee Burton, Fox Lake, Il
Hi Joe, Thank you for your assistance in selling the ('97 L-5CES). Your professionalism is exemplary, and it is easy to see why archtop.com has maintained such a high reputation. Best regards - John Nunnari, Covington, WAI'm delighted to learn about the quick sale of my Albanus. Much quicker than I expected! Every part of the whole experience was first-rate, from communication, to preparation, to presentation, to sale. I've been around music and guitars since Truman was President, and believe me, archtop.com, and your attention, are the best. Many thanks. Bob Perrey, Deerfield, IL

Hi Joe, I actually ended up getting the ('33 Epiphone Olympic) a day early on Thursday. Wow... what a guitar! The volume, tone, and playability all surpassed my expectations. It appears to be in really good shape as well, given that it is 75 years old. Thanks again for your help in getting the guitar to me. Thanks again! John B. Everhart, Nashville TNHello Joe, The '46 Epi Spartan arrived without any hitches. It looks and sounds great, and is everything I hoped it would be. Thanks, Michael Connors, Plain, WI
Joe...I'll tell you now, when people are leery and somewhat mistrustful of doing business over the net, archtop.com is the absolute prime example of trust, professionalism, and a complete understanding of its customer's needs--all without a single meeting face-to-face, or even a phone call! Best, Tom Hughes, Upper Jay, NYDear Joe, The Gibson L5CES arrived safely yesterday. I'm absolutely delighted with it. It seems like it's hardly been played ...Will give it the love and attention it deserves. Thank you so much, Antony France, East Sussex, UK
Joe, This (Tele Custom) is a great sounding guitar...it has a lot of chime and this is super light weight ...hot PUs and great neck... ...thanks a lot for being patient and cool on all questions and getting back quickly...I would deal with you and your store anytime Best of luck and long life to archtop.com Sincerely, Michel Pepin, Canada
Dear Joe, My "new" '46 Epi Blackstone was delivered on Thursday as expected. Well packed as usual, and when unpacked it tuned right up. The condition is everything you said and more. You really could of talked up the great condition of this guy more than you did. When I order a 1946 "sort of low end model," I really don't expect anything this pristine, so this guy is really a treat. I appreciate that the words and the pictures on your website describe the guitars so well but tend to understate their condition and their greatness. You are my first choice of all on-line vintage guitar dealers. It was well setup, and the .013 strings feel lighter than expected. Right out of the box, the first chord said that this guitar was a beauty. Sweet, warm, smooth, great articulation and string balance, but not quite the attack of my L-5. Its character and voice are unique and this is what will keep it near the front of my lineup. I see why you extol the virtues of these 16" Epiphones. Other than the simple trim and aesthetic, it is hard to see these guitars as low end models. The wood and finish compare to much more expensive models, as do the construction techniques and quality. I especially like the suspended neck, which puts this guitar in different class than the comparable Gibson's that I have played. Although the art of high end archtop construction seems to have been revived in recent years, I would love it if modern builders could learn some lessons from this model. Finally, thanks for the Pick-Up-the-World Powestrip pickup installation too. Even through my Fender Deluxe, the pickup is remarkable in capturing the true acoustic sound of the guitar. Again, I was pleasantly surprised, this is no ordinary piezo sound! Keep up the great work and keep those great guitars coming. Kind regards, Kamlapati Khalsa, San Jose, CA
Hey Joe, I love that '46 Epiphone Spartan! It's everything and more than advertised! Thanks for the easy transaction and wonderful headache free purchase. Shipping from Seatle to Massachusetts can be mentally stressful, but the guitar was nicely packaged and the tracking number made the wait fun to watch with anticapation. I can't wait to get another guitar from you guys! Thanks again, Matt Robbins,Worcester, MA
Dear Joe, Thank you for selling my guitar ('05 Cushman Trophy) and finding a happy home for it. You provide a great and professional service for us archtop lovers. Looking forward to doing business again with you. Keep up the fantastic work. Vincent Kowski, CA
As you have skillfully and successfully sold a number of guitars for me in past years, I am confident that there is no other company that I would choose to work with. Thanks for your professionalism Joe. George Rubaloff, Ashland, OR
Joe, Just received ('39 Triumph sent by owner to archtop.com for restoration) She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can't tell you how impressed and happy I am. (Pause while I string her-up) SOUNDS AMAZING!!! You're the best!!! Warm regards, Don Howard, Louisville, KY
I had an expectation, based on past experience with archtop.com, that the experience of selling my guitar ('30s Bacon and Day Ramona) would be a pleasant one all 'round, but I must say I was a little shocked at how quickly and smoothly it all went. Thank you so much! Best wishes, Chris Wilding, Calabasas, CA
Joe -- Thanks so much for selling two great guitars for me ('47 L-5, '33 Broadway). I've bought, and now sold, multiple items through archtop.com and know I can always count on you for handling the coolest gear! Many regards, Gretchen W. , Bakersfield, CA
I am thrilled to say that this wonderful looking (1971 D'Aquisto) Excel looks and sounds as wonderful as I dreamed it would - it has already pushed the limits of my wildest musical dreams. I cannot wait to get to grips for good with this intimidating beauty. Thank you for being such a friendly and reliable ressource in Archtopland: I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you. Shipping was very fast and very safe - by far the best experience I have had with purchases overseas and I have had a few. I that there will be more and I do hope that you will be involved. You are settling a very high standard. Thank you again and all best! Longue vie à archtop.com! Elie Kleiman, Paris
Thanks Joe for selling my 1955 Vega E-202! Your site is the best on the net!  Fast sale, great contact and service! I bought a 1942 Epiphone Triumph from you years ago and since then I have watched archtop.com get bigger and better. Keep up the good work! Donald H. Young, Schuylerville, NY
Joe, I can't thank you enough for delivering me a true beauty yet gig-worthy beast in that Guild X150! Your photos truly did it justice and I'm really enjoying it now in person. Thanks again!! Eric Koessler, Amherst, NY
To all you out there considering dealing with archtop.com, whether buying or selling........do it. I was a little apprehensive sending my Gibson L5 through the air to have it sold by Joe. One never knows. But after always being greeted on the phone with a pleasant and friendly attitude, and having all my questions answered, I had my fears relieved. Joe has sold 2 nice Gibson archtops for me and the service and payment has been prompt and professional. Thanks Joe. John Allemond , Wellsburg WV
Dear Joe, I wanted to thank you again for finding a new owner for my 1947 L5-E. You offer an important service, I enjoyed working with you and was really impressed with your professional approach. I would highly recommend that anyone buying or selling a vintage instrument use archtop.com. Regards, Jeff Davison, New Castle, DE
I recently offered to help a close friend whose husband died; he had collected some very nice guitars over the years, (including) a 1946 Epiphone Emperor... I spent a few days thoroughly researching the best way to sell the guitars and the advice I got from several knowledgeable sources was archtop.com That is the route I took and Joe Vinikow and crew did a fantastic job, I recommend them unhesitatingly to anyone looking to sell a vintage archtop guitar. -Andrew Schulman, NYC
Joe: Thanks! The recent sale of my ' 36 Epi Deluxe went so quickly and smoothly that you deserve the highest accolades for your excellent service. May you continue to amass the positive feedbacks you so richly deserve. Again, thanks! George Knoblauch, Pleasant Hill, CA
Thanks, Joe. The '85 Guild X-170 is the second guitar you've sold for me, and I'm really pleased at the price and the short time it took to sell, and more than that, the careful attention you give to the instruments. I'm fortunate to have found archtop.com--I have high praises for your experience and friendly placing of guitars into the hands of those who love to play them. Jeff Smith, Oviedo,FL
Joe: It's a keeper (1950 L-50). I use the entire neck, but I guess I tend to camp out between 5 and 12 a lot. I liked the tone and volume O.K. with the action around 5/64" 12th fret according to your tips and loved the feel & speed of that action. It felt like I had to baby it a little bit, though. I was fine with it, compared to my Martin flat top, but I finally got around to experimenting with a higher action and ended up around 7/64" or so and....WOW. Did this baby find itsvoice! Wooo Ha! Not really that much difference in speed either. Now, I really love it. A good tip for all might be to "Try the action a little higher than you think it should be". What a pay-off in volume, and you can chop hell out of it and maintain a clear ringing bell tone. This is why I wanted an arch top. Thanks for a great player's guitar. Send the fiddle player on a coffee break - Sweet Jawjah Brown! Jim Hays, Mackay, ID
Dear Joe, Just like to say, after scouring the world and drawing a blank I sent you an email and you had what I wanted. I would advise any one looking for difficult to obtain parts for rare guitars to do the same. Thanks, Mick McKeown, Bath, England
Joe, I am truly impressed with the honesty, professional atmosphere, and the world wide following (of archtop.com). A current feel for the prices and salability that impresses both the seller and the buyer, amazing. And to top it off you take the time to email personally with a friendly style that allows us non specialists to feel your care and hands on experience with our instruments. Thank you Joe for making this a human experience. Jeff Myers, Finger Lakes Region N.Y.
Dear Joe, The guitar (1946 Epiphone Blackstone) arrived safely on Friday via UPS. Many thanks for the fast shipment. I love the guitar. It is exactly what I wanted tone-wise. You can count me as another very happy customer. Thanks again, Erik Kundreats, Belmar, NJ
Joe, I love this guitar (1974-5 Gibson Howard Roberts) it is just what I wanted. The instrument arrived in perfect condition, very impressed with the excellent packing job. Was able to string it right up and intone it perfectly. A beautiful clean guitar, especially for a 30-year-old instrument. It has a wonderful arch-top jazz tone. It is a pleasure to do business with you, thanks for your availability-prompt correspondence and very professional service. Good job, hope to do business with you in the future. Happy tunes, Terry Sharp, Shasta Lake, CA
Hey Joe, Received the '47 Triumph yesterday at work. Had time to set it up after work and couldn't hardly put it down. Finally decided I'd better eat something... Very responsive guitar with great projection and fast comfortable neck. Had time to plug it in today and I love it! Thanks for all the care you take with your customers! I'll keep watching your site for more gems. Brad Cornwell, Casper,WY
Joe, Thank you so much for the amazingly fast sale of my Harptone 920-S archtop. I hope the buyer is really happy with the guitar! I look forward to doing future business with you, both in consigning and purchasing from your incredible selection of instruments.David Fleminger, SF, CA
Hi Joe...early afternoon I arrived at my office and I had the following message : a package to my attention has arrived .... Once the package open, I discover the hardshell case and open it ! ...I had in my hands a wonderful guitar (1948 ES-150) in more than mint condition. As you may imagine, I have played it all the weekend acoustic and plugged in ... A pure sound of smooth jazz....Like a kid, I took a lot of pictures of it like if it was ...a kid. Therefore, I am going to treat it with respect and care and enjoy its magic sound. Thanks to you for this nice adventure, I realized, that it is the fourth guitar I have bought at archtop.com...Ciao amico, a presto e grazie per la bella chitarra. Ora, devo organizzare un concertino a la casa e farci ascoltare la sua musica. Christian Laurent, Parma, Italy 
Joe, We have had many successful transactions over the years but this month's experience is the pinnacle. In less than a month's time, you took two of my treasured Martin flat tops, took beautiful photos and found new homes for them. It's hard to give up a great guitar. You made the process quick, easy and with very appropriate compensation to me. Flat tops!! This isn't your father's "archtop.com" anymore. Many thanks, Joel Tepp, Seattle, WA
Hi Joe, Guitar ('47 Epi Zephyr Regent) arrived in good condition this morning. It is now 9pm and I have only just found time to e-mail you to tell you I love it. Must get back to my picking! I shall keep watching your website for my next guitar. Thanks a lot, Best regards, Ian Pickering, Hockley, UK
Hello Joe, A quick note to say that the Devoe has arrived safely, very well packed and exactly as described (except that the appearance of the guitar is even better than your excellent pics). It's staying. Best wishes Tony Chennells, Southampton, UK
Hey Joe, What can I say, you sold my guitar while it was only on the Coming Soon list. It only proves you have a lot of guitarists watching your site. It's very hard to sell a expensive guitar on ebay due to fear of fraud. This same guitar was on ebay with no takers, you sold it in 3 weeks, great job. Thanks John Parizo, NYC Archtop.com did a fab job getting the word out about my beautiful Epi. I wouldn't hesitate to trust them to the sale of any of my instruments! Michael Andriaccio, Lancaster, NY
