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Consignments is the leading specialist on vintage jazz guitars on the worldwide web. A pioneer of internet commerce since 1996, our site receives thousands of hits per day, and since the year 2001, has paid out over ten million dollars in cash proceeds to consignment sellers alone. We are pleased to offer sellers of fine instruments a service that is unique in the marketplace. First, we offer the most highly targeted worldwide audience of pre-qualified buyers looking specifically for instruments like yours. Our extensive customer database covers a wide range of vintage and contemporary makers, and enables us to place your valuable instrument for its maximum return, in a minimum amount of time. And unlike ordinary dealers, will cover the cost of any needed repairs or restoration until the item is sold. You don't need to go out of pocket to make sure your prized instrument is at peak condition to sell at its highest and best value. With expert service and an unrivaled inventory of hard-to-find parts under one roof, offers one-stop convenience for the entire process of finding your instrument a happy new owner.

Because of the intensive attention we devote to every listing, we choose our consignment instruments selectively. Based on the photos and information you provide, we research recent listings and completed sales for comparable models. We'll make a recommendation on a competitive price range that will both maximize your return and expedite your sale. We are happy to provide our research time and expertise to you for this purpose at no charge.

Selling your guitar at is simple and straightforward. If we accept your instrument, all you need to do is ship it here to our office in Seattle. (For detailed information on shipping your guitar securely, visit our Shipping page here.) Once we receive it, we'll perform a hands-on inspection, and a detailed evaluation for tone and playability. There is no charge for this, and if you choose to have the instrument returned you are free to enjoy it with our compliments.

When the instrument is fully prepped, we'll stage a comprehensive photo shoot, evaluate it for tone and playability, and write a detailed spec sheet for the web listing. Our extensive research library allows us to accurately determine your model history, features and production figures for most quality guitars. Based on our findings, pictures and text are combined into a custom web page for your guitar. For examples of pictures and text for successfully sold instruments please visit our Archive pages here.

We are pleased to find that our web pages are typically at the top of search queries by the most sophisticated and widely used search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. In addition, your instrument is offered to thousands of buyers worldwide through our multiple listings where buyers can locate your guitar through a powerful web based search engine. Again, there is no charge to you for the hours we spend in preparation of a web page that sells, or for the advertising that draws customers to your instrument. And as always, the final decision on listing price and offers is yours alone.

Your instrument is insured for full value at in our showroom, our workshop and in transit to customers. Pre-qualified customers receive detailed, in-hand descriptions of your guitar, including a telephone audition, through our toll-free sales line. Finally, many instruments sell directly to the extensive customer network in our large want-list database. When sales are completed, we handle all credit card processing, invoicing, parcel preparation, shipping, insurance, customs and duty paperwork, at no charge to you. The result of this intensive effort is a maximized return on your sale that almost invariably exceeds the proceeds from classified ads or online auctions, with none of the risk, hassle and time commitment involved. Many of our consignment sellers are repeat customers. For some unsolicited reviews from successful sellers, check the Feedback section at bottom of this page.

As the leading specialist on vintage archtop guitars on the worldwide web, offer to our customers is an intensive and time-consuming attention to every detail, from instrument prep to page design to post-sale customer support. The result is consignment returns consistently highest in the marketplace, with rates as low or lower than ordinary non-specialist vintage dealers. For a detailed look behind the scenes at how gets you top dollar for your instrument, please visit our Selling Your Guitar...In 18 Easy Steps , page here. For a step-by-step picture guide to safely shipping your guitar, please visit our Shipping page here. Some unsolicited email from recent successful sellers is below. We are happy to provide contact information for our references on request.

For more information, including consignment rates and a sample agreement form, please contact us at your convenience by email, [email protected] or call Joe Vinikow 206-325-3737 between 10am and 7pm Pacific Time.

 Hi Joe.... Just a brief note to say 'thanks' for all your efforts in getting my Byrdland sold. I appreciate the extra little push knowing that the outcome of an important family matter was riding on the sale of this guitar. .. The fact that you were able to sell it in a timely manner AND able to get the price I needed is just what the doctor ordered! In short... thanks for a job well done. Roger Kelley, Seattle, WA

