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Current Inventory-

This page contains all current inventory in stock. If an instrument is not listed below it has SOLD. Click on instrument name or picture for detailed spec sheet and photos. To place an instrument on HOLD please check our Ordering page for details. No hassle return policy: 100% buyer satisfaction guaranteed. If you're considering selling your guitar we's be delighted to help find your instrument a good new home. Check our Sales page for more details. If you're looking for a particular instrument, email your requests to [email protected], and we'll be happy to notify you on a priority basis of items of interest. For an in-hand description of any instrument, call 206/325-3737, between 10am and 7pm Pacific Time.
Our Recent Correspondents:  Ciao Joe, the guitar (L-5) is arrived and all is ok! Really a beautiful instrument, thank you every much for your service, it's always a pleasure to do business with you!
Ciao amico, Davide Bianchi, Milan, Italy
Joe, I wanted to let you know I got the Martin Taylor guitar and it is in good shape , as described and I am enjoying it. Thank for shipping so quickly,  Your directions made the transaction easy and I was also impressed by the short time it took to arrive. Sincerely, Scott Cordell, Council Bluffs, IA
Thanks again Joe for all you are more than welcome to share my comments on your Friends page because that comment came from the bottom of my heart.  Because that Gibson...was just sitting in the guitar case and never getting played and it makes me feel good to know that you found it a good home and will be played.  Darwin Gaston, Mechanicsburg, PA
Joe, The Loar (LH-700) arrived safely on Saturday, it’s a very cool guitar, plays nicely and has a big, loud voice which is what I was looking for...I appreciate the excellent service and communication. Best regards, Phil DiMario, Phoenix, MD

The guitar (ETG-150) got here yesterday. It’s great- everything I hoped it would be. Bill Browning, Boulder, CO
Hi Joe, The guitar arrived on schedule. It was very hard letting it sit in my living room for an hour to acclimate as per your instructions, but I managed... It is more beautiful in person than than it appeared in the photo's, and nothing against your skill with a camera, the pictures were good too. As you said there is not a scratch on this guitar... This X-700 could be in any 'collectors' loft or closet. It is just as pristine as it could be. For me though it is all about the sound and playability and this beauty actually plays better than it looks...Also with arch-tops I am usually a roundwound guy and was planning to change the strings right away, but with your setup and string choice I am really rethinking the roundwound vs flatwound equation...With this guitar it is happening, all the acoustic flavors too, as well as the rich jazz tone. Thanks so much for creating such a great way to access hard to find instruments. I am very happy with this guitar. All the best. John Johnson, Felton, CA
Hi Joe - Thanks for the quick sale of my Moll Classic - I have now bought and sold several guitars with you, and each time I come away impressed with your skill and the big archtop community you’ve created. Ed Daingerfield, Greenwich, CT
Over the past decade, I've purchased 3  and sold 3 (different) guitars through As both seller and  buyer I've been very happy with all my dealings with Joe. He's been professional, prompt, and honest in representing all the guitars. From a sellers point of view: I don't enjoy the haggling of selling and I don't have a vast reach of contacts. Joe photographed and advertised my guitars professionally and sold them much quicker and likely at a better price than I would have been able to. From a buyers perspective: Joe helped me narrow down my search, arranged for a skype demo, and accurately described each of the guitars I bought. For anyone looking to either sell or buy a nice vintage archtop guitar, I'm happy to recommend working with Dr. Christopher Gratham, North Vancouver, BC
  Hey Joe -Here's the review (of the 1998 L-5CES and Enjoy! Yours, David Boles, -Wow! Thanks, David -jv

For more kind words from our farflung friends click here.

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Key: Prices listed below in bold to the LEFT of the slash are our discount prices for check, money order or bank wire payments.

The regular credit, debit or Paypal price is listed to the RIGHT. More payment and ordering details here.

Just In!