Hey Joe, Received my '38 Epi Broadway yesterday. She's as beautiful as you described. Her tone is remarkable. The Walnut body brings out a brightness in the tone that Maple just can't match. And the look, absolutely gorgeous. Then there's the neck, slim & comfortable. A true pleasure to play. Needless to say she's here to stay. Thanks for all your help & patience. Look forward to doing more biz. Paul Avery, Rocklin, CA
Dear Joe, Thank you for placing the Super Eagle. Your check for the transaction proceeds arrived Saturday. Thank you for your excellent service and for upholding a high standard of business practice. Best regards, Jason Goff, Floral City ,FL Joe, Thank you for selling my D'Angelico NYL-2. It's been a great experience working with you. I learned a lot about packing archtops from your website and through our phone conversations. Keep up the fine work of matching great guitars to players who appreciate them. All the best, Jim Richardson, Yucaipa, CA
Dear Joe, ... I am enjoying the Eggle immensely and that your appetizing description of the guitar was in fact quite modest. This guitar drips with tone and sustain thoughout and is probably the most versatile acoustic guitar - flat- or archtop - that I have ever had the pleasure of playing.  It is also flat out drop dead gorgeous. Many thanks... M. Lee Wolfe, Oviedo, Spain
Joe, The PRS Archtop is here and is a dream come true! I have been looking for this model for years. It is in perfect shape. Thanks so much for the great service and I look forward to more business with you in the future. Best, Robert Dean, Huntington Station, NY
Thank you Joe. It has indeed been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. You are most knowledgeable of the archtop and all guitars as far as I am concerned. Most impressive are your descriptions of the guitars with specificity of what is being put on the market. I was so impressed with the description of my Eggle archtop, I almost bought it myself.  -- Thank you for your fast responses to my emails, questions, etc. This was comforting since you are over 2000 miles away. --- In short, a great experience. We shall do business again. Thank you. My best to you and your staff..Bill Witt, Hudson, OH
Joe, Just a note of thanks for selling my 1947 L-48 Gibson archtop. I've been watching at least 20 websites for the last year...yours is the best. The best pictures & accurate descriptions of the best archtops at a fair price. I will continue to follow Archtop.com, to add to my personal collection, or to make a hassle-free sale. Thanks, Joe. Your friend, Randall Shike, Wichita, Ks
Joe, Just wanted to let you know that the '68 Guild X-175 traveled well and I'm very happy with the sound and condition of the instrument and the Schertler David amp. Thanks very much for matching me up with this guitar. Jack Price, Meridian, ID
Dear Joe, Many thanks for your usual care in the packing and shipping of the Gretsch G-450 which arrived yesterday afternoon and was ready for play within 10 minutes... Thanks also for the check relating to the sales of the Epi Triumph and Guild X500.... As I make further decisions about the instruments in my collection ­ whether adding to it or reducing it ­ I will continue to place the same high level of trust in archop.com that you have earned with all our prior transactions. Best regards, John Young, Carmel, California
Dear Joe, It was a privilege working with you in acquiring my 1997 Guild Artist Award. You are very knowledgeable about your instruments and helped me with your advice. For many of us a purchase of an archtop is a once in a lifetime experience and a great deal of money is at stake. It is obvious you and your company have a solid reputation. You gave me honest and thorough suggestions and making the purchase from you put me at ease. In the future, should I buy another instrument; you will be my first consideration. I wish you the best, Thomas R. Scheira, Ph.D, Niagara Falls, NY
Hey Joe! The Triumph arrived today. Man, I love it! About a 30 second approval period was enough. :-) Well packed. As described. And awesome! You've answered my questions very helpfully by phone and by email regarding several guitars over the last 6-9 months. And everything about this buying experience has been positive. Thanks very much. I am already recommending you to all my player friends. Thanks again, Phil McWilliams, Atlanta GA
Joe, The Guild X-500 just arrived and I've had a chance to set it back up and give it some play time. Very very nice!...I'm delighted ! Gotta run now and get some new strings! Thanks for your followup call and all the fine service ! Chris Gander, Portland, OR
Joe: The Shelly Park Encore makes 4 instruments I have purchased from your great company in the last year. I am not only pleased with the exceptional quality, playability, and condition of all of the instruments, I am also very satisfied with sales policies you offer a guy 1500 miles from your location. I can plug it in, play it, and primp it, and if I am not elated with the instrument I can package it and send it back. Obviously I have never NOT been completely satisfied...what a good feeling to know that when the mood strikes me and your web site has something I might really like to own and play I only need to send you and email.....ps the work your guys did on the '41 L5 I sent in was equally satisfying....thanks Joe...and when I am in Seattle again I'd love to visit your operation. John Castronovo, Burr Ridge, IL.Joe, UPS dropped (the '56 ES-175) off around seven. I don't think I have ever seen anything so carefully packaged. And everything was exactly like it was described on your site... The action was perfect with the bridge just like it was when I put it on. I didn't really have to do anything but put the strings on and tune it up. The guitar plays very nicely. It even sounds good acoustically, even better than my carved top Heritage. All I can say is that it sounded just as good as I hoped it would.... And what I got was the sound of a fine old guitar, like an old Jim Hall record. ...Thank you very much. I have been looking at vintage guitars on a plethora of websites for the past several months hoping to find something really nice that I would feel comfortable spending that kind of money on. I was very impressed with your selection and attention to detail. ...This one is in really great shape and the case is in even better shape than some of my much more recent cases. Well worth the money I paid. It might be awhile before I buy another archtop because I have some good ones. But when and if I do I hope to do business with you again. And if any of my musician friends want to get an archtop I will send them your way. ...Take care. Roy Brooks, North Charleston, SC
Joe, just wanted to let you know the guitar (Guild X-700) arrived in perfect shape and is fantastic! It's pretty rare these days to find someone who does everything right. I consider myself very lucky to have found your business, and look forward to future purchases. Thanks so much. Kevin Bayless, St. Louis, MO
Joe, the ES-175 arrived !!!! First let me say your packing job is with out a doubt the best I have ever seen !!!!! The guitar arrived in perfect condition... I am very happy...and will enjoy puting some music into the guitar...Thank you agin for your site... Michael Law, Rhinebeck, NY
Joe, I received the Fender D'Aquisto Deluxe on Friday as promised, pro-packaged and not a mark on it. To say I'm thrilled with the instrument would be an understatement. The tone (plugged or unplugged) is outstanding, playability is excellent, and even the setup is spot-on.  For me it is the perfect jazzbox for fingerstyle or flatpick playing, and thanks to you I didn't have to break the bank to get it. It must be very rewarding to make a living matching up quality guitars with people who love them! I'm sure we'll do business again. Many Thanks, Harry Haltman , San Antonio, TX
Joe...What a wonderful guitar!!!! My 1997 L-5CES is absolutely the most stunning, visually and tonally, of any of the 15 guitars that I presently own. My brother came down from Austin to check it out. We tried every guitar I had against it... all my other axes are fine guitars, but they're not even in the same tonal universe as my L-5CES. Just a great guitar!!! Arrived, very well packed, and was everything that you advertised it to be. Joe. The setup was absolutely magnificent. Some of the best I have ever played..I think you have finally cured my GAS that I've had for years with this wonderful guitar. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, a chronic affliction of the plectrum. -jv) I just hope my other guitars don't get too lonely sitting in their stands and cases. It's just like the top of your home page says..."WHAT A GUITAR!!!!". Thanks Joe for giving us archtoppers a place to to shop for quality vintage instruments. Rolland Harrison, Seabrook, TX
Joe, received your check (for the consignment sale) today. Thank you so much for your prompt response and for working with me. Always a pleasure! Warm regards, Dennis Easter, Tell City , IN
Joe, I just wanted to thank you for that 1966 L-5CES...I have not put it down in 3 days. Really!!! My wife is wondering when I`m going back to work! It`s so warm and smooth, I can`t believe the texture, and response. I`m going straight into my Vibroking and I `m speechless. I asked (my luthier) to check it out for me thoroughly and he was amazed. He's built guitars for some pretty big names in rock...(meaning-hard to impress...right? ) He said that this is an exceptional L-5, ...one of the nicer ones he`s seen, and heard. He`s seen and heard a lot! I`ve played quite a few also, from different years, and... this is my new baby !!! Just thought I`d write, and say thanks again and I`ll be looking for that D`Angelico... (- the next on the hit list-) on archtop .com Regards... MJP. Boston, MA
Hi Joe- I LOVE the Trenier Broadway. I can't take my eyes off it when I'm not playing it. (Of course, I'm playing it as often as possible.) It's opening up beautifully and I'm most pleased that the tone is not strictly suit-and-tie...there's a raunchy edge too when I push it that way. Thanks again for the great selection and service! Best, Gretchen Wenner, Bakersfield, CA
Dear Joe, I am just contacting you to confirm that I received the (1948 Gibson Super 300) from you in perfect condition...I am sorry I have not contacted you before but I only had just enough time to unpack the guitar and reset it up (I commend your expert packing by the way) before completing last minute work and packing before we were off on our summer holiday...I had to wait till I returned to really play it in - the suspense ruined my holiday!!? Let me say that on opening the package this guitar made a very impressive impact. Now that I have really had a chance to play it the sound is just as impressive - I have to say I am thrilled to bits with it, I am sure it will give me many years of pleasure; it is one of those few guitars that has almost as much presence acoustically as it does amplified even with its DeArmond pick-up. I can't wait to take it on the first gig with my band. Once again it has been a pleasure to do business with archtop.com, thanks Joe for your time, your honest and very accurate description of the guitar, and for fitting the DeArmond pick-up which works very well. Till the next guitar! All the best, Jerry Alexander, Essex, UK
Joe, The Melo EM3 arrived yesterday, a day early! I took it home on my lunch hour and damned near didn't go back to the office. This is the finest instrument (of any kind) I have ever played. You were right about the neck -- it is ideal for me. The guitar plays and sounds great, even through the small practice amp I am running it through at the moment. Thanks for all your help. This baby will not be making a round trip. I've got it now, and it ain't going nowhere. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Best regards, Jim Rowell, New Orleans, LA
Dear Joe, The (1996 ES-165 Herb Ellis) arrived safely. There's no way you're getting it back!! Seriously it's exactly as you described and, while I've had little chance to play it today, it seems user friendly, on first acquaintance. My next acquisition will be an L5C, as soon as I recover from a recent guitar buying binge! I will check the site regularly. Very best regards Garry Polled, Goleta, CA
Joe, My sales experience with you has been great. (Obviously, or I wouldn't keep coming back). Without a doubt the finest site on the web. Regards, David Rabinowitz, Berkeley, CA
Joe, My 1944 Epiphone Olympic arrived safe and sound. Wow. I just have to keep buying guitars as every one from you keeps getting better. Chris Bayer, Carson City, NV
Hi Joe, I just wanted to tell you that I got the guitar yesterday, thank very much by the way to upgrading it to 2 day air, it was very thoughtful. I am testing it out and so far so good:) I like the L5 because it is a closer fit when shifting between the classical and an electric... I don't think this guitar will be returning to you, it truly is a beautiful instrument, and I love the neck, archtops are such a work of art:) All the best, Robert Pierson, Roseville, CA
Joe, Thanks for the fast sale of my 1976 Ibanez L5CESN. It sold so fast that it never made the photo board. Definitely a testament to your status as the No. 1 site for Vintage Instrument sales! Many thanks,Brian Keith, Beaverton, Oregon
Joe,WOW. The '45 blonde Epi Emperor is a fantastic instrument; the workmanship is incredible, the tone sublime, and the action is like SUPER butter...As usual, you are a pleasure doing business with; that's why I keep coming back for more and more :>) Appreciate your maintaining high standards for what you sell. You are my go-to connection for superior guitars and no-hassle transactions. Best Regards, Don Tycholis, Fountain Valley, CA
Hello Joe. I received my '53 Guild X-350 "Stratford" this morning. What an amazing unique guitar. Sounds and looks fabulous. Absolutely nothing like it. The pickups and switching are outta sight! This guitar sounds seriously good. Next gig, it's coming with me. Once again, oustanding service. Always a pleasure. Regards, Sean Parker, Sydney, Australia