It was an absolute pleasure working with to find a new home for my prized Gibson '56 ES-175. From the detailed packing instructions (that even told me where to find a free shipping box) to the beautiful and detailed on-line presentation of the instrument, every detail was as promised with no exception, I could not have asked for more. I highly recommend and would encourage anybody looking to buy or sell a fine instrument to trust in Joe. Lance Broell, Placentia, CA
Thanks a lot for finding a new home for my Ibanez Johnny Smith. The listing on your web site was excellent and the turn around was fast. I think the detailed and knowledgeable descriptions of the guitars on your site along with the top notch photography go a long way to giving potential buyers confidence that they will be making a good choice. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing so again in the future. Thanks again. Jay De Rocher, Bothell, WA
Hi Joe, received the proceeds for the D'Aquisto today. Thanks for another smooth and seamless transaction...That was a hard one to let go of and you made it a lot easier. Many thanks again. Warmest regards,
Steve Bravante, Paso Robles, CA 
Hi Joe, Your check arrived yesterday. I want to thank you for another deal well and professionally done. Your advice was on the money, and through you I was able to sell my Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery in no time flat. I look forward to working with again in the future. Please use any or all of what I've said above on your website. Thanks again. Best, Clyde Spillenger, UCLA School of Law
Joe, I found the photos, write-up and overall description of my ('69 Artist Award) on the website to be outstanding. The presentation was detailed, informed, and accurate, and it identified the guitar's unique qualities. It made me want to buy the guitar myself! Thank you, Jonathan Rich, Winter Park, FL
Dear Joe, I am very grateful to you for selling my D'Angelico for me. It is always a wonderful blessing to do business with you. Your kindness and professionalism always keeps me coming back. Can't wait to buy/sell with you again. Much continued success to you and Sincerely, Vincent Kowski , Redwood City, Ca.
Joe, Many thanks for selling the Hofner for me. The pictures and description were so great that I wanted to buy my own guitar. I didn't realize it was such a nice archtop: your research is topnotch. I will certainly return again to consign my guitars and hopefully to buy one of my dream guitars: if I can find the guitar of my dreams anywhere, it will certainly be on David Aline, Portland, OR

Hi Joe, Got the proceeds for the 175 today. Thanks again for another seamless transaction. It is always a pleasure dealing with you!!!! Happy Holidays! Best always, Steve Bravante, Paso Robles, CA
Hi Joe: I received the check for the sale of my '46 Epi Emperor...thank you for another absurdly quick sale of one of my instruments. From start to finish, it's a pleasure dealing with you. My sincere thanks. Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY
Joe, I have received the check for (the Dupont MD-30). Thank you very much for the very professional service,I am looking forward to do more business w/ you in future. I still have a bunch of archtops that I may sell. Aloha. Ryo Ogawa, Hawaii

Hi Joe, You have done it again! I have lost count of the  archtops that you have  sold for me  but its 100% of what I've sent.  The great photos , careful descriptions and detailed knowledge of  each instrument are the key to your perfect track record . Thanks again for your help. Sincerely, Neil Lamb, Brunswick, ME
Hi Joe: I can't believe you sold the '34 L-10 are unbelievable! Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, NY
Hey Joe, The check (for consignment proceeds) came in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Hope to have business with you again. Best, Adam Ackerman, Boston, MA 

