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1998 Andersen Metropolitan Special

Status: Pricing and hold status for all instruments currently available is shown on our Instruments page here. If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it has been sold, and is no longer available. Photos and descriptions of Previously Sold instruments may be found here. To be notified of examples of this model or similar instruments in the future, please contact [email protected],. Please be specific on which instrument(s) you're looking for, and we'll be happy to contact you as soon as they become available.

Serial #: 230, Signed by the maker.

Body size at lower bout: 17" Body depth: 3" Scale length: 25 1/2" Nut width: 1 11/16" Neck depth, 1st/10th fret: .80/.87

Materials: Solid handcarved Adirondack spruce top; handcarved solid AAAA tiger maple back with matching sides and neck; solid ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer; mother of pearl peghead logo; bound body.

Hardware: Black Mini-Schaller 16:1 tuners; solid handcarved ebony pickguard, tailpiece and compensated bridge, 1/4" endpin jack.

Notes: Steve Andersen is a local hero here in the Pacific Northwest, having produced top-notch acoustic instruments for over three decades. First famed for his mandolins and flattops, Steve has built an international reputation on his extensive line of world-class archtop guitars. Andersen players include recording artist Bill Frisell, ace stringman Dan Fahnle, and many more.

This guitar is the first of a small series Steve produced in the late 90's, combining topflight woods, a simple, elegant design, and Andersen's ultra-meticulous fit and finish. The result is an instrument of surpassing acoustical quality, clean lines, and a price within reach of the working player. The design of this rare example incorporates elements of the Andersen Model 17 and his Streamline series, combining extravagantly figured woods, a one-piece maple neck, and a solid ebony tailpiece.

At just a hair over 5lb. even, this guitar is exceptionally lightweight and well balanced, on the lap or the strap. The tap tuned X-braced soundboard produces a clear, open voice, with excellent definition and resonance. Carefully maintained, the guitar is 100% original, and shows no cracks, pick, buckle, thumb or fingerboard wear, and has smooth low action over a gentle D profile neck. This spectacular guitar is pickup ready with its 1/4" endpin jack, and apart from some string circles around the tuners, shows few signs of play altogether.

With Andersen now retired from building, it's no accident that these guitars rarely surface for resale. An unbeatable value in a true hand-built masterpiece. One only: call now.

Setup: This instrument is strung with medium gauge nickel roundwound strings. The guitar will accommodate lighter or heavier gauge strings, according to preference. String action is set at 4/64" to 5/64" at the 12th fret, with moderate relief for acoustic playing with medium strings. The action may be lowered or raised to your requirements with the adjustable bridge.

Case: Original deluxe black arched plush lined hardshell case.





































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