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1952 Martin 00-28G

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Serial #: 168643

Nut Width: 1 15/16" Scale length: 25.4"

Materials: Solid bookmatched figured Brazilian rosewood back, sides and headplate; solid bookmatched Sitka spruce top; solid one-piece Honduras mahogany neck; solid ebony fingerboard; solid bone nut; rosewood bridge with bone saddle; maple bridgeplate; original 3-on-a plate tuners.

Notes: Wille Nelson, eat your heart out.

The Style 28 is C.F. Martin's most famous design, and one of its oldest as well, dating to at least the early 1850s. The 00 body size may also date to that era as well, though not cataloged until 1873. From the firm's beginning, Martin guitars had traditionally been gut strung, but by the late 20's, the entire line had been redesigned for steel string play. By the mid-30's however, Martin found that demand still survived for the warm tone and gentle feel of classical strings, so the 00-28G (for gut string) model made its debut in 1936. A 12 fret long-scale guitar, the 00-28G was built of solid Brazilian rosewood, and was Martin's top of the line classical guitar, with the exception of a few fancy prewar one-offs.

One of just 60 examples from its model year, the guitar has been carefully maintained without pick, buckle, or fingerboard wear. This handsome instrument has back and sides of lovely close grained solid Brazilian rosewood, which ranges in color from a medium coffee to deep chocolate. With a solid Sitka spruce soundboard, scalloped bracing, and a Honduras mohogany neck, the 00-28G also boasts a solid ebony fingerboard.

Tipping the scales at a mere 3lb. 7oz. the guitar is wonderfully lightweight and deeply resonant; open and responsive in a manner only decades of age can impart. The voice is even and balanced across the tonal range, and the neck profile is a gentle full C. Two short hairline cracks have been cleated and resealed long ago near the edge of the lower bass bout, and the back of the neck shows a few lacquer nicks: otherwise the guitar shows few signs of play altogether. Though a standby of the folk revival, many Brazilian G series Martins have been converted over the years, so an example in fine original condition is a notable find. Graced with tonewood we're not likely to see again, this remarkable guitar represents an outstanding opportunity for the contemporary player.

Setup: This instrument is strung with medium gauge nylon strings. The guitar will accommodate lighter or heavier strings, according to preference.

Case: Newer deluxe arched hardshell case with plush lining.


















































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