Dear Joe, Thanks again for selling my L-5. As always, it was a pleasure to work with you. Whether buying or selling, you provide an amazing service and a great website. Best, Mike Rovine, State College, PA
You guys did an outstanding job. You sold my guitar in just three weeks at the full asking price. I would highly recommend you. Thanks again, Gary Simmons, Pensacola, FL
Selling my guitar on couldn't have been any easier. After shipping my guitar Joe took care of the rest - the great photos of my guitar; the detailed description; and all interactions with potential buyers". Joe immediately responded to my e-mails and phone calls. Thanks for the great work! David Bernstein, Phoenix, AZ
Hey Joe, Got the check, thanks so much. You did a great job (selling the Campellone and Gibson ES-150) for me and I'll use you guys in the future for sure! All the best, Ted Gottsegen, NYC
Hi! Our sales experience with Joe Vinikow selling our L-7P guitar on the internet has been very satisfactory! We highly recommend in handling your valuable instruments. We have found them to be very efficient and trustworthy. Sincerely, Billy and Betty Bickham, El Cerrito, CA
Joe, Thank you for selling the Guild X150 for me and finding that sweet little guitar a happy new home. It was a pleasure dealing with you again and hope to do business with you again soon. Thank you for your ongoing one-stop source in the world of archtops. All the best to Kowski, Redwood City, CA
Dear Joe, Thanks so much for your help selling my '51 Epiphone Zephyr. I am impressed with the courteous and professional attitude at The process of shipping, advertising and selling my guitar went very smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to buy or sell an archtop guitar. Best wishes, Duncan Soule, Portland, OR
Thanks for helping my 1935 Gibson L7 find a new home. got us together in the first place (a great transaction), and it's tough to part with it (another great transaction though). For both purchases and sales, I recommend Joe Vinikow and very highly to anyone looking for or seeking to sell a fine guitar. As to the new owner of my L7 -- love it well! Michael Ebsworth, Lethbridge AB
I'm glad that I found They have been very courteous and professional in their dealings with me. Thanks for a great job (selling our '59 Broadway.) Gail Cowan, Portland, OR
Joe, You run a first class operation here. Thank you for selling my HR Custom. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm glad that someone will give it a good home. Thanks again, and all the best. Tom Kretzschmar, Midwest City, OK
Hi Joe, thanks again for selling the 1979 D'Aquisto...another seamless transaction. Stevie B, Paso Robles, CA
Joe, I have had the pleasure of dealing with you as both a buyer and a seller of an instrument; I keep coming back because you make the experience from either perspective very comfortable. Regards, Ray Gargiulo, Massapequa, N.Y.
Joe, Many thanks for finding a new home for my '53 Guild Stratford. Once again, raises the bar on professional worry-free service; there is no other site/place like it. All the best, Sean Parker, Sydney, Australia
Joe just sold my Epiphone 1967 Howard Roberts...If you buy from Joe you are getting exactly what he is describing. He knows guitars. I will only sell and buy my guitars through Joe from now on. He is selling another guitar for me and I hope he can find me a mandolin. Please feel free to contact me for more positive feedback about Joe. Mike Zika, Santa Barbara CA
Web forum posting excerpt) I'll preface this with the confession that I've known Joe Vinikow of archtop .com for over 20 years. He's a good player, bright, honest, and entrepreneurial. I think his website is probably the premiere place on the web to buy/sell at fair value, without fear of any sort of ripoff. Let me say that again, (because the web has become so full of scammers)..... Have no fear at think you'll do way better than a consignment deal at your local 'used/vintage' music store. Plus, there is so much activity on his site, you'll probably sell more quickly. One thing he will probably not do is price your guitar at an irrational, magical value set by a commensurate irrational love you may have for your guitar and/or money. That is a good thing, and speaks to the success of his website. Joe makes it pretty painless. Ship the guitar, he'll get it clean it up and get it in as good of playing condition as possible (frets, neck bridge, pots, wiring, new strings etc) price it honestly, put up some beautiful 'guitar porn' photos, sell it, and send you a check....Hope that helps. Tom Hagen, Port Ludlow,WA
Joe, thanks for selling another guitar for me! All of my experiences with your were without a hitch-- prompt communication, professional service, a class act from beginning to end. Both of my guitars sold within a month of being listed. For archtop lovers, there really is not a better place to buy and sell. I recommend without reservation! Bob Cook, Libertyville, IL
Joe- Checked the website today and saw that my Byrdland has sold. Thank you! This is terrific and much faster and easier than I had imagined. Your web site is the premium place to sell and buy archtops. Thank you., Randy Booth, Lewes, Delaware
Hello Joe, Couldn't believe the Anderson sold so quickly, I don't think you had it on your website for more than a week. I bought that from you several years ago and knew I got a good price then... Great job and my sincere thanks. Ron Graves - Wimberly, TX
Joe, I would love to comment on the overall experience that I've had by consigning my Gibson L5CES with you - - the whole experience has been fantastic!! I never imagined that the level of personal service (emails, etc.) which I have received, would be so forthcoming. It has been a pleasure, and you are a true professional. Not only will I utilize your expertise in the future, but I will wholeheartedly recommend to anyone considering the repair, purchase or sale of a fine instrument. Thank you again, Joe. Sincerely, Thomas D. Curtner, Knoxville, TN
Joe, Wow. That is great. I would not expect it (1936 Epiphone Triumph) to sell so quickly. Thanks again! I would recommend you to anyone! I had listed the guitar on Ebay for a few weeks before sending this to your group. All Ebay attracted was a lot of tire-kickers -no-one serious. I do not think the audience understood what they were looking at. You were able to find a new home for my Epi in just a few days! That is a tribute to your organization. I hope the new owner is happy with her.Joe Indiano, West Lafayette, In.