Joe, I appreciate the service you provide. Your professionalism and aptitude (not to mention great instruments) caught my attention. I pushed to have my Dupont MD30 sent quickly, I needed it. Your playing the guitar for me over the phone to the moment it shipped took three days and I used it on 6 gigs and two recording sessions in the week that followed, thanks for honest answers. I will spread the good word. Regards, Robert Bell, Minneapolis, MN
Joe, Just want to say that the 1941 Gibson EA-185 amplifier is way ahead of it's time, you guys really did a great job tweaking it into a very compatible amp. Not only does it have a smooth vibe with my arch tops, but also works very well with my Martin that has an added pickup. Thanks again for offering such a unique product! Steve Tickes Campbell, Calif.
Joe, The '36 Triumph arrived safe and sound. Many thanks for another great one of a kind instrument. Looks and plays great/ sounds fantastic - nice warm tone with fine projection. The Emperor style inlay along with that big Triumph pre-frequensator tailpiece really adds a unique touch of class to an already fine instrument. Keep up the good work on finding and making these "guitars for grownups" available. Thanks again. - Paul Mimlitsch, Evergreen CO
Hello Joe, The ('46 Epi Triumph) made it just fine. I was happy to see it so soon after talking with you. I am very pleased with the guitar. It is everything that I hoped it would be....It has been a pleasure doing business with you all. Michael Connors, Plain, WI

Joe, Got the guitar (1967 Gibson Southern Jumbo) extremely pleased with its look and sound just as you described it. Many thanks, Graham Sandford, London
And thanks to you, Joe, for making this a very pleasant experience. Given the horror stories you hear and read about purchasing "remotely", one can't be too careful these days. Your written descriptions and availability for questions via phone - plus good things I'd heard from elsewhere - convinced me you were a very reputable dealer. This was confirmed when the guitar arrived - on time and as you described. The 335 is excellent - plays and sounds exactly as it should - and is in great condition to boot. Can't ask for any more than that. It's definitely a keeper. Will look forward to doing business with you again! Bill Auld, Ra;eigh, NC

Joe , Looks like on your site some smart dude scooped (my consignment guitar) up fast. It has an incredible neck!... That was incredibly fast, you're the standard everyone else looks at. Brian Keith, Portland Oregon
Hello, Joe! Two lines just to tell you the guitar (Fender D'Aquisto) has arrived and is in mint condition. Thanks again for your help. Take care! Fiorenzo Roncoroni, Ticino, Switzerland
Dear Joe, Thank you very much for selling my 1945 L-5. I enjoy looking through all amazing guitars on your website. Thank you for your kindness and help always. Kenji Seki, Seattle
Hi Joe, Just a short note to let you know that the ES-346 arrived safely this morning and is a keeper. Great packaging and beautiful set up. I like the fact that I can take it straight to the gig without having to mess with it ! Take care for now, Skip Moy, Hong Kong
Joe, I got hold of the (1947) L-5 on Friday and am happy to confirm it as sold. Very pleased to have found this guitar through you and delighted that its tone, resonance and playability have lived up to both my high hopes and its beautiful looks. I will be recommending you strongly to students seeking quality instruments from a real archtop expert. Many thanks. Best Regards, Steve Kardar, London
Hi Joe, I just received my Shelly Park gypsy guitar. Wow ! !! What a beauty! Your description was spot on. The spruce top, the Koa binding, everything about this guitar is exquisite...Your input was very helpful, ....I don't think I've ever had anyone play a guitar over the phone to let me hear it, but once you had, I couldn't get the tone out of my head. Many, many thanks. Jeff Bailey, San Francisco, CA

Joe, I recommend your consignment service all the time. I sell stuff on ebay a lot for for high quality archtops, archtop.com is the only way to go. Ed Hagen, Columbia SC
Joe, Just a note to let you know the guitar (Fender D'Aquisto) arrived Friday afternoon. It is truly as advertised, and after only two days, it already feels like an comfortable "old shoe." Many thanks, Larry Quinn, Christiansted, US Virgin Islands

Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know we got home okay and could hardly wait to start playing the Epi (1933 Blackstone). It felt like the hands and years that touched her before me came out in full force. She has a beautiful voiceand great classic lines...You set it up perfect. I have never played a guitar that was so easy to play. The balance is what I have been looking for all these years. Normally I had a difficult time holding up the guitar and moving around the neck. The Epi rests as though it was made to rest there. It felt strange at first not to struggle to keep it upright. Please tell the former owner that I plan on growingold with "Lil Epi Blackstone". She will not be sold, she will be passed on to other family members. I always trust that all is in highest and best interest. Gifts like the Epi just reinforce it all the more to me. Thanks again, Patrick Madsen, Blaine, WA
Joe, ...It was a pleasure doing business with you (selling our Gibson Howard Roberts). Hope things continue to go well for Archtop.com. The world needs an outlet like it. --Paul Madden, Acton, MA
Hi Joe- Thanks for all of your time and great advice. I put big bronze strings on my new Triumph - it has a great resonant tone, just as you said, plus a very sweet upper register. It is an elegant and powerful old guitar. The 2D pickup is spectacular on my guitar even with bronze strings. It is very easy to get the actual acoustic tone of my guitar and is also very capable of going from fat to funky. The 2 D is far superior to the Johnny Smith pickups that I have played for most of my career. Thanks again for being so easy and professional to work with. We will do more business. Very best regards- Tracy Pfau, Casper, WY
Dear Joe, Thought I'd send an update pic of me and the Olympic. I was in Santa Barbara over Easter visiting my parents (my mom played and taught guitar which is how I got into it in the first place). I'm really digging the archtop sound...so different from flattops. I've been playing more than 35 years but never had an archtop before! It's like a new dimension. I didn't have a strap so am barely hanging on...Thanks again- Gretchen Wenner,
Bakersfield, CA

The guitar and the DeArmond mike arrived on Tuesday. The description for this L-48 which you described on your web site is correct! I was excited to receive this clean and good playability L-48! Thank you for your kind assistance. I hope to have a relation with you continuously. Thanks again, Harry Takemoto / Stringphonic Guitar Company, Osaka, Japan