Just In! 2014 Super 400CES, spectacular all carved, 18" flame maple body, '57 Classic PAFs, big buttery voice, original tags $9895/$10,195

Just In! 2014 Gibson L-5 Premier, rare model, all carved, intensely flamed, all acoustic 17" body, mint with tags, magnificent $8995/$9265

Just In! 1981 Gibson ES-175D, rare blonde finish, 16" body, solid maple neck, twin Pat.# humbuckers, all original, the classic $2695/$2785

New Price! 1994 Heritage Super Eagle, top of the line, all carved, deeply flamed 18" body, ebony board, the working player's S-400, best buy! $3895/$4015

Just In! 2000 Benedetto Fratello, highly figured, all carved, lightweight 17" body, floating S-6 humbucker, 1 3/4" ebony board, magnificent $7995/$8235

New Price! 2006 Ribbecke Monterey, all carved, highly flamed 17" body, Armstrong floating humbucker, top builder, magnificent $8995/$9265

Just In! 1955 Gibson ES-150, rare model, 17" body, long scale, P-90 pickup, true '50s tone, under-the-bed condition, amazing $2995/$3085

Just In! 1973 Gibson Byrdland, all carved 17" thinline body, lightning fast scale, one of 99, pristine condition $5595/$5769

Just In! 2005 Shelley Park Montmartre, large Favino style body, intense curly Koa body, Bigtone pickup, staggering flame $3595/$3710

Just In! 2007 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno, comfy 15" gig guitar, highly flamed, DiMarzio humbucker, now discontinued, rare bird $3595/$3705

Just In! 1975 Gibson L-5C, rare all-acoustic model, tiger maple body, all carved, one of 40, one owner, showroom quality! $6995/$7215

Just In! 2012 Ribbecke Halfling, innovative archtop/flattop hybrid, rare pin bridge model, amazing bass, sustain and projection HOLD

Just In! 2010 Shelley Park Encore, long scale, Selmer style body, intensely flamed maple body, soundport, Bigtone pickup, stunning $3795/$3915

Just In! 2007 Hopkins Marquis, all carved 17" body, featherlight and resonant, floating Armstrong humbucker, 1 3/4" ebony board, spectacular $4995/$5145

Just In! 2005 Foster Basin St. 7 String, all carved, 15" lightweight mahogany body, comfy slim depth, super player, hard to find $3895/$4015

New Price! 2017 Castelluccia Nuages, Selmer style, dramatic Pau Ferro body, from oldest Parisian gypsy guitar builders, hard to find, barks! $2495/$2570

New Price! 1977 Guild Starfire IV, classic Rhode Island Guild, amber blonde finish, master volume, easy neck, best buy! $1995/$2055

New Price! 1993 Martin D-41, gorgeous pearl inlaid dreadnought, big deep voice, stunning looks, gleaming condition $3495/$3605

New Price! 1997 PRS Custom 22 '10 Top' deeply flamed maple top, lightweight body, 5 way pickup selector, comfy player, versatile tone $1895/$1950

New Price! 1994 Grimes Jazz Nouveau, spectacular all carved 17" figured Koa body, floating Armstrong humbucker; clean, elegant design $4995/$5145

New Price! 2006 Gretsch White Falcon, top-line model, all gold hardware and binding, Filter'Tron humbuckers, Bigsby, all tags, immaculate $2495/$2575

New Price! 2006 Eastman AR-805CE, all carved, lightweight, resonant 16" body, 1 3/4" ebony board, upgrade Bartolini humbucker, best buy! $1895/$1950

The Pride of Kalamazoo

2015 Gibson Custom 17" Venetian, new model, L-5 size body and scale, BJB style floating pickup, solid formed construction, best buy $3995/$4115

Just In! 1978 Gibson Kalamazoo Award, first year, one of 6, tap-tuned 17" AAAA quilted body, BJB pickup, museum condition, magnificent HOLD

Just In! 1939 Gibson L-5P, rare first year cutaway, one of 43, museum condition, striped tweed case, historic example, astounding find HOLD

New Price! 1994 Gibson 'George Gobel' Custom, one-off thinline reissue of L-5C, BJB floating pickup, Triggs built; comfy, rare and minty! $8995/$9265

New Price! 2013 Gibson L-5 Lee Ritenour, comfy 15" slimmed depth body, all carved, floating J. Smith, mint w/tags and COA, rare! SOLD