Joe- I just have to say that I have worked with many guitar stores across the nation, and you excel at both timeliness of response and helpfulness. You helped me consign 3 guitars that meant a lot to me and you made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. That, and the speedy process for funds being sent to me was most appreciated given my needs. It was an absolute pleasure. You are very good at what you do. I will definitely be talking with you in the future. - Chris Brown, Minneapolis, MN
Hi Joe, Thanks so much for selling the ES-175. You made the whole experience effortless. Having also bought a guitar from you, I have only the highest praise for you and It's an amazing site. Anyone interested in a great guitar should stop by! Thanks again for all of your help! Best regards, Mike Rovine, State College, PA
Hi Joe, I have two things to thank you for. First, is to thank you for finding a loving home for my trusty Epi Zephyr Regent. It served me well and I,m happy to know it,s gone onto appreciative hands. You made the transaction smooth and painless. Secondly, thanks to you and your skilled luthier for the work on my '65 L-5CES; the fresh setup, finish work and new truss rod have given that great old axe a new lease on life. And the rebend, on the pickguard was a stroke of genius! What a pleasure to spend time in your shop, surrounded by the very best archtops one could hope to see. Keep up the great work, you,re not only a lucky fellow to live among such fine wood, you're a hellava nice guy too! Sincerely, Dan Goodman, Seattle
Joe, Thank you for the fast reply and the excellent sale (on the 1935 L-7). I will buy and sell with you again. Don Yaffe, Boulder, CO
Joe, I received your check for the proceeds today. Thank you, Joe, for your excellent service, and for putting the L-5 Wes into the hands of that "happy new owner". It is a beautiful and fine playing instrument and I trust it will bring that person joy and hours beyond number of musical happiness. Jason Goff, Floral City, Fl.
Hello Joe: Much thanks for your quick response in selling my '66 Epi Casino! Your professional service, expert knowledge and genuine kindness are all greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! Best, J. Taylor, Houston,TX  
Hi Joe, Received the proceeds from the Super 400 over the weekend. Thank you for your attention to the repairs and quick turnaround of the guitar, once up on the site. I will recommend your site to anyone I know who wishes to buy or sell jazz guitars! Thanks again. Scott Kidd, Mendocino, CA
Hi Joe, Thanks for finding a home for the Park Encore. It's a wonderful instrument and deserves to be played. I hope the person that owns it now does just that. It's been great doing business with you again and thanks for getting a good price for the guitar...Mitchell Penna, Hollywood,Florida
Joe, I have been meaning to email this week - I wanted to let you know that I received the check and wanted to tell you thanks so much for helping to sell my Vega C-66. Worked out very well across the board! Thanks again, Dave Cushman, McMinnville, OR
Hi Joe, I'm glad the Montmartre sold so quickly. Thanks very much for your services - for being so professional and at the same time so down-to-earth and friendly...fabulous! All the best... Neil Andersson, Pearl Django, Seattle
Hello Joe, Received payment today for Gibson ES 345! Thank You!!! For quick delivery and excellent service!!! Please send additional consignment forms for my next guitar(s)... Best, Jeff Taylor, Houston, TX
Hi Joe. Was just checking in on your site and noticed that the Buscarino is sold! Great. This is the second guitar I've sold through you and I want to thank you for the excellent way you do things. I hope to be on the buying end of a transaction one of these days! You obviously know your stuff and match your customers with the great guitar that is right for them. Thanks again. Larry McCooey, Colorado Springs, CO
Joe, Fantastic work, you are a miracle worker and I thank you. The sale (2000 Devoe 17) could not have come at a better time. John Pankow, Urbana IL
Hi Joe, Thanks for the quick response, the thorough accounting and the check (for selling my '35 Broadway.) I appreciate all quite a lot. I will definitely recommend your site to my many musician friends, and if I decide to buy an archtop for myself in the future, I will know where to go. Thanks again Joe. Cheers, Jim Woods, Huntington Beach, CA
Hey Joe - just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the OM. I got the check last week. It was a real pleasure working with you! Best, Richard Dobbs, Cambridge, MA
Hello Joe, This is a letter of thanks for selling my Johnny Smith guitar. It was the easiest business deal I have ever had. You sold the guitar before it arrived at your shop, that's what I call fast. And your payment to me was just as prompt. I wish there more people out there doing business the way you do. Good luck to you, we in the music business need your kind of straight dealing. Thanks again! Best Regards, Peter Tye,Westchester, Illinois

