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2012 Martin D-35

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Serial #: 1558519

Nut width: 1 11/16" Scale: 25.4" Neck depth, 1st/10th frets: .85/.99

Materials: Solid bookmatched figured East Indian rosewood back and sides; solid bookmatched Sitka spruce top; solid one-piece Honduras mahogany neck; solid ebony fingerboard; rosewood peghead veneer; solid ebony bridge with bone saddle; nickel Grover Rotomatic tuners, adjustable truss rod; L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup system with volume and tone control, endpin jack.

Notes: Elvis. Johnny Cash. Bruce Springsteen, Judy Collins, Pete Townsend and Jim Croce. All played the big Martin with the three piece back.

By the mid-60's, supplies of Brazilian rosewood had been dwindling for years, and CF Martin & Co. had grown weary of throwing perfectly good pieces of the precious tonewood in the incinerator, just because they weren't big enough to build a D-28. So in 1965, the firm debuted an upscale new model, with a bound ebony fingerboard, Grover Rotomatic tuners, and a striking three piece back of select rosewood, the first in company history. This ingenious design allowed Martin to continue to use Brazilian rosewood in the center panel until 1970, making the D-35 the last Martin guitar with this precious tonewood in regular production.

Making the happy discovery that these segmented backs were stiffer than those of it's other models, Martin designers realized they could make the braces even thinner, and built the new dreadnought with the 1/4" struts of its smaller 0-000 guitars, on their tops as well as their backs. Players in the folk revival quickly gravitated toward the warm, deep bass resonance of the lighter build, making the D-35 Martin's most popular guitar throughout the mid-70s, even at its premium price.

We are pleased to offer this fine Martin D-35 dreadnought with a special plus: a Baggs Anthem pickup system, which combines a high fidelity piezo element with a bridge plate mounted microphone, for peerless studio quality tone in live performance settings. Complete with thumbwheel volume and tone controls and 1/4" endpin jack, the Anthem system offers warm, accurate response, with enhanced feedback resistance.

Powerful and resonant, this fine guitar has smooth, low action over a fresh high-precision setup, with a gentle C profile neck and a fully adjustable truss rod. The vintage style lacquer finish is nicely ambered, on a handsome bookmatched Sitka spruce soundboard. This gleaming one-owner guitar has been maintained in great shape, without cracks, pick, thumb, buckle or fingerboard wear. Apart from a few scattered finish dents on top, the instrument shows few signs of playwear altogether.

A perennial favorite of particular pickers worldwide: one only, call now.

Setup: This instrument is strung with medium gauge bronze strings (.013-.056). The guitar will accommodate lighter or heavier gauge strings, according to preference.

Case: Original black Martin velour lined hardshell case.





































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