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1992 Collings AT-17 Custom

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Serial #: 36, dated 9/92 on label

Body width at lower bout: 17" Nut Width: 1 3/4" Scale length: 23 5/8" Body depth: 3"

Materials: Solid bookmatched highly figured tiger maple back and sides; solid bookmatched solid Sitka spruce top; solid one-piece flame maple neck; solid ebony fingerboard.

Hardware: Adjustable compensated solid ebony bridge; gold Schaller 16X1 tuners; solid ebony pickguard and tailpiece; floating Armstrong PAF.

Notes: The Gibson Byrdland has always been popular with players seeking the ultimate in a fast, compact neck, ideal for lightning runs and long stretch chord voicings. No doubt many Byrdland fans have wished over the years that Gibson would produce an acoustic version of their beloved model, even once, with a full depth body and a soundboard unencumbered with electronics. But it was not to be. Which is why we are so pleased to present this unique instrument, carved entirely by hand in Austin, Texas, the home of the legendary Collings Guitar Co.

Collings archtops are highly regarded, yet rarely seen on the vintage market. So few are produced in any year, and their owners are understandably reluctant to part with them. This magnificent instrument is a custom version of their AT-17 model, a full depth 17" X-braced archtop, ordered with a 23 5/8" Byrdland scale neck. The guitar is crafted of exceptionally figured AAA tiger flame maple on back, sides and neck, with an X-braced bookmatched solid Sitka spruce top, and solid ebony fingerboard and bridge. Traditionalists will delight in the Epi style reverse-Masterbilt headstock, and the retro fingerboard inlays, all in solid pearl. Neck profile is a gentle C, with smooth low action over freshly dressed fretwork.

This example is in 100% original condition, and has been kept in immaculate shape, without pick, buckle, thumb or fingerboard wear. The voice is big as the Hill Country itself, with fine open bass and brilliant clear highs. Among the custom touches are two small spikes on the tailpiece, allowing the player to add extra length to the high E and B strings. And the neck is as fast and nimble as you might imagine.

A unique, and uniquely handsome instrument, this masterful creation is the guitar Gibson should have built long ago. One only, call now.

Setup: This instrument is strung with medium gauge bronze strings (.013-.056). The guitar will accommodate lighter strings, according to preference.

Case: Original Calton molded flight grade hardshell case with plush lining.









































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