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1951 Fender 5A3 Deluxe Amp, 'TV Front'

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Serial #: 3577, white Fullerton label

Notes: Introduced in 1946 as the Model 26, the Fender Deluxe is the firm's most popular amplifier, and one of the oldest continuously produced models in company history. By 1948 the Deluxe was given its current name, and the 5A3 is the earliest version, popularly known as the 'TV front' model.

Covered with the firm's signature unlacquered diagonal tweed, the Deluxe features twin 6V6 power tubes, producing 10-14 watts through a single 12" Jensen P12R Alnico V Concert speaker. The speaker codes are #220220, from March of 1951, and P12RC8943.

At just 26 lb, this compact amp is legendary for its superlatively creamy tone, full and vibrant at the lowest volumes, and highly saturated when cranked, with exceptional sustain.

Built in 1951, this handsome amp has been kept by a single owner in Bakersfield, CA, home of Buck and Merle, for decades. Freshly serviced, the amp boasts all-original tweed covering, oxblood grille cloth, and all factory bumpers. With original hand soldered point-to-point circuitry, the amp has been professionally recapped, and is smooth and quiet even at practice volume levels. A correct style 3 prong grounded AC cable has been installed, with he original cable included.

The three input, three knob layout includes twin volume controls, and a master tone, all with original chicken head knobs: even the ruby pilot light bezel remains intact. Warm and throaty, the 5A3 is phenomenally powerful when cranked, making it a perennial favorite for studios and clubs alike.

A wonderful find, from Fender's most formative era. One only: call now.








































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