Special! 1962 Gibson J-200N, rare blonde, 17" bubble maple body, 1 11/16" neck, vibrant and resonant, big full voice! $4995/$5145

1967 Gibson ES-335 Custom, rare walnut finish, custom '50s deep neck, 100% original, Pat. sticker humbuckers, factory Bigsby, gorgeous player HOLD
2000 Les Paul Classic Premium Plus, top version with intensely flamed top, comfy '60 neck, hot pickups, all tags, sweet $1995/$2055

1917 Gibson L-4, feather light, all carved 16" body, full 1 3/4" neck, 'The Gibson' peghead, smooth action, deep resonant voice $2395/$2475

1989 Gibson L-5CES, all carved, intensely flamed body, '57 Classic PAFs, all original, Hitchens signed Master Model label, grab it! SOLD

1918 The Gibson L-1, compact, all carved 13" archtop, tortoise tailpiece, nice wide 1 13/16" nut, classiest travel guitar ever SOLD

2012 Gibson Memphis ES-335 '63 Block Reissue, '57 Classic PAF pickups, aged nickel hardware, comfy neck, all original w/COA! SOLD

Special! 1955 Gibson ETG-50 Tenor, rare 16" full depth electric tenor guitar, original P-90 pickup, one of 44, all original, clean! SOLD

1949 Gibson L-7, all carved, full depth 17" body, big clear voice, handsome example, the working player's L-5, best buy! SOLD

1952 Gibson ES-150, 17" body, long scale, original P-90 pickup, nice full neck, vintage tone at a player's price, clean machine SOLD

Just In! 1959 Gibson ES-225T, Gibson's first thinline, original P-90 pickup, feather light, nice full neck, last year, showroom condition SOLD

The Epi Center

New Price! 1945 Epiphone Deluxe, top-line, highly figured 17" full depth body, cloud inlays, big voice, the real deal, simply gorgeous $5495/$5665

Just In! 1954 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, 17" full depth body, original NY single coil pickup, classic tone, sweet neck, gleaming condition $2495/$2575

1950 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe Regent, highly flamed 17" body, full vine peghead, deep cutaway, twin NY pickups, true classic tone, gorgeous SOLD

1953 Epiphone Triumph Regent, all solid, all carved 17" deep cutaway body, peghead truss rod, rare model, great sounder, best buy! SOLD

1954 Epiphone Emperor Cutaway, very rare model, 18 1/2" body, DeArmond 1100 floating pickup, 13 ply (!) binding, Berklee veteran SOLD
Just In! 1949 Epiphone Devon, rare short-lived model, 17" full depth body, solid carved top, long scale, big voice, best buy! SOLD

1947 Epiphone Triumph, all carved 17" body, Acoustic Archtop pickup, prewar snowflake peghead, firestripe guard, a boomer SOLD

Luthier's Showcase 

New Price! 2004 D'Angelico NYL-2, solid spruce top, highly figured 17" body, upgrade Armstrong Single Coil floating pickup, super player! $2995/$3085

2001 D'Angelico NYL-2, solid spruce top, highly flamed 17" body, floating J. Smith style pickup, out of production, all original, best buy! SOLD
Special! 1998 Fender D'Aquisto Ultra, #31 of 32, extremely rare ultra-premium model, intensely flamed, all carved, fast neck, outstanding value! SOLD

1935 D'Angelico Style 'A', rare early example, debut 17" body, ornate inlay, Adirondack top, Armstrong floater, rich voice SOLD

New! Loar LH-700VS, faithful 20's L-5 design, solid carved 16" body, high-precision setup and warranty, outstanding performance and value! HOLD

2013 Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro, all carved tonewoods; compact, slimmed depth 15" body, 1 3/4" nut, Armstrong floater, best buy! SOLD

Key: Prices listed below in bold to the left of the slash are our discount prices for check, money order, or bank wire purchases. The regular credit card price is listed in plain type to the right.

An extensive illustrated list of previously offered instruments may be seen in our Sold section here.

Coming Soon

Key: On the way = In transit. Price and preview photos not yet available. Has arrived = Setup and preview photos in progress. Instruments are not priced until setup and photos are complete.

