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1925 Gibson TB-3 Mastertone Banjo

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Factory order #: 8126-36, stamped in rim.

Materials: All original nickel parts including ball bearing tone ring, flange, tension hoop, armrest, and Grover Patent Presto tailpiece. Maple resonator, conversion mahogany 5 string neck with ebony fingerboard, diamond inlays, Keith 'Scruggs Peg' tuners. Original tenor neck and hardshell case included.

Notes: Introduced in 1923, Gibson's TB-3 Mastertone was produced until 1937. This early model from 1925 features a fiddle shaped peghead with curlicues and cross inlay, maple resonator with red mahogany finish, and its original 40 hole archtop ball bearing tone ring.

This fine example shows all original nickel hardware, including the Grover Patent Presto tailpiece, tension hoop, flange and armrest. The 22 fret maple five string conversion neck is meticulously inlaid in the vintage correct diamond pattern, with Keith 'Scruggs Peg' tuners and 5th string fingerboard spikes at frets 7, 9 and 10.

The original Loar designed tone ring gives the instrument its lovely bell-like voice, with sparkling overtones and sustain. Maintained in fine shape, with a fresh high precision setup, the neck shows no thumb, fret or fingerboard wear, just a bit of old buckle wear to back of the resonator, and a bit of spot shellac applied near its edge.

This handsome vintage player is supplied with its original tenor neck and a recent 5 string plush lined hardshell case. A rare find from Gibson's legendary mid-20's Mastertone lineup. One only: call now.























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