Just a quick note to let you know that my tech has finished installing the pickup I got from you (Kent Armstrong humbucker) in my 1950 blonde L-7C. I also got a refret and a bridge refit (to match the top contour). I've got to say "Wow!" The acoustic tone is better and the amplified tone is super... It has the sound I wanted...Lucky decision! Al Sato, Austin, TX
Hi Joe, The L-5 arrived safely. It's a great guitar, just as you described. I'm extremely happy with it. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much! Best, Mike Rovine, University Park, PA
Joe, It was fantastic doing business with you. I will recommend your site to every guitar player looking for an honest place to buy an instrument. Lee Barbara, Medford, OR
Joe, The Michael Dunn Belleville arrived today, thank you. I am shocked! What a magnificent piece: I am so pleased. Thanks for organizing everything...I am going to call Michael Dunn tonight and tell give him some praise. He really builds a terrific guitar, the finishes are immaculate. Regards, Mark Kornhauser, Mermaid Beach, Australia

Joe, thanks so much for doing such a nice job selling my 1948 L-50. It's nice to know this good old guitar is going to a loving home...Best regards and many thanks for a very professional, thoroughly competent job.-Ruthie Werner, Seattle, WA
Hi Joe, Thanks again for your selling the Shelly Park Encore so quickly and easily...it's always a pleasure to do business with you. Talk to you soon....Neil Andersson (Pearl Django), Tacoma, WA
Joe, The (Shelley Park Encore) guitar plays beautifully, is gorgeous, and sounds wonderful; so sweet and responsive. I love it!... Thank you for the top notch packing job and excellent communication from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to buy from you again, as always. Best Regards, Don Tycholis, Fountain Valley, CA
Hi Joe, What a gorgeous guitar! You will not be getting this one back. It has found a good home. ... This (Fender D'Aquisto) Ultra is light as a feather with incredible volume and sustain. The Kent Armstrong pickup is smooth and fat....So you can probably tell that I'm very pleased with my purchase. Once again, I appreciate the way you handled this entire transaction. You have an extremely satisfied customer and I will be back. Feel free to use any part of this email on your website. Steve Wagner, Minneapolis, MI
Hi Joe, The newly developed callouses on my fingers are a testament to how much I am enjoying the 1934 Epiphone archtop I purchased from your shop. It's the musical love of my life! Thanks for helping me discover the wonders of vintage archtops. I'm a convert--for life! Best Regards...Mike Lang, Sherman, Il
Hi Joe. Received the 59 Epiphone Triumph cutaway and all I can say is WOW! Truly one of the cleanest vintage archtops I've seen and a great player to boot. The guitar truly matched your description. It was a pleasure to have such a professional transaction, from the first phone call to final delivery. A great site and great guitars. Thanks again. Kurt Dietrich, Corvallis, Oregon
Joe, She (1939 Vega C-56) arrived yesterday as planned. Set her up after giving her time to acclimate to the New Jersey environment. She is beautiful and sounds incredibly unique ...Thank you very much. John Sterling, Moorestown, NJ
Hi Joe, Sorry it's been such a long time but i wanted to thank you again for the 56 Epiphone Harry Volpe you sold me last year. I absolutely love this guitar. It is everything i was shopping for at the time and more. It is a tone machine that i can comfortably play for hours. Blown away by the quality of setup. The guitar is simply a joy to play. Please let me know if you ever get another one of these in stock. Regards, Peter Joseph Burtt, Kings Beach, CA
Thanks, Joe! The tone from this guitar just grows on you. Clear and articulate. And I haven't even talked about that maple on the back, sides and neck. Just stunning. A fine work of functional art. Last but not least, the deal. ...this one was thousands less than any of the several other X-braced Super 400s that I was able to find (there are not many around). Thanks again. Scott Palmer, Santee, SC

Joe, Many thanks for making the purchase of my L-7 such a pleasure. Choosing a guitar online and over the phone is no easy thing, the logistics of getting it overseas in such good shape is difficult. These things don't seem to be a problem for archtop.com. In fact, the whole process was too easy! So easy that I'm in danger of becoming addicted! archtop.com's service goes above and beyond.  Which leaves the guitar.  My '47 L-7 is a beautiful instrument; craft is the key word here. But these guitars were meant to be played - and play this L-7 does. It's fabulous. Sean Parker, Sydney, Australia
Joe, I just wanted to say thanks so much ..The 1944 L7 is the best. It sounds better than most L5's I have played. Your company is great, professional all the way. Any way thanks again, I love it...Pete Brown, (the Acousticatz), Benton, AR

Hello Joe, (The New Yorker) arrived just this afternoon. Great packing job as always. Could not wait to get this one out of the box, and it really lives up to its reputation. Wonderful patina and overall feel but, best of all, this sound! ...a most appealing mixture of power and sweetness in tone that is just wonderful. And the bottom end is simply overwhelming. Just as you described it. This really is one of the best buys in the many years of my collecting fine guitars, and this is why I cannot recommend archtop.com warmly enough. Especially when you are, as I am, a tone freak from over the big pond, you are bound to lose much in endless trial and error purchases before the "one" instruments comes up. Of course, they will all tell you "this guitar sounds great", but if your have raised the bar over the years and are looking for the truly exceptional musical instrument, then there is nothing like a real expert who knows how to assess quality and takes his time to describe it in some detail. I knew I could trust your great expertise and even though you won't talk any guitar down that you're advertising, if you marvel about an instrument's exceptional sonic quality, it can be taken for real. So many thanks, Joe, and keep up the good work. Bernd Wannenwetsch, UK
Joe, ...The overall strength of sound, richness and balance (of the Park Montmartre), seem to be rather intoxicating to me. All of this adds an unexpected dimension that is rather intriguing, so I am not willing, or interested in, sending it back. Yep, I really like it.... I have to say, you have to have one of the most well thought out series of polices of any retailer/dealer/shop I have ever dealt with. I appreciate your service and will check back often. Thanks, Greg Cooper, Greensboro, NC
Hi Joe, I just sent the guitar back to you today...I want to thank you for being so easy going about the return, I really liked the guitar and thought it was in fantastic shape, just as you described but I was looking for something more in the overall tone. I'll keep my eye on your website and if I see something of interest I'll contact you with questions. Thanks again for the first class service. Regards, Don Bruno, Manchester, NH
Hi Joe- Just wanted to drop you a line and say hi from Kyoto. I just got in a few days ago after a stopover in Hawaii for some business and a couple of days of r+r. I am enjoying getting to know my Vega C-66, both in it's acoustic form as well as plugged in state. Those Armstrong pickups really make it a jazz guitar. I am... thrilled with the range of sounds I can get out of this guitar between picking styles and positions and the unplugged and plugged states. Very sonically adaptable, I think this guitbox can work it's way through the country, swing and jazz stuff I will be doing no problem.... Joel Stewart, Kyoto, Japan
Dear Joe, I received the Gibson L50, all OK. My congratulations for the packing, for me very important due to the distance from Seattle to Italy. Very important also the instruction for re-positioning the bridge and care and maintenance. Precious information! The sound is very good, clear voice, the right sound for playing jazz. I am satisfied for the guitar and for your competency. Many thanks and regards, Claudio Zibetti, Gallarate Italy
Joe, Greetings. The '45 Triumph arrived safe and sound. Well you've done it again! She's a beauty and what an acoustic tone - well rounded and even up and down the fretboard - nice set up. Thanks again for the "on the phone/ in hand" description and your work in making these fine instruments available. (thanks also to my wife for convincing me to buy "the pretty one" :-) ) Best of luck, take care. - Paul Mimlitsch, Evergreen, CO
Dear Joe, I have received, set up, and enjoyed the '94 Tal Farlow... Absolutely, positively, overjoyed.  Thank you so much, Joe. A fair price for an outstanding guitar. It's already worth more than I paid. It is my hope that you achieve all the success you desire. What a wonderful business you have! Thanks again! John Sullivan, Beaver Creek, OR
Joe, Thanks for delivering a wonderful instrument (1937 L-7) that exceeded my expectations. Honestly, the instrument is quite a handful and it took a couple of days under my belt to get a feel for the instrument. It has a huge, well balanced sound, great projection and the X braced top gives off a wonderful reverb and overtones without being too punchy to play in the house.  I never had a guitar that could stand up against a piano before.. now I do. My wife summed it up for me yesterday afternoon ­ she told me "you might as well get rid of the other ones".   Well, while I won't be doing that any time soon, I do hope to spend many years enjoying this instrument. Thanks a lot Joe, I'll try to wear it out. Scott Furbeck Heyworth, IL

Hi Joe, After playing the guitars for two weeks, I just wanted to drop you a line to say that the 1934/35 D'Angelico Exel and the 1949 Gibson L12 Premier Cutaway are two exceptional guitars that I purchased from you. The best part is not only am I enjoying it, but my family as well. My four year old daughter especially likes the DA and asks me everyday to play the "D'-An-geli-CO!" so that she can sing songs that she makes up. Now that's priceless. Thanks again! David Christopher Choi, Los Angeles

Dear Joe, My 1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent arrived safely, and I was immediately impressed with guitar's condition, set up, tone and amazing volume. You made the buying experience a complete pleasure. Although our telephone conversation was the first contact I had with you, I felt as though I was speaking to a friend as well as a lover of fine guitars. That initial telephone conversation resulted in an on the spot sale. I expect the Epiphone to be the first of many more friend to friend business dealings. I dealt with many excellent guitar shops over the past 30 years, but none surpasses yours for quality service. Thank you for setting an example of The Golden Rule of how to treat a customer. Best wishes, Joe Butler,Birmingham, AL
Dear Joe, Thank you sincerely for your kindness.This beautiful guitar (1942 Epiphone Triumph) has reached in my house today. I thank you for your nice and great guitar you sent me! I cannot find enough words express my gratitude to you. I take care of this guitar. Best wishes for your health,wealth and happiness!! Faithfully yours, Hajime Miki, Tokyo, Japan
Joe, I finally had a chance to open and string the (1936 L-7) last yesterday. It's very nice looking, well packed and prepped, in great shape - just as you described it and very comfortable for me to play... I am really happy with it. Thanks for making this such an easy and pleasant transaction. (FTR, I am usually very cautious with mail order. But you must have a way of telepathically communicating honesty because I had about twenty seconds of doubt about my sanity in sending a cashiers check based on a website, a couple of emails and phone call.) Thanks again, Joe. Valerie Coushaine, NY
Hi Joe, Just letting you know I got the Epi pickguard, tailpiece and hardware just a couple of days after we spoke. Both the guard and tailpiece are fantastic. The guard looks just like the original and has the weight as well. The engraving on the Frequensator tailpiece makes it look right too... I will be using the guitar at Capitol Records on Thursday, so going to put it right to work. Thank you for your expertise with these wonderful guitars and providing folks like me interested in these guitars ways of keeping them being heard and played. Best Regards, Mitch Holder, Thousand Oaks, CA
Dear Joe: It is reassuring to know that the beauty and art of the archtop guitar will be carried forward through archtop.com. Best regards,Vic Bell, Tulsa, OK
Joe, maybe it is just new guitar infatuation but the Gibson ES-346 is a real beauty. It doesn't appear to ever have been played! The workmanship is stunning, the design makes it a real player's guitar, and the tone is killer. Your website is a dangerous place to peruse. -Patrick Imbimbo, SFC
Hello Joe, This is a letter of thanks for selling my Johnny Smith guitar. It was the easiest business deal I have ever had. You sold the guitar before it arrived at your shop, that's what I call fast. And your payment to me was just as prompt. I wish there more people out there doing business the way you do. Good luck to you, we in the music business need your kind of straight dealing. Thanks again! Best Regards, Peter Tye,Westchester, Illinois

