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1962 Fender Deluxe Amplifier

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Serial #: D03710, stamped in chassis

Notes: One of the most celebrated guitar amplifiers ever produced, the Fender Deluxe has been in continuous production, in various versions, since 1946. Originally introduced as the Model 26 with a 10" speaker and wood cabinetry, the model was rechristened the Deluxe in 1948, and fitted with tweed covering and 12" speaker. Upgraded to 15 watts in 1954, the Deluxe was redesigned with the lustrous brown Tolex covering in 1961. Produced only until mid-1963, brown Tolex models are among of the rarest of all Fender amplifiers.

An exceptionally fine example of pre-CBS production, this legendary amp features hand soldered point-to-point circuitry, and a classic 12" blue Jensen Concert speaker. Six knob layout includes Normal and Bright channels, the latter with tremelo Speed and Intensity controls. All original gleaming brown Tolex covering, grille cloth, knobs, foot switch and leather handle. The amplifier has been maintained in uncannily pristine condition, with twin matched Ruby 6SV6 power tubes, an immaculate pro recap, grounded power cord and shielded speaker lead. A timeless classic, this brown beauty looks much like it did when it left the Fullerton factory in January, 1962, the same month the Beatles released their very first 45.

Warm and throaty, the amp delivers sweet clean response at very low volume levels, and crunches nicely when cranked, making it a favorite for studios, small clubs, or jam sessions. A recent Fender-logo amp cover is included. Frequent visitors know we rarely carry amplifiers of any kind, but this little cutie was just too sweet to resist. Call now.








































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