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1978 Martin D-12-28

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Serial #: 401066

Nut width: 1 7/8" Scale: 24 3/4"

Materials: Solid bookmatched figured rosewood back and sides; solid bookmatched Sitka spruce top; solid one-piece Honduras mahogany neck; solid ebony fingerboard; rosewood peghead veneer; solid ebony bridge with bone saddle; Grover Thinline V-135 enclosed tuners.

Notes: Double your pleasure...double your fun.

Most likely arriving from south of the border in the late 19th century, the contemporary 12 string guitar is probably related most closely to Mexican double strung instruments like the guitarra septima and bajo sexto. First popularized in the 20's and 30's by singers including Lydia Mendoza, Huddie Ledbetter and Blind Wille McTell, 12 string models were prized for their outstanding projection and shimmering timbre. Later embraced by performers from Pete Seeger to Roger McGuinn, the 12 string became a signature sound of the 60's folk revival.

Although C.F. Martin built a few custom order 12 strings in the 30's (including a pair of C-2 archtops!) the firm waited some three decades before introducing their first production models, the D-12-20 and 35 in 1965. Their shorter necks and slotted pegheads were replaced by popular demand in 1970, with the debut of the D-12-28, the first with the extended 14 fret neck, and Martin's longest running 12 string model.

We are pleased therefore to offer this vintage Martin D-12-28 dreadnought, Martin's most popular double-strung guitar. This handsome instrument has been maintained in fine shape, with all original finish and hardware, including the rare and distinctive enclosed Grover V-135 tuners.

The instrument is largely free of pick, buckle, thumb, fingerboard or fret wear, with playwear confined mostly to a few incidental finish nicks here and there. Some scattered wisps of normal age checking may be seen in the warmly ambered vintage lacquer finish, and a small grainline crack near the centerstripe on the upper treble back has been soundly resealed as well.

With tonewood aged for over three decades, the instrument is powerful and brilliant, with smooth low action over fine original fretwork and a fresh high precision setup. From Leadbelly to Lightfoot, the 12 string guitar has been a distinctive voice of American traditional music, and this iconic model has been often imitated, but never duplicated. One only: call now.

Case: Original Martin molded plush lined hardshell case.





































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