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2010 Benedetto 16-B Custom

Status: For pricing and hold status for this instrument, please check our Instruments page here. If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it has been sold, and is no longer available. Photos and descriptions of Previously Sold instruments may by found here. To be notified of examples of this or any other model in the future, please contact [email protected].

SN#: S-1855, signed by the maker

Body size at lower bout: 16" Body Depth: 2 1/2" Scale length: 25" Nut: 1 3/4"

Finish: Blonde, nitrocellulose type

Materials: Solid carved bookmatched tap tuned spruce top with solid spruce braces; solid carved birdseye maple body and neck; solid ebony fingerboard; abalone headstock logo; walnut headstock facing and body binding; solid bone nut.

Hardware: All ebony hardware includes tailpiece, fingerrest, knobs, tuner buttons, truss rod cover, and volume knob; Benedetto A-6 floating humbucking pickup, with endpin jack.

Notes: The iconic name in the contemporary archtop guitar, Bob Bendetto has set the standard for the craft in over three decades of innovative custom luthiery. The 16-B series is the ultimate extension of a process begun over 60 years ago, with the introduction of the Gibson ES-175. Long prized by working players for its versatility and reliability, the 16" cutaway body was further refined by Jimmy D'Aquisto in the '70's. With its slimmer body depth and lighter weight, D'Aquisto's electric guitar was both more playable and sonically rewarding.

Today, with 16" guitars enjoying yet a third wave of popularity, the Benedetto 16-B has pushed the evolution to an unprecedented stage of refinement. With all solid, carved tonewoods, the instrument is both lighter and more acoustically resonant, with a slightly slimmed body that glides easily under the arm. Weighing in at an phenomenal 4lb. 15oz. this guitar is one of the lightest production guitars of its size anywhere. This ultra-light construction offers increased acoustic response, better balance and a more comfortable playing experience, especially on gigs of extended duration.

This unique custom instrument is a hybrid of the 16-B and Benedetto's premium Manhattan model. Like the Manhattan, this guitar is built with an X-braced soundboard, rather than the parallel pattern standard in the 16-B. In addition, it is fitted with a Manhattan style floating A-6 pickup, in place of the built-in pickup found on an ordinary 16-B. The net effect is a guitar with Manhattan style sustain, bass response and acoustic volume, with the peerless comfort of the 16-B body. Completing the package is a body of deeply figured birdseye maple, offset with a dramatic black walnut centerstripe. The slim, elegant D profile neck is a marvel of pure comfort, sitting effortlessly in the hand with a 12 radius fingerboard of solid dark ebony, matching the deeply lustrous tailpiece and fingerrest.

This one-of-a-kind guitar is in virtually unplayed condition, complete with original Benedetto arched plush hardshell case, original tags and paperwork. Built with pride in the USA, the 16-B is bears the signature of the most renowned name in jazz guitar. The standard 16-B is $10K at this writing, and the Manhattan is $20K, both with a substantial wait. Grab this amazing bargain while you can: there's only one like it. Call now.

Case: Original Benedetto Cedar Creek deluxe black arched plush lined hardshell case.




















































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