Hi Joe, I wanted to take the time to thank you for selling my Foster 7 String. I know you had to put a lot of work into getting the instrument sold. I just wanted to say thanks and please keep up the great work you are doing. Again Thanks, Lee Burton, Fox Lake, IL
Joe, Received the check in the mail today -- thanks for your great service and assistance in helping me to get a fair price for my vintage archtop. As I mentioned before, I shopped this guitar around to a couple of music stores in town (including a national chain in the middle of Boston near Berklee), but the rubes who work there had no idea what they were looking at and after hemming and hawing were only willing to offer 1/10th of the price I was ultimately able to sell it for via your website. Feel free to use me as a reference in your future business. Regards, Chris Schelling,Plymouth, MA
Hi Joe - Just a quick note to advise that I received your check in connection with the sale of my '84 Fender D'Aquisto - thanks! I'm sure you found a deserving new home for it... Thanks again for the fine service. From the great instructions on how to handle and ship the instrument to having the right exposure and customer base, you've done a great job. Rest assured that I won't hesitate to recommend you to fellow players. Best regards, Rick DiNapoli, Florham Park, NJ
Thanks Joe, Just wanted to let you know, check received and deposited. Thanks for your help and advice. As I said, I'm glad that guitar is in a a new home and will be played and loved. Alex Schultz, Los Angeles, CA
Hi Joe, I got the check today for the sale of my Gibson, and thanks a lot. I'm very happy with the deal and I hope the new owner is too. Many thanks for the very professional job in restoring and selling the guitar. I'll make sure to recommend you to friends. Regards, Dave Bernstein, Berkeley, CA
Joe, Got the check: thanks much. Once again, you're a consummate pro at what you do, and it's a pleasure doing business with you. When things turn around for me (make it soon, please!) I know where to go for my next archtop. Danny Smith, Sunnyvale, CA
Joe, I received your check today (for the '35 Epiphone Deluxe) --thanks. Great marketing job--quick sale--keep up the good work. Regards, Tim Rodgers,Pine Brook, NJ
Dear Joe: I received your check today. Thank you for your precision and integrity throughout our transaction. These days it is hard to find someone who conducts business with the finesse that you do. I most greatly appreciate it! Best of luck with my Dad's Gibson. I know in your care it will eventually find the hands that are meant to hold and play it. I will gladly refer any business I can your way. Hopefully I'll get to Seattle one day and I will definitely look you up. Please have a safe holiday season! Best Regards, Ray Unfug, New River Traders
Joe, Thanks so much for the preview of the Deluxe. You run your business with such integrity and customer care. addition, I am sincerely grateful and delighted as to how well you have presented my guitar ('68 Guild A-350). The market gets to determine its value, of course and I hope it finds a new loving owner, but I've never had a guitar presented/represent more beautifully and honestly.  Wow! It is such a pleasure doing business with you. William Perry, Oxnard, CA
Joe, Thanks again for all your help (selling my '39 L-5 and '48 L7C). I have been telling my guitar buddies about the great job you did and where the guitars ended up. They couldn't believe one went to Germany. Regards,Jim Minneci, Williamsville, New York
Joe --I want to thank you for your ultra-professional assistance in helping with my recent sale of our Super 400. Your marketing skills are nonpareil and you provided a great showcase for this very special instrument that had been with us for so long. Sometimes, it's very difficult to let go of a favored family member -- and, believe me, this was the most popular blonde to ever join the ranks of our family (save, perhaps, my Yellow Lab, Django). You made a difficult process an easy one, and it's nice to know that this very special beauty has found a new happy, loving home. Thanks for all your help. Mike O'Connell, Chicago
Joe, thanks for selling my 1962 ES-335, 1945 Epi Spartan and Morgan Cutaway. You handled the transactions in a timely and professional manner, and best of all, by consigning them with you I was spared the vintage guitar circus. I'm looking forward to doing business with you on the buying side in the future. Best, Len Carson San Diego, CA
Dear Joe, I just want to say how pleased I am with You were able to sell my guitar ('53 L-7) in just weeks, getting me an excellent price. I would highly recommend you to anyone out there. I've been a musician for 38 years, and it's really nice to see people out there doing an honest top-notch job without any bull.
Thanks so much, Dr. David Williams, Louisville, CO
Joe, Great news! I appreciate your speedy service (on selling my L-5). ...You obviously know how to qualify your customers. Now that I know how well your service works I'll be sure to tell everyone I know in the music business. George Keller, Floyds Knobs, IN
Joe, Thanks you so much for consigning my '46 Epiphone Broadway archtop. Your wonderful site, quality guitars, excellent photos, in depth descriptions and great response to my questions made me very comfortable. Keep up the great work, I'll pass the good word about you and refer people to your site. All the Best, Mark Stultz, Austin, TX
Whether you are buying or selling an archtop, should be your first stop. Joe Vinikow is a pro, a straight shooter, and a pleasure to deal with. Every aspect of my sale was handled superbly. Peter Wojnar, Tarrytown, NY

For more kind words from our buyers and sellers, visit our Friends page here. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

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