In the shop= Setup or restoration in progress. Ready = Preview photos and pricing are complete and available by email. Send requests to: [email protected]

Want list previews: If you're looking for any particular instrument you don't see here, please email your requests to [email protected], and we'll be happy to send previews of your want list items before they are posted to the site. 

2005 Trenier Magnolia, blonde, all carved 18" Venetian cutaway body, Armstrong floating PAF, spectacular flame body, huge voice SOLD

2014 Gibson L-5CES Wes Montgomery, ebony, all carved, popular 17" model with single built-in pickup, rare color, great shape has arrived

1947 Gibson L-5, sunburst, all carved, excellent older Florentine cutaway conversion, highly figured, script logo, super player, best buy on the way

2016 Gibson ES-275, cherry, new model, slim depth 15" Venetian cutaway body, 22 fret neck, Gibson MHS humbuckers, super gig axe on the way

c.1946 Gibson ES-300, sunburst, rare model, full depth 17" body, long scale, early P-90 pickup, prewar script logo, clean machine on the way

1969 Gibson Johnny Smith, sunburst, all carved, highly flamed, X-braced body, 1 3/4" nut, orange label, last of the pre-Norlin Johnnies on the way

1974 Gibson L-5CES, sunburst, all carved 17" body, twin gold humbuckers, Kluson Sealfast tuners, all original, great shape on the way

2005 Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Model, blonde, comfy, 15" slimmed depth body, built-in DiMarzio humbucker, a gigmeister HOLD

2005 Martin CF-1, blonde, 17" Venetian cutaway body, Dale Unger design, floating Armstrong PAF, 1 3/4" ebony board, best buy! on the way

c.1940 Gretsch Synchromatic 300, blonde, rare model, 17" full depth body, cats-eye soundholes, owned by studio legend Dick Garcia in the shop

c.1903 Gibson L-4 Mandolin, ebony finish, 3 point body, inlaid tortoise guard, checkerboard binding, Orville label, rare first version, amazing on the way

Trace Acoustic TA-50 amp, tiny, powerful, versatile jazz combo amp, no longer in production, custom cover ready

Kent Armstrong Handwound Floating Pickups. Handmade in Vermont by Kent himself. Humbucking, single coil, 6 and 7 string: simply the best there is.
Acoustic Archtop Soundboard pickups. Crisp, accurate acoustic sound, uses your own bridge. Micro thin film pickup technology installs in minutes.
Vintage Pickups From time to time, we locate a few original vintage DeArmond or Gibson pickups. Check for availablilty and pricing.
Wiring and Control Kits, ultra-miniature volume controls, knobs and jacks for pickup installation without modification of vintage instruments.
Hardshell Cases- Plush, locking vintage style hardshell cases in hard-to-find sizes, built specifically for archtop guitars. Some vintage cases, too, please inquire.
Pickguards, custom made from original templates in tortoise, 5-ply black or bakelite; bound, beveled or unbound. Mounting hardware, too.
Vintage Correct Hardware, hard-to-find parts, antiqued to match your vintage instrument, the finishing touch for your restoration.
See our Accessories page for more items, pricing and specifications.

How To Order

Purchasing your instrument is fast, safe and secure with our absolute no-quibble refund policy. VISA/MC/AMEX, PayPal, layaways. For details, visit our Ordering page here.

Selling Your Guitar

We can help place your prized instrument with a happy new owner for a maximum return to you. For details, visit our Sales page here.

Repairs and Restorations

We maintain a full-service repair facility specializing in the particular requirements of archtop instruments, from setups to ground-up restorations. Vintage style finishes, fretwork, structural repairs, correct hand-antiqued hardware and more. More info here.

The Archive

An extensive illustrated list of recently offered instruments may be seen in our Previously Sold section here.  

Contact: Email: [email protected] For a detailed in-hand description of any instrument, call Joe Vinikow at 206.325.3737, weekdays between 10am and 7pm Pacific Time, 10am to 4pm Tuesdays, and Saturdays by appointment. We are located in Seattle, WA, near downtown and Lake Washington, and welcome vistors by appointment. For North American orders only, call toll free 877.850.1978. Fax: 206.322.5692.

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