Dear Joe, I received the (1943 L-50) on Thursday, March 17th. I'm very happy with it. Thank you for your professional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Terry McGill, Closter, NJ
Hi Joe, Just a few words to tell you that my friend Jean-Denis is totally happy with his 1951 ES-150 he bought from you...He is just "transformed" and even the way he plays is much more extended, he goes all around the neck more often than before....it is a pleasure to see his happiness. Christian Laurent, Liege, Belgium
Joe, The Gibson Johnny Smith '66 arrived yesterday in great shape. I got the same thrill unpacking it as with the last old Gibson I bought from you. You are truly a master in describing the guitars, shipping the guitars and giving written advice about taking care of the wonderful instruments. As I expected the JS has a very fine acoustic voice and it has indeed got pickups. The JS pickups are fantastic. And by the way these early JS guitars look extremely beautiful: fiveply binding around head and fretboard, classic highend truss-rod cover and lots of other refinements. I'm fully satisfied. Please change the word HOLD to SOLD on your website. Keep on the very good work of yours. Kind regards, Peter Moefelt, Horslunde, Denmark
Hi Joe -- I'm just letting you know that the Fender D'Aquisto I bought from you arrived yesterday and I opened it up today and it all looks great... I'm way impressed with the packing job and the accompanying instructions and info on guitar upkeep...I won't hesitate to buy from you again. Hope business is going well and that I find myself being a customer again. Thanks, Tom Flowers, Annandale, VA

Dear Joe, This is a special day for me because I received something I dreamed about for a long time, an archtop from the Gibson custom shop. This has been possible due to your efficiency and reliability; the guitar is exactly as decribed (as new), and was perfectly packed to avoid bumps and other bad things. I put flatwound strings as I like and it plays and sounds like a real true beautiful genuine Gibson. As you say in the States, I got what I paid for. This is most precious. If you're OK I'll put your site adress on french jazzmen sites.Many thanks and, who knows, 'till the next archtop...Take care, all the best, Cluse Petit, Pibroac, France
Hey Joe, Just wanted to tell you how sleep deprived I've been since the '46 Emperor arrived. It's such a sweet guitar, everything you described and more. I really find it dificult to put down and my playing is noticably improved and inspired. Such a beautiful instrument with a tone I've never heard from an archtop. Thanks much! This incredible new arrival (is) beckoning me from across the room. O.K.! O.K.! I'm coming. Gotta go! Thanks again, Michael Cuneo, SF, CA
Dear Joe, You have the best guitar site on the web. I recently played an 1952 Epiphone Zephyr at (a major retailer) in NY. This particular guitar was in pretty rough shape and was being offered for sale "as is", without benefit of setup or attention to the well worn frets. Despite its flaws I spent most of an hour playing it. I loved the feel, the size, the neck. And then I plugged it in. It took me back to T-Bone Walker time. I came close to buying it. But the general condition of the guitar and the money I would need to put it right just didn't balance out for me. But it peaked my interest, and in my web search I came upon your page. Thank you for that. I would like to be notified when you have a late 40's, early 50's Zephyr. I am convinced that this is my next guitar. The quality of your site and the the guitars you offer has convinced me that I need to buy my next guitar from you. Best, Bob Raposo, NYC
Hi Joe, I received the L 10 on Monday. This was the day I was selling, buying, and moving into a new house. Consequently I haven't had the time to tell you how pleased I am with the guitar. I'm not sure whether the house or the guitar is more exciting. This is truly a beautiful instrument and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks again, Bill Richmond
, Duxbury, MA
Dear Joe, It was truly a pleasure to receive my 1937 Epiphone Triumph after many years looking for a suitable quality replacement for its 1937 brother, stolen by a burglar in 1982. As with my prior purchase from you (a 1994 Gretsch 450 Synchromatic) the instrument had been expertly prepared, carefully packaged and perfectly reflected the condition as described and depicted on your web site. After just over 24 hours, I can tell you unhesitatingly that the next owner will receive my Triumph only through my estate! I have become an avid visitor to your site as a result of the exceptional collectible archtops to which you gain access. Thanks for helping to preserve this great part of our musical heritage! Sincerely, John Young, Carmel, California
Dear Joe, I've received my ES-150 last friday. To be frank, it's not exactly what I was expecting... the guitar is much better than I thought!!! It's splendid. The acoustic sound is beautiful. And when I plug the guitar to my amp, the P-90 pick-up gives warmth, fat, but precise jazz sound. For many years, I was searching a good sound. This ES-150 has simply THE SOUND. (I guess that, now, I'll must tell my three year old daughter that Santa Claus has moved from Scandinavia to Seattle!) Thanks again, Jean-Denis Tourneur, Liege Belgium
Hello Joe, When I stumbled upon my '32 Epi Hollywood Masterbilt Tenor at an auction in a tiny northeastern Vermont town a few years ago, I was instantly enthralled by the voice of the black walnut gem I had found. As luck would have it, I had an Epiphone catalogue from the same period, found my tenor it and spent a lot of time day-dreaming about six-string versions of the instrument. The '34 Broadway you sent to me more than meets my expectations. It's utterly gorgeous, is effortless to play and sounds magnificent. Like many players, I've gone through many guitars over the past 30+ years, but none have captured my heart as the Broadway has done. Many thanks for making this possible... Regards, Peter Mix, Rigel Instruments,
Cambridge, VT
Joe- The '92 "Imperial" '30's Emperor arrived last night (pleasant surprise - a day earlier than UPS tracking had indicated). Unbelievable! The guitar looks like it was made yesterday - you were right on with your description of a "basically unplayed instrument". The workmanship/ detail/ wood selection that went into this "re-issue" Emperor is stunning. Strung it up and it plays/ sounds great - fits like a glove. I had been looking for this guitar for years but after much research, given the number that were actually produced and that no one I had talked to had ever seen any, had given up on finding one. I couldn't believe it when this one showed up on your "coming in" list and was just lucky (fate?) to be the first one to call you on it. Many thanks for providing a great resource. PS: Kindly relay my thanks to the previous owner for the exquisite care that was taken of this instrument and for making it available - it will be well taken care of and well played, and hopefully "Played well" - Paul Mimlitsch, Southhampton, NJ
Hi Joe, The 1937 L-50 (Sweet & Lowdown) arrived hours ago and I've finally put her down to write and let you know she's here safe and sound. I really want to thank all the guitarists that made the mistake of taking a pass on this instrument; you described the guitar accurately as a terrific pre-war archtop. Warning to those who read the site's descriptions: Joe was understated. Bouncing back and forth from the L-50 to my '28 L-5 has been both fun and a delight. The PUTW pickup works great, too, and the proper pickguard looks fine and makes the guitar all the more a stealth tone machine. Thanks .... and as a Governor to the south of you would say: "I'll be back." Ryk Loske, Barton, VT
Joe, The 1945 Spartan arrived safely on Friday. It's a wonderful instrument and has already been such a pleasure to play. The instructions were helpful and it took little time to get it set up. Thanks for the great instrument and the care in packaging. Everything is as you said it was in the description on archtop.com. Your website is a great resource for anyone looking for a quality archtop guitar. Jason Glowatz, Mansfield, PA.
Dear Joe, The 1934 L-5 Reissue arrived last night and is beautiful. It was packed well and made the trip with no problem. You were right about the neck being nice and comfortable. A super guitar that makes me think of both Maybelle Carter and Eddie Lang every time I look at it. I really like the pick you sent along. Thanks again for taking the time to keep a "want" list. Great service and a great guitar. Charles Gandy, Columbia, SC
Dear Joe, Words just cannot do justice to the absolute beauty of this guitar! I received the '33 Masterbilt Triumph this past Thursday, and after stringing it up and playing it into the wee hours of the morning I finally had to put it down! The following night I brought it to the gig with my swing trio. I have never played an entire gig with a grin from ear to ear like that before! The bass player kept looking over at me and shaking his head, "man that guitar sounds good!" he kept saying. Using the Pick-up-the-World pick-up under the bridge through my Fender Deluxe, the amplified sound is wonderful. Acoustically I have never in my life heard such a rich, beautiful and clear voice! I am absolutely floored! Thank you Joe for giving me the opportunity to own this truly breathtaking instrument, it will bring much joy for years to come! Sincerely, Steve Jones, Collinsville CT
Dear Joe, Man, (the '38 Triumph) is just what I have needed all my life... Got her all tuned up after we spoke on phone and four hours later; I just put her to bed...The first number I played on her was [The Mills Brothers] "Paper Doll". Now you can't play that stuff on a flat top... My wife Ruth, said it sure sounds different than all your others for sure. Stromberg can keep their 400s. Tomorrow morning Joe, I hit the music stores around here and let them see what a 'Real Box' is. Happy Days.... Love it, love it. Have a nice weekend Joe...and thanks a million for your great service to True Lovers of Music. Sincerely, Jerry Vandiver- Cartersville Ga. 
Joe, I`m happy to tell you the Gibson L 5 is now in my hands with no problems. The international transfer has been very quick...guitar`s sound is beautiful ,I`m very satisfied. Thank you for your politeness and competency and good luck to you and your team. Emilio Perlasca, Milano, Italy
Joe- It's been about two weeks since I received the (1936) L10 from you. I'm writing so late because I haven't put it down since. The guitar is everything you described it as and better. I am equally as impressed with the set up ; as perfect as possible. And the packaging, I won't even go there ;  even if I hated it I would have kept it because of the work you guys out there put into it. I have  35 beautiful guitars and this one even got the thumbs up from my wife Valerie (who might I say thinks I have an obsession,imagine that)............Thanks again and keep in touch. Angelo Recchia ,NY, NY

The customer service at archtop.com is as good or better than anything I've encountered. Joe bent over backwards to get the guitar in my hands as soon as possible. The quality of the instrument I purchased (Dale Unger American Dream) was superb and the price was very reasonable. I'm just one of what I would suspect are many satisfied customers. David Virden, Lancaster, OH
Joe, I got the refund check, thank you for your promptness. I want you to know that even though I didn't purchase the instrument, I really appreciate the way you do business. You are professional, helpful, and you keep your word. My sincere thanks, Jim Geil, Reno, NV
Joe: Ronald was thrilled with the vibrola. Thank you so much . One of these days we'll make it to Seattle and you and he can swap tales. He has a million of them. He was Elvis' first guitar player. Have a great one. Mary Margaret Brasher, Hernando, MS
Dear Joe, The 1985 Fender D'Aquisto Elite that I purchased from you was everything you said it was and more. Far too often... guitar sellers will over rate their instruments, but when you said this guitar was "As New" it was just as you described it. If anything, you may have under rated the condition of this fine instrument. This was my first true arch top guitar but it will not be my last. And when the time comes to purchase my next arch top, and the next, I will purchase my guitars from you. Sincerely, Joey Garcia, San Diego, CA
Dear Joe: I was delighted to receive my "new" 1994 Gretsch 450 Synchromatic. Its condition and playablity are exactly as described in our telephone discussion and as shown in the photographs on your excellent website. The packaging was extremely careful and your "Care and feeding of your archtop guitar" piece was very informative and helpful. The whole experience of dealing with you has been exceptionally positive and I would not hesitate to buy through you again, or to recommend you to my guitar-playing friends. Sincerely, John Young, Carmel, CA
Joe, I'm writing to you after a period of several months spent playing the 1934/5 L-7 that I bought from you in August. The guitar continues to delight and I enjoy it more and more with each day I play. I have been very surprised and impressed with the lightness of the action that is all that is required to make a big, rich sound. Even more delightful is the warmth of tone, and the beautiful evenness of tone and volume across the strings and up the fretboard. I'm so very glad that I found your list and that through it I found this guitar...The only problem I have now is that I keep coming back to your site, and that is temptation of an extreme sort. But I'm grateful that you're there and providing access to these wonderful and all-too-neglected instruments. Thank again, and the blessings of the season to you and all there. Michael Ebsworth, Lethbridge, Alberta
Joe, Guitar safely received yesterday - superbly packaged ! It's a "beaut"; perfect description. Thanks for everything and particularly "attention to detail". It's a pleasure to do business with you - and I'll certainly pass on your good name to all my UK friends, if they don't already know you ! Best wishes - Malcom Craig, Barrow-in Furness, UK
Joe, The Super 400 arrived in the dark of nite. I looked up river and saw the UPS man riding her with the tide. He paddled her into the dock, dried her off with a towel, and handed her to me. I played her into the nite until my hands demanded I stop. She's a keeper and the best sounding archtop I've ever played. Thanks much, can't wait to record with her. Mark Beale, Wadmalaw Island, SC
Hi Joe, Yes, the Gibson Johnny Smith arrived today. And no, you can't have it back! A truly lovely guitar. I don't know if you're familiar with the English expression "chuffed to bits", but it basically means a very happy customer! Funny how things turn out. My rock days having long since passed, I sold a Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, to partly finance this Johnny Smith Black Beauty. The wife is going to think that I've a penchant for the man in black, Johnny Cash. Either that, or I'll have to be careful in case she shaves off all my hair while I'm asleep, and starts calling me Chris! Many thanks. The details about the guitar on your web-site were entirely honest and accurate. Not always a common occurrence these days. The packaging obviously took a great deal of time too. I'd say you went to a lot of trouble to get it here in the same condition that it left you. Although, I bet your family hate unwrapping any presents that you send them at Christmas. But as far as I'm concerned, it's all much appreciated...Again, thanks very much indeed for all of your help, honesty and care taken. Best wishes, Lin Flanagan, UK
Joe...I'm totally awstruck by this incredible guitar (1938 Epiphone Broadway). I can't believe my eyes nor my ears. If I would never have played it I would not believe it. Truly it was made by Epis vision at Heart... surely a prize to be cherished. What an impeccable guitar, the sound is so rich and warm. It projects so clearly and has a loud voice. It is everything you said it was. I have no regrets to be the new proud owner of this very fine instrument. Thank you so much for the pleasure of doing business with archtop.com, the best vintage guitar site ever. Miguel Garcia, NYC
Hello Joe, Just wanted to say hi and say I love the D'angelico NYL-4 18 inch archtop I bought from you... my oh my, what an exquisite sounding and playing guitar. It was just one of those "coincidences" that when I contacted you it wasn't even posted on your site yet. Guess it was supposed to come my way. Thanks ,there's a lot to like, paisan. Dennis Piecuch, Dublin NH
Joe, The "54 Dlx. Zephyr Regent arrived yesterday and what a beauty! Great job on the fretwork and set up - unbelievable action/ playability. And it's got "tone to die for" - a perfect electric compliment to the '36 Spartan I got from you last year. Many thanks. - Paul Mimlitsch, Southhampton, NJ
Hello Joe, The ES-300 and I are getting along quite well. Even with those "He-Man" strings, it plays wonderfully... The sound is right there for western-swing and early honky-tonk -- Grandad would approve! ...Thanks for presenting so many great instruments and providing fast, friendly and very knowledgeable service. This is a special guitar and I'm incredibly lucky it came my way. Cheers, Todd Myers, NYC
Joe, Just a note to thank you for this gorgeous instrument (Morgan Cutaway). I obviously had it checked out pretty thoroughly before I confirmed that I wanted it but hadn't played it very much. These last few days it is ALL I have played. The tone is so sweet and full, the harmonics are absolutely perfect and ring like bells, very unusual for harmonics at 5,7 and 12 all to ring so true to a string! I recorded this guitar for my most recent competition and was accused (in jest) of playing a piano, not a guitar! That is quite a compliment to the clean tone, the fretting and the volume of any guitar. Thanks again, Steven Ravitz, Fort Myers, Fl
Dear Joe, Archtop.com is an oasis for those of us who feel as if we're the only souls on the face of the earth who give a rat's (patootie) about whether there are any 60-to-70 year old guitars still around. Not only have you answered that question emphatically. but you've put a wonderful selection all in one place for consideration (at very reasonable prices, I feel) along with providing expert repair and advice. Hard to beat that. Thanks for your reply and good luck in the future. Sincere regards, Len Harp,Upperco, MD
Dear Joe, After a nearly a week with that beautiful (1945) L-5, I am ready to talk. Before this I was simply overwhelmed and at a loss for words. I play it as often as I can of course, which isn,t nearly enough. It is utterly fantastic, more impressive than I ever imagined it would be and it never fails to make me smile, and sometime to make my laugh out loud. Cosmetically it is nicer than any 60 year old guitar that I have ever played. The sunburst color is beautiful and the fine finish crazing gives it just the right amount of character. The sound is to die for. When played softly in the middle registers it is smooth and mellow. When played hard with big band style jazz chords it barks with authority. Carter Family bass runs and chords sound just like my old records. Aggressive Delta blues will cut through any barroom racket. It is instantly my most versatile and favorite instrument. Even the old case is way cool. Thanks for your service. You have the nicest selection of archtops that I have ever seen. I am occasionally up in Seattle and next time I am there I will let you know and try to arrange a visit. You can be sure that I am now permanently hooked on your website and I will be referring anyone who asks that way. Kamlapati Khalsa, San Jose, CA
Joe, The (1940) Triumph did not disappoint! ...I played "The Nearness of you", and My Funny Valentine", and when I played it right, the voicing was beautiful!! Thanks for all your help w/ my questions and I look forward to doing business again down the road...Guy Griffiths, Cincinatti, OH
Hi Joe, I just wanted to let you know that the '43 Epiphone Triumph arrived safely and it has all ready been put to work playing Panhandle Rag, Roly Poly, Blues For Dixie, and several fiddle tunes. Ya should have seen the fiddlers' jaws drop when I pulled the Triumph from the case! I can't wait to get back home from work so I can play my new/old Epi! Thanks! - the payment, packaging, shipping, and bridge setup instructions all worked out great. -Brian Buhman, Chicago
Dear Joe, You should know that I finished installing the guard, pickup and jack. Thanks for your help! It looks and sounds absolutely great. I will recommend your company highly. Best wishes, Peter Kessler, Woodstock, NY
Dear Joe, I've bought and sold 40 or 50 guitars in the last 15 years. ..I knew (the Michael Dunn Gypsy Jazz Guitar) would take a special effort and your clientele was where I needed to go....and you delivered quietly and quickly. Thank you for finding an appreciative home. I'm still pondering those Big Epis and hope to be purchasing soon. Ernie Pugliese, Jazz Improv Magazine, www.jazzimprov.com
Joe, Thanks again (for selling our 1930 L-5). It's been real easy. I'll definitely recommend you to both buyers & sellers. Scott Johnson, Pittsburgh Guitars
Joe, I just want to let you know, I have the PAF installed in my old 335... I've used it on an r&b gig and 2 jazz gigs thus far, and it sounds fantastic- exactly what I was looking for. I have a demo session planned for this Spring; I'll try to get you a copy of it (this pickup recorded) when I get it together. Thanks for being honest and easy to deal with.  I hope to do business again soon...Thanks again, Joe Metzka, Peoria, IL
Joe, Thanks again for your help with my purchase of the '49 Gibson L-4. The action is so good, I have to make sure I practice with my metronome, because I keep ending my tunes faster than I start them. Russ Peissig, Anchorage, Alaska
Joe: Got the ('38 Triumph) on Thursday, and it really is a "BABE"!!! Thanks for putting up with my eagerness. I've been telling people about your web-site. Thanks Again, Steve Tickes, San Jose, CA
Joe, I got it and now I get it. The first "it" being the '52 Triumph Regent; the second "it" being that I now understand what all the fuss is about with your vintage archtops. The sound and action is simply stunning, best described by what I once heard someone say who had lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - "Holy wow!!" After I played a few chords, my wife said, "It sounds amplified." Great projection and it rings like a bell. Speaking of amplified, the alternate pickguard with the PAF pickup produces a beautifully mellow sound with the bronze strings - just what I was looking for. The guitar made it to Abu Dhabi in great shape last night. I didn't get to bed until midnight and was up again at 5:00 a.m. this morning to play some more. Thanks for giving me an early Christmas and for keeping such beautiful instruments in commission. Please take me out of "hold" and put me in "SOLD." Mike Armour, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Joe, Thank you for being so understanding about the return. I really hated to return it as it is a very nice guitar.... Jeff Moore, Gallatin, TN
Joe, The new case for my '40 Blonde Epi DeLuxe arrived and it fits like a glove. Many thanks for recommending it as a replacement for the old, damaged case. And thanks for making the new owner of my '52 Triumph Regent a happy man. He sounds like he'll put some good mileage on a great guitar. As always, it has been a pleasure working with you and all the folks at archtop.com. Adios, David Everett, Austin, TX
Boy, have you had some nice guitars in the last few years, and I think you are responsible for the values on old Epis finally going up to a level equal to their quality... This due in large part to your terrific work with vintage Epis. You also have the hippest vintage archtop site on the web, I visit every day [often several times]. Happy Holidays, GregClayton, Dorval, Quebec PS: I should'a bought 'em ALL from you a few years ago.
Joe: I played my new (1945) Epiphone Spartan for several hours last night. It more than exceeds my expectations. My wife played it a bit too and she too was really impressed. It is most definitely a keeper. We both enjoyed embracing the vintage vibe of the guitar. It is just so cool looking. And the sound: it is round, full, and mellow, and not at all brittle. As a flattop player the challenge for me will be to learn some music appropriate for the guitar. Should be fun. Thanks again. Sincerely, Robert Forman, Gaithersburg, MD
Hi Joe, It's like falling in love all over again. The sound and the feel of the Vega (C-66) is really wonderful. So much so that it is really hard to put down when my family starts wondering where I have disappeared to. Absolutely no complaints. Thanks again for your time on the phone, sending me photos, etc. It is always a little unnerving dealing digitally, especially for this sort of purchase, but this has worked out well beyond my expectations.Thanks, Dave Cushman, Tualatin, OR

Wow! What an axe. I took it ('59 Epi Deluxe Cutaway) to my bench, slipped the bridge on and fell in love immediately. The intonation seems to be perfect and the action is as good as my Les Paul and ES347; light years beyong my Martin. In short I am a happy camper this week. Thanks for taking such good care of this great guitar and for having it to me promptly, without problems. I will be in touch as my wallet permits. I hope the holidays will be good for you and your family. Thank you again. Best regards, Jon Gary Branan, Macon, GA
Joe, ...My appreciation for all the time and care you have put into this transaction. The guitar is all I could ever dream for....I wanted you to know that I'm playing my new guitar every day and it feels so natural that it's like I've owned it all my life. It is truly all I imagined it would be and every day I look forward to coming home and practicing. I'll be recording with it over the holidays and I'll be excited to hear the results. Thanks again for everything, All the best, -Thomas Cray, Troy, Michigan
Joe-(The '55 ES-175) arrived safe and sound last delivery Friday-I have been playing all weekend. Its as smooth as a dream. Thanks, Casey Streich, Minneapolis, MN
Hello Joe,  The refund check arrived today and I want to thank you for your understanding. I appreciate the way you conduct your business! Sincerely, Joe Gibson, Lititz, PA
Joe, The ('48 Triumph) guitar arrived yesterday morning. I can't seem to put it down. This might become problematic--finals week are coming up soon!! Thanks for the picture and for your fine restoration work! Neil Mattson, Detroit, MI
Hi Joe, Thanks again for the ('47) L7, I love it. I spent all weekend whomping out melody chords on swing tunes and it has the sound! Now I just need to stay away from your web site for awhile, too much temptation. Bob Murphy, Mountain Home, AR
Joe, The '36 Spartan arrived Fri. Beautiful guitar! Not only is it great looking but the playability and tone is fantastic. The fret dressing/ action are smooth as silk - kudos to your shop techs on a great set up. Best of luck and much success in your endevours in finding, restoring, and making available these musical works of art. Take care. - Paul Mimlitsch, Southhampton, NJ PS: Thanks for your patience in answering my many questions on the phone - I'm new at this "acoustic" stuff :-).
Joe,"The ('53) Triumph (Regent) has Landed"....Having been blessed over the years with the privilege of knowing and befriending many musicians, I have been witness to many a '' fine box" from those in Mark O'Connor's extensive collection to the gems that Dave Sebring would show up from Gruhn's to jam on. I have a few rather new custom guitars but I am certainly no collector... This guitar is "me"! From timbre and volume to neck action and bout, I sincerely could not have picked a better instrument to suit me. To say that I am a "satisfied customer" would be an understatement. I will echo John Bass's and David Staples's endorsement of your instruments and service. I am certain that this instrument will carry my music to a new level. Sincerely, Paige Martin, Memphis, TN
Joe - A few months ago, on your recommendation, I purchased one of your Pick Up the World piezo pickups. I needed to amplify my '48 L-5C, my working axe for big band rhythm in the Freddie Green style. I'm running it through a Fishman pre-amp, right in to the band PA, and it sounds terrific. None of the acoustic "chunk" sound has been lost, and I have no amps to lug or mic feedback to deal with. Even in small gigs, run through my Crate 60, it sounds wonderful. Thanks--you've made a working musician's life much simpler. Scott Foster, San Diego
Joe, A quick note to let you know I rec'd the (1946) Epi Triumph - Beautiful! Been having fun playing it for a couple of weeks now and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks! Walt Kalwat, Farmington, CT
Dear Joe,
It's with much pleasure and satisfaction that I write to say what a beautiful 1940 Gibson L-7N you sold me. This is my 2nd instrument purchased from archtop.com and, as with the first transaction, everything was professional and customer oriented. I'm in the retail business and I appreciate your attention to detail at all levels. As to the L-7N, I told you over the phone "it just sings"--a wonderful instrument. Thanks and I wish you much success in the future. Regards, Richard Young, Staunton, VA
Dear Joe, I just want to say how pleased I am with Archtop.com. You were able to sell my guitar ('53 L-7) in just weeks, getting me an excellent price. I would highly recommend you to anyone out there. I've been a musician for 38 years, and it's really nice to see people out there doing an honest top-notch job without any bull.
Thanks so much, Dr. David Williams, Louisville, CO
Whether you are buying or selling an archtop, archtop.com should be your first stop. Joe Vinikow is a pro, a straight shooter, and a pleasure to deal with. Every aspect of my sale was handled superbly. Peter Wojnar, Tarrytown, NY

Dear Joe, Late yesterday afternoon the guitar (1953 ES-175) arrived. It is more than I could have dreamed of. It is beautiful and everything you said it would be and more.Words fail me completely in trying to say how much it means to me. As you said - it is pristine condition - and sounds stunning. Thank you so very much for everything and the case and excellent packing. I will keep in touch. Thanks again, Very Best Wishes, Roshan Bharucha, London
Joe, The Tal Farlow arrived on schedule...It's a beautiful, artistically crafted instrument and it sounds so good I had trouble putting it down to write this! I have owned and played many guitars, and I have never acquired one, new or used, set up this well. The intonation is perfect and the action is set lower than any guitar in my collection with no buzzing at all. I may have to raise it, because I'm just not used to being this spoiled! I am looking forward to playing this at a gig in a couple of nights. The rest of the band will be picking up their jaws when I walk in with this! Thanks from a happy customer. Mike Baumann, Dayton, OH
Dear Joe, The DeArmond arrived in great shape and is beautiful. Put it on this evening and wow, what a sound! This old L-7 is incredible, and the new pick-up really brings out the great tones. Can't wait to take the instrument in for a tune up to bring it back to top playing condition. Thanks for your help, Dr. Richard Bostock, UC Davis, Davis, CA

Joe, The local luthier delux just dropped off my L-7 with the replacement pickguard and Kent Armstrong suspended pickup and stealth controls that I purchased from you, and he customized a non-invasive tailpin mini-jack. Lovely, lovely, lovely. My non-computer literate luthier extended glowing compliments to you and your website for the quality goods that you make available to us across the country. Thanks for doing what you do. Nick Buschmann, Carmel, IN
Joe, Received the (Dell'Arte) guitar today. The condition is, as described, excellent. Thank you very much for your attention to detail, patience and prompt service. Outstanding! Joannie Wong, San Leandro, CA
Dear Joe: I want to thank you for your honesty on both the description and the sale of the '62 Gibson ES-335 that I bought from you. I have a collection of about 30 guitars and the guitar that I bought from you is one of the finest playing and sounding guitars in the bunch. I am so glad I stumbled across you on the Internet. Sincerely, John Zinsmeyer, Newport Beach, CA
Joe, Great news! I appreciate your speedy service (on selling my L-5). ...(Y)ou obviously know how to qualify your customers. Now that I know how well your service works I'll be sure to tell everyone I know in the music business. George Keller, Floyds Knobs, IN
Hi Joe,The (L5CES) guitar was finally delivered at lunchtime today and seems to have weathered the journey unscathed! It really is as good as your web site indicates and I couldn't be more pleased...it is sitting in my office at the moment and has collected a good number of admiring glances already. You know what they say about blondes! Thanks again - it has been a pleasure dealing with you, and as a result I have now got the guitar I have coveted for a long time, and am well pleased. All the very best. Ian Ashworth, Manchester, UK
I'm enjoying using the (1964) ES-125TC that I bought from you... The guitar was a way of giving me an incentive to get back to guitar playing, since I spend most of my time composing classical music these days. Obviously I'm pleased since I haven't really played much guitar for the last 8 years - anyway thanks again for supplying the instrument to me - I haven't put it down since I bought it. Kind Regards, Malcolm Lindsay, Glasgow, Scotland
The 1951 ES 350 arrived today safely. Opening the parcel was a great experience: the first look at the case ..... and inside the case: the wonder...... true vintage: hatknobs, two P 90's, old wooden bridge in the casepocket, small marks of wear, extremely well kept, beautiful. Setting it up.........placing the bridge.......tuning up...........playing favorite jazz..... connecting the guitar to amp.........the P 90's are working great........switch is allright..........intonation fine.........frets are fine (unbelievable that they are original). Joe, I promise you I'll take good care of the guitar and play it very much. I'm very satisfied and happy. My very best wishes for you and your wonderful business. I'll keep studying your wepsite and recommend it to my friends. Greetings, Peter Moevelt, Horslunde, Denmark
Joe, I had the most amazing experience. When the guitar ('68 Johnny Smith) arrived, I had to wait for the temperature to regulate before opening it, but when I saw it, I recognized it immediately. Then, when I played it, it brought a big smile to my face. You see, when I was 10 years old I took lessons from a guy named Jerry Simms at Dale Music in Silver Spring, MD. He played a guitar that I always admired. It had a certain tone and feel. Occasionally he'd let me play it. I was so young that I didn't take note of the brand but I remembered the feel and the tone, and the headstock. Well, this is it! I didn't know that he was playing a Johnny Smith until yesterday. The neck is the best I have ever felt - very playable, marvelous acoustic tone. I even like the neck better than (my other guitar) which I never thought that I would say. But, there's something else. The guitar has resonance. When you strum it,the sound vibrates to your body. I am a happy guy! Well, enjoy the holidays. You know what I will be doing. Peace, Vince McKnight, Silver Springs, MD
Joe, The guitar ('49 Emperor) arrived today. Wow. This is a dream to play and it has a great voice. Amazing that a D'Angelico Excel sells for 3x - 4x that this does. Regards and Happy Holidays, Marty Jacobvitz, Austin, TX
Joe, Thanks you so much for consigning my '46 Epiphone Broadway archtop. Your wonderful site, quality guitars, excellent photos, in depth descriptions and great response to my questions made me very comfortable. Keep up the great work, I'll pass the good word about you and refer people to your site. All the Best, Mark Stultz, Austin, TX
Joe, The Gretsch arrived in fine condition yesterday. Thank you for the excellent packaging job.The work you did on the pick guard, pick up and stealth controls is just superb! I think this guitar will serve me well in the Big Band setting. Thanks Again! Jeffrey Barnes, Oakland, CA
Joe, The 1969 Gibson Super 400 arrived on Monday in perfect condition. I must say I am really enthusiastic about this guitar - I can hardly stop playing it. It is a real beauty (as you described it on your web site) and it has a wonderful tone, mighty and warm - this is what Jazz sounds like!! It is exactly what I have been looking for. Many thanks to you for your information and the perfect service. I´ll be happy to recommend you to my friends. And I´ll have an eye on your web site. Best wishes, Gerhard Meindl, St. Polten, Austria
Joe, I would like to extend my appreciation for your consideration and service. Thank you! Your professionalism is outshone only by your integrity and good manners... I love the (1933) L-7! Please keep me in mind...I look forward to doing business with you again. Best regards,
Chris Moyer, Novi, MI
Joe, I've owned my new guitar for about a week. I am very pleased and would encourage any others to purchase here at archtop.com. The guitar was every bit as good as described, and sounds wonderful. A great way to find and buy a vintage instrument. Thanks, Joe. Tom Schwenzer, Portland, OR
Joe, I'm happy with the (1967) L-7C, loving the playability, warm tone. The neck is just right. I moved to a lighter pick and touch. I can wrap my thumb for the bass of a 13th. It's showing me how to play. Can't wait to take her out. Bruce Cowan, Port Townsend, WA
I received the guitar on Monday. It arrived in good condition and exactly as described . I appreciate the detailed discription and the additional photos that you provided . As a vintage guitar dealer and collector, I am impressed with your service . The guitar really honks . Monday night, I showed it to a couple of local players. These guys are famous, full time players and were impressed with this axe. Thanks! Jim Wood, Nashville, TN
The (Armstong PAF) pickup arrived here on friday. I put the pickup on my Sweet 16 that night and stayed up and played for a few hours and loved it! I played a gig from 5 to 8 tonight and another one from 8:30 to 10:30 at a different place and the guitar sounded so much better than before. It has more output, the strings are more balanced and even, and it is noise free. I really am glad I went for this model. Thank you very much for getting it to me so prompt. Iwant to stay up tonight and play it, but I will wait and give it a few hours tomorrow. Once again, Thanks a lot. Take care, Delbert Walling, Coldwater, MI
The guitar (1935 Triumph) has an amazing tone and my father loves the feel of the neck. The gift (to Dad) was a fantastic success. Thank you very much for your help and prompt service. I will be sure to recommend you to my musical friends. Keith Michel, Towson, MD
The guitar ('45 Triumph) arrived today and I have barely put it down. I went to a rehearsal with a University big band, and I had to hold back because the guitar was so loud. What a remarkable sounding instrument - I'm sold. Thanks for working with me. John Bass, Memphis, TN
The Gibson L10 arrived at my office, safe and sound. It's a beautiful instrument! Thanks so much for offering it and for making its acquisition such a pleasant process. I'll keep my eye on your web site... Who knows? I may once again get the urge to own another fine instrument. Best regards, Zoran Dragutinovitch, Chicago, IL
The L-7 arrived this evening safe and sound, and right on schedule. Simply put: It is magnificent! I don't know what to say, except THANK YOU! It is so beautiful. The action, intonation, set-up, frets, pickguard and pickup are all beautifully done. I love the neck, it plays like a dream. Very 50's, round and substantial, but oh, so comfortable. Beautiful, dark, amber-blonde finish, and sound! Acoustically deep, rich and LOUD! It sounds incredibly warm and fat and clear through my amp, too. You guys are the greatest! The guitar and your friendly, informative, helpful service surpassed my expectations. Thanks for the beautiful instrument, I will treasure it, and take good care of it, but most of all I'll PLAY it! Larry Camp, St. Petersburg, FL
The guitar (1952 Epi Devon) arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It's really beautiful and sounds very good: after a couple of hours I was playing it at the big band rehearsal!! I've been also playing some of Eddie Lang's and Carl Kress' of my solo repertoire and this is the sound I was looking for!!! It's incredible how good (is the) condition after almost 50 years, especially about the neck and fingerboard: the guitar it's easy and comfortable to play even with those hard strings. So thank you very much for everything. Let me know any interesting news as I'll do. Marco Parodi, Torino, Italy
The custom bound pickguard you made for my Gibson L-10 looks beautiful. What fine workmanship - thanks so much. I'm half tempted to ship my 2 archtops out for setups rather than take my chances here in the mountains of Appalachia! Tim Slaven, Staffordsville, VA (A few months later, he did just that. Thanks, Tim! -jv)

The Deluxe arrived Thursday afternoon... It is beautiful in every way. -- after playing electrics and even Johnny Smith all these years this thing is a revelation. So light, so loud ... I have played "April Kisses" over and over since the guitar arrived and it never sounded like this on my JS, in fact it seems to play differently, almost like the guitar knows how it should go. Thanks, and regards, Jeff Williams, Taipei, Taiwan
The Epi Deluxe arrived on 15 Nov. and last night I play this my new guitar at small party. I am crazy about the Epi. This guitar sounds very similar to Teddy Bunn's. Thank you very much. Tomotaka JIRO Matsui, Osaka JAPAN
Thank You.
Got the guitar (1964 Gibson L-50) Friday afternoon. It's everything you said and more! I tried steel strings on it Saturday and went immediately back to the bronze. You had it set up just right. Many Thanks, Clint Oakley, Miami, Fl
I'm really pleased with your help and knowledge. I couldn't be more satisfied. And thanks again for your extra effort to get it (1944 Triumph) boxed up for my trip home. I'll send people your way whenever I can. Use me as a reference anytime. Regards, Jim Hennings, San Clemente, CA
My new guitar (1935 Broadway) is stunning...I haven't put it down all weekend. Thanks so much for finding it and selling it to me. The sound is completely unique...great thumping rhythm, clear as a bell single notes all over the fretboard. Plus it's lovely to look at. Take care, Doug McKenna, Seattle
I'm writing to say how much I'm enjoying the 1940 Epiphone Triumph I recently purchased from you. The rich woody tone and great volume are amazing! The set up work and polishing you did was a nice added touch and the price was fair. I'm looking forward to many years of playing this fine guitar.
Best wishes, Dean Nissen, Seattle
Thank you for the beautiful 1933 Gibson L7. It's a real pleasure to play... (It) is wonderfully playable... the bright, clear sound and small body size makes it a great instrument for study of Eddie Lang's work. Your workmanship on the pickguard assembly is phenomenal - ingenious assembly, unbelievably perfect placement, and perfect ratio of hardness to flexibility in the pickguard material. The care you take with these sort of details really brings the instrument to life, and is so important, yet rarely encountered these days. Josh Gordon, NYC
Thank You. Got the guitar (1964 Gibson carved-top) Friday afternoon. It's everything you said and more! I tried steel strings on it Saturday and went immediately back to the bronze. You had it set up just right. Many Thanks, Clint Oakley, Miami, Fl
I received the "Broadway". I'm thrilled! This guitar is 100% in better condition than the local guitar I had been lusting after. The sound is wonderful and the children at school where thrilled with the first" music circle" we had with the new old guitar. Thanks "Mr Richard" Leavitt, San Mateo, CA
Thanks for sending the (DeArmond) pick-up so fast. It sounds great, very warm and vintage sounding. Thanks again, Ben Tyzack, London, England
I received the (L-7C) pickguard assembly Monday. You did a wonderful job, nice work... very nice. Thanks for the fine job. Looks great! Tom Cotter, Brattleboro, VT
Been playing the instrument (Yamaha Martin Taylor) a lot -- one of the things that is great about it is that it's so well balanced. I'v e never played an acoustic/electric instrument that had so a good high "E" -- firm but not shrill. The guitar is perfectly set up for me. It's the first instrument that let me play fingerstyle jazz with both the nuances and sufficient volume. Clyde Spillenger, Los Angeles,CA
The guitar and the DeArmond mike arrived on Tuesday. The description for this L-48 which you described on your web site is correct! I was excited to
receive this clean and good playability L-48! Thank you for your kind assistance. I hope to have a relation with you continuously. Thanks again, Harry Takemoto / Stringphonic Guitar Company, Osaka, Japan
Just a quick note to let you know that my tech has finished installing the pickup I got from you (Kent Armstrong humbucker) in my 1950 blonde L-7C. I also got a refret and a bridge refit (to match the top contour). I've got to say "Wow!" The acoustic tone is better and the amplified tone is super... It has the sound I wanted...Lucky decision! Al Sato, Austin, TX

And thanks again to all our kind correspondents. You've made our mission a real pleasure! Best, Joe Vinikow, archtop.com

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