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1974 Fender Telecaster Thinline

Price and Status: For pricing and hold status of this instrument, please check here. If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it has been sold. To be notified of examples of this or any other model in the future, please email your specific requests to [email protected].

Serial #: 536378, on neck plate.

Materials: Solid figured ash body; solid maple neck. All original chrome hardware includes Fender Wide range humbucking pickups; Fender Bigsby Vibrola; three-ply pickguard; knurled flat-top volume and tone knobs; three-way pickup selector switch with top-hat knob; Fender logo tuners; twin string retainers in peghead; adjustable compensated individual bridge saddles; adjustable bullet truss rod, three bolt Fender logo neckplate.

Notes: What do Buck Owens, Mark Knopfler, and Bill Frisell all have in common? This one highly innovative Fender guitar.

Designed by noted German luthier Roger Rossmeisl, the Fender Thinline Telecaster made it's debut in 1969. Built with a lightweight ash body like the original Teles and Broadcasters of the early '50s, the Thinline further trimmed the pounds by pioneering a semi-hollow construction, with a signature single f-hole. By 1972, the Wide Range pickups, Fender's first humbuckers, were added to the model, lending sustain and saturation to the tone, but with greater clarity and detail than Gibson's PAFs: essentially a fusion of humbucking and single coil tonality.

Available only until 1980, the model has been periodically reissued since 1997 to satisfy undimmed demand for this unique model. This exceptional example is a very rare version fitted with an original factory Fender Bigsby vibrola. Kept in a closet since the late 70's, the guitar is 100% original, with a striking figured ash body in a warmly ambered natural finish.

Complete with its handsome original black Tolex case and owner's manual, the guitar has remained in stellar condition, free of finish checking, pick, thumb or fingerboard wear, and showing fine original fretwork. Apart from a few traces of buckle scuffing and some fogging on the pickup covers, the instrument shows few signs of age altogether. At 8lb 8oz, the guitar is notably lighter than standard Bigsby equipped Teles of the era, and balances nimbly on the lap or the strap.

A rare and versatile version of Fender's most groundbreaking model, and a true prize for the player and collector alike. One only: call now.

Setup: This instrument is strung with light gauge nickel roundwound strings. The guitar will accommodate lighter or heavier gauge strings, according to preference. String action is set at 4/64" to 5/64" at the 12th fret, with moderate relief. The action may be lowered or raised to your requirements with the adjustable bridge.

















































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