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Borys 7 String Oval Deluxe

Status: Pricing and hold status for all instruments currently available is shown on our Instruments page here. If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it has been sold, and is no longer available. Photos and descriptions of Previously Sold instruments may by found here. To be notified of examples of this model or similar instruments in the future, please contact [email protected],. Please be specific on which instrument(s) you're looking for, and we'll be happy to contact you as soon as they become available.

Serial #: NSN

Body size at lower bout: 15 3/4" Body depth: 2 7/8" Scale length: 25" Nut: 2"

Finish: Clear satin nitrocellulose finish

Materials: Figured arched flame maple laminate body with Venetian cutaway; solid one-piece flame maple neck; solid ebony fingerboard; deluxe 5-ply top binding; solid bone nut; solid ebony bridge; gold Grover Rotomatic tuners, Armstrong Handmade floating humbucking pickup with ebony mini finger rest.

Notes: Vermont luthier Roger Borys is one of the few contemporary builders who had a strong personal and working connection to the great Jimmy D'Aquisto. A legend in the archtop world, the reclusive master craftsman has had a star roster of performing artists including Jim Hall, Emily Remler, Jimmy Wyble and many more.

Gibson, D'Angelico and D'Aquisto all made oval hole archtops, a design noted for increased sustain and bass response. This hybrid design is particularly well suited for fingerstyle chord melody and bossa nova, offering a warm responsive tone with excellent feedback resistance. The instrument has an arched, flamed tiger maple body, and the handsome Venetian cutaway allows unrestricted access to the full 20 frets. The 12" radius fingerboard is crafted of solid ebony, and the gentle D profile neck with 2" nut is a marvel of ease in the hand. The Kent Armstrong Handmade floating humbucking pickup delivers a rich, nuanced tone, and is mounted to a small ebony finger rest, contoured to leave the soundhole fully unobstructed. The guitar is supplied with a heavy duty cast aluminum Ernie Ball volume pedal as well.

We believe this Deluxe model was built sometime between the mid-80's to mid- 90's. She's in superb 100% original condition, without cracks, buckle, thumb or fingerboard wear, and shows only some light finish checking on the back. A notably attractive instrument, she plays flawlessly, and is an excellent choice for the 7 string player who needs a reliable, high-performance working guitar with a very friendly neck.

Setup: This instrument is strung with medium gauge nickel roundwound strings (.013-.070). The guitar will accommodate lighter or heavier gauge strings, according to preference. String action is set at 5/64" to 6/64" at the 12th fret, with moderate relief for acoustic playing with medium strings. The action may be lowered or raised to your requirements with the adjustable bridge.

Case: Original black plush hardshell case.

























































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