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Current Inventory-

This page contains all current inventory in stock. If an instrument is not listed below it has SOLD. Click on instrument name or picture for detailed spec sheet and photos. To place an instrument on HOLD please check our Ordering page for details. No hassle return policy: 100% buyer satisfaction guaranteed. If you're considering selling your guitar we's be delighted to help find your instrument a good new home. Check our Sales page for more details. If you're looking for a particular instrument, email your requests to [email protected], and we'll be happy to notify you on a priority basis of items of interest. For an in-hand description of any instrument, call 206/325-3737, between 10am and 7pm Pacific Time.
Our Recent Correspondents: Joe, Received proceeds check today. Hope new owner is happy. Thank you Joe for another job well done. Willy O'Brien, Des Moines, WA
Joe, Thanks, I may be suffering from recency bias, but I think the Emperor is the finest archtop guitar I have ever played.  You have it set up perfectly, and the careful packing allowed it to get her unscathed.  Really wonderful! Loren Tilley, Wailuku, HI
Joe, Check arrived today - thank you so much! It’s a great feeling knowing such a fine instrument is in the hands of someone who appreciates and plays it! I’d love to hear it played by a real player after your set up! Thanks again... - All best, Neal Snidow, Magalia, CA
Joe, Working through you and , over the years,  has always been a great experience for me.  You guys make the buying and selling of rare instruments  such a professional straightforward and smooth experience, with always satisfying and rewarding results.  Keep it up! Rod McDonald, Ann Arbor, MI
There are at least 12 proceed invoices in my file, the oldest dated 2004, each one a testament to Joe's honesty and integrity.  I expect there will be more.  Len Carson, San Diego CA
I have bought and sold higher-end guitars since the 1980's, and have utilized many of the finest shops in the country.  None were better than, and nowhere was the service and communication any better: this shop sets the standard.  In the fall of 2019, I sold a guitar through Joe and bought another one.  I could not have been more pleased with both transactions.  Instrument descriptions, packing, shipping, and so forth were first rate.  I would not hesitate to work through Joe again.  I think you will likely find the same to be true. Bob Connolly, Chapel Hill, NC

Joe, Just took the guitar (Artist Award) out, sounds and plays fantastically. I'm very happy with the purchase...Sean Park, Ft.Wayne, IN
Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safely. It sounds great already! Once I raised the bridge, it had a nice barky loud tone when I stepped on the gas, and some sweet tones at lower volumes as well. Looking forward to getting better aquanted with her over the coming weeks as the wood starts to open up more. Thanks again, -Arnt Arntsen, NYC
I was very pleased with Joe's communications, the freight was reasonable and very speedy - 10 days to my door in Australia, at Christmas time! And well packed - and the Gibson ES-150DC is just as described. A great vintage instrument, in excellent condition. Thanks again, Cheers, Col Bernau, Reid, ACT, Australia
Hello Joe, Just wanted to let you know the check arrived safely.  Thank you for handling the sale of the two Gibsons.  Anyone working with you can be confident you’ll take care of them whether it’s the buying or the selling end.  It has been a pleasure working with you... Paul Estridge, Roseville, CA
Hi Joe:  The '81 Gibson Johnny Smith arrived safely and securely thanks to your careful packaging.  I have never purchased a guitar where there was so much thoughtful and necessary preparation for shipment. The entire transaction with you was smooth from beginning to end.  The guitar was EXACTLY as you and your post described.  It did not disappoint.  That is not always the case with all vintage guitar sellers, as most of us know.  Your communication with me was direct and honest and I appreciated that.  Thank you for a great transaction.  It's a wonderful guitar and a great addition to my collection.  Best wishes, Fred Heuser, Collingswood, NJ

Hey Joe -Here's the review (of the 1998 L-5CES and Enjoy! Yours, David Boles, -Wow! Thanks, David -jv

More kind words from our farflung friends here.

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New! Krivo Ultra-Slim Pickups, worlds thinnest floating pickups, humbucking and single coil models, with adjustable polepieces.

The ultimate solution to amplifying older archtop guitars. Details here

Just In!
Just In! c.1941 Gibson L-4, all carved, extremely rare prewar 16" body with factory 25 1/2" scale, 1 3/4" nut, suspended fingerboard, amazing find $3750/$3865

New Price! 1936 Gibson ES-150, first year! all original, 1 of 23, all solid, the electric pioneer, Charlie Christian tone! HOLD

Off Hold! 1994 Andersen Model 17 Art Deco Custom, tap tuned, highly flamed, deco inlay, stereo pickups, Calton case, stunning! SOLD

New Price! 1993 Gibson Le Grand, first year, highly flamed 17" X-braced body, factory BJB floating pickup, sparkling condition $6895/$7105

Just In! 2005 Trenier Magnolia 18, all carved, tap tuned super jumbo body, deeply flamed, Armstrong floating PAF, rare find, thunders $5995/$6175

Just In! 2013 Francois Baudemont Petite Bouche, 670mm scale, all solid, cedar top, highly flamed maple body, varnish finish, best buy! $2395/$2475

Just In! 1931 Gibson L-5, dot inlay, varnish finish, solid braces, 1 3/4" nut, best neck ever, thrilling voice, the real deal $17,995/$18,550

Just In! 1934 Epiphone Royal, ultra rare early model, 15" solid black walnut body, 1 3/4" nut, ivoroid guard, snappy! $3495/$3605

Off Hold! 2017 Ribbecke Phoenix, tap tuned, slimmed depth 16" body, built-in PAF, AAAA flame, hard to find, a masterpiece $8795/$9065

New Price! 1963 Epiphone Emperor, ultra-rare, Gibson-built with NY Epi parts, all carved 18 1/2" body, one of 3, spectacular $9995/$10,295

Just In! 1933 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt, earliest version, rare 13 5/8" body, long scale, as played by David Rawlings, brilliant voice! $2995/$3085

Just In! 2019 Sadowsky Jim Hall, highly flamed 16" body, built-in humbucker, feedback buster, high demand gig guitar, immaculate HOLD

Just In! 1993 Monteleone Baby Grand Mandolin, unique oval hole body, intensely flamed, exceptionally rare model, versatile player $17,995/$18,540
Just In! 1964 Gibson ES-175D, Pat. Sticker pickups, 1 11/16" nut, easy neck profile, gleaming condition, the classic! $4750/$4892

Just In! 2012 Collings SoCo 16 LC, faded cherry, Lollar Imperial pickups, intensely flamed body, high demand gig guitar, quality! $2995/$3085

Special! 2003 Michael Dunn Grand Slam, gigantic 20" body, internal reflector, spectacular art deco design, biggest gypsy jazz box ever $2995/$3085

Just In! 2012 Fender American Vintage '65 Jazzmaster, Aztec gold, meticulous reissue, all tags and accessories, sparkling condition $1995/$2055

Just In! 2009 Eastman AR-905CE, all carved 16" body, spectacular flame, Benedetto pickup, rare violin finish, best buy! $2495/$2575

Just In! 2010 Trenier Broadway, comfy, tap tuned 16" body, hand rubbed finish, Lollar Gold Foil floating pickup, gorgeous flame $5995/$6175

Just In! 1996 Mark Lacey Imperial, all carved 18" Venetian cutaway body, intensely figured, feather light, huge voice, magnificent $7995/$8235

2008 Trenier Motif, all carved 16" oval hole body, Euro spruce top, featherweight and resonant, versatile player $5995/$6175

The Pride of Kalamazoo

Just In! 2016 Gibson '59 ES-175 VOS, most faithful reissue ever, aged nickel hardware, factory MHS PAFs, nice full neck $3795/$3915

1950 Gibson ES-5, all original, highly flamed, 3 P-90 pickups, original instruction sheet, splendid $8495/$8755

2006 Gibson ES-175D, spectacular AAA flame maple body, '57 Classic PAFs, one owner, a showstopper SOLD

1950 Gibson L-7, full depth noncut 17" body, all carved, factory 'McCarty' floating pickguard/pickup, stunning condition $3895/$4015

1936 Gibson EST-150, second one ever made, super rare model, all solid, 'Charlie Chritstian' pickup, historic player $3750/$3865

Featured! 1939 Gibson L-5 Premiere, one of first 3 blonde cutaways, spectacular woods, Armstrong floater, historic find, great player $12,495/$12,875

1974-5 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom, comfy 16" body, long scale, abalone inlay, Armstrong PAF, gleaming condition $2750/$2835
1977 Gibson Byrdland, blonde! all carved 17" Venetian cutaway body, Pat # pickups, one of 42, brilliant $5995/$6085

The Epi Center

New Price! 1949 Epiphone Triumph Regent, rare first year example, all solid, all carved, firestripe guard, brilliant voice $2995/$3185

1949 Epiphone Triumph Regent, first year blonde, showroom condition, rare Epi floating pickup assembly, amazing $3995/$4115

1934 Epiphone Triumph, rare early 16" body, all carved, snowflake inlay, owned by Epi author LB Fred, featured in book $3495/$3605

1941 Epiphone Blackstone, very early blonde, 16" body, carved top, flame back, Armstrtong floating pickup, rare HOLD

Luthier's Showcase 
New Price! 2006 Trenier RW Custom, all carved 16" black walnut body, Euro spruce top, built-in PAF, comfy, feather light, best buy! $4495/$4635

1951 Levin Deluxe, all carved 18+" solid black walnut body, vintage DeArmond 1100, rare top-line model, brilliant voice $4995/$5145

New Price! 2013 Trenier Rosine, all carved, 17" D'Aquisto style design, AAAA Euro tonewoods, stunning art deco classic $6995/$7205

New Price! 2019 Zimnicki '28 Dot Cutaway, prewar tone with modern playabilty; all carved, 1 3/4" nut, Armstrong floater, warranty, brilliant! $5995/$6695

2014 Eastman John Pisano AR-680, featherweight, all carved, comfy 16" body, Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" nut, best buy! $1995/$2055

New Price! 2003 Devoe Seven String, all carved, highly figured 18" body, Armstrong floating PAF, warm and resonant, best buy! $2995/$3185

Super Deal! 2012 Buscarino Prodigy, comfy, all carved 16" body, red cedar top, built-in humbuckers, feedback buster, amazing buy! $4995/$5145

New Price! 2018 Buscarino Rhapsody, spectacular crossover design, one-piece arched back, vibrant bass and sustain, a masterwork $6995/$7205

2005 Eastman 905E, rare top-line blonde, unusually deep flame maple, Armstrong PAF, out of production, spectacular SOLD

Django's Castle

New Price! 2004 Shelly Park Elan 12, original Maccaferri design, solid rosewood body, Bigtone pickup, versatile voice $2995/$3085

New Price! 1999 Shelley Park Encore, solid Indian rosewood body, 670mm scale, 1 3/4" nut, lightweight, brilliant build, great value $2995/$3085

Key: Prices listed below in bold to the LEFT of the slash are our discount prices for check, money order, or bank wire purchases.

The regular credit card and Paypal price is listed in plain type to the RIGHT.

On Hold/Sold

Just In! 1931 Gibson L-5, all carved 16" body, solid braces, rare pearloid inlays, 1 3/4" nut, lightweight, a boomer! SOLD

1994 Gibson 'George Gobel' Custom, one-off thinline reissue, BJB floating pickup, Triggs built; lightweight, comfy, rare! SOLD

2000 Gibson Super 400C, all carved, tiger flame 18" body, Hutchins signed, JS pickup, rare acoustic version, great player SOLD

1939 Epiphone Emperor Masterbilt, massive 18 1/2" body, split-block inlays, flame back, prewar masterpiece SOLD

1980 Gibson L-5CES, all carved, Kalamazoo built, upgrade pickups, easy neck, great player, best buy! SOLD

1951 Gibson TG-50, solid carved top, 16" body, custom bone saddle, Gibson's most popular archtop tenor, sweet SOLD

New! Loar LH-700VS, faithful 20's L-5 design, solid carved 16" body, high-precision setup and warranty, outstanding performance and value! HOLD

1997 Guild Artist Award, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, upgrade Armstrong PAF, the player's choice SOLD
An extensive illustrated list of previously offered instruments may be seen in our Sold section here.

Coming Soon

Key: On the way = In transit. Price and preview photos not yet available. Has arrived = Setup and preview photos in progress. Instruments are not priced until setup and photos are complete.

In the shop= Setup or restoration in progress. Ready = Preview photos and pricing are complete and available by email. Send requests to: [email protected]

Want list previews: If you're looking for any particular instrument you don't see here, please email your requests to [email protected], and we'll be happy to send previews of your want list items before they are posted to the site. 

2018 Borys Jimmy Wyble Model, sunburst, feedback resistant 16" slimmed depth body, 1 3/4" nut, built-in Armstrong pickup, player's choice! on the way

2017 Holst Florentine Custom, sunburst, slimmed depth, highly flamed 16" cutaway body, wide 1 7/8" nut, Bare Knuckle PAFs, mint has arrived

2001 Heritage H-535, antique sunburst, highly figured 335 style thinline, old school Kalamazoo quality, super gig guitar has arrived

1968 Gibson L-5C, sunburst, all carved, all acoustic, one of 36, rare beauty on the way

1931 Gibson L-5, sunburst, block inlay, 16" body, the classic has arrived

1951 Gibson ES-300, sunburst, 17" full depth noncut body, twin P-90 single soil pickups, rare early electric model has arrived

1996 Gibson Super '39 400 Premiere, blonde, all carved, highly flamed 18" body, spectacular reissue of Gibson's first blonde cutaway has arrived

c.1977 Ibanez L-5C Model 2471, sunburst, rare, faithful post-lawsuit replica of Gibson classic, very clean, best buy! has arrived

1935 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt, sunburst, 13 5/8" body, solid carved top, all original, with receipts from original owner, amazing has arrived

2014 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster, sunburst, highly figured 17" body, triple '57 Classic PAFs, stunning reissue of late 50's classic in the shop

1946 Epiphone Broadway, blonde, all carved highly flamed 17" noncut body, vine peghead, nice one has arrived

1934 Gibson L-5, sunburst, block inlay, long pickguard, nice one on the way

2002 Andersen Vanguard, blonde, all carved 16" full depth body, built-in Armstrong PAF, lightweight, super gig guitar on the way

2006 Ribbecke Monterey, amber burst, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, floating Ribbecke custom humbucker, magnificent on the way

Kent Armstrong Handwound Floating Pickups. Handmade in Vermont by Kent himself. Humbucking, single coil, 6 and 7 string: simply the best there is.
Acoustic Archtop Soundboard pickups. Crisp, accurate acoustic sound, uses your own bridge. Micro thin film pickup technology installs in minutes.
Vintage Pickups From time to time, we locate a few original vintage DeArmond or Gibson pickups. Check for availablilty and pricing.
Wiring and Control Kits, ultra-miniature volume controls, knobs and jacks for pickup installation without modification of vintage instruments.
Hardshell Cases- Plush, locking vintage style hardshell cases in hard-to-find sizes, built specifically for archtop guitars. Some vintage cases, too, please inquire.
Pickguards, custom made from original templates in tortoise, 5-ply black or bakelite; bound, beveled or unbound. Mounting hardware, too.
Vintage Correct Hardware, hard-to-find parts, antiqued to match your vintage instrument, the finishing touch for your restoration.
See our Accessories page for more items, pricing and specifications.

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Purchasing your instrument is fast, safe and secure with our absolute no-quibble refund policy. VISA/MC/AMEX, PayPal, layaways. For details, visit our Ordering page here.

Selling Your Guitar

We can help place your prized instrument with a happy new owner for a maximum return to you. For details, visit our Sales page here.

Repairs and Restorations

We maintain a full-service repair facility specializing in the particular requirements of archtop instruments, from setups to ground-up restorations. Vintage style finishes, fretwork, structural repairs, correct hand-antiqued hardware and more. More info here.

The Archive

An extensive illustrated list of recently offered instruments may be seen in our Previously Sold section here.  

Contact: Email: [email protected] For a detailed in-hand description of any instrument, call Joe Vinikow at 206.325.3737, weekdays between 10am and 7pm Pacific Time, 10am to 4pm Tuesdays. Saturdays by appointment. We are located in Seattle, WA, near downtown and Lake Washington, and welcome vistors by